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Top 10 Funniest Dog Commercials

Top 10 Funniest Dog Commercials

Top 10 Funniest Dog Commercials Number 10: Doritos Pug Attack:3 Oh Babe Check This Out! *Music* Hey Come On! You Want A Chippy? You Want A Dorito? Are You Hungry? Babe! Don’t Hurt My Dog. *Dog Licks* Come And Get A Chip! Come On *non words being said* *slow motion* OHHHH *crunch* *more crunching* Number 9: VOLKSWAGEN™ Confidence *epic music in my opinion starts playing* *lyrics start playing that I can’t identify* Polo Confidence Das Auto Number 8: Pergo Dog Party See You! Bark! Lots And Lots Of Barking! Pergo Floors™ Are Beautiful And Astoundingly Durable For Whatever Happens In Your Home. There’s Only One Pergo™ Number 7: Consome Theres Nothing Here To Really Subtitle… So Lets Talk? You Probably Don’t Know Me… and you never will. so bye. i’ma skip this whole commercial, and the next one :/ Hello I’m Back! Number 6: Kiatnakin Bank The Dog mmm looks delicious NOT! Here You Go! *beautiful ladeh walks by* *dog whining*
(shaddup dog) NOM NOM NOM NOM not I can’t subtitle the rest of this, because it’s Chinese or Japanese. And I only speak British and English. xD Number 5: Volkswagen Car Dog *angry dog noisez* Je Hoeft Niet In Een Volkswagen™ Te Rijden Om Onder De Indruk Te Zijn Das Auto Number 4: Car Max Start Here (no need to subtitle here its doing my job :D) *Constant Dog Barking* now I have to do my job 🙁 CarMax™ Start Here Number 3: Wrigley’s Dog Breath A.K.A This Background Video *bird tweeting* *crunching* *sniff* *disgust* *barfs up a doggo and puts back in mouth* *barfs up doggo* *angry dog>:(* NOM AVOID DOG BREATH™ X-TREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mint Refreshment Number 2: Sabaru Dog Tested (haven’t we all seen this one?) ooo lala>:( STAHP IT M8 Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ Number 1: Bridgestone TYRES!!! Hello.. I Am The Person Who Made These Funny Subtitles For The Funniest Dog Commercials. I Am Anonymous Animate, I Currently Do Not Have Any Videos Uploaded I Think… Enjoy The Rest Of This Outro! 2016 Subtitles By Anonymous Animate, Like This Video And Subscribe To This Youtuber.

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