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Tips For Driving a Slammed Car

Tips For Driving a Slammed Car

– So if there is an
opportunity to pour one out, as they say, for uh, the homies. It would be for our passenger
quarter panel fender area, as Erik, our boy, our social media rep, decided to take on an
incline into a parking lot in a slammed E-30 in the winter time. And it was brought to our
attention that this is because of the fact that Mr. Erik
has a tendency to not drive slammed cars, at all. And we probably figured
that there’s a couple people out there that probably
don’t drive slammed cars, and it results in, you
know, crying moments, such as that, when the car
comes back and you notice that it’s missing paint,
and then you find out that there might be a little bit
of rust underneath there. And you just wanna duke it out. You just want to throw some
elbows, drop some hands, choke some necks, and, (clears throat) not that we’re upset, but we
figure this would be a great opportunity to talk to
people about some tips. Some tips for driving a slammed car, because it’s not as easy
as what everybody says. It’s not just like you
slam it on the ground and you go into a straight
line and you never turn, you never have to deal with anything. Well, obviously you have to turn, Erik! And when you’re turning
at 30 miles an hour, or 20 miles an hour in the winter time, yeah, you’re going to do some damage. You’re going to do some damage. Erik, if you’re watching
this, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. But anyway, I’m Alex
from Fitment Industries. Don’t forget to subscribe
if you’re looking for wheels, tires, suspension,, that’s the sales plug, let’s get into it. Tips for driving a slammed car. Now you might be watching this thinking, Alex, why are you giving me
tips for driving a slammed car. First off, I know more than
you, my car’s lower than yours. And that might be true, but
that still doesn’t mean that I can’t give you a couple
tips on driving a slammed car because, well, we’ve made the
mistakes, we’ve done it before and we’re here to let you know
that when you crack that oil pan when you’re going over
the Walmart roundabout, or you’re going over the
speed bump in front of TJ Maxx and you crack it, you just
know that you should’ve watched this video to begin with. So the first tip that we
have for you is obviously, watch the potholes. Now that’s a pretty obvious statement, so I’m going to push it one step further and just assume all potholes
are gateways to hell. Because when you really think about it, no matter how small the pothole is, you should not touch it
with any facet of your car, with any, there’s not even limbs on a car, but it shouldn’t touch
any limb of your car at any point in time at all. Here’s the reason. Even small potholes can
cause enough damage in terms of like pop-up, if you
don’t have the appropriate spring ray, and then it
hits the fender and you’re not surprised, or you are
surprised because you didn’t expect the pothole to be as big as it is, and then it’s a three-piece
wheel, and you bend a lip, or it’s, you know, one piece
cast and you shatter it or you crack it or something like that, you start losing air, it all
happens because sometimes, really it’s not that we hit potholes, we just assume the pothole
or the bump wasn’t that big to begin with, and then you
hit it, or you’re going 65 miles an hour on the highway,
and you don’t realize, it’s as big as what you thought it was, which by the way, that’s what she said. And you just kind of are
taken back and you’re like, wow, that was huge. Also, that’s what she said. And here’s another thing
that you probably thought that you had under the
bag that you really don’t would be speed bumps. And I know, up here in the north, they’re, and north, down under,
and the whole accent about the Wisconsinites,
there’s not a whole lotta roundabouts or speed
bumps or anything that you really gotta worry
about in terms of having to slow down as the car
goes over the bumps, but if you’re going to the bigger areas, you’re going to notice that
there’s a lot of speed bumps, and if you’re driving
a slammed static car–. I can’t do that anymore. If you’re driving a slammed static car, a lot of times we get,
probably, well, I mean I do, agitated every single time
there’s a speed bump every 20 feet and you just end up
saying, you know what, if I just send it, I’ll probably be
okay, and maybe we’ll just get through it, but then you realize
that the first speed bump was like a tutorial level,
and then the second speed bump was the real, it was the big (bleep) and then you go into it
and you don’t expect it, and then you peak over the
speed bump and you just float there because your car’s too
low to have the front go up or the front go down so
then you try to rock it, if you guys have ever rocked
your car over a speed bump, I know it sounds pretty petty, but, you end up having to do that. What we usually recommend is
that if you see a speed bump or you see more than one speed bump, just avoid it. And if you are going to do
it, go at it at an angle, straight wheels, straight steering wheel, don’t try to curve because
you’re going to end up having some damage to the fenders
anyway if it starts clipping, and you definitely don’t want to do that. Keep it straight, go on over,
and if you’re gonna send it, just make sure to do it full send, and just go all the way through,
don’t stop halfway through and sit there as you’re
teeter-tottering in front of PetCo where your mom is staring at
you oddly as you’re trying to get your car over a speed bump, and she reminds you that it
was really pointless of you to slam the car to begin with
because it has absolutely not functional purpose
but then you have to say it looks cool mom, and
that’s just the way we do it, and Fitment Industries was
telling me it was cool! Here’s another thing that you
probably didn’t think about, which would’ve been, uh,
well, ya know, driveways. Now I know you’re thinking, Alex, I get it, driveways, you
have to go at an angle, you gotta keep the
steering wheel straight, you have to do the same
thing as you’re going out, I get it. But knees weak, arms sweaty,
there’s vomit on your sweater because of mom’s spaghetti, he’s nervous, there’s other things in this statement, it’s a rap, I don’t know,
there was some guy that sang it one time, just kidding. I know Eminem. Rest in peace, MGK. And when you’re going
into like, driveways, there’s a couple of things
that you have to remember. So first thing is is that
if you’re truly driving a slammed static car, if
you’re truly just driving a slammed car, a lot of people
get nervous when they’re leaving a driveway because
they end up scraping their front lip or some
sort of piece at the bottom side of the car, and then they stop, they go forward, and they try
to straighten out their car instead, which ends up doing more damage because they actually can’t
make it out of the driveway. If you are truly driving
a slammed static car, you can just like kiss you lip goodbye. Because I can just promise you
you’re going to rip it off, tear it off, you’re
going to disconnect it, it’s going to tear off by
itself, you’re going to have the quick fasteners for the front bumper, that’s going to rip off at some point. You just have to be okay with the fact that at some point, a driveway
is going to take the life of something that you love. And it’s going to be your front
lip or your front splitter or it’s going to be a rear diffuser because you just thought
you’d leave at 9:00 at night and dip out super quick and
you didn’t do what you’re supposed to, which is
angle out of the driveway, you ultimately end up breaking it apart, you put it in your trunk
before anybody else notices that you broke anything,
you buy a new part and pray that it comes in on time
for the next car show so nobody else notices. I get it. You might be asking yourself, Alex, how are you a psychic? And the answer is, it’s
because every single thing that I’ve stated I’ve seen people do. (laughs) So, driving a slammed car on a driveway is not necessarily like, a craft, more than just expecting that you’re going to damage things over time because, especially considering
how aggressive driveways will get with a slammed car,
you’re gonna hurt something. It’s better off for you
to hurt the front lip or your rubber polyurethane
bush train, er, polyurethane lip that you
have on the front bumper then to actually start messing
with your wheels or fender, so you’re better off keeping that straight when you’re going back but at an angle and having yourself a little
bit of rub on the front lip, or the back, or if you have
any sort of exhaust system that’s on the bottom
versus doing something like going at it straight
down because you’re scared that you’re going to rip off
your front lip and instead, you end up just, you know,
scratching your entire fender. And the next thing would
probably be automatic car washes. So I know that you’ve
gone to your car shows, you’re getting ready to
roll, you’re ready to pull up into the car show, and then
you realize you gotta wash your car and you’re like, oh (bleep). And you try to go and you go
onto Google and you’re like uh, car washes near me, and
you find one and it’s called like Oh Suds In Me, or some sort of odd, weird 2001 porno style
like, car wash name. It’s just weird. And you get there, and you look at it, and you’re like, this is questionable. First off it’s touch carwash,
it’s not a touchless, so you already know you’re
screwed from the get-go. But then you see it. You see the little hooves
that hold your wheel in place, they’re like, they look like this, and you’re like oof. And then you see the bars that
are running on both sides, you know what I’m talking about. And you’re like, ehhhh. But I really want a clean car. So then you’re going to pay
the money into that old system that doesn’t actually take five
dollar bills for some reason and you’re going to get the thing, you’re gonna drive in, and
you’re gonna make the mistake. And you know you shouldn’t
have entered the car wash to begin with, but you do
it because you want a quick, clean car, and you end
up slamming your car, either some sort of suspension component, your side skirts, your side flairs, your front lip, your diffuser, your wheels, on some part of
the actual automatic car wash. So let me give you a tip
when it comes to driving a slammed car, because a
lot of times when you drive slammed cars, you’re going
to have some sort of error that goes along with it. Any sort of automatic car
wash, you’re going to want to stay away from unless it
doesn’t have the hooves to begin with, which not a lot of
car washes south of like, Quick Trip, actually host, so
if you’re looking at anything like pre-2014, they’re almost
always going to have those hooves on it, and anything like pre-2010 are always going to have the
bars because that’s how the systems used to be way back in the day because they just hope that
you had a tire side wall that would be able to take the impact versus hitting the rim. Whereas now, everything’s kind
of stretched or sports style wheels or like that, so
they’ve kinda gotten outdated over time, but don’t risk a
clean car for damaging your, well, your car. And last but not least, our
final tip is to stay away from any standing water whatsoever. So a lot of times, people love puddles. I love puddles because,
you know, it’s fun, and you get to drive through them and you feel like a truck guy
‘cos you’re like, truck stuff! And you go through and the
water kicks up on the side and everybody’s happy and
then you’re wondering, you know, what happened
because now your TPMS sensors, or your TPMS is going off. Maybe you’ve got steam
running from your engine. You have a cracked barrel,
or your wheel’s cracked because you just happened
to go through a puddle which was also sitting in a pothole, which goes back to reason number one. Just stay away from standing
water on the side of the road, especially if you want
to keep your car alive for as long as humanly possible. Pretty much, car like,
potholes, standing water, speed bumps, and uh, car
washes are the devil. So if you wanna stay away
and keep your car clean and not actually damage
it from doing anything, you’re going to want to
just pretty much put it in a bubble and never drive it at all, because that’s the biggest tip
we could possibly give you. Even though we know you’re
not going to do that. So let us know what tips you
have for driving a slammed static car or if you’d
just like to say send it and replace barrels every
single year like our boy Brian in here likes to
do, that’s fine, too. If you’re looking for
wheels, tires, suspension, don’t forget to check out I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, and we will see you later. Peace. (soft rock music)

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