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Thuê nhà ở Canada lần đầu || Rent our first apartment in British Columbia || LIFE IN CANADA

Thuê nhà ở Canada lần đầu || Rent our first apartment in British Columbia || LIFE IN CANADA

I got this cup for only $6 So cute (dog lover mode on) We will talk about House rental in Canada today Apartment rental in Canada Today is our first time moving in We signed a 6-month contract Walking in, the toilet is on the right The good thing about this building is that it is newly built, still very clean The closet is on the left Jackets can be put up here or cleaning stuff Washing machine and dryer The landlord has not test used it yet Not sure if it is working properly 😀 Kitchen/ cooking area and a space can be used for work or bedroom if we pull down the bed This house actually only has 2 seperate rooms 1 bedroom, 1 living room For kitchen, it has a built-in fridge and freezer Dish washer Oven, cooktop Range hood The special thing about this house is The bed is FOLDABLE This side has got another foldable bed as well Fold down is the bed Fold up we have a sofa like this [demonstrating :D] It is very nice of the landlord to to leave us the desk and set-up wifi so we got one thing off the list View from the room We are at 10th plus floor a little balcony The building down here is City Library Further there is Kwantlen University campus Next to it the the skytrain trail This room faces North i guess because it faces towards the mountains We got 4 suitcases altogether so we have to move 2 over here first A brief intro about the city that we live in We live in Surrey City Surrey is a newly-built city 45 minute away from downtown Vancouver Recently, this city is supported by the government to become a new central city so it has a direct sky-train line connected to downtown Vancouver Surrey also has campuses of well-known universities such as KPU or SFU This is a fairly new apartment building The building hand-over is at the end of 2019 I kinda love new houses just because the newer the cleaner it is But the down-side is appliances have not been test-used you will encounter some minor issues or spend time setting up things First, mop the floor Second, enjoy the view 😛 Third, unpack clothes Fouth, look out the window again 😀 It takes quite a while to clean-up=.=The location is Surrey central very very central Opposite is City Library 2 mins away from here is skytrain station super convenient ! 5 mins away is this Central City Mall In the mall, there are Walmart, T&T 2 supermarkets, 1 Western, 1 Asian lots of Asian food There are also other big stores nearby Like, within 10 min walk, all the brands are around my place There are several food places opposite the skytrain station There’s a place named Phở Tâm They have a wide variety of Vietnamese food receive quite a lot of Google reviews The food is alright There is a Ramen place next to it and a Bakery shop They don’t have rolls, but do have steam buns There is a government building That is where people process business license or those sort of things In short, this is a strategic location so the price is a bit higher than average We have no car yet We need to stick to the skytrain or bus station It is more convenient to walk to the supermarkets We also love going around exploring skytrain is the best option for us now just hop on and it will take us straight to downtown Vancouver or get off at some busy stations to explore For me, I reckon it is best to stay at strategic location when first moving to Canada it is worth the price meanwhile you can process driving license or look for accommodations further away by actually scouting the site That’s my sharing

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