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Those Aren’t My Car, Web Exclusive, COPS TV SHOW

Those Aren’t My Car, Web Exclusive, COPS TV SHOW

OFFICER: So right now,
we got a vehicle here. I’m thinking it’s eluding me
here through this neighborhood. There is his car right
there behind the bush. Stay in the car. Put your hands on
the steering wheel. SUSPECT: What are you doing? OFFICER: Because you have
a shattered windshield over there, and you’re obviously
trying to elude me right now. SUSPECT: No, I’m not. OFFICER: Yeah, you are. SUSPECT: Why would you
think I was eluding you? OFFICER: You saw
me in front of you right back there on the road. When I turned left, you didn’t
even remain on the road. You pulled into the parking lot. And then when I came
out, you came flying over here around the
side of the building and tried to ditch your
car and get out of it. SUSPECT: I’m actually going
to meet a friend down here, and I was trying to just
cut across and go this way. OFFICER: Step out
of the car for me. You’re not under
arrest right now, OK? But I feel like you’re
trying to get away from me, so I’m just going
to make sure you don’t have any weapons on you. Stop. Put your hands behind your back. Spread your feet for me. Anything on you that’s
going to hurt me or poke me? What is this right here? SUSPECT: Cigarettes
and a lighter. OFFICER: Come back
here for me, OK? I want you to have a seat. SUSPECT: Am I under
arrest or anything? OFFICER: No, not right now. But I am detaining you,
have a seat right here. SUSPECT: Why is that? OFFICER: Because you’re
trying to hide something from me right now. SUSPECT: No, I’m not. OFFICER: Is there
anything illegal in your car that I have
to be concerned about? SUSPECT: No, not that I know of. OFFICER: Is all the
property in the car yours? SUSPECT: It’s not my car. OFFICER: That’s not
what I asked you. Is there anything illegal
in your car that I have to be concerned about? SUSPECT: It’s not my car. I don’t know. OFFICER: You’re making
me nervous, brother. Max, sit. I’m just going to detain
you right now, OK? SUSPECT: Why is that? Why is that, sir? OFFICER: Well, because
there’s only two of us. SUSPECT: Yeah, but why
are you doing this? OFFICER: And my dog
alerted on your vehicle. OFFICER: We got a
scale and baggies here. OFFICER: Scale and
baggies in there? OFFICER: Yeah, and we
got other stuff here. OFFICER: Here you go. There’s your meth, man. OFFICER: There’s a big old rock. OFFICER: That’s a
giant rock there. OFFICER: Here’s his ledger. There are runners. OFFICER: There we go. So in this box that was located
inside the little thing here, we’ve got a couple of needles. This one here is
actually loaded. We did find some needles. Another little scale in there. And there’s also a little black
book that has a bunch of names and some dollar
amounts next to it. SUSPECT: Really? OFFICER: Yeah. OK, which in my
training experience tells me it’s a drug ledger
because people owe money, OK? SUSPECT: All right,
I really don’t know. OFFICER: OK. Go ahead and stand up for me. We’re going to walk back
here to the second car there. Don’t worry. I won’t forget your
cigarettes and stuff. I know you’re probably
going to want one of those. I’m placing you under
arrest for possession of a controlled substance
and for delivery, OK? But if you truly
want to get help and you want to get off
of that nasty stuff, then this is the start, OK? SUSPECT: This isn’t the start. I’ve been down this
[BLEEP] road several times. OFFICER: Well, then– SUSPECT: Where does it start,
locking me up and sending me to prison? OFFICER: It comes with you. SUSPECT: I’m just asking you. Is that the start? OFFICER: Well, the way I
look at it, you’re clean. That’s better than finding
you in a ditch somewhere. OFFICER: Listen to me! SUSPECT: What? OFFICER: You said you
wanted a breath test. SUSPECT: Yeah, go ahead. Give me a breast test. OFFICER: OK, I’m not going
to give you a breast test. I’m going to give
you a breath test. Ready, go. OK, you can go ahead and stop. SUSPECT: What does it say? OFFICER: You’re at
.121 and climbing.

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14 thoughts on “Those Aren’t My Car, Web Exclusive, COPS TV SHOW

  1. These are the clips we wanna see! These full clips are whats gonna bring Cops back to the top. You guys need insane clips with great captions to catch peoples eyes, I recommend putting some old clips on YouTube of some wild chases and stuff, YouTube is a great way to get the show back on top again! Hope someone from Cops sees this!

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