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Hi! Karen here! Here is the second part of
the Which? saga that I started last week Last week I revealed the four smoke
detectors that should never be bought and this week I am going to be giving
you HUNDREDS of items that have safety alerts attached to them. These are items
that actually endanger lives and should never be bought. The items that I have
discovered safety alerts attached to, are fridge freezers, freezers, baby and child
car seats, tumble dryers and carbon monoxide detectors. I’m also gonna have
to do a bit of naming and shaming because, unbelievably, these items, some of
which have been safety alerted for years, are still being sold by some reputable
stores – stores that you and I go to regularly I am thinking that public safety might be a bit more important than the money involved in only having that safety
information available for members. Why doesn’t Which? make that publicly
available for free? the smoke detector one’s not too bad and
add to that the refrigerator not to buy All I’m asking is for the smoke detectors ones “not to buy” and add to that, that’s it all the rest of your stuff and
your hundreds and thousands of products of that totally keep that. Members Only. My problem is that you actually have information that could
save lives. If you are holding yourselves out to be a consumer group this is
something that should be done. There has to be a time where there’s some sort of
corporate integrity where you take a stand and say we want to help save lives please don’t say you don’t have the
technology because you DO have the technology Can I give you my
email address? Not particularly helpful. I don’t think it’s going to
change If you notice that there’s one
particular brand that keeps making these dangerous appliances and keeps selling
them to retailers who then keep selling them on to you – don’t give them your
money! Because otherwise this is supporting a dangerous situation there
is no doubt that the manufacturers of these appliances know perfectly well
that Which? has given them a zero rating and that they are on safety alert. Therefore you as a consumer can do something about it. You spend your money
elsewhere. Who are the companies then that are selling these dangerous items? Well, individual manufacturers still have
several of them on their webpage so the hot point people the indesit people
but these are the ones that I’m really disappointed in. I found all of the IKEA
appliances still for sale online at IKEA which was really disappointing. But the
biggest disappointment for me was John Lewis. It is not an exhaustive list but
these are the ones that I think I might be contacting to see what they’re going to do about it. And lastly if you want to join me on
this bit of a crusade to try to get Which? to change their policy and reveal
these safety alerted items that they have tested then simply send them a copy
of my video to their customer service You may not get a response. But if enough
people do it then possibly they would do something about it and quite frankly
quite literally that is all I actually care about
I just want Which? to change their policy I’m doing what I can to try to get them
to do that but it sure would help if you could help me. I also want to be really
clear that I don’t blame the woman at the other end of the phone that said these things to me. The reality is she is just voicing company policy. The
people I blame are the people much higher up within the organization that
are dictating what the company policy must be and then filtering it down the
ranks so that when somebody phones up customer service this is what customers
are told. Thank you so much for watching I really really appreciate you doing it
and I really appreciate all the support and kind words that I get from you. You
have no idea how great that makes me feel. Bye!!!

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  1. Good job Karen. Call them out. In South Africa we the NRCS who regulate these items. Being in the import and export business I get to deal with these a lot. Baby chairs are a big one on the agenda. I support to not buy the items

  2. Just to update – still nothing from Which? I have sent my video to some of the companies I mentioned – but nothing from them. Maybe I just have to be patient. That is a hard one for me … 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this information with us I just ring your bell to see you more let's be friends and stay connected and grow together. A big thumbs up for your video

  4. New subscriber – Hope we can support each other – Great video and great channel content – TFS

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this information! I can't believe that there are so many unsafe products on the market! That is very scary. Everyone should have access to that information. Shame on them for keeping such important information from the public when they could save lives. You are doing such an amazing job Karen!❤

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