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This New Wheel Company Created The Wildest Wheels To Date!? | Revolve Wheels

This New Wheel Company Created The Wildest Wheels To Date!? | Revolve Wheels

– [Crew Member] Can I get a clap? – You can get a clap over here, (claps) clap over there, (claps) clap right here, (claps) Oh. (claps) Oh. (claps) Oh. (claps) Oh. (claps) Oh. (claps) Hey, guys, what’s going on? It’s Alex from Fitment Industries. Today, we’re going to be
looking at some new wheels. So we do wheel unboxings,
and a lot of times, it’s on brands that you know and brands that you
have asked about before, and this is actually not a brand
that you’ve probably heard, or talked about, or even
knew that was out there. So we’re gonna be talking
about Revolve Wheels. So Revolve Wheels is a newer brand in the old world wide web, right now, and their goal is to make some
really funky looking wheels that are fun to look
at, that are pretty fun, that are a different sizing, that just have a little
bit of a, I don’t know, like a really unique style to them. So, obviously, with new wheel brands, a lot of times we’re always like, “Oh, what do they look like? “They look like X brand. “They look like Y brand.” These ones really don’t
look like any brand. So we’re gonna go through
them, and kinda take a look, and, of course, share them with you guys. So these will be on our site, of course, at, if you’re interested in
picking up one of these. Otherwise, some of the ones
that we’ll show you today aren’t on the website yet,
but they will be shortly. So if you’re watching this, there’ll be a description link below. You can click on it. It’ll show you what we do
have, and it’s pretty neat. I’m going to have to use
my cheat-sheet, here, as I go through these because Revolve does have
quite a few different models, and designs, and stuff like that, that are out, or that are coming out. So I just want to make sure
that I don’t mess this up. This is Class Number 692, okay? So this is a multi-piece wheel,
as you can take a look at. Three piece, it looks like, here, judging by the hardware in the back. Looks like we’ve got hidden
hardware, so half-and-half. So the way that these work is
actually kinda interesting. So they have different codes,
or different subject numbers, for their multi-piece wheels, and it’s supposed to reference the nation that it’s inspiring the design from. So since this one is Class Number 692, that country code is the Marshall Islands. So then this is a design aesthetic taken from the Marshall Islands. So whether that’s the
color, or the styling, or any sort of heritage
that comes from that area, which is pretty neat. So it’s a front wheel construction. I’m actually looking at it. It’s a rolled step lip, exposed hardware. It’s got back pad pocketing,
so if you look at the back, they pocket the backpad to save weight. Obviously, it’s a little
bit of a heavier design because the face has so much material. And then, with the finishes, you’re looking at two-tone
Arctic White, baby, all right? And I think what I like the
most about this specific design is just how different it actually is. Now, I’m not always a huge
fan of white on wheels just because I think that
it can make the design get really flat, and you
can lose a lot with white. However, I think having that
brushed lip helps it a ton, and I think also with the fact
that you do have this almost, kinda chrome, not chrome but
essentially plated, legs here. It kinda helps give it a
little bit of difference. So we’ll let you guys decide on what you think about this one. I’m going to put this one down now. So we’re gonna go into another one. This one is the 378, so the country code for
this one is San Marino, which is pretty neat. This is a 20 by 10. It’s got a rolled step lip. Let’s see what this bad boy looks like. I think one of the things
that we always hear in the community is a lot
of people always talk about how they wish they had
more new, original wheels, or something like that, and I think revolve is
honestly trying to do that, and you’re getting some
really interesting stuff from them because of it. Here is that one. So this one’s pretty fire. This one looks directional. It’s a front-load, deep concave. It’s got a rolled step lip. It’s got the backpad pocketing again. Again, to save weight. This finish is absolutely fire, though. That I will say. This is a brushed Monaco Copper, with a high-polish copper on the lip, and then the center cap finish
is a two-tone Obsidian Black. Look at how they describe it so very well. I definitely like the concavity, and the directionalness, of this. Now, even taking the color out of it, ’cause you can get pretty much
any color you possibly want. On a multi-piece wheel, I do love the difference
in the two-tone copper. You’re gonna wanna zoom in. Here and here, you see how
they’re slightly different but not the same. Let me teach you something. It’s the same thing that’s happening in the home-world right now. Back in the day, if you
didn’t match your woods, okay, if you had different colored woods, like a different colored floor versus different colored cabinets, that was the worst thing in the world. You needed to have the
same color for both. Now, because it’s 2020,
homes all over the place have purposely different
colored wood for cabinets, and then their island, and
this, that, and the other thing. Mismatching colors ever so slightly is actually becoming a thing that you do, and it looks really good. This is that same thing. Slightly different, not the same, but because they’re slightly different, it allows the face to pop out
from the rest of the wheels just that much more, without actually giving it away too much. And I think that the subtleness of it is what makes it so cool. I love this wheel for two reasons. One, because it has floating spokes. I love everything floating
spokes that’s ever existed. Two, I love the fact that
it’s hidden hardware. I think that having just a
ton of hardware, I think, kinda makes it look a little odd. I think when you hide more hardware, I think it looks better. It’s just my opinion. And then when they mix the
lip with the floating spoke, and then get the concavity, you pretty much just get everything Alex loves about a wheel. Now, again, busy. Definitely has a huge centerpiece here. I think the only thing
I would’ve liked to see is more cuts come in, maybe to try and open up the center of this a little bit more, but it is more of a design. It’s more of a designer looking wheel than it is for function, but
definitely a cool finish, and I like it. We’re gonna put this down here. This is country code Argentina. Oh, gosh. Oh, okay. (grunts) I’m not weak, okay? The wheels are heavy. It’s another 20 by 10, though. This one’s got a flat-profile design, so nut as much concavity, which
will be interesting to see. And this one, for a finish, is Burst Metallic Bronze
with a Frozen Clear. Oh, this looks really nice. This is actually really interesting. I don’t know how I feel
about the lip of this one. I think it’s super neat
to see this much lip. It looks fantastic, and the
fact that it’s a 20 by 10 kinda, sorta blows my mind to
have this much lip on it, but I’m assuming we’re obviously playing with a super negative offset, which is exactly what it looks like. But what I do like about this
one is obviously just that it goes back to a pretty standard design, pretty clean design. It’s probably one of my
favorites is just as you go into that split window sort of look. I think one of the cool things
that I like that they added was the ball milling here to kinda just give it some more depth. They did more ball milling here, as well, to give it just a little bit
more structure, more design, than your standard, you know,
Y-spoke style designed wheel. And then, of course, they do
a little indentation here, on the actual centerpiece,
which I think is a nice touch, helps keep that profile face
looking flat versus concave, and, of course, I just think
it’s a nice little difference that’s gonna help make it pop. Like I said before, the lip
is something that I think I’d have to see it on the right car. I always think flat colors
can be a little odd for cars just because sometimes
it doesn’t look finished. However, I think I have seen a lot more unique finishes pulled off
that look absolutely killer, so don’t take my word for it. You just want to get creative
with what you put this on. And, of course, you can change this color to pretty much anything
that you possibly want. So this is another one on their lineup, which is pretty cool. Next up, I am the most
professional gift opener there is. This is Subject Number
91, country code India. This is a 20 by 10, concave,
with a rolled step lip, and exposed hardware, brushed Mystical Gray with Frozen Clear. Hardware finish is arctic white. This will be an interesting
color combination, and I’m kinda, sort of excited. Here you go. This is what your looking at. So again, another 20 by 10. This one has fully exposed hardware, so we kinda already talked about that. And then, it’s got a sandwich face. So if you see, down the middle,
you got your inner barrel, lip, and there’s your face right here. So when they go through, they’ll actually seal this so that you don’t get any sort
of play in that, obviously. But the purple is a color
that I haven’t seen on a wheel in a hot minute. We don’t even have any up on the wall. That is definitely an interesting. It’s more like a satin,
so it’s not a full gloss. And then, of course, you got
the fully-exposed hardware that is all white. Again, not sure how I
always feel about the white. The white is always an
interesting color choice for me, on wheels, just ’cause
everything gets so dirty. But, again, going back to
that satin black finish, for the lip, I think is super interesting. This, I think it works a little bit better because the face pops more, so you almost are forced to look at the face of the wheel a lot more. Busy wheel, which means
I’d probably throw it on like a hot hatch, probably
throw it on a smaller car, like a GTI, Volkswagen,
something like that. They definitely do keep it nice, though. It’s got a raised lip so that
it kinda has that pop-out from where the actual hardware sits, which I think is also a pretty nice touch. And then, of course, you
just got the clean rev, uh, (blows raspberry) Revolve Wheels in that white
and black finish as well. So definitely more Euro
inspired, I think, on this one. I like this one a lot. I still think that my favorite one is that bronze one over
yonder, and then, after that, I’d probably say that satin
black with the bronze, then the white, then the purple. Last but not least, we’re gonna have one of their past wheels. This is the Number 0119,
and it’s pretty damn neat. So here’s one of the things that makes this wheel so interesting. One, it’s got a lot going on. So you have to, again, we kinda
talked about how you have to almost enjoy the busier
look to like this wheel. Because it has so many different
indentations of designs, so you see this pocket milling here, then you see this drill
through milling here, then the wheel design starts. So this is an 18 inch wheel, but it’s actually gonna look like a 16. It’s gonna look pretty small. You’re gonna see this when
people up-size their BBS wheels, and stuff like that too, on
their multi-piece wheels. So I definitely think that this is more of a Euro-focused design, for a Euro-focused car, is
what it kinda feels like, but since it comes in a five by 114.3, you can pretty much throw
it on just about anything. One of the neat things on the back, to just try and save weight, is they’re definitely trying
to cut in as much metal as they possibly can so that
they don’t have as much weight as they potentially would on a cast wheel, because heavy designs like
this are heavy wheels, so you wanna try and shave that down as much as humanly possible. And then, finally, one of
the cool things about this is just that they added
this nice back pad to it. So even as they’re shaving it for offset, you still got a pretty
decent brake clearance on this as well. So this is one of the cast
wheels that will be coming out from Revolve Wheels, and this is the one that will
probably be on the website, in addition to the multi-piece wheels that are also going to
be available as well. If any of these guys interest you, or you have any questions
on the old brand, you know, let us know. Don’t move. You’re gonna wanna let
us know, and, of course, you can check out Revolve Wheels over at Again, Revolve Wheels is definitely more of an interesting brand. They have more of a story
with how they name them, how they’re designing them,
how their looks come out. Definitely a new brand, so we’d like to know what
you guys think about them. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. I hope you guys enjoyed this unboxing, and we will see you guys later, peace. (calm bassy music)

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