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This Makes Me Sad for Nissan

This Makes Me Sad for Nissan

rev up your engines I talked about Nissan
and their problems with cars hey they got problems with everything
their former CEO recently just escaped from Japan the Japanese had him awaiting trial on two trials in Tokyo supposedly they had round-the-clock restrictions on
his freedom of movement but he escaped and then when to Lebanon I guess he’s from Lebanon originally they’re the guys name is Golson he said he decried injustice
of the Japanese judicial system that he wasn’t guilty of anything so he escaped
Taleban hunt so far the rumors go that he smuggled himself out in a large
musical instrument box that was mailed to Lebanon in a point what it really
comes down to is the guy knew he was gonna be convicted in Japan he probably
did all kinds of fraud when these signs and he probably can’t send them back to
Japan and kill anybody right he did some sleazy business deals and then he flew
away to Lebanon to escape the Japanese authorities I can’t see the Japanese do
like the Israelis and having underground guys smuggle in and then grab him and
pull him back to the country I guess the Japanese are probably just gonna say oh
well maybe good riddance he was the CEO of nissan after all he wasn’t the
present CEO of the company like Nissan’s guys have something like that
going some of the Germans escaped from the United States to Germany with that
Volkswagen fraud stuff but there are so many Germans that were tried Germany are in prison in Germany now so then I doubt that anybody’s gonna go after this
Lebanese guy he’s probably just gonna sit there and invade the Japanese
authorities for whatever financial fraud he was pulling when he was the CEO of
nissan, blue light says Scotty a friend of mine told me something you might be
interested he works for GM designing engines and
transmission he and his team came up with a v8 designed to be reliable as a
toyota said with regular driving conservative towing it could last two to
three hundred thousand miles but GM told they wouldn’t make any money off of that
long-term and they went with a smaller crappy engine he was kind of mad about
I’d be kind of mad about it too that’s the problem when you work for someone
else especially a large corporation you got to go by what they want to do
that’s why Scotty works for himself by himself the other person I really take
orders from is my wife planned obsolescence is part of the ballgame
plus they’re getting more and more tied up with the fantasy of gas mileage
ratings and you got to remember it’s ratings because you’re talking about GM
and or a big truck well what did they come up with short time ago do they put
four cylinder engines in now the ratings are higher cuz it’s done
on a dyno blah blah blah blah in the real world when you got a big truck with
a four cylinder engine and you start pulling or towing stuff the gas
mileage goes they don’t test them that way they don’t test them pulling stuff
they don’t test them with a lot of weight in them and how they test them on
dynamometer switch is a false reading because yeah that’s not the real world
your real world is completely different so in a lot of it you even think well
I’m gonna get better gas mileage well if you tow and pull a lot no you aren’t you’re gonna get worst gas mileage so don’t get fooled in by a lot of that rating stuff
look at the real world stuff find somebody who actually owns one see what actually comes out in it don’t be fooled by a rating that doesn’t mean because
it’s on paper it’s not in the real world freds late says got 2015
Lincoln awd v6 I got p0420 code for the inefficient catalytic
converter I don’t wanna buy an expensive catalytic converters or something else
it could be yes there definitely is here’s how the
system works us there’s an oxygen sensor that’s before the catalytic converter
and there’s one after now they work in tandem to measure how efficient the
catalytic converter is working when you get an inefficient catalytic converter
code on that vehicle especially the second oxygen sensor the one that’s
after the catalytic converter not the one before it but the one after cuz the
one after it really is doing most of the measurement of is the cat efficient now
you said what it’s the 2015 so I would say just buy a new oxygen sensor for the
rear and put it on and if it goes away great then you won’t have to buy that
super expensive catalytic converter and if you do like I do hey if you go to
a place like autozone and buy the oxygen sensor and let’s say you put it on it
doesn’t fix it they’re very liberal with their return policies you can take it
off and stand it back to them they’ll often give you your money back a lot of
these companies are very liberal with their parts you can say well it didn’t
work and give it back to me most of the time you can get your money back so
you’re not even gambling with the part but I’d say in my experience with those
things Oh 70 80 percent of the time when they
have a code like that and you change the back sensor it fixes the problem because
they go bad a lot and they just give a false reading and then the computer
thinks the catalytic converters bad but it’s really the sensors giving wrong
data so it confuses the computer and it thinks the cat’s not working when it’s
really the oxygen sensor you know you think they have software they could
really tell you pinpointed exactly but that’s generic stuff all those p0 codes
the P0 means it’s a generic code that there could be many different causes for
Tim 62 says 05 Grand Prix 145k miles it blows cold air the coolant level is good new thermostat any help you got the
the thermostat you’re full of coolant there’s no air in the system then if
your heaters not working generally it’s one or two things either the heater core is clogged up or you got a blend or problem somewhere inside the dash modern cars like that water always flows through the heater
so always full of hot water there isn’t a valve that opens and closes to let the
hot water in enough there’s always hot water inside what makes a hot or cold in
your face is there’s blend doors and when you want heat you turn it to heat and then a little motor opens the blend doors then the air blows inside the
heater and blows heat in your face and when you turn the heat off the blunt
door is closed so the box is sealed and even though there’s hot air inside the
box it’s not blowing in your face what you want to do is first just take the
heater hoses off on the hood flush them out using the garden hose push it one
side the hose and then until the other side if a bunch of crud comes out pray
that you keep flushing it flushing that’ll work because if it’s the
blenders one you can’t analyze it yourself without a high level scan tool
like I have and then let’s say it needs a blend or you got to tear the whole dash
apart it’s gonna cost a small fortune if you pay something to do it and if you’ve
never taken a dash one of those and you try it yourself you
can destroy all kinds of things so pray flushing the heater core will make it work,
well I guess you can only copycat so far Jeep sued an Indian company called
Mahindra Mahindra has some hinder rocks or looks almost exactly like a Jeep and
it turns out that the u.s. judge said and Mahindra is guilty of trademark
infringement they’re going to cease and desist that they shouldn’t be selling
these in the United States because they are copyright infringing now I gotta say
it looks just like a Jeep but doesn’t say jeep or anything on it but it looks
exactly like a Jeep but it’s still has to go to the International Trade
Commission’s and that isn’t gonna be done until March of 2020 probably rather
hilarious because they are working on an updated model anyways to make it look a
little bit different I guess they realized somebody who’s gonna sue them
cuz it look just like the Jeep all I have to say for that is I didn’t say
Jeep I personally wouldn’t care look at all the cars a Camry looks like a
Mercedes looks like a Honda looks like a Nissan looks like a Kia I see them going
down the road I’ve been a mechanic for 52 years half the time I got a look at
the wheel to see what symbol is a Nissan my stop Toyota what is it you know you
can’t even tell what are they gonna start suing each other well it looks
just like my camry no that looks just like my Mercedes said they’re all
looking the same I can’t understand this like I guess since Jeep is a really
unique looking thing you know it’s looks jeepy and there’s been so many copycats
over the years but they just decided to take it to the umpteenth thing to sue
them so that they can’t sell them the United States at all I looked at up damn
so that money of many ways I mean it’s not like they’re selling like hotcakes
and the jeeps themselves aren’t well made anymore anyway so it’s kind of like
the pot calling the kettle black they got a cease and desist order and the
international trade is gonna decide to March whether they’re gonna say they
can’t make them anymore they’re gonna they redesign them anyways so by then
they’ll probably look different any can’t do anything about it
alright think you’re getting crazier and crazier uber just filed for a patent and
it’s for autonomous cleaning systems for autonomous vehicle
not only are they planning on making vehicles that drive themselves they’re
also trying to make vehicles that clean themselves they have a patent and
they’re working on something with autonomous arms that sweep and clean the seats and stuff I guess they’re planning on the uber autonomous driving cars are
driving you but then people are pigs and leave a mess so the car has to clean
itself before the next people come in but come on now like Scotty says it’s
gonna be a long time before there’s autonomous driving cars on the roads
with everybody else there’s too many glitches too many software problems but
the idea the very idea of making a patent for a system that cleans a
self-driving car so not only is it a self-driving car but a self-cleaning
car sounds a little bit absurd to me people have taken this futuristic stuff
a little bit too far, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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100 thoughts on “This Makes Me Sad for Nissan

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  2. The Mahindra Roxor is not certified to be driven on the highway due to emissions and crash certification. So you can drive it offroad only or on your ranch etc.

  3. Scotty my 2005 Altima has 103,000 miles still runs great. My one problem I had and still do is with the crank sensor. Replaced 3 times under emissions warranty and still car never starts after it's been off for 30 minutes. Always starts perfect in the morning or when off for a few hours. Guess I was lucky with my transmission.
    Probably buying Toyota to be safe.

  4. Hey Scotty… (You R the Man of 101% right)
    Need an advise, Dodge charger was always my dream car, my financial wouldn’t help earlier…
    NOW, I can afford it shall I go for it (mod.2019).
    P.S. I prefer to have V6 GT

  5. GM banking on planned obsolescence? I wonder why I drive Honda and Toyota (all built in North America)? Rot in hell GM execs.

  6. Mahindra has had the rights to build jeeps for decades. They even kept up with rights through every step on Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, etc. past. The only thing I don't think they had the right to was the grill as it was their trade mark grill. Interesting they ruled in their favor.

  7. The Mahindra has copyright of Jeep as they were produced in late 60’s in India and Jeep gave them contract for producing vehicles all over world. I donno how they are suing Mahindra, if so happens Jeep Sales in India would go down for sure

  8. As far as I can tell, almost nobody uses those big trucks to do actual work, so they may as well put a 4-cylender engine in them. How much horsepower do you nee to drive to a store?

  9. That Ghosn guy is the person that revive Nissan from bankcruptcy. He was once called hero by Japanese people.

  10. Hi Scotty I'm in Scotland UK and thinking of buying a 2004 Toyota celica for a weekend car. I've had a test drive and it drives great, no rust it's never had a crash less than 60,000 miles (1.8l manual half city half motorway) however when checking the mot history it's failed 3 tests in its life for this… Exhaust emissions Lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits (7.3.D.) could you help in 1 explaining this and 2 if its worth buying only £800

  11. to be honest, the japanese judicial system is a joke, its arguably maybe the worst in the world, not even dictatorships can compare. I dont envy the guy.

  12. Hope you can assist. I have a 2006 Nissan pathfinder. Droe in snow and then my slip, abs, VDC off, 4×4 lights went on and the 4×4 picture showing wheels went blank. Any idea guys?

  13. Carlos Ghosn is now a CIA Operative. He will be arranging a deal for ISIS to acquire self destructing Nissan vehicles.

  14. Japan has a 99% conviction rate. He's not wrong about the injustice of the Japanese court system however that doesn't mean he didn't do anything wrong.

  15. I had a failing driver side wheel hub, so ordered cheap Chinese set and now both sides so noisy it sounds like a truck with mud grips on it. Who makes good hubs?

  16. maybe the U.N should go into Israel and smuggle some of their people for crimes committed against the Palestinians on daily bases. what do you think Scotty?

  17. The guy with the no heat problem, do this first. Turn your key on but don't start the car. Listen closely as you move the heat dial from cold to hot. You should hear the motor moving the blend door open and closed. If you do hear the blend door working, then move on to the next step. If your coolant looks brown or similar to chocolate like mine did when I first got my truck, then try flushing the radiator with a flush chemical according to the instructions on the container while the heat/cold dial is in the hottest position. After flushing the system but still no heat, unhook the 2 hoses going to the heater core and run water through it thoroughly. Still no heat? You have to change the heater core. Don't know how involved it is to change the core on your car, but some of 'em are a big pain in the neck. Best of luck!

  18. Scotty: "You should never buy Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes, BMW, Chevy, Ford, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Fiat, Citroen, Renault, Chrysler, Jaguar, Dodge, Lexus, Buick, Land Rover, Jeep, Honda, Hyundai, Kia…"

  19. The mahindra vehicle is not dot approved for highway use & they can only be used on private property; sort of a fancy gator/yamaha/etc. runabout. Maybe they are afraid the millitary could use them.

  20. Mileage? I had a V8-5.0L 1998 Fold Explorer and a V6-4.0L 1998 Ford Explorer as well. Same driver (me), and similar driving. The difference in MPG? Minimal. Just about the same. I will note that the V8 had MUCH better get-up and go (torque). The EPA stuff is for the birds. It is SO dependent on your driving habits!

  21. actually my heater hose had a vacuum actuated valve in it but now I have a 3/4 male barb on both ends ball valve for shutting down the coolant flow to the heater core in the summer

  22. The converter and emission sensors are warrantied by USA federal law for 7yr/70k or 8yr/80k, depending which exact part, are they not??? That`s what my OEM warranty books say for my last 3 trucks. It itemizes exactly which emission parts are what warranty. So the 2015 example in the video depending upon miles perhaps is a free warranty repair, whether the dealer likes it or not. If the dealer doesn`t like it, then they should litigate it in court with the USA government and see how it works out for them.

  23. Scotty, I have a 95 Bonny with the 3.8 V6. After getting oil changed and radiator fluid topped off. After some good ol hard acceleration, I saw some steam from under the hood. Thinking I might have a small heater hose leak, I removed the engines plastic cover checked the coolant was still full, then warmed it up to find no leaks. Maybe they spilled some when they topped it off? I did find a broken vacuum line on the top right side that rubber elbows onto a small round thing that I imagine has a diaphragm in it. What's that for?

  24. I hate autonomous car systems; they're way too brave. I was driving a 2020 Toyota Tacoma and it was regulating the cruise control by slowing down when the person in front slows down. The issue is that the system on all settings was getting far closer than any person would dare drive on such types of roads I was on. All the manufacturers are guilty of this right now. They're putting systems into vehicles that only work right under certain conditions without any clear disclosure pop-ups on the displays that say things like " don't use on roads that are curvy". Because the censors aren't advanced enough to make a mental note that there's still someone ahead of you beyond where you are in the curve and not to just speed up. What the systems should do is say there's a car in front of me entering a curve I'm about to enter, that car has vanished because the curve, wait to accelerate on the other side of the bend after verifying that car is truly no longer on the road ahead of me.

    Nope they don't work like that.

    Autonomous systems that regulate distance don't take into account enough variables and to be honest I'm surprised that the government doesn't more heavily regulate this stuff so they can't just throw in some half-made system that doesn't fully do as it implies.

  25. That CEO actually saved Nissan and once was considered ( Japanees Hero), his kids are Harvard‘s graduates. I won’t trust him though🤔

  26. The CEO of Nissan screwed over the Japanese and the customers with his Renault french financial finesseatwa. Sucker fled to Lebanon.

  27. For the guy with the P0420 code…just make a bolt that threads in the place of the second O2 senzor, than bolt the sensor in that bolt (so that the O2 sensor in half an inch further from the measuring place), the threads are all the same for O2 sensors, reset the code and you should be good to go. Did this to my 2001 S60 2.4 2 years ago, and the code still hasnt returned. I can send you a picture of what it looks like if you want.

  28. While I agree with the 4 cylinder dyno test. Do you think that the truck with that 2 wheel drive diesel 4 cylinder actually gets 34mpg? I only need a truck for the occasional antique store or yard sale run.

  29. I have this sneaking suspicion in USA Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Fiat all manufacturer each other vehicles. Different tiers during the assembly process

  30. You are praising places with liberal return policies. In my experience, in the real world places that do this tend to be companies are just restocking these failed items and reselling them to the next sucker.

  31. Scotty, you are spot-on about that stupid Uber patent. If you want a happy life, keep it simple in all your dealings with the world. Simple cars, simple relationships, simple honesty, love and hard work. You're my kind of commonsense philosopher.

  32. I’m waiting for a Scotty video to be titled “If you buy this vehicle, you will die and be stupid, start WW3 and end life as we know it”

  33. The Mahindra roxor is a Jeep. Mahindra actually has licensing rights to produce versions of the 1st gen Willy's if I'm not mistaken. But there's a caveat. In the United States the Mahindra roxor doesn't meet any kind of safety standards like is required of a modern road vehicle. Legally it's a side-by-side UTV like a Kawasaki mule. I don't understand why Jeep would bother. It's not like they're producing a competing product.

  34. Japanese are highly protective and self centred about their own businesses. They pretty much don't buy non-japanese products themselves. Don't believe japanese "justice system" one bit when it comes to non-japanese (100% conviction rate) so good for Carlos for escaping.

  35. All those little cars look alike. So true. Can't tell a Mazda from a Toyota until you read the name on the badge. When I was in high school, I took pride in being able to name the make, model, and year of every vehicle I saw driving down the road. Ha, that all ended in the late 70s, early 80s.

  36. Saikawa abruptly resigned in September after an internal investigation found that he also allegedly pocketed excess pay. Nissan accused Ghosn and former Director Greg Kelly of concealing more than $327 million in payments to themselves and other executives — $187 million in nondisclosed compensation and $140 million in improper expenditures, according to a five-page summary of Nissan's internal investigation released in September.

  37. My oldest sister bought a brand new Nissan Altima in 2002. She said that was the worse car that she has ever owned. Scotty is right. DO NOT BUY ONE!

  38. Self cleaning cars. Hmmmmm. Why didn't I think of that? I guess I have been too busy working on my new invention now which is "emo grass". It cuts itself. No need for lawnmowers anymore.

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