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This Device Just Killed Someone (Don’t Install on Your Car)

This Device Just Killed Someone (Don’t Install on Your Car)

rev up your engines sometimes convenience is not worth the price sure it’s great if you got a remote starter you push a
button you’re living a buffalo start your car in a driveway so it can warm up
the snow just will melt off it’ll be warm inside but if you’re a car did not
come from the factory with one of those remotes starting systems on it please do
not attempt to either install on yourself or have someplace install it on
your car if you’re tempted not to listen to me just go look at a kit go to some
electronics store look at the kit you are going to see wires everywhere then
it has to be connected to your car they never give you the directions of each
specific model they say generic stuff like this goes to the power wire this
goes to the starter wire Yatta Yatta Yatta start looking at all
the wires on the car especially when you go under the hood and you start messing
with all the wiring that’s in there yeah look at that bundle of wires there you’ll soon discover that hooking one of these kits off is an insanely complex job and one
which even for a good mechanic can take hours in hours I’ve seen people leave
them off two days later the guys don’t have them hooked up right yet I have to
deal with the other end of this stuff somebody puts one in cars to be towed to
me cause either right away or a few weeks or months later the car doesn’t
start or starts running poorly your electrical system has various wires they
have various amount of power going to them it’s very complicated it’s designed
by engineers now if you bought a car and it was built at the factory with one
okay yes it’s extremely complicated but actual engineers designed it for that
car for that wiring system for that remote that you get when you buy the car
new but these are not systems you’re patching them into the car no one really
tests them on all different cars maybe they work great in a Ford but you got a
Toyota you don’t want to mess with those things believe me I had a customer he wanted one in his car so he wants in one of these car stereo
places cuz they got a big sign we install remote starting systems for your
car now yes this is an extreme case but I’ve seen it with my own eyes they’re
working on the car the dash started on fire burnt a whole
bunch of the car up but at least luckily for my customer the car stereo place was
a national chain and they did have insurance I ended up forking out over
five thousand dollars to fix that fire that they started it’s rather funny
that although they are a remote starting system for your car one of the biggest
problems they have is when you put one in some point in time your car won’t
start and I mean it won’t start with the remote then I won’t either start with a
key sometimes because one of the worst things you can do is to put one system
on top of another system even a simpler thing like a car burglar alarm I’ve had
customers didn’t know that much about cars and they thought it all I’ll put a
good burglar system on my car so they buy one of these systems and either they
put it on or they pay one of those stereo places to install the alarm
system on their car but they didn’t realize how I already had an alarm
system from the factory almost all cars today come that way an aftermarket alarm system on top of the system that was in the car it went haywire and unfortunately for them it worked okay for months the battery went dead then one got another battery when you put that
batter in car would start and so they towed it over to me and I said well you
got a problem with your anti-theft system I said you got the little clicker
for it they have the little clicker but that
didn’t help it happened to be a Nissan I said well where’s your remote
for turning an alarm off for the Nissan and they said oh I don’t know I bought
the car used I never got one of those I just used the key and then this system
that they put on it so it turned out of course still had the original Nissan
anti-theft system that had this other system on top of it you mix those
together sometimes when you change the battery the system has to start over it
gets totally confused because it sees that there’s this factory alarm system
but then there’s another system that’s patched on top of that in the case of
that one I just disconnected the aftermarket alarm
system that was put on then the car started up fine and sure if you don’t what something stolen great you’re talking about electronics
you can’t patch one system on top of another system
I even had a customer that had three of them had the original one had an
anti-theft system then it had one of these remote starters just as put on top
of it and man when that thing broke I had to disconnect a whole bunch of
stuff just to get it to start because when I was young ganic that stuff was
easy to do they had an ignition system with power the carburetor was mechanical it just pumped fuel and mechanically the only thing you had to do show off the
ignition system in a car wouldn’t start but today everything’s run by computer
even the starters run by computer the ignition system the fuel injection
system and if you start tapping into those wires even something like an LED
that would use just a few milli amps of power is enough to make those things go
squirrelly at times and believe me it’s hard enough pretty good mechanic like me to fix a factory remote starting system that came with the car that at least I go
to my all data system I can look stuff up I can see where the wires go I can
trace it if somebody has one of these aftermarket systems put on generally I
don’t get any information especially if the system was made in China I mean
sometimes the English doesn’t even make sense on those things I’ve had wiring
diagrams from that made no sense at all of course even worse things were Chinese characters hi no idea what those met and if you do have one of these aftermarket
systems hooked up and it breaks a lot of times you’re gonna find a hard time
finding anybody who will even work on I’m an open mind a guy helped out my
customers and when I get a pain thing like that I just say to them look this
aftermarket system is insanely complicated I have no idea what they’ve
done to it you don’t have a wiring diagram for it I just say look I know
how your original wiring system is I say I can look that up on my all data and
what I will do is I’ll disconnect all the wires that they’ve hooked up and I
will reconnect them all to the factory specifications they still make cars
logically that all the wires are color-coded so if you have a black
with a white stripe wire and then there’s stuff hooked to it and then
further down the line there’s another wire hooked to the black with the white
stripe on it you disconnect all the stuff that they added and just splice
the black with the white to the black with the white again and that’s back to
where it started from and just a general tip for anybody who’s planning on
putting any add on electronic accessories to their vehicle here’s my advice
see this big battery it’s got huge wires on it right go through the extra trouble
of wiring your new devices directly to your battery with their own wires with
their own few systems and if it’s something heavy-duty
with its own relay pack to so it can take that power because the plain truth
about modern cars it is they’re always trying to save money building up so
they’re gonna use the smallest gauge wire with the thinnest amount of copper
in it that they can the system is made that it works perfectly fine the way it
was designed yeah if it’s a Fiat or something then
it’s even designed but a well-made car Toyota Honda for do something it’s
designed with wiring that works perfectly fine but generally a wiring
system is pretty close to its maximum capability the way it was built and if
you start adding more power to those wires it’s a recipe for disaster
here’s an example that wasn’t that big of a deal but it proves my point
not a customer wanted to put brighter lights on his Honda so you want bought
these super-bright light bulbs and stuck them in headlights a man they were
certainly bright but one day he came to me and he said I turned my headlights on a
little switch and after a while that switch starts to get kind of hot well
the reason was getting hot is because those bulbs took so much power that that
switch had to send more power through and it originally did so I told them hey
if you really like the lights here’s what we can do we can just run a new
switch system for your headlights we get a nice switch heavy duty one 20 amps switch and ran the power directly from the battery to the switch and then from the switch
to a relay and the relay sent power to the headlights know most people doing a
modify car like that so really don’t put really brighter
headlights in if your headlight switch is starting to get hot go back to the
other ones but if you really want them you can just rewire the whole system
because realize can take a lot of power the power goes from the battery to the
relay and sits there then when you turn your switch on that energizes the reel I
saw the power goes from the battery to the relay and then directly to the
headlights the heavy-duty power isn’t going through the headlight switch
anymore so you don’t have to worry about getting hot when you’re dealing with
these remote starting systems they have so many wires to go to so many different
places you’d have to put relays all over the place and you’d have to have a
guy who really understood the wiring of your car because it’s too complicated in
a modern car with all those tiny little computer waters you got a remote starter
who knows these days what’s gonna happen with all the electromagnetic
interference and wireless devices somebody might be on their phone messing with something your car might start up who knows I remember years ago when I
was going to school I had a friend lives out in the country and they found out that when they got on their CB radio at a
certain frequency it would open this guy’s automatic garage opener so when
people got drunk they put the CB radios on and they’d opened up his garage just
roll laughing and now this is an extreme example but just a short time ago a guy
was killed he was from New York City was 21 years old he was killed by a remote
starting system Canada in his Lexus it was an aftermarket one that was put in
it wasn’t the factory was an aftermarket one and he was standing between the guys car in another car walking out of the street the guy with the lexus pushed his remote starter the car started and somehow drove into him and it was crushing his
leg people tried to push it off but it kept pushing it in the guy ended up
dying so I mean that’s no laughing matter the aftermarket remote system killed somebody so if you’re thinking about
putting one of these aftermarket remotes starting systems in your car place
listen to Scotty don’t do it who knows you might even say someone’s life,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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100 thoughts on “This Device Just Killed Someone (Don’t Install on Your Car)

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  2. This thing has killed someone (don't install on your car). Is it just me, or is that parenthetical statement unnecessary?

  3. I got a 05 ford ranger edge with viper remote start and security put in a few months ago, works great I hope it stays that way

  4. I was planning on getting a remote starter with an alarm system put into my Trans Am but had watched one of your previous videos where you said it was a bad idea and decided not to do it. I've got the factory alarm and perfectly happy with it, no hassles!

  5. LISTEN TO SCOTTY! I bought a used '95 Celica GT many years ago. It was a great deal except for the after-market security system the original owner installed. It was messing up the electrical system and cost me around $500 to fix. When I asked why it was so expensive, my mechanic looked at me exasperated, then pointed to a mountain of tangled wires and said that’s what he had to trace down and remove.

  6. I have a 2006 Cobalt had stereo place install remote start in 2008. Car now has 260,000 miles on it and never problem starting.

  7. i have an anti theft system and a turbo timer as well as a remote starter… but i did it myself and its going 2 years strong.

  8. I’ve had a combination alarm system/remote start in 5-6 vehicles and kept a couple of them for over 8 years. Never had an issue except for busted remotes.
    Maybe better not to buy a cheap one and install it yourself in the driveway but if it’s a professional install and a good quality system there’s nothing to worry about.

  9. My first car I had one…put on by car seller that Scotty does not like. My mechanic later warned me not a good idea but he checked it. Whew!!!

  10. Video is waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy 2 long! 1 minute of info repeated for 10 additional minutes FOR NO REASON other than to create repetitive content to try to trick you into watching commercials! Not cool!!!!

  11. Ive been putting these on my cars for 20 years. Use relays for isolation and parallel circuits so the original starting circuit will always work. But I like wiring stuff. It can be a headache. Oh also solder all the connections. Dont use those crimp down piggy back wiring terminals they send you. But never bypass the safeties. Car must be in park to start and that kinda thing. The danger is having your hand in the engine bay and the car starting. Always disconnect the battery.

  12. I had a remote starter in my 2011 Honda Accord put in at 2015, 4 1/2 years later, still works. I don’t have any problems with it. My car has a 5 speed automatic transmission and it’s mechanical, so an accident like Scotty described, shouldn’t happen.

  13. In the past there were cases where a person was in their house and accidentally hit their remote starter and started their car in the attached garage. The heater/AC in the garage drew in the carbon monoxide fuels from the running car and killed the occupants of the house. Newer remote starter systems as "suppose" to shut down the engine if the car is not put into gear within 15 minutes. I wouldn't trust ANY after market remote starter system that wasn't OEM.

  14. Another video of don't do anything to your car. You must be stupid. Don't try to breathe.

    This is simple stuff. Do NOT listen to this video.

  15. This is one of the times you are very wrong.
    If you can't manage to install one of these systems, it's alright to say you can't.

  16. I bought a brand new Tucson and I had it rust proofed and a remote starter put on now I'm worried what did I do to my car

  17. Uhhhhh what Scotty? A 20a switch….to a relay….that is way too much overkill. But you're so right on terrible wiring especially with amplifier. I have fixed so many.

  18. That's probably because it was a stick and not an automatic… If you do put a remote starter in your car you do not want to put one in a car that has a standard transmission in it… those remote starters are only made for automatic transmissions you never ever put one in a stick… And the reason why you don't want to put one in a stick is because you have to disengage the clutch or put it in neutral to start it most cars nowadays if they are a stick the only way you can start them is to push the clutch in… if you have a remote starter in a standard transmission and you're not there to push the clutch in the car will take off on you that's why they never put one in a standard transmission… And if you have it professionally done they will tell you they won't put a remote start in a standard transmission I know this for a fact because I had an alarm system put in my Bronco when I had it and I asked about a remote start my Bronco was a stick… the place where I had my alarm system put in said they will not do I remote start for my Bronco because it was a standard transmission they said if it had been an automatic they could

  19. Lol, Scotty, here in Russia aftermarket remote alarm/starting systems are the only way to roll. I use programmed autostart feature in winter to start my car for 20 minutes when engine temperature is about 70°F. That way the engine and the battery wouldn't freeze up while I'm sleeping at night.

  20. One important feature of a remote starter that was factory installed is that the vehicle cannot be put into gear until the owner enters the already running car with his key and inserts it into the ignition. With after-market remote starters, a thief can break a window and drive the thing away!

  21. Best way to warm up your car in the morning. Start it with a spare key then lock it in the car with the car running. No worries.

  22. Hey Scotty! What is your opinion of the Pedal commander? I just bought one for my Ram 1500 (That I love) and I’d like to hear your input. Keep up the good work (excluding all of your Ram hatred!!).

  23. I totally agree with Scotty about fusing a separate wire to the battery instead of splicing into existing wire harnesses for powering aftermarket up fits. If it requires additional splicing into wire harnesses for a new addition i`m not interested in making trouble. Perhaps many expensive troubles.

  24. 2004 Chevy Colorado…dealer told me that my aftermarket stereo was causing the random non-starting issues. They said some car stereo's mess with the computers. Anyone ever heard of this?

  25. Shut the hell up, i have one in my car for 12 years never have a problem, sometimes this guy don’t know what the hell he is talking about

  26. I bought a used 2009 infiniti g37x and I was never told it had a remote starter. After owning it a couple years it had problems it wouldnt start at random times. The dealer finally told me months after dealing with the starting problem, it had a remote start connected. I had to pay to remove it. After that, I traded the car in for a 2016 camry. Never had any problems with the camry. The infiniti was a money pit. Glad its someone elses problem now.

  27. Hi Scotty! After watching this video, I got a question for you. I have been seriously considering purchasing and having installed a dash cam, both front and rear, onto my brand new 2019 Toyota Corolla XSE to protect myself from bad drivers. Would you advise against that too?

  28. BULLSH!T… ive had aftermarket remote start installed on my last 4 vehicles…not nary a problem.
    go to a car stereo shop which installs a dozen of these per day….they know what theyre doing.
    there are different 'brains' for different cars. they all come with specific install instructions.
    STAY AWAY from BEST TRY. their 19 year old kids are clueless & the equipment is focused on low (cheap) price.
    Scotty knows a lot about repairing a vehicle. he's clueless and wrong about many aftermarket electronics.

  29. I dunno what cars you guys have, I have already made a start button to turn the engine on and all I need for a remote start is a remote relay board that can make contact on 2 wires when I press the button. Also a manual, as most of them are here, so as long as it's in neutral, and handbrake on, the car doesn't go anywhere even if you want it to.

  30. Scotty: dont install this on your car it’s killed someone

    Also Scotty I’m gonna show you how to install this in your 96 celica.

  31. i got an alarm system installed on my 1999 chevy tracker when it was new and we bought it from the dealership and its a mess. thank god it hasn't killed the car. but when activated the car wont start. i dont mess with it i took the horn out and i dont even use it anymore. my 1998 mustang has an alarm system with one of those key fobs installed i just tucked it under the dash and forgot about it. has the 3 mm pin key lost the other one so i dont even mess with it . it has another key for valet parking i dont even mess with it . yeah to many wires connected to the ignition and horn an what not. if i was a really tech savvy mechanic id remove all that crap off both the cars. ha

  32. This is so true. Do like Scotty says; Don't install those aftermarket-systems in your car, they spell TROUBLE. Next time you buy a car, make sure it's got the features you need from the factory.

  33. i sure miss my 1964 dodge power wagon with the hand choke. it would sit out there for six months and i go climb in it and fire up the 318 in minutes. pull the choke out. put the key in it and fire it up and it always started. let it warm up. push the choke in a little at time and push the clutch in and put it in first gear an away we go no computers. just like a lawn mower. all i had to do was check the plugs gap the point as the wore down adjust the valves now and then but it was a beast. gotta love those old school vehicles. ha had split rims on it. left hand threads on one side right hand threads on the other. the good old dodge power wagon was my first vehicle. i was nine years old and dad gave me it. but i couldn't get parts for it.. so i sold it to and old farmer in montana. ha

  34. i remember back in the day . they had these signs on 395 to turn off your radio because they were doing blasing in the area and people would be listening the there am radio and set off the charge and they would have a false explosion. turn off all radios blastin in the area. driving the 1957 thunderbird down 395 going to lake tahoe. yeah. the good old days ha

  35. I have a 5sp 96 nissan pathfinder, and I would NEVER want someone to install a remote start kit for me.

    I do plan to install one myself because I have the wiring diagrams for my year and model. If someone who wants to do this hasn't rebuilt their vehicle, and they don't have a good idea of what they are getting in to, and don't want to spend the days with the diagrams and actually PLAN the install, then for the love of god….. DON'T INSTALL IT. You might end up with your car through the wrong end of the garage if you don't wire in the neutral position switch on a 5 speed!

  36. I don’t like the remote start idea You aren’t special, deal with the cold or heat when you first get in your car. Luxuries weaken you.

  37. It's why "automotive electrician" should really be its own separate profession with its own specific qualifications. (The electrical wiring on modern cars is complex enough to warrant it.) You really don't want lazy half-arsed splices, possible shorts, under-rated wiring, or things being misconnected. It's too easy to break things and destroy the reliability and safety, and it's a shame that gets overlooked.

    Yet this still mostly gets lumped on mechanics that don't really know that much about that aspect. Unfortunately it's treated as if it had the same difficulty as getting a brake tech to change oil or something.

    I'd guess the danger with remote start thing probably had issues with detecting park and not staying disabled, and the car went driving off on its own or something?

  38. Hey Scotty, I'm looking for a good cleaner for glazed headlights. My 2004 Ford Ranger headlights are getting that glaze again after 4 months. Please help.

  39. I’ve seen remote start killing someone on 1000 ways to die, I think it was manual and the gear it was parked in drove in after the start.

  40. I have aftermarket remote start on the three cars I currently own and had it on my previous mini-van as well. I have never had any problems with them. My Toyota has had it for 9 years. I love it and I will never NOT have it again. I always pay someone to install it though.

  41. While it is not advisable for someone inexperienced to self install. That is not to say that an experienced audio shop, possibly mechanic would not be able to do so properly. It's hard to trust any car mfg since virtually all used to say they should never be on a car no matter what. Many saying "that's why we don't offer them". Then miracle of miracles it was safe, idling that long was fine etc.. everything that made them bad was a non-issue. Reputable shops like Scotty have access to vehicle specific directions and full wiring diagrams.

  42. Older cars like the 90s and 2000s worked fine with these systems if properly installed. Putting them on newer cars however can definitely lead to headaches.

  43. Scotty should make lifetime movies with all that unnecessary drama lol remote starts now connect directly to the cards can-bus system to best adapt to the vehicles oem specifications & are not all that difficult. Funny take though

  44. Good advice about hardwiring to the battery. If you run the negative direct to the battery as well, fuse it too, that way if something grounds through your aftermarket stuff and overloads the ground wire, the fuse will blow cutting the path.

  45. When I was a valet years ago a co-worker used the remote start to locate a car. The car was in gear and it took off, smashing into another car.

  46. Remote starters are illigal in Europe, cannot leave a car idling in park, anywhere where the public have access to, even in your driveway. A stupid idea at best, frikkin lazy at worst. Go out, start you car, scrape the ice off, get in, drive away.

  47. Scotty, you have to get those arm movements syncronized, watch the movie and remember the rules "wipe on— wipe off", you'll have a shiny car by the end of the video.

  48. scotty why do chevys fall apart so quickly. My camaros seat is coming apart, the car wont shutdown properly and keeps saying put into park, its a mess.

  49. got to disagree with you on that one… In my case anyway…..I can put one of these in, no problem… the word engineer to me means [email protected]!, for some things…. electrical is my strong point in any vehicle and even outside of the realm of working on cars…. but in my opinion I don't particularly like remote start systems because the actual product can fail and not have anything to do with how it was installed… I have seen this happen before….

  50. I'll agree it's not a DIY project but here in Alaska we ALL have aftermarket remote starts. The installers have it dialed in to a science.

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