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This Car Charger will SAVE YOUR LIFE!! (Really!)

This Car Charger will SAVE YOUR LIFE!! (Really!)

This car charger could literally save your
life. The title is not click bait. This is actually one of the coolest things
I saw at CES this year from a company called Ztylus. I’m not exactly sure where the “z” comes
from, but it is called Ztylus. [Intro] Driving is always dangerous. Accidents happen. Your car could slip off the road and go into
water, a river or a lake, or there could be a flood. And the only problem with that, besides the
fact that your car is not a boat, is that when your car is under water, electronics
and water don’t mix well together. So your electronic windows and doors will
stop working. This car charger breaks windows automatically. And I’ll show you how it works. In addition to the dual 2.4 amp USB quick
charge ports, this car charger has a built in seatbelt cutter and a spring loaded window
breaker. The razor part is pretty self explanatory. Seatbelts can get damaged during car accidents
and stuck, pinning you inside of the vehicle, which may or may not be on fire. The window breaker is actually hidden pretty
well inside of the car charger. Most people never really what it is when it’s
plugged into your car. When the tip of the car charger is pressed
against the glass, it will compress a little bit, loading an internal spring, and then
firing this metal spike violently through the tip into the glass window with a very
concentrated force. And since glass is very brittle, the whole
thing will shatter. This is the internal spring and the metal
spike inside of the car charger. It’s pretty magical. And you don’t have to be strong to use it. Just press down and it does all the work itself. So we’ve seen that the little car charger
works on small little squares of glass. But, does it actually work on a real car window? Let’s find out. I happen to have a spare car door here like
everybody does. And we’re going to test it out on this window. Alright so we have the car door right here
with the glass window on this side. And we have the car charger right here. We’re going to come in and we’re going
to press this up against the glass on the inside of the window and see what happens. Ready? Three…two…one. That is crazy! And at that point, you can just press it all
the way out. That’s insane. So if that was your driver’s side or passenger
side window, you would be totally able to get out of your car in an emergency. Now if you are under water in your car, if
you break your window, water’s going to start rushing in so there’s no way to get
out easily until the water has filled up the inside of your car. It will be like fighting a waterfall. So you just have to sit there and be patient
while your car fills up with water and then exit after that. So let’s say that you’re in your car and
you’re in an accident and the seat belt is jammed; you can’t get out of your seatbelt. So we have a little razor cutter on the tip
of that that I showed you earlier. We’re just going to take it, put the seatbelt
in there, we’ll see if it cuts well. Oh wow. That’s actually easier that I thought. As long as there’s tension on the seatbelt,
you can cut pretty easily. Lifesaving technology is my favorite kind
of technology and that’s why I liked this so much at CES. I’m going to put a link for it down in the
video description right below this video so if you want one of these, in case you’re
ever in an emergency, you can get one. Thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you around.

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100 thoughts on “This Car Charger will SAVE YOUR LIFE!! (Really!)

  1. So I was in an accident just 2 nights ago, where my car flipped about 3 times. I did get seatbelt rash but thats all. The car landed with the drivers door towards the floor and the only way out was to climb out through the passengers door. I had no thought in getting out of the windshield. But thinking so, i was looking around for personal belongings while smelling bits of smoke. And realized that when in an accident it is so hard to identify any type of belongings around you since everything is scattered everywhere. Therefore what if you crash and find this tool nowhere. Is almost the huge question, in time of need you almost have to react quick in reaching it or literally carry it with you in your pocket or so.

  2. Just a tip. Tempered glass, IE most auto glass is much stronger in the center and weaker at the edges. If you do have to break the glass, try hitting the corners.

  3. Jerry you are amazing. I will order these things for our family cars plus train my kids to use them as well in case of emergency. You only understand these risks once you have your own family, till then, some people are just full of lame and naive jokes.

  4. 2:33, Maybe, however on the window demonstrated… an average American would possibly get stuck as a fatass either drowning or burning, depending on the scenario of the emergency.

  5. You keep your spare car door in the bed? Mine rides shotgun. In case I lose a door, I have easier access than you do, and can quickly replace. Not to mention, I draw a happy face on it and ride in carpool lanes.

  6. One thing you forgot to tell is that when your car is under water the pressure from the water will push the glass inside very fast, this could potentially hurt so when breaking your windows use the corner furthest away from you, and try putting your back towards the glass as much as you can.

    Also always leave with your back towards the door facing the top of the car. And if there are more people (2 or more) leave at the same time. You need to leave at same time especially when still above the water because the car WILL roll over if you dont.

  7. Be sure if you need to break a car window in case of an emergency break it in one of the corners, it wil be easier to break.

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