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This Aston Martin Lagonda is designer Richard Vaughan’s dream machine | Why I Drive #28

This Aston Martin Lagonda is designer Richard Vaughan’s dream machine | Why I Drive #28

– [Richard] When people think about a four door Aston Martin these days, they think about the Rapide. But before the Rapide,
there was the Lagonda. In 1975, nobody had ever
seen anything like that. Cars were very decorative, over-bodied, often ill-proportioned, and the Lagonda is the opposite of that. It is the essence of purity
of line and simplicity. I was the kid who was always
drawing cars in class. It’s the dream that I had
when I was in college. I was studying car design and we used to sneak to the
car dealership at night, the Aston Martin dealership and look through the window, and I’d think, well maybe one day I can get one of those cars and now I have one of those cars. As a designer when I look at the Lagonda, it’s considered to be
a classical proportion. So that means that the
car is two wheels high, and then there are three
wheels in a wheel base. A Lagonda is one of the few
four door cars in the world that has that feature. The wheel base is very long. The ride is extremely smooth, and you’ll notice that
the tires are very tall. So, you don’t feel any
imperfections in the road. It handles extremely well
for a car of that era. Almost like it, as they say, is on rails. It’s really a fun car to drive. The Lagonda was the
product of the situation that Aston Martin was in. 1974 they were bankrupt. An American investor named
Peter Spray who was 34, he came in and bought the company. His idea was to come out
with the most advanced space aged car that anyone could imagine. The first car ever to have
digital instrumentation. Capacitive sensing touch switches. It was something that no
one had ever seen before. It looks like a giant
calculator in front of you. You feel like you’ve been
transported to the ’80s. Red LEDs, and there’s also
some white ambient light, which really gives a warm glow. It’s a handmade car, has a lot of planar surfaces in it. And the windshield is at
an extraordinary angle, and it’s also extremely flat. And it’s also from the era
before all automotive glass had UV coatings. So it gets breathtakingly hot inside, but that’s not a problem because the Lagonda has
two air conditioners. Because so many of the original owners were Middle Eastern royalty, and it was called the
desert touring package. Ownership history of Lagonda
reads like a who’s who of third world dictators,
criminals, despots, and the titans of industry. Idi Amin, Papa Bongo, Saddam Hussein are mixed in with Malcolm Forbes and British royalty for a car that cost $150,000 in 1984. It had to be good. I drive it as much as I possibly can. Just yesterday I put over 300 miles on it. And I’ve driven it as much
as 900 miles in a weekend. It is utterly reliable. I’m not suggesting to anyone that it is the world’s
greatest car design, but it’s one of the
world’s purest car designs. It’s absolutely of the era
in which it was designed. I’m never gonna sell the car. It’s my dream car. For me it represents more
than just transportation. My name’s Richard Vaughan, and this is why I drive.

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100 thoughts on “This Aston Martin Lagonda is designer Richard Vaughan’s dream machine | Why I Drive #28

  1. I remember seeing this at the motor show London. A huge car and it captured the crowd. Great video of a remarkable motor car and its owner.

  2. I was a classmate of Richards at CCS (Detroit). All the car guys would regularly take a quick trip north where the expensive cars were sold and serviced, just to check them out (and probably dream a little). I can remember one of those places had a Lagonda where Richard and I stopped to look. His passion for it was clear then. Congrats on the ownership Richard!

  3. Easily one of the strangest cars ever produced. I've seen one, in the flesh. I'm a big fan of automobile oddity and this certainly is one.

  4. Heck yeah, Southfield Michigan, the former AMC headquarters. I had a bonds job right by that parking garage at the end in Southfield

  5. William Towns designs were usually an acquired taste whereas the Aston Martin V8 of the same period was possibly the best looking muscle car of all time

  6. Sorry, not a fan. In my opinion probably the worst aesthetically designed Aston Martin I have seen. I did enjoy the video though.

  7. I've always loved this car. I've only ever seen one on the road, back in the early '90s in Bergenfield, NJ. It is an absolute classic design for its era.

  8. As a kid , I saw Malcolm Forbes leaving his Manhattan office building in his Lagonda. A few valets blocking off traffic to ease his mergers;-)

  9. Knowing that these companies sold to Elite terrorists & career criminals really has me wanting higher taxes on the filthy rich. The DeepState has to die.

  10. I can't say it's a beautiful car in the "classic" ways. But, it's like the Lambo Countach, not beautiful but so stunning ! Same thing for this car, stunning.
    Nobody can remain speachless looking at it. Either you love or you hate it. I love it.

  11. Ah! Richard, "Ya Dancer! When I was 15, this was new and soooo desirable. Well done for driving it! Regards Stephen.

  12. Saw Luther VanDross getting out of a Lagonda atMazza in Chevy Chase Md. back in 1983 or 84. My brush with greatness!

  13. Now all you need to go with that car is the Panther 6 , another oddity. I love the car but for some unexplained reason the ship of success for me never came, yes I would have love to own a Lagonda but I became the biggest failure in life. Yes as years went by I only made enough money to get by, I hope there is reincarnation maybe in the next life I could own one.

  14. I love this Segment! Richard, I grew up always drawing too except my drawings were despicable compared to others. This has to be the nicest Lagonda I have seen. Hands down. $150K in the ‘80s is almost Half MIL. Dollars. $500K WOW!

  15. I have always loved the design of the Lagonda and still do. I used to draw cars for fun and, when I used a ruler to do so, I got a design looking very much like the Lagonda. It’s a beautiful and unique car with a timeless design.

  16. Whoa, a mega beauty. I've never seen a LaGonda, they are fantastic. Is it a V-12? I'm from a royal family – let's ride. The Tedster.

  17. Yeah, I'm out, it's always been horrific too look at, it is The Homer in real life, horses for courses and all that, but no, it isn't design purity, it's awful.

  18. A William Towne (now deceased) design that was ahead of it's time then, as it is now many years later. And it's a really beautifully executed design to see in person…..

  19. The car is longer than the video.
    That is not a complaint.

    I hope he continues to drive & enjoy his dream machine…I wish I could be so lucky.

  20. I like this car but it was ugly…….hard for me to explain or justify. Definitely space age stuff… I am surprised it is reliable. You probably look after it a lot….

  21. The first thing that popped into my head when I first saw this car was the Griswold's Family Truckster. But, I'm glad that he loves his dream car, and uses it.

  22. This is the ugliest car and the best way, to drive Greta the TunaFisch down… well preserved for future generations !

  23. It's nice that the guy has the car of his dreams but what if something broke? Can you still get parts for it since not many were made back then? Well if not, you can probably get them made and you don't seem lacking in money!

  24. This is great, my buddies Dad had one of those in his basement collection 30 years ago, only one I've seen. We used to wonder what it drove like looking the way it did. She burned with 20+ cars when the house went up in flames. Dont keep cars you love in wooden structures.

  25. I knew Richard from our days in Akron selling cold Folgers coffee on the neighborhood corner to people getting to work. Great to see him finally enjoying his passion!

  26. Breathtakingly beautiful. I've sadly never seen one in the flesh, but oooh boy, when I do… Soooo damn 80s, so cocaine, so Miami Vice. I love the Lagonda so much!

  27. While I concede that Aston Martin makes some incredibly beautiful cars, and that the digital dash is utterly unique and cool, I have to say this is a horrible design. To my eyes at least.

  28. 1 Time only ? Have I ever seen, an Aston Martin Lagonda ! 1979 went on a School trip, to Chester" UK , Parked up along the river bank, and it stood out a mile" because of its long front bonnet, and the teacher said what cars that ? and I told him that's an Aston Martin Lagonda and it cost £78 thousand pounds in 1979 ! World's most Expensive car then ! Rare as Hens teeth ! Stunning looking Car .

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