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Thinking of buying a used car?

Thinking of buying a used car?

Do you live in the South of Ireland? Have
you been thinking about buying a used car or a commercial vehicle in the north? If you’ve answered yes to both my questions then keep watching, because I’m about to tell you how we at TrustFord can help save you some money. As a buyer from the South of Ireland,
you’re in a very fortunate position because currently the euro is trading
strongly against the UK British pound So what does this mean for you as a
buyer? It’s simple really, it means you’ll get a better deal on one
of our pre-owned cars or vans when you buy from one of our dealerships in the
north. We have seven dealerships across Northern Ireland with professional and dedicated sales executives available to discuss your individual requirements. We’ll make your buying transaction as simple and enjoyable as possible. We are also on hand to advise on the documentation required to import and
register your new vehicle into the South. We’ll even help to calculate your vehicle
registration tax. Not sure what to do with your current car? Again we’re on hand to assist. We can provide you with a valuation of your vehicle so that you can decide if a part exchange is a worthwhile option for you. Plus, with TrustFord Now you can expect an easy and stress free transaction when buying your pre-owned vehicle from us. As the name suggests, it means you can travel north, view and take home your vehicle on the same visit. In fact, we promise to have your car or van ready for you to take home within just one hour of your arrival at
our dealership. Choose your new pre-owned vehicle from any one of our dealerships in Northern Ireland today when you find a vehicle you’re interested in, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help. We’ll even record and send you
a personalised video of your chosen car Want to know more? Visit our website today We look forward to meeting with you soon and thanks for watching.

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