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These Urban Myths Are Actually True…

These Urban Myths Are Actually True…

Urban myths have been going around since,
well… forever. Many of the more modern ones like to speak
of all the dangers of modern technology, and the modern world in general. Stories will tell of how people can easily
find themselves maimed, murdered, or in other danger if they make the wrong choices in life,
or mess with the wrong technology too much. While many urban legends are nonsense or overly
embellished, there are some warnings out there that are true, and some stories that should
be heeded. In today’s article, we will go over 10 urban
legends that are at least mostly true, and highlight the sometimes banal dangers of our
modern world. 10. You Can Absolutely Lose Limbs In An Escalator,
Or Even Get Strangled To Death Some people like to laugh about and/or tease
people who are afraid of escalators, and most people consider it an entirely irrational
fear — something silly and not worth being so scared about. However, some people who are afraid of escalators
will tell urban legends of times that someone got stuck in an escalator, and got strangled
or lost their limbs before someone could press the emergency stop. Now, we want to be clear that escalators are
not moving death machines. They aren’t regularly killing people or
tearing their limbs off, but that doesn’t mean they are entirely safe, either. The danger is essentially some part of your
clothing (or hair) getting stuck in the escalator. More commonly, when someone does get injured
on an escalator, a shoe or pant leg gets trapped and someone loses a foot, but in a rarer case,
a man lost his life when his shirt got caught in the escalator and he strangled to death
before the emergency stop could be pushed. 9. Hanging Your Head Out A Car Or Train Window
Can Be Fatal (But Not By Decapitation) Many parents and other supervising adults
have warned over the years that hanging your head out of a car window (or train window,
if you’re especially stupid) can cause you to be decapitated and lose your life in an
instant. Some people think this is nonsense, and continue
to hang their hand, arm, or whole head out a window; in their minds, they’re just having
some fun and not letting the naysayers get them down. They figure that cars, buses and trains don’t
really go that close to things, and if they do, they can pull that part of their body
back in time. However, it doesn’t always work out like
that. While it doesn’t happen daily, people get
their heads smacked while hanging them out of moving windows relatively often, all things
considered, and it nearly always result in death if the speed was even remotely significant. Now, decapitation has not been reported in
any case (the head always stays attached to the body), but that doesn’t mean the person
doesn’t still die due to a head injury. 8. There Is An Even Sadder Reason Many Shelters
Don’t Allow Black Cats Adoptions Around Halloween Many people have heard for years that shelters
will not allow adoption of black cats around Halloween, and most people assume that the
reason for this is that shelters are afraid that people will harm them in some sort of
black magic ritual. However, that kind of thing is fortunately
very rare, and not actually the main reason shelters are reluctant to adopt black cats
out around the Halloween season. The problem is that people can sometimes be
kind of terribly thoughtless about other living creatures, and will adopt black cats to use
as part of a prop for a Halloween costume, and then return the cats later when the whole
thing is done and all their parties are over. This is an awful thing to do, as it stresses
the cat out, thinking it might be given a good home, and then quickly finds itself back
at the awful shelter. Worse yet, someone who just wants it as a
prop probably isn’t going to take very good care of it even for the few days they are
together. For this reason, many shelters simply suspend
adoption of black cats around Halloween, so you will have to find another way to complete
your witch costume. 7. Hackers Can Listen To Your Baby And Creep
On It With Your WiFi Enabled Baby Monitor Today, almost everything has technology of
some kind involved, and sometimes that extra technology isn’t necessarily a good thing. While baby monitors worked for years without
needing an internet connection, recently companies have started selling WiFi enabled baby monitors,
which you can track and control from your phone or laptop. Now, this may sound convenient, but it also
opens up your little one to hackers. Quite a few parents now have had scary situations
where they found that someone was talking to their baby through the monitor, and those
people were saying scary things and making scary noises to their child. Some may fear a more insidious hacking, or
specific stalking, but luckily these creeps don’t seem to be going after individuals
they know. Instead, they are finding baby monitors online,
and using the default password (as most people don’t think to change the password and secure
it). They are then having a bit of sociopathic
fun with your infant, enjoying the torture that they get to inflict and all the ensuing
pain and fear they can cause from a distance. If you want to avoid your little one thinking
they are being haunted by a demon, either secure your WiFi-enabled baby monitor with
your own, more detailed password, or better yet don’t buy a WiFi-enabled baby monitor
at all. 6. Brown Recluse Bites, If Not Properly Treated,
Can Sometimes Cause Necrosis Spider bites are something we all fear, and
brown recluse spiders typically tend to bring out that fear more than others. They are known for giving powerful bites that
can cause pain and suffering weeks later, and often heal very slowly. Some legends claim that a really bad bite,
especially if not properly treated, can lead to something called necrosis. This is a condition where the cell tissue
actually starts to blacken and die off. While many brown recluse bites don’t even
require medical treatment, you should probably get yours checked out to be on the safe side,
because if not properly treated, the legends are true. Not only can the tissue actually die through
necrosis, but you can also end up with hemolysis, where red blood cells start to die off, and
renal failure — which is more commonly known in layman’s terms as kidney failure — can
occur. Considering that there are about 10,000 spider
bites reported per year in the United States, and almost 2,000 of those on average are from
the Brown Recluse, it becomes quite a valid fear to watch out for these little monsters,
and get checked out if they ever manage to bite you. 5. Sometimes Serial Killers Pretend To Be Police;
Sometimes They Are Police When we want protection from serial killers,
murderers or other horrible people, we tend to think of the police as the people who keep
us protected and safe. However, the problem is that now and then,
a serial killer poses as a policeman, or actually is a policeman. Serial killers have been constantly studied
in order to try to figure out the phenomenon, and many saw being a police officer as an
ideal job. Murderers like David Berkowitz and Edmund
Kemper wanted to be cops, for example. Ted Bundy, one of the most famous serial killers
of all time, never did become a cop, but he posed as one on a fairly regular basis in
order to lure in and kidnap his victims. Joseph DeAngelo, the alleged Golden State
Killer, worked as a cop for decades, while acting in his capacity as a serial killer
in his time off. And the truth is that these are just a few
of many, many examples that would really need their own article to list. Now, we aren’t saying there are lots of
serial killers in the police, or that they pose as them all the time. After all, there are only a small number of
serial killers to begin with. However, it does hold a lot of attraction
to them, as it gives them intimate connections to law enforcement, and a lot of personal
power they can exercise, often without direct supervision. 4. Cockroaches And Spiders Sometimes Take Up
Residence In People’s Ears Most people have heard the legends that spiders,
and even cockroaches, will sometimes take up residence inside our bodies. Some people even believe in rumors that we
will eat several spiders in our lifetime, although most scientists say that is misleading. Regardless, many people don’t really believe
that insects like our bodies that much, and especially don’t believe in the stories
that they will live in some people’s ears; however, it is actually a relatively common
occurrence. Both spiders and cockroaches like warm, damp
places where they feel they can safely hide, and the ear of a sleeping person sometimes
fits that bill really nicely. Because we don’t regularly expel things
from our ears (unlike our noses), it makes a more secure, safe place to hide. While it isn’t an everyday occurrence, hospitals
are no stranger to removing bugs from ear canals. Now, this doesn’t mean it will happen to
you. Likely, if you have enough insects around
that the best place they can find to stay is your ear, you should probably start looking
for a really good exterminator. 3. Rabies Can Be Be Very Hard To Catch In Time,
Making It A Silent Killer Rabies only kills about 50 people per year,
so it isn’t particularly terrifying, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be scared
of it anyway — at least enough to take it seriously. The fact of the matter is that so few deaths
occur because we have a good vaccine and people tend to utilize an abundance of caution, but
sometimes they don’t, and it’s a fatal mistake. Rabies, sometimes compared to zombie viruses,
spreads almost entirely by bites, and from animal to human. It can make the person rage, act erratic,
and foam at the mouth, and can also cause paralysis. However, what makes it terrifying is that
it can be such a silent killer. Those who die usually don’t see symptoms
right away after an animal bite — such as from a cat, dog or bat — and thus think
they are fine and don’t get the rabies vaccine administered shortly after the bite. This is a huge mistake, because the vaccine
can get started right away, but rabies can incubate and not show symptoms for up to a
year. Usually by the time it starts showing the
symptoms, it is too late, and the person will develop hydrophobia (fear of water, even drinking
it), and will die of inflammation of the brain very shortly. Only one person survived the later stages
of rabies, by being put into an induced coma until the virus could be put under control. 2. A Woman Did Indeed Die Holding Her Pee For
A Wii There is a legend that a woman was doing a
radio contest in order to attempt to win a Nintendo Wii back when it was first out (and
you sometimes couldn’t even find it in the store) for her young children. This was in 2007, and the radio station had
a contest going where people drank a lot of water, and then saw who could hold their pee
the longest. The winner, of course, would get a brand new
Nintendo Wii. Unfortunately, the contest took a very dark
turn, as not only did this woman only barely win second place — which did not get her
the Wii — but she died shortly after from water intoxication. And, unfortunately, everything about the story
is true. Despite the on-air host talking about the
dangers of drinking too much water, and a listener calling in to tell them it was potentially
dangerous, they went ahead with the contest anyway. Because of this, the jury decided to award
the woman’s family $16 million in compensation. Ten of the radio station employees were fired,
and the station itself did not even appeal the verdict, as they felt the family had gone
through quite enough already. 1. An American Couple Adopts A Ukrainian Girl
Who Is Much Older Than They Thought This story out of Lafayette, Indiana is completely
bizarre, and it may be years, if ever, before we know the real truth. Even if much of the story is muddled or untrue,
the parts we do know are true are still far stranger than anything someone could make
up. Back at the beginning of the decade, an Indiana
couple adopted a young girl out of Ukraine — who was supposed to be eight years old
— to live with their family that included three boys. Things seemed to go well at first, until — as
the mother alleges — the new daughter was seen pouring cleaning chemicals into her coffee,
and told her point blank, in an adult manner, that she was going to kill the whole family. At this point, the couple took her to a hospital
and a mental health crisis center, as they were worried about the state of her mental
state. They claimed that they learned she had dwarfism,
and was a lot older than she was. They took her to one hospital, which claimed
that while she was older than initially thought, she was still a tween. However, the couple managed to have her legal
age changed to about 30, with the approval of a judge who clearly believed that she was
an adult with dwarfism. However, the authorities also found later
that they left her in the United States while the rest of the family left for Canada, and
they continued to pay only for her rent. Some people felt the parents were running
away from her, and some accounts suggest that even if she was a lot older than suggested,
she was still a minor when they left, which would make it child abandonment. The parents are being charged with a crime
over the whole debacle, but contend that they were still trying to help her from a distance,
and believed her to be a legal adult when they left for Canada. They also insist they were not running away. It may be a long time, if ever, before court
discovery shows us the full truth.

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100 thoughts on “These Urban Myths Are Actually True…

  1. Scary facts that need little reminder but preventive measures have recently been of concern more more with COVID 19 around. Stay safe 👀🎼✌

  2. My dad got bit by a brown recluse around 7 years ago, he still has a deep brown scar on his wrist from the surgery they did on him to remove all the dead stuff. He took about 3 weeks to go to the hospital. Pretty chill about it, just walked out the door, "Going to the hospital, might be dying, later"

  3. OMG my dad stuck his head out of a car window and had some sort of hard shell bug hit him in the ear. It just made his ear bleed, but my mom got a nice 'told ya so' over on him.

  4. I kept up with the story of the 8 yr old girl. It was determined that she is the age she claims to be, not in her 30s. She ended up with a family that loves her and cares for her properly.

  5. The baby monitor story reminded me of a reverse to that I read years ago. A couple of new parents were very surprised when FAA officials showed up at their door to ask if they had a baby. Their new baby monitor was set to the same frequency as the air traffic control tower at a nearby airport. Pilots who called in for landing instructions got a crying baby instead of a runway! The FAA reset the monitor, and the problem was solved. Wouldn't it be fun to see a video of the pilots' reactions, though? LOL

  6. Define what they "Serial" kill, If they kill criminals are they really taking from society or adding hope that more criminals will die out? Just say'n Societies need to know how to point their at the right people.

  7. I worked at a department store for 4 years and there were two escalator incidents. One boy got his foot crushed and I saw a little get the tips of her fingers mangled before I got to the stop button.

  8. I actually know a guy who lost his arm…snd most of his shoulder bc he had his arm resting on his down window while a truck avoided a collision with him…..and now we return to the beginning of the storey…🤓

  9. Have a fear of escalators, and yeah people make fun of me for. when I was little my mom told me my shoelaces were going to get stuck at the top of the escalator. Now I have to jump on it off an escalator. The flat escalators at Ikea scare the bejesus out. That's a NOPE for me!

  10. Life long scares on my hands from my hand getting caught where the escalator handrail goes under

    when I was around 5

  11. No1 has me confused, I've seen both side of the stories. It has happened before in the usa but this one I'm not sure

  12. I was an expat in China and Kazakhstan for several years, and let me just say VPNs are the BEST! Just with my Netflix account, by changing country i could see every single BBC show (instead of the limited selection on the US version).
    Also, my father-in-law was bit by a brown recluse in New Orleans about 10 years ago, and he was sick by the end of the day, and hospitalised with necrosis within 24 hours. It took him a few months to recuperate, and he nearly lost his leg… it had been in his shoe, and he never even knew he'd been bitten. The doctors spent days thinking he'd caught some bacterial infection, so it kept spreading due to ineffective treatment.
    Look for the two little holes!

  13. I am always dismayed when I see anyone with very long hair. If they knew what was meant by "scalp de-gloving", they'd cut that hair short asap.

  14. A boy on my school bus during the drive home had in arm hanging out the window. it was crushed when the bus driver was turning to sharpat a corner and had his arm crushed between the bus and the light pole. They ended up taking his arm up to his elboy off. It was so graffic for every kid on his side…

  15. I'm from Sacramento where the radio station held the contest. They literally switched channels from 107.9 to 106.5 to distance themselves even further from the drinking water contest.

  16. #1 I’m pretty sure there was a horror movie made that was inspired by that situation. It at least featured an adopted Eastern European girl who turned out to be a full grown serial killer with dwarfism. It must have come out something like ten years ago.

  17. When I was young I fell down a escalator and got my finger nearly cut off my ring finger on my right hand. I still dont have 100% of the use back

  18. So a woman took part in a contest was told of the dangers and wasn't forced into taking part and it's still the radio stations fault??? Okay yes they shouldnt have been running a contest with health risks but still she didn't have to take part

  19. What most people don't realize about escalators, is that they're not meant to be used as stairs (as Mitch Hedberg implies, RIP). They're not the same size as regular steps so it's easy to misjudge or have muscle memory kick in resulting in a stumble/fall. Since the edges are sharp and the steps are super slick, you will easily injure yourself and badly. A few times a month I would see people getting sent to the hospital (usually teenagers) with horrible cuts at the mall I used to work at. I saw young adults & teens lose eyes, have fingers hanging off their hands and everything in between. Don't play on escalators kids, you have no idea how dangerous they are. They aren't like your regular stairs at home.

  20. Ironically based on Simon”s comments on Business Blaze this clip had a Raid: Shadow Legends ad before it

  21. true, my friend fainted on the LONG LONG escalator on the DC Metro. It is very terrifying….we weren't prepared as we didn't KNOW it was the longest, highest, whatever. So she looked back down, and fainted, and I had to grab her with one hand and then, hold her while she was sliding out of my arm. Thankfully another stronger person ran up and helped me hold her. I was afraid her long hair would get stuck at the top. I have never gone on it again… and my friend won't go on ANY at all. Taking the stairs.

  22. Usually the shelters around me have discounts around this halloween for black cats. I've also learned pure black cats and dogs statistically get adopted less often unfortunately.

  23. if you ever have some kind of bug in your ear, just tilt your head with that ear facing up and pour water in there, it'll come out. might need a friend to grab it

  24. i have a friend whose dreadlocks somehow got caught in the track and he was dragged down into it. he has several even scars on his head it looks like a predatory animal attacked him.

  25. Wait a minute if the baby monitors are wifi connected devices would Nord VPN work for protecting the data from those such as the camera and audio streams? If that would work you just missed a great marketting opportunity, I don't even have a baby and if you had conveniently placed your ad after that I woulda been like oh wow maybe I need a VPN

  26. During Easter, people do the same with rabbits. Buying them or whatnot then ditching them after Easter pics are taken.

  27. I'm pretty sure the last story is not complete. Last I heard I believe doctors were of the opinion that the age had been misdiagnosed and she was indeed a child, which makes it all the more tragic.

  28. I want to kill a movie bad guy in an escalator just so I can say “That escalated quickly” as I put on my shades and walk away.

  29. I don't think it was an urban legend…but I could swear I remember watching a horror film that had the same plot about adopting a little girl who actually turned out to be a pyschotic adult that killed the family…

  30. In the late 80s in Calgary, AB, Canada there was a boy who stumbled on a public escalator and the strings on his hoodie or jacket got caught between the metal combs on the steps. He was nearly strangled to death but someone managed to get something sharp between the tight cord and the kids neck and it cut the cord. It made national news in Canada and ending up being recreated on that old Shatner series Rescue 911. It was not long after that those plexiglass covered emergency stop buttons started appearing on Canadian escalators.

  31. My entire family was on a 3 story escalator that malfunctioned. The absolute horror. We were all sent to the hospital. I saw things so nightmarish that horror films no longer scare me. I've heard actual fear for your life screams, I've seen the gore. I'm not sure I'll watch this video, but wanted to say, I'll never ride a KONE escalator or elevator again.

  32. With all of us staying inside theres never been a better time to subscribe and hit the bell icon for all of Simon’s channels!

  33. My uncle was part of the radio show that hosted the Wii contest. His nickname on there was "Fester" and he did a lot of crazy stunts. After the woman died, he felt so guilty. He was one of the people who got fired, and he totally understood why. I think he was guilty until the day he died. I know they were warned about the dangers and I'm not going to sit here and say that the radio station did nothing wrong because they did mess up pretty bad.

  34. I was bitten by a brown recluse and was in the hospital for a week. Then I was sent home with a pick line and had infusions of Vancomycin for two weeks. It was a nightmare.

  35. Perfect timing since I just had a marathon of four of the “Final Destination” films. I know I saw a horror story on “I Survived” back in the day about an escalator incident but I haven’t been able to find it since then. Love all the channels, content and the podcast, Simon 😎😁

  36. If you think that the Police are there to Protect and Serve you, you are gullible. To Protect and Serve is a propaganda phrase the purpose of this propaganda is to mislead you into believing that Law Enforcement is your friend when in fact the purpose of police is to enforce the status quo to keep the line clear between the haves and the have-nots. It is never in your best interest to speak with the Police and the Police are under no obligation to offer you protection of any kind in fact they can stand by and watch you be grievously injured and arrest the perpetrator of this heinous act only after the criminal has decided he wants to peacefully surrender, in fact such an incident took place on the subway in NYC after which the victim attempted to sue the NYPD officers for dereliction of duty the case was dropped immediately after appearing in front of a judge when the victim was informed that the Police are under no obligation to protect the citizenry their purpose is to enforce laws and the officers fulfilled this purpose upon arresting the perpetrator of the crime. Law Enforcement sees you as the enemy and if we were brought up understanding this instead of raised believing the misconception that the policeman is your friend they would have a much more difficult job than they do now especially since the advent of the internet and the relative ease with which the common man can educate themselves about their civil rights. You have to identify yourself and if you are driving a motor vehicle you must produce proof of a legal drivers license and ownership and insurance other than that information you have the right to remain silent. Almost without fail if you express this to a cop they will tell you that you don't have the right to remain silent because you have not been placed under arrest, this belies their stupidity do not let such and idiotic statement confuse you. A Police Officer placing you under arrest does not grant them the ability to give you the right to remain silent, here in Canada this right is guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms it is guaranteed by your right to freedom of speech and as long as you are a Canadian citizen you have the right to remain silent this right is only suspended by the reasons aforementioned, it is not being placed under arrest that grants you this right, you have the right to remain silent every minute of every day and in the presence of a Police Officer I would suggest that you exercise that right at all times.

  37. Brown recluse bite allmost killed me because it was on the back of my neck so close to my spine i was hospitalized fo 5 weeks 3 pf which was intensive care that was 20 years ago the scar is atrocious

  38. Not an important anecdote but I remember once coming across a stray puppy in the yard and really wanting to pet it. I put it under a milk crate but he kept turning himself to face the corner. I would shift the crate so that he couldn't do that so I could look at him and he'd go back to the corner anyways. I was maybe about 12 at the time and it made me think of the final scene from the Blair Witch Project, which had taken me a lot of time to finally realize wasn't real. Either way, the puppy putting himself in the corner creeped me out. In my desire to think I was being helpful, I was just scaring him more. I lifted the crate and tried to pick him up but then he bit me. Poor baby, I must have really terrified him. Anyways, I went and told my mom about it and we drove to the hospital that day so I could have a shot, just to be on the safe side. I never did see the little pup again, I dropped him when he bit me (rightfully so) and he ran off.

  39. My father actually saw a woman lose her leg because she refused to listen when he told her to pull it back inside the train. Being the guard, he was about to order her OFF the train if she ignored him a third time. She never got the chance. She didn't see the fence at the end of the platform in time and her leg was held on by a thin strip of flesh while they waited for an ambulance. One of his worst days at work. This was back in the 80s when my state had a mixture of trains with manual and automatic doors. The older trains had nothing to stop people just holding the door open as it travelled along. He's also seen more suicides by train than he cared to talk about. It's the biggest causes of mental health issues in train staff, btw.

  40. I have two black cats, and they are some of the most loving creatures put on this Earth. Let me find someone harming a black cat…. I'll teach them what true horror is.

  41. Let me just say. That was the smoothest segway from hackers to commercial. Leading it right into the other 🤣

  42. Yea my moms friend was bitten and he didnt get it checked at first until 6 months later when abunch of cysts kept popping up and bursting then wouldnt heal proper it was so gross and messed up and made me even more scared of them

  43. Well how many cops technically are serial killers as you only need to kill 2 people at different times I'm sure theirs dozens of cops considered serial killers

  44. Thank goodness for Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure.

  45. Anyone who returns or abandons any animal is heretofore cursed to helplessly watch their children suffer greatly, then die, from cancer.

  46. Really, Simon Whistler? Nord VPN? I'M GOING TO MAKE IT MY BUSINESS TO TELL EVERYONE I KNOW NOT TO EVER BUY NORD VPN. Is nothing sacred anymore? Nope– rhetorical question.

  47. 4 – There are also earwigs. Again, they don't generally hide out in human ears but it has happened, hence the name. I detest them especially, even though they're not really harmful (not even their pincers). I think part of it is the nasty smell they exude. Only bug I detest more is the centipede, which is a much nastier customer (even though North American varieties are relatively harmless).

  48. An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. You should never see an Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order sign, just Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience.
    – Mitch Hedberg

  49. Maybe 30 years ago I read a newspaper article about a boy who had been strangled to death when the drawstring of his parka hood got caught in an escalator. That day I started carrying a pocketknife and have ever since.

  50. Simon, have noticed something interesting lately. Since having a laugh at Raid Shadow Lands, your videos have been spliced with YouTube ads for, you guessed it, Raid Shadow Lands!

  51. "Rabies only kills about fifty people per year" is just flat-out wrong. Google missionrabies to see the correct figures and learn more about this important organization and its life-saving work around the globe.

  52. About 15 years ago in North Atlanta, a drunk guy in the passenger seat was hanging his head outside of the car while getting sick. The driver was so drunk that he swerved off the shoulder of the road. The passenger was decapitated by one of those telephone wires that slants down to the ground. The driver was so drunk he didn’t even realize what it happened pulled into the driveway went inside. The headless body still hanging out of the car was found by a man walking his dog the next morning. So yes it can happen.

  53. Ah, so the horror movie Heritage was way off. I was suspicious of that scene anyway. It was shocking, but seemed super unrealistic. Really messed up movie, btw, not for the faint of heart if u haven't seen it yet.

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