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There’s A Car That’s Powered By Salt Water!

There’s A Car That’s Powered By Salt Water!

What’s your dream car? Something fast? Sleek?
Fuel efficient? Mine is all those, and it runs on saltwater. Sound ridiculous? Well
my dream car may be closer to reality than you think. Hello gearheads and geeks alike, I’m Julian
for DNews and I have a tasty treat for both of you. The car is unquestionably one of the most
important inventions ever. It’s made transportation available to the masses and independence available
to teenagers. Most of our daily lives aren’t possible without one. But the car as we know
it has some huge challenges looming over it in the not-so-distant future. First there’s the problem of what goes into
it. Gasoline is an oil product, and oil isn’t renewable in any way. It’s a resource that
will one day be too scare to meet demands, and while sources disagree on when that’s
going to be exactly, it’s likely going to be within my lifetime. Even if gasoline is replaced with ethanol
from renewable sources, there’s still the issue of what comes out of the internal combustion
engine: Carbon Dioxide. CO2 is the most common greenhouse gas and in the US, 32% of that
comes from transportation. So our cars, while useful, are not sustainable
and are contributing almost a third of the CO2 that’s destabilizing out climate. There
has to be a better way. Electric cars look to be that way. They allow
us to still be mobile and independent, but there are hidden caveats. Battery powered
cars take a long time to charge when they run out of juice. Instead of a 5 minute fill
up, drained batteries of electric cars can take one to eight hours, depending on the
kind of car and charging station. Fast charging can cut that time to 30 minutes, but if you
do that all the time the battery could be ruined in three years and replacements will
likely cost thousands. And don’t forget that that electricity has
to come from somewhere, and in the US, that somewhere is likely a coal power plant. Electricity
production is the only source of CO2 bigger than transportation. But electric motors can be powered by other
means. Liquid hydrogen, when recombined with oxygen, can be used to generate an electric
current and the only waste product is dihydrogen monoxide. More commonly called water. Hydrogen
is the most abundant element in the universe, so we probably aren’t going to run out.
And delivering it in liquid form means you preserve the splash and dash ability gas cars
enjoy. But to keep hydrogen in a liquid state, it has to be stored at high pressure. This
raises issues of safety, and we as a species already have to be reminded not to light a
cigarette at gas stations. Now however there’s a third option. German
company Nanoflowcell debuted their QUANT e-sportlimousine at the geneva motor show this year and it’s
goal is to be the first saltwater powered production car… in the world. The QUANT e-sportlimousine has two tanks of
liquids with dissolved metallic salts that give them opposite charges. These are pumped
through a membrane and the process of recombining them generates electricity. Nanoflowcell claims
one fill up is good for over 300 miles. That’s surprisingly… car-like. Though the combined
volume of the tanks is over 3 times that of a large SUV, so fill ups will take longer,
but certainly not hours. And without the hazards of liquid hydrogen or gasoline. More than that, the QUANT e-sportlimousine,
despite its ridiculous name, is quite a handsome thing. And the company promises performance
figures like 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and a top speed of over 200 miles per hour. And best
of all, it’s just been approved for testing on european roads. Personally, I couldn’t
care if it looked like an ugly christmas sweater and made fun of my ears; if there’s a car
that can run on saltwater with no emissions, I want one yesterday. Cutting edge electronics are awesome in all
forms, and another cool new tech you’ll probably seeing a lot more of is wireless
charging. If you want to learn the science behind it, Trace has you covered with this
video here. What do you think will be the next big transportation
innovation? Let us know down below. And don’t forget to subscribe… I couldn’t think
of a rhyme for that one. Thanks for watching!

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100 thoughts on “There’s A Car That’s Powered By Salt Water!

  1. And this "dissolved metalic salts"
    Come from where?.. And what is the product of the reaction?.. And if its re reversible, where does the enrgy for the reverse process comes from?

    So it has roughly the same problems he stated fornthe electric car.
    (actually it is an electric car just that its energy storage, or battries, are diffrent.)

  2. I got excited for a sec butt then I saw that this video was made 3 years ago. So it’s been at least 3 years since these cars have been designed and tested, and I have yet to see news of any disturbance in the automobile industry.

  3. Flow batteries are VERY old news. This is simply a variant of a "flow battery", which requires a very large "tank", and produces electricity too slowly to be very useful. Of course, the technology COULD improve, but today's lithium battery-electric cars are making very fast advances in both power density, economics, and recharge times.

  4. DNews, you can do better than this! This is a "concept" car from 2014, NOT even a working model was produced! Also, power density of a FLOW BATTERY is TOO LOW, so not only would it need a MASSIVE 100+ gallon tank, it would need BATTERIES to temporarily hold the power! Overall, this is BS. Sorry, but you really need to check your facts better. I'm going to hit that "Unsubscribe" button now. If I want BS, I can get it from Fox News.

  5. It’s never going to be “no emissions” as long as you have to mine metals to make the car along with many other things, but it is ALOT better

  6. Compressed Air Vehicles (CAV) are the best alternative as they require no electricity as the air can be compressed via a basic mechanical turbine compressor or a ‘Trumpe’. TATA motors are making prototypes and have an engine on license from the European designers. But there’s a much more efficient, much smaller and much quieter rotary engine that’s been designed by a man in Oz who is running all his factory vehicles using his engine design with compressed air. Even a forklift. Fords are using his engine and have commissioned a prototype ‘Model T’ Ford to be the next cheap( as Model T’s were meant for people on low incomes) mass produced car. The ONLY thing that was holding back the use of CA in a car was the safe storage of high pressure air, but with modern materials that hurdle has been overcome!.

  7. Hi. There are lots of types of salts. Which salt does Nanoflowcell and Quant E-Limousine use (it's definitely not sea salt or table salt)?

  8. ‘Desolved metallic salts’ isn’t regular salt water is it?, what I mean is with one of these cars you couldn’t fill up from the Sea could you?.

  9. Compressed Air Vehicles( CAV) are the most promising alternative to Petroleum. I just hope we don’t have to wait for the resource extravagant electric cars to run their course before CAV are taken up by the big car manufacturers!.

  10. Ole Salty Car's tank, needs to be "3 times bigger than an SUV" ? We're talking 1/2 ton of FRESH WATER to be mixed with 100lbs of Salt.. We're gonna need bigger motors, or Dy-lithium Crystals.. Were gonna need "Salt Landfills" for the depleted Salt.. .. Our Blue Planet will turn White and suffer Fresh Water shortages World wide, There will be more wars over Salt and Fresh Water ! But, so what, We have wars for everything else…
    Can we run Military Tanks on Salt Water ? Maybe water tanks the size of swimming pools.. I think the Salty Car will go in the History books as another Car Blunder. Like the EV1, Edsel and Corvair..

  11. He said that a gas car takes five minutes to charge, but an electric 8 hrs. What if you just go by a charging station take out the used battery, and replaced it with a charged one?

    Problems are:
    Space. Maybe we would need sky scraping charge stations. ☺

  12. if you attach a algae farm onto the exhaust of the car then you could grow algae for fuel to put back into your car and you would be turning co2 into o2

  13. Something smells…oh I've got it! Salt water is only electrolyte…NOT main power source which is…hydrogen. And hydrogen…explode…

  14. I highly doubt this could possibly generate enough electricity to power a 2 ton vehicle to over that 200 mph magic mark in the auto world.

  15. You're a bit superficial when you say "I want one yesterday". You can't say such a thing if you have no idea A) If it works for real B) What's the cost of the electrolytes? Rest assured it won't run on tap water + kitchen salt, it must come from an industrial, controlled and possibly expensive process. Not to talk about how to dispose of those, how hazardous those electrolites could be… you sure you still want one without knowing such things beforehand?

  16. My fav car of the future is a Compressed Air Vehicle( CAV), Ford’s, TATA, Citroen have all made prototypes of CAV. Puegot have made a CA Hybrid, and Honda have made an amazing Concept CAV. Here’s the one with the best CA engine design by ‘Angelo Di Pietro’ from Australia. TATA have said they are going into production of their CAV called ‘Airpod’ in 2020

  17. And you don't even have to recharge it : Just invert the pole of the battery and you can drive again the same distance Yes totally magical

  18. Cool sounding, but where are the details that prove how it works? You just wet our whistle, then took the whistle away

  19. Compressed Air Vehicles( CAV) is the best option, TATA said in 2017( only last year) that they are going into production of their ‘Airpod’ in or by 2020. Fords have had a new ‘Model T’ CAV designed using a much smaller, more efficient, quieter ( Rotary) engine, designed by ‘Angelo Di Pietro’ who is using his Rotary design engine for all his factory vehicles plus a car and a Scooter. Do a search for this man on YouTube and you will be amazed. I’m a mechanic and I’m v impressed. I believe Fords have put this CAV Model T together so when TATA bring their Airpod out and when it takes off Fords will have a CAV to compete and won’t be left behind!. Peugeot have made a CA Hybrid with regenerative breaking and suspension to re compress the air tanks while driving.

  20. Oh, nice. What's the 0 to 60 on that thing, 5 minuets? 😂😜😝😂

    Anyway, this isn't the first time some person or company claimed they could make a car run on something ridiculous. While it's nice that there are people looking for better alternatives, this is just one of those things I'll believe once I see it in action.

    More than likely, we'll be switching to nuclear power once gasoline becomes scarce. Nobody better crash those things. 😃

  21. CO2 is where plants get the carbon to make their leafs stems and fruit from. If you take the CO2 out of the air then you will have zero crops trees or any other plants that will grow you will starve.

  22. ICE engines can be apart of the future if liquid fuel from Algea and oil from Pyrolysis using old plastic, tires, medical waste, Ocean plastic etc is used!. I know Oil from plastic by Pyrolysis isn’t a long term solution as it would eventually require new plastics and more Carbon emmitted. But if we use the old plastic etc instead of new fossil oil for the time being, while Algea production is built to be a part of the carbon Nuetral future fuels!.

  23. A little more meat please. Exactly how does it work and if it needs 3 times the liquid will it be hard to stop or unstable around corners?

  24. This is likely as you said after yatta. This tech the planet needs it as presented. It is totally not geeky you could have made an exception and made it stand out would have been really cool promotion for it. I assume that is your opening line? Well you do a good job so that is just positive input I think.😊 Your funny too Good Job. I need a T shirt creator and have a place to sell them if you are interested. There is a proto type you can find at Arouse Site first person to tell me all about that gets the job.

  25. Did I just notice Julian redid this with more "magic" rhythm and rhythm, really good job. I think your awesome. Bravo to you and the power of a team we know as YouTube>


  27. FF 5 yrs, petrol is anorobic, water and bacteria, 1931 German scientist worked out how to make fuel out of water and carbon dioxide. Oh global warming from burning fossil fuels ? Obsolete.
    Electricity is harvested from the atmosphere, no more power stations. But you still gotta pay for everything like there's no tomorrow. And phony taxes to clean.up industry ? Taxes fix everything…..Don't they ?

  28. Saltwater battery for the world Elektrizity ocean car energy project for the train and the house energy hot water for all ok?

  29. Unterirdische Meerwasser Autos Wie Hometrainer Elektrizität mit Gülleueberschallturbinen danke schön Frau simonetta sommaruga Energie Elektrizität für LED licht für Früchte und Gemüse unterirdische Beleuchtung

  30. But no mention of what ‘Dissolved Metal Salts’ are, what metals? and what happens to them surely they must be in the water from the FC?.

  31. But it isn’t running on ‘Salt Water’ but water with metallic salts in it, what metallic salts are they?, and what impact does getting them and using cause?. Cos those metallic salts have to come from somewhere and go to somewhere else after they’ve been used!

  32. What happens to thedissolved metal salts’, with a HFC only water is produced, but metallic salts is different, what happens to them?

  33. Still how does it work? Because it sounds like protoscience to me… I what to see the tech speks, how it works, the chemistry and physics behind it… I have looked for it but so far nothing…

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