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The Worst Thing About New Cars

The Worst Thing About New Cars

rev up your engines,
ross hoss says Scotty how do I check the transmission fluid in my
car doesn’t have a transmission fluid dipstick,
yeah there evil now, the engineers have decided because the manufactures told them
to, make car with the automatic transmission with no dipstick and then
they have to come to the dealer to get it worked on, each individual
transmission that doesn’t have a dipstick, manufacturers make them all
different and they have various steps you have to go through, some of them
require a deal their level stand tool to hook it up to measure it, if you’re lucky
if the thing has a drain plug on it, what a lot of people do is they just take the
drain plug let it drain, whatever comes out they measure that same amount, then
they pump it back into the transmission and quick put the drain plug back in, now
some of them have very step processes where you got to do a bunch of things,
but really if it’s got a drain plug drain out what comes out, measure it, pump
that same amount back in leave it at that Jimmy says my spark plugs in my car when
pull them out are all bright white what’s wrong, when you see you take them
out and the electrodes are all bright white, white means it’s running super
lean, you got way too much air or way too little fuel, you want to check for
vacuum leaks and see air is sucking in, I got a
funny video finding an engine vacuum leaks with cigar you can watch that, or
your fuel system isn’t pumping enough fuel, the injectors are clogged up, the
fuel filter is clogged up, the pump isn’t pumping enough, I mean if they’re that
white you should have a check engine light on, and that will give more data
when a mechanic looks at all the data and all the trouble codes and sees what’s
going on, white is super super lean if it’s black its rich it’s getting too
much fuel and not enough air, but you’re white and that’s way too much air or not
enough fuel, so you got a pinpoint that, here’s the weird thing, I’ve had people
that are running white like that and then they fix the problem and then
they get worse gas mileage and they get mad at the mechanic and I explain, look
a car that runs super lean a lot of time it gets really good gas mileage too, but
it’s not good for the engine, because eventually running that lean it’ll get
hot and it’ll burn the pistons out, uzi says any tips on
dealing with alternator whine, yeah turn your radio up, now first you want to see
if it is the alternator that’s whining, lots of things can whine, if it is
take the fan belt off the alternator, the whine
goes away you know it’s whining, if it is the alternator whining, it means it needs
replacing because the bearings are wearing out inside that’s just how it
goes, and rather than get stuck in the middle
of nowhere, my advice is go buy another alternator pretty soon rather than wait
for it to break down in the middle of nowhere, they whine because the bearings
are wearing out and the bearings start to whine, but you know the belts can whine
lots of things can whine, so make sure that’s what’s whining
before you waste your money on an alternator, because it’s gonna be
something else, Renolds, I got a 2002 Ford f-150
I’m on my second exhaust manifold in the passenger side, my vehicle has one hundred
eighty four thousand miles, why do they keep breaking, make sure you get quality
exhaust manifolds, their made out of cast iron and if their not made right they’re
gonna crack, the other reason is, if all the exhaust hangers on that side of the
exhaust aren’t up and bolted on correctly, then there’s too much strain on it and
they will break and crack, that’s why if you get a new car jack it up and look
under it, you’ll see at various points on the exhaust system there’s rubber
hangers, metal and rubber hangers, that’s to let it have some flex, if you
take all those hangers off, then the whole weight of the exhaust system, the
muffler, the cat and everything is hanging off the exhaust manifold and as
you hit bumps it strains it too much and it’ll crack and break off, I see that all
the time, and also motor mounts if you got broken motor mounts that makes the
engine jump up and down when you start it and take off, and then of course
eventually it will crack the exhaust manifold, cuz the whole exhaust system is
being rammed up and down, I see that too, scotty I have a 2007 Nissan Frontier, I’m
having trouble pumping gas, it keeps turning off as I pump it in, I checked
the evap canister it doesn’t smell or anything, you can’t really check those
evap systems yourself, when I work on them and I hate working on them it’s such a pain
in the butt, I have to use my dealer level scan tool, because it has to be
able to do bi-directional testing, where I can turn things on shut them off, from my
experience with those, canister valve often goes bad, when you’re pumping it, it’s
supposed to be able to vent it while you’re pumping it, so if you can get just
the valve try that first, now a lot of times you
gotta buy the whole canister and all the valve assembly and then your gonna have to do
that, and you can go aftermarket, there’s companies that do make aftermarket stuff
like that, and I would try one of those what the heck, you know doorman is a
real good one, and if they make one buy an aftermarket
one, the other problem is just to get some air and blow by the hose that you
see under there, under the cap, sometimes the spiders can get in there
or a little dirt and rocks can get in there and
clog it up, but on those it’s probably the EVAP canister vent valve they go
bad a lot of times, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

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100 thoughts on “The Worst Thing About New Cars

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  2. How do you check for alternator whine if you have one belt driving everything? If I remove belt, I might be able to spin it slowly by hand, but maybe it only makes noise at high speeds.

  3. I am convinced there a special EVIL engineering school. On my car the throttle body is mounted sideways so the TPS is sandwiched between the throttle body and the intake manifold. Why would they do that? Only evil explains it!

  4. There should be a Federal law that makes this illegal to manufacture and/or sell slush box automatic transmissions/transaxles with no dipstick and/or no drain plug. In other words any transmission that is intentionally made unserviceable in order to shorten the lifespan and hinder the use of the unit

  5. you spend so much time adding humorous insert pictures. yeah, it's amusing but don't you get tired of matching them all up to your content. Seems like it makes your life so much harder

  6. If theres no dipstick on your transmission there likely a level check plug underneath the vehicle on the pan, or on the side or the front of the transmission, theres very few vehicles which have a transmission you can't check, they all have a plug on them somewhere to check the level beside only a few which are sealed

  7. Actually, changing transmission fluid you need to repeat that process Scotty says four times. It will get cleaner each time. If you only do it once as he describes, you won't clean that transmission fluid all that well (it leaves a lot of dirty transmission fluid in the crankcase of the transmission). Your transmission will thank you if you do it multiple times.

  8. Scott, I have a 1998 Honda Civic cx with a d16y7 engine…. Everytime I drive and come to a stop the car revs at 1500 rpm and when I tap the gas pedal, it's will go back to normal, it also has a p0505 code and I cleaned the throttle body and the Idle air control valve… Thanks

  9. With the Nissan fueling issue, I'd check the TSB's, technical service bulletins. This was an issue on the z as well. Might as well have the dealership fix for free if possible.

  10. Scotty. please make viewers aware that the 'oil leak stopper' that you recommended a while back, CAN ruin power steering. i just paid $500 to get mine fixed after using it. It blew the seals on the pwr steer pump. cheers. great stuff to hear/watch. PS: i did NOT put in more than was recommended. cheers

  11. Hey scottie i use my oil dipstick i marked it where the levels are supposto be hot and cold is that bad why dont the dealers tell u this?

  12. Let me know if there's another one of you in lake Havasu, Az! I know enough to get by, you're the best honest truth no b.s. tell it like it is, knowing what you do…. Mechanic!
    (I've met in twenty yrs…)
    Thank you!

  13. Simple: The Prices! My only new car cost $5,206.31 in October 1979 & it was a 1980 Toyota Tercel 5 speed deluxe with a/c & no Radio + I paid cash in full for it.

  14. I put on a new alternator on my BMW X5, it took me replacing the water pump, the water pump pulley, the power steering pulley, the balancer, 2 belts and 2 tensioners to figure out it was the alternator pulley.. I decided to just replace the whole alternator…. Did it myself and it feels great… Wasted money on parts but I didn't have to go to the dealer.

  15. If there is no dipstick, then check for leaks. If there are no leaks and it shifts good then the fluid level must be good.
    As to the condition of the fluid? I guess have it serviced twice as often as the book recommends it

  16. Yep, that's how I change out trans fluid.  measure out the old fluid I drained and replace with the same amount of new

  17. Oh. When you say they don't have dipsticks, what you're really complaining about is their lack of fill ports. When I started this video, I was thinking: but do modern transmissions ever really leak? Do you really need to check the fluid? But now I see you're just talking about when you want to change the fluid. Got it. It's a legitimate concern.

  18. Evap:. True! A1 auto service helped my 351 F-250 by purging, then I replaced can. It wasn't taking a pint before! 99 626 had intermittent starting issues, I didn't have time to play, so at same time I changed plugs, fuel and air filters, and evap ( Dorman, $36, rock) and no prob 8 months. BTW still don't trust $2 denso TT plugs, will go back to NGK DBL plat for dang near all cars.

  19. Why put the same fluid back in? Wtf lol
    They’re literally designed to take as much as it can hold.
    You keep filling until the thing can’t hold anymore and once you disconnect it’ll drain the stuff it won’t use, manual also says to have it running at a certain temperature

  20. I thought modern engines, over the last 10-15 years or so ran leaner than they use to anyway because manufacturers were pushing that A/F ratio to the leaner side. This what I remember being told by the automotive instructor when I took classes to get me ASE cert many moons ago.

  21. I remember one time I needed a jump then I saw a new car pull up, keep in mind I've never touched a new car. I looked for a battery and couldn't find it, so I settled with asking a dude in an older Ford explorer.

  22. I have a new car and love it. No waste of time doing DIY, time to focus on what's important in life

  23. Hai Scotty, what do you think about suzuki jimny.. the old one and the new one.. please reply my comment.. thanks

  24. Idk why he put up BMW as not having a dipstick My dodge charger don't even have a dipstick…. I got to pay 44$ for one from autozone =.= and the cap says for dealer only lol

  25. My car dosnt have a transmission dipstick but I did find the drain plug and there’s a fill cap i found why down in the engine bay under a bunch of crap. I almost missed it but the caps got a picture of gears on it so it’s gotta be the fill cap for the transmission

  26. All you people making fun of Scotty and quoting what he always says are just jealous.
    Being a mechanic in South Africa myself, everything he says is true.
    Gotta love Scotty. A honest mechanic. Never before heard of one.
    Wish I lived in Houston, we'd be good friends.
    Keep up the EXCELLENT work Scotty.
    And thanks for all your help.

  27. Hey Scotty, my car also does the same thing that when i put petrol in, it stops the flow of petrol pump fuel line. Does this problem really need to be addressed and fixed or it it safe to just let it be like that?

  28. I love this channel, but I have to say that the beloved TOYOTA now has automatic transmission without dip stick and you need to hook up computer to monitor transmission fluid temperature in order to fill up properly. German cars do this years ago and TOYOTA seemed to catch up.

  29. I dont have money to buy new car because western mining companies bought our corrupt government high rank officials, so now our country in debt for IMF.

  30. Can't really drain Toyota transmissions like that, only a very small part of the fluid will come out since everything else is in transmission and torque converter

  31. As far as no dipstick….. Well Toyota uses WS lifetime fluid and even the dealer doesn't want to change it for money. So it's not about money here

  32. Good job. Ya I agree with you engineers suck. Scotty if a group of engineers and a group of mechanics get in a fight who wins?

  33. No dip stick? ffs it should be a legal requirement on any vehicle. I will remember to look for one or I won’t buy.

  34. I have the same cat face pillow, I've never had 2 replace exhaust manifold, that's just a pipe how do they get that wrong.

  35. Worse thing about new cars is that theyre new. You can breathe on these things and theyll cost a fortune to fix.(in my scotty voice) I once had a customer who bought a Mercedes from the dealer and bought it strait to me and he asked were theyre any problems and the first thing i said was yea…you.

  36. A dip stick is worthless (especially for an auto trans). If there are no signs of leakage, then the fluid level has not changed. And if you are checking your level and always adding fluid, then you are wasting time and money, and most likely the loss of fluid will increase with time until its fixed, but by that time it will need to be repaired/replaced. Its exactly like steering components and u-joints without zerk fittings, if the factory grease packing is not weeping out, then debris and grime are not getting in, its a sealed unit both ways. Its not new technology, but its is difficult to educate the general public, Ive seen people put the wrong fluid into the wrong hole, so when you eliminate the dipstick you kind of remove a mishap along with it. What I would rather see instead of a dipstick, is owners being onto of the maintenance schedule………change fluids/filters when required. One last word on dipsticks, they do make sense for the engine oil as the engine can consume more than others, and once again no visual leaks or abnormal smoke, the level should be fine.

  37. My car makes that annoying whining sound too. When I had the belt, belt tensioner and water pump changed, it went away for a couple of days, but came back. I also had the idler pulley changed but had to put it back because the belt kept slipping off if the new one. I wonder if it’s the alternator. The ac compressor is leaking too, so that could be another source of the noise?

    There are so many pulleys on the front of engines! Lol

  38. One thing I might like on my otherwise great 2000 Toyota Echo would be going to LED lighting. You might want to do a show on when changing to after-market LED lights makes sense and another on how it's done.

  39. We had a BMW come into the shop for an oil change … no engine oil dipstick … Must use scan tool.

  40. Some also have a drain plug, a fill port, and a view plug to take out when filling to know when it is full. KIA/Hyundai has this on many models.

  41. Scotty, I subscribed! I have been driving Hyundai cars, now on a 2016 Tucson. I know you like Toyota…but aren't Hyundai cars getting better?

  42. I have a 2008 jeep liberty with the sealed transmission and the dealer wanted to charge me 135$ to check the fluid level in it. Told them to pound sand

  43. It was a good suggestion to use a cigar to test leaks. I tried that and it taste BAD. But it is a lot cheaper than buying a smoker.

  44. Wait Scotty, doesn't this prove that car companies(GM/Honda/BMW) make money simply off of changing transmission fluid at THE DEALER? Maybe you can do a video on how both the dealer and car company intertwine to make money off us poor consumers.

  45. The problem with newer cars you can't work on them yourself. You have to get a mechanic to work on them.

  46. My in-laws bought a 2007 Ford Freestyle brand new with a Hydrostatic transmission. Made the car sound like it was amazing. And while it ran it was a great car. Last fall the engine light came on and I checked the code. Transmission issue. Took it to a mechanic, told them the code, and they wouldn’t even pull it in the bay. Turns out they usually catastrophically fail and cost $5,000 to $7,000 to replace. I was so mad that the dealer sold my in-laws this car with the promise that the transmission was way better than a regular transmission and would last longer too when in reality I’ve read they only get about 100,000 good miles before they can fail. I also suspect they figured my in-laws were older folks who wouldn’t put much mileage on a car when in reality they travel a ton. New cars are a pain in the @$$.

  47. I enjoy your videos both for the information and entertainment… your inset graphics are the bomb. But maybe I enjoy them because, as I found out in a recent video, that you were raised in Niagara Falls. I was born on the US side and went to NWHS. How about you? Let's face it there is no real bread outside of the Falls and forget if you wanted to get a steak n cheese like Viola's….

  48. Just the valve IS replaceable on the nissan frontier and can be reached/replaced by removing the driver rear tire without dropping the tank.

  49. Worst thing for a new 2019 Volkswagen is they have a transmission leak or oil leak around 5,000/7,000 miles


  51. Mr Scotty, Why are Toyota Venza so expensive even when they are old and have high mileage on them. For example a 2010 Toyota Venza with 116,926 mileage that is being sold for $10,945!! This is crazy!!

  52. Hey Scotty, I bought an aftermarket car stereo, hooked up all the wires to make sure it was working properly and sure enough, it was. Everything powered on and I tested all the unit's features and they worked perfectly. However, soon after, something shorted out and now the unit blows a fuse whenever I try to power it on. Is this something that can be fixed? Is it possible that the unit's 12v battery cable is grounded internally, causing the unit to fail?

  53. Something on my rear axle squeaks. I spent $2500 on various parts and the squeak is still there. Their solution? "keep the windows closed and crank the stereo".

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