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The Worst Cars Ever Made Only Stupid People Buy

The Worst Cars Ever Made Only Stupid People Buy

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk
about the worst cars of 2019 and hopefully you didn’t buy one yourself or
if you’re thinking about buying one used now listen to Scotty and save your
money up for something better now the first time I’m gonna talk about
it’s one of the worst cars of 2019 it’s a 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage they do start
at less than $14,000 which is s cheaper car these days but man in this case you
kind of get what you pay for you pay cheap you get cheap and I’m not alone
here in saying that’s crappy car car connection that rates cars gave it three
point three stars out of ten you can’t get much lower than that basically it’s
a small slow and on safe vehicle doesn’t handle very well in a city or on a
highway if you value your money hey stay away Mitsubishi Mirage now second on my list of worst cars in 2019 isn’t small
or slow it’s a 2019 Dodge Charger an extremely fast car but if you check any
kind of ratings of cars you’ll see the true problem of the dodge charger
is reliability they are not reliable vehicles and we’re talking about a new
car here we’re not talking about a ten-year-old one so of course if you buy
a used one the previous owner could’ve beating the
heck out of it and you got a shell of a car left but here I’m talking about
buying a brand new what they got problems from the get-go they’ve had
recalls for the dash doesn’t illuminate so you can’t see what’s going on at
night it just goes black just the thing you want in a car that can go really
fast you’re done or not really fast and you can’t see the dash and see what’s
happening and they were also recalled for airbag
problems not the thing you wanted a super fast car hey you want those
airbags to work on a charger will drive them really fast you’re gonna make sure
those airbags gonna pop up if you end up losing it and whacking into something
even Consumer Reports in 2019 remove the charger from at recommended vehicles
they just have reliability concerns let’s just say is a car has reliability
concerns when it’s brand-new imagine what its gonna be like down the road a few
years now third vehicle that I rate as one of the worst 2019 is the mini yes
they’re cute but here we have the classic style versus substance yes the
cute they’re stylish they come in like thousands of different configurations
that’s one of their sales points but the substance just isn’t there for many it
really hasn’t been with the modern mini at all I had customers with them and I
just fell apart long before they have 80 or 90 thousand miles on them their back
seats in them why it is so cramped back there and the trunk space it’s
absolutely hilarious theirs hardly any trunk space at all, I mean if they want to sell it as a two-seater okay but they take this tiny little thing and they’re
trying to say you put four adults in there well the people in the backseat
they’re not going to be too happy right in any distance in that tiny amount of
claustrophobic space there are many as noe as the agency said previously they
have engine failure they’re an electronic failure they got all kinds of
problems what they basically are as a lot of people agree if you want to cute
mini, lease it don’t buy it you’re gonna lose a lot less money leasing one and would
even then you are buying it and then if you want to get rid of up one it’s three
to five years old you lose tons more money than you would if you just leased the thing and handed it back to them when the lease was over now the next car not to buy in 2019 is a Jaguar XE yeah you know I was gonna
stick a Jaguar in there right notoriously a giant history of cars that
fell apart they have no resale value well if anything the XE is perhaps one
of the pinnacles of this their quality is much poorer some people have even
write it as one of the worst smaller sedans out there Consumer
Reports rated it as the worst compact luxury sedan on the market so
that’s telling you something now realize that the Chinese now own half of Jaguar
Land and a few months back even the Chinese
were protesting at the headquarters in China complaining about the poor quality
of these Jaguars these are people in China communist country complain about
the quality of a product that is half owned by the Chinese now that’s really
second something bad enough when the English had a Chinese I’d own a company
and sad but true the quality of anything has gone further down it wasn’t a first
place but strangely enough the prices go down the price on these Jaguars just still
sky-high I guess the Chinese think that they can
pull a fast one people generally went to China to get lower price stuff well why
would you buy a higher price Jaguar made in China that doesn’t have any quality
it makes no sense now the next car that made it to my worst list of 2019 yet another
surprise but not it’s a Fiat 500 while they’re pulling out of united states now
from bad sales but the quality of those things has always been relatively poor
now they’re not even going to be important do United States 2019 is last
year you could have bought on here so let’s hope you didn’t buy one because
you can’t buy 2020 so just take it out of your mind even think about buying one
again Consumer Reports ran to Fiat 500l as the worse than its class just like it
made the Jaguar the worst in its class it may defeat hot 500l worse than its
class as with a lot of these guys as they age they tend to fall apart too so
if that writing a new one is bad imagine would be like if you bought one for five
years from now when it was really falling apart and in the United States
since they pull it out good look at parts form to basically Fiat talk of
crappy a little car and they’re trying to give it an L make it a luxury car hey
that’s like making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear you said he just started with
making cheap little cars in sold them as cheap little cars and not say oh here’s
a luxury little car when it’s still just a cheap little car me I can’t wait to
see what happens a Fiat Chrysler now that the French own half of the company if they start selling French cars over here then I can make fun of them in 2020
that’s the worst cars of 2020 if they start bringing them all
now the next car to make my list of the seven worst car sold 2019 is by Chevy
spark there’s another real shocker a GM quality and I’m not the only one to
think just the car connection rate on it is three point eight out of ten not a
very good rating these are tiny little cars that really maybe they shouldn’t
have a bill them in the first place now these things start at thirteen
thousands of dollars they got a little pokey 98 horsepower engine you think
chevy would have learned from the failure of the Fiat 500 why they decided
to come out with this cheap pokey little junky car it’s beyond me but then again
corporations are known for making ridiculous decisions who knows what kind of meetings they have and what goes on them all I know is what came out of them
is a Chevy spark which is really horrendous little car if they think
putting it into things like apple carplay are gonna sell these cars I
imagine that they’re gonna be in for a real surprise when these things don’t
just fly off the shelves because people just have to get them now I gotta say
Apple itself hey they’re selling the heck out of little stinks on an image
but trying to add that image to these crappy little cars good luck to GM
that’s all I gotta say but if you want good luck yourself hey don’t buy one of
these things in the first place and certainly don’t buy a used one I had a
customer buddy used one it basically fell apart in front of their eyes they
bought it with 70,000 miles on it anything was just falling apart by that
so stay away from the Chevy spark now the last car on my list of the seven
cars not to buy it’s a Chrysler 300 her Chrysler’s done something that’s even
rather strange for a company like Chrysler it’s known for making mistakes they took
a car the Chrysler 300 that was an interesting idea that nice styles and it
was a decent car in the beginning and they have progressively made it worse
over time generation 300 started in 2005 kind of we’re onto a good idea but now
they’re into their second generation that started in 2011 and believe you me
the quality of them has been dramatically going downhill they’re
doing exactly the opposite of what the Japanese like Honda and Toyota did they
took a decent idea unlike the Japanese who would
progressively make it better better Chrysler it’s progressed
we made them worse and worse and worse now yeah even the first generation
Chrysler 300 weren’t perfect cars as they age they tended to fall apart and
have problems but generally they wouldn’t do that till they get 80 90 100
thousand miles or more miles on the newer ones they fall apart before then
but if you don’t believe Scotty and don’t listen to me 2019 is the last
chance you’ll have to buy 300 because in 2020 Chrysler says they’re discontinuing
them and they’re gonna replace with some kind of electric cars now fully loaded
Chrysler 300 2019 can hover near $50,000 there are so many more better cars that
you could buy if you feel like throwing $50,000 out for a car that’s almost
laughable that they would expect anybody put out that kind of money for a car
with that lack of quality and the fact that it’s the last ones that are ever
going to make and if you think you’re 2019 three of them will be a collector’s
item because it’s the last one that remain man you’d be living in fantasy
land that’s just a mass-produced pile of junk car it’s never gonna be a
collector’s item on anybody’s radar so now you know my pick for the seven worst cars that were built in 2019 and why you should not even think about buying one
if you value your money and your sanity so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Scotty " is " prejudice against anything with an economical ( non FAST ! ) power plant . Although I am sure he is most likely right about the Chev. Spark. I would like to know Why the Spark is a piece of junk ? For instants, I have a 1995 Geo Metro that has been the most reliable car in my fleet of 4 totally different cars. I love Scotty , But I bet he Never had a good word to say about a Geo Metro in his 50 + yrs. of experience.

  3. If scotty had a list for the best car of 2019 :

    Honda Fit (small compact)
    Toyota Corrola ( small sedan)
    Toyota Camry ( normal sedan)
    Honda HRV ( small suv)
    Toyota Rav 4 ( suv)
    Toyota 4Runner ( off road suv)
    Toyota Highlander ( big suv)
    Toyota Sienna ( minivan)
    Toyota tacoma ( small pickup)
    Ford F-150 ( pick up)
    Mazda Miata ( small sports car)
    Ford Mustang ( big sports car)
    Lexus ES350 ( regular sedan luxury)
    Lexus RX350 ( suv luxury)

    Is my bet of what he would say…

    Also for any honda and the mazsa model he would tell you to buy a standard/manual transmission !

  4. Get em scotty…I'm so sick of these companys cheaping out on quality that ends up costing poor family's in the long run it's just a curse of being poor but even the rich dont like an unreliable car when will they listen to scottie

  5. All these cars are either very cheap, sporty, or CUTE. People who buy cheap, sporty, or cute cars likely won't maintain them as well as your average car buyer who is just looking for reliable transportation, which means they likely won't last long.

  6. So sorry for Chrysler and Dodge, I like these cars.. I left a 2012 charger at 70k to Genesis. Couldn't do the bad quality. Had a 2010 300 left it.. so sad…

  7. I had a 2015 Charger RT for 4 years and never had any issues with it, other than the coolant tank cracking on the 4th year.

  8. Both Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 are made in Brampton Ontario, Canada. Fiat 500L is not the same as the 500. US spec 500s were made in Mexico; 500L are made in Serbia.

  9. You know. If capitalism had it's way, most of these companies would have died in 2008-2010.

    But nooo, we had to bail them them.

  10. The only cars you should buy are ones at least 6 years old. That way, all the potential mechanical flaws have been exposed and you can make a better educated purchasing decision.

  11. A Friend bought a holden cruze diesel nothing but trouble had 3 wiring loom 2 steering wheels and computor problems 24/7 it has to be a lemon .Run a mile to get away .

  12. I rented a Mirage at an airport during a trip to California and it was legitimately the scariest car I’ve driven. It’s gutless, the place I was staying at was up a hill. It struggled to merge, and the worst part was the handling. The car felt like it was gonna spin out even on dry conditions. I have a BMW back home so I’m used to something torquey and planted down.

  13. How do I get these stupid videos to stop blowing up my phone with notifications? I'm not even subscribed to this guy.

  14. Any San Antonio viewers here? You ever notice just how MANY Mitsubishi Mirages you see on the roads, compared with other cities? Mitsubishi is huge there, selling those pieces of junk with sky-high interest rates.

  15. Ive owned 2 chargers, rt and now have a scatpack, i had the rt for 5 years never had any issues it was a great car. Scatpack for 2 years and i still love it its been a great car

  16. The Jaguar XE that's no surprise I rented one one time and I couldn't wait to give it back that car drove like s***

  17. Of course a chevy would be one of the worst, Garbage Motors cars have been trash since day 1, and the last decent truck GM made was the 1972 model year, their trucks have been complete and utter junk ever since…..

  18. Is it me or did I just see a part of Scotty's eyes from the sun light through is lense, man if this guy could take his glasses off one time through is videos I'll be happy.😳🤡😳

  19. Scotty watch all the time .I'm sorry but I half to disagree with your opinion on dodge. I've owned 2. I put nearly 300 thousand on one and I'm at 176 thousand on the other. No major problems. Only common very minor things like on the 300 thousand a water pump radiator fuel pump and starter. This all occurred after 200 thousand plus miles. One idle pulley on the 176 thousand miler.

  20. I work at the best car wash in Vero & I can tell you he’s absolutely right .. I wouldn’t get a foreign car or a charger them shits are expensive trash cans . I’ll be good with a genesis or even a Corolla idc just not something over 10k it’s not worth it

  21. 00:40

    Car connection that rates cars gave it a 3.3 stars out of 10.
    Can't get much worse that that!!

    Chevy: Hold my beer


  22. If you're spending $50k or more, American muscle cars are the poorest investment and luxury cars are the best investment. They are at polar opposites of the spectrum. At these prices, think of the intelligent people as driving some type of luxury vehicle while the morons are driving some type of American muscle vehicle. The problem with American muscle cars is that they are all generally extremely uncomfortable, are horrendous as daily drivers and require too much maintenance to even be daily driven. Let alone that they have American car problems and those problems are the worst problems imaginable. They make unreliable German vehicles all seem like 1994 Toyota Celicas.

  23. I watched Scotty videos for one year and decided go for BMW Gran coupe M performance Edition. All cars he recommends are all boring old mans garbage. BTW I also own lexus but it's so boring so I stop driving it. I'm conceding selling the Lexus soon. Sure it's reliable but that's it. Lexus No fun, slow, traction sucks making it dangerous in higher speeds.

  24. Hey Scotty, I'd like to know your opinion on the 2019/2020 Nissan Versa. I would also like to know if its better to lease or own.

  25. I own a 2019 Dodge Charger R/T and already have 53k miles and yet no issues occur to me. Very reliable, fun fast and spacious

  26. The Dodge Challenger is really fast? Then my Stinger GT must be lightening because I ran an R/T and I left him behind and didn't even shift from 3rd gear.

  27. hey Scotty what about adding the new honda crv as a bad buy cause it should be.
    i have a 2019 and gas getting in the oil is a real thing first oil change oil was up
    over a quart honda acts like they fixed it by retuning computer, it did nothing
    what a joke and its turbo charged that makes the gas/oil problem worse and still nothing from honda this is my 3rd crv and although the new model has more bells and whistles then ever before this thing is going to age badly. oh and then there is the cvt trans another joke.
    come on Honda what happened?

  28. Never let a guy standing outside of a dilapidated shed wearing a jean jacket call you stupid. I have worked in the car business for 26 years. I have known many wrenches. They are usually good guys, but some of them think because they can fix a relatively complicated problem they are God's gift to automotive genius. There are things to avoid in the car business and things that work pretty well. But don't let anyone tell you you are stupid. Especially one that makes less money than you do. Keep your engine lubricated, keep it cool, and perform basic maintenance. And then you won't have to deal with people like this quite as much.

  29. Speaking of collectors items. The 08-09 Pontiac g8 gt or (Holden commodore) are pretty hot. I finally landed an 09 GT with the 6.0l v8. One of the last good RWD sedans left. What do you think of these Scotty? More specifically, the GXP trim levels with the LS3. Only 1,824 GXP models came to the US, and 22,000 something gt models.

  30. Scotty – You can’t get much lower than that.
    Chevrolet- Hold my beer 🍺.

    I might’ve been the only one who laughed at that onscreen joke but yea.

  31. RIP MINI's second generation. 2007-13 cars where so unreliable they completely tanked the reputation of the brand due to the GARBAGE french engine they put in. Its really sad as the 1st Gen from 2000-2006 where pretty good overall reliability wise and the new Gen 3s (2014+) are rated at similar reliability levels to Honda. Though they are more expensive to fix to to parts costs being Euro imports.

  32. I have to disagree with the dodge charger statement. The 5.7 and 6.4 V8's are great engines. That and the ZF 8 speed transmission they use are probably the best torque converted transmissions made, several auto makers use them.

  33. How come all carmakers spend millions to make 2 concept cars for a racing claas and then build crap for consumers to buy?
    The auto shows are snooty comeuppance competitions and loathing themselves.
    Clique Tricks.

  34. Hey Scottie love the content. I’m interested in getting a Acura TL 2006-2008 model. Just wanted to know what you thought about these years for that vehicle. I don’t care much for the modern cars and would love to get one of those TL’s and make it newer.

  35. Chevy spark at 7:00. Hilarious Scotty. I laugh more watching your vids that most stand up comedy acts. Thanks for your brutally honest content as always

  36. The mirage is fine. You can get those thing for like 10k new and they get 40mpg. My wife had one for 2 years. It got totalled after being smashed by a huge suv. She was totally find without even a mark. Its a cheap, crappy vehicle no doubt but i think people are missing the point. Its a dirt cheap brand new car with insane gas millage. It doesnt try to be anything else.

  37. I had a 2016 Challenger Rt for 4 years and it had 0 problems in 25K miles. Was actually really reliable, drove the piss out of it and did burnouts. No issues whatsoever. No electrical. No lighting. Nothing. Its really hit or miss but to say they all arent reliable when they are brand new is false.

  38. Just to be clear, Fiat is discontinuing production of the 500 and the 500e in the US but they have plenty of inventory to sell. The 500L and 500X will still be sold in the US. at least for the 2020 model year. And of course, they'll still have the Mazda built 124 Spider.

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