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The Untold Secret About Car Dealerships

The Untold Secret About Car Dealerships

so a few years ago I read in automotive
journal that stats Canada does a survey every once in a while to Canadians and
they asked them about their comfort level with different experiences and
probably no surprise to you or me the place Canadians dread the most going is
the dentist I mean that seems like pretty common sense. Number two on that list was car dealers. Canadians are not comfortable visiting car dealers and I
found that fascinating and I kind of have incorporated that into my mantra
and our team’s mantra of “how can we do things different and better for the
people in our community when they’re interested in a Honda”. We know that
buying a car is the second second biggest purchase you’ll ever make in
your life it’s a big deal and you’ll probably make you’ll probably buy a car
more than once, so we want to make sure that we have an atmosphere in our
dealership that is friendly, comforting inviting, professional. We have a
consistent team here I think that’s a big deal
because when you come to see us you’re gonna see a lot of the same faces over
and over again because we’ve got a great team and they stick around and I think
that that counts too

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