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The Truth About Scotty Kilmer Shutting Down His Auto Repair Shop

The Truth About Scotty Kilmer Shutting Down His Auto Repair Shop

Rev up your engines,
mark says when do you have time to actually work on cars, love your videos, I work Monday
thru Friday but I run my own business so I get to schedule things as I want, deal with
customers that I like, helping out people and then that keeps me up with the times,
because if I didn’t work on cars my knowledge would be useless after a short period of time,
there’s a lot of guys out there now giving car advice on the internet that don’t even
work on cars, some of them never have and some of the don’t anymore, they make so much
money making videos, but if you really want to be logical about it, your advice isn’t
going to be that good if your not still working on them and get your hands on to see, here’s
what actually breaks, here’s tools worth buying, here’s tools not worth buying, and you really
have to if your going to talk about it and yeah I don’t work like I used to, I used to
hustle my butt off, I always worked for myself after the first 5-6 years I worked on cars
I just started my own business working by myself, I used to hustle a lot more, sometimes
I’d do 3-4 cars a day, now hey I’ll do 1-2, I don’t push it I’m getting older and you
get carpal tunnel syndrome after a while but, if you don’t keep in the business that your
talking about in a short period of time you won’t know what your talking about, it like
business consultants that all they do is charge $100,000’s to consult other people’s businesses,
hey if their not in the business world anymore it’s all talk and smoke they don’t know what
their talking about so, that’s the main reason I do it is to keep
up with the times, and I like working with my hands too, you
don’t want to just talk all the time you want to get physically involved in something too
it’s more fun that way, dub says scotty 2018 nissan maxima platinum
what do you think of those as every day vehicles I hope to keep it for 10-15 years, you used
to be able to do that with nissan maximas, when they first came out they were bulletproof
cars, they would run and run, they really had a good and long history of improving as
times goes on but as I’ve said many times nissan and renault the French company merged
around 2000 or so and their quality has been going downhill, I doubt that you could buy
one of those and get 15 years out of them without having some serious problems these
days, they don’t have the quality that they used to have, you’re going to be paying a
lot of money for a vehicle like that, if you’re going to pay that kind of money for a car
I’d say get a Lexus and you’re going to be much happier than you would with that maxima
that’s just the way that it goes, x master says scotty what do you think about
a 17 year old mechanic buying a 7.3 powerstroke or a classic gasoline truck ford, I don’t
want a car, ok if your a mechanic get a classic gas ford truck, those older ones they can
last forever and their really cool and if you go way back to the 60’s or whatever those
things can run forever you can fix them, their simple, your only 17 so you can learn more
about it as you go on and I think in that case classic has class, your driving a classy
thing and it’s not like you can’t get parts, they still make parts for them all, I’d go
classic ford truck on that one, powerstrokes you mess around with diesels, diesels are
another breed and your only 17, diesels require a lot of expensive equipment to work on, their
much harder to work on, the parts cost a lot more, and unless your doing a lot of heavy
duty hauling or cross country towing, I’d stick with the gasoline ones myself,
yolo says scotty what do you think of the Cadillac XTS models, their fun to drive, their
zippy but as they age they are endless money pits, I had a customer with one and he was
a corporate lawyer which tells you how much money he made, Houston is a big place for
corporate lawyers they make a lot of money, he got rid of it because he said he couldn’t
stand it because it was costing him too much money to fix, because everything was made
that as it aged it broke and started to fall apart, and they aren’t that easy to work on
either, if your going to buy one my advice is don’t, lease it, get a lease and then you
know how much money your spending, theirs no secrets and then you get off the lease
and you don’t own it anymore before it really starts to fall apart that’s my advice with
them, I had a lot of customers get stuff like that and then they got it out of their system
and they said, hey that was great I didn’t have to spend any extra money and that was
the end of it, but don’t buy one, alfredo says I have a bad heater core should I replace
it or just bypass it, it depends on where you live you know, if you live here in Texas
like I do just bypass it, you just cut the two heater hoses that go into the firewall
of the heater core, and you get a plastic splice kit, I get them at autozone for like
$8 with two clamps and bypass it and away you go, now you don’t want to just plug the
lines up because you still want to have flow in the system, some of them have problems
with cooling the heads right if you plug them up, but you just connect them together so
they just flow the way they normally flow and their bypassing the heater core, now if
you live someplace where it’s really cold and you need heat well you know you more or
less have to fix the thing, but if you got one of those thing like say
a ford where you have to take the whole dash out like a Thunderbird and it’s going to cost
you like over $1,000 you could cut those two hoses and then run new hoses and they do make
little hot water heater kits that you could put under the glove box that will blow hot
air and you could modify that and do that and that’s only going to cost $200-300 instead
of $1,000, so you might think about that, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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  2. My first vehicle was a 1999 F250 with a 7.3. I love the truck, it could pull down a brick poop house. Only down side is that it’s at that point now where everything and anything is going wrong and costing an arm and leg. Lol

  3. Damn, I’m getting carpel just ringing that bell 🔔 on all your videos! You ever go on a vacation? Lol

  4. You are definitely right on the money with the Cadillac xt5! You sir are a genius! I am definitely subscribing.

  5. Wish you were closer to me or me to you. Good honest mechanics are hard to find. Glad you're still working on vehicles.

  6. Hey scotty I previously had a Chevy 3500 gas 6.0. It was bulletproof and never saw the dealership after I bought it. I recently bought a Nissan nv3500 van. It currently has only 9500 miles. I watch alot of your videos and am nervous about buying a Nissan. It has the 5.6 gas motor that's in the titan. I'd imagine the tyranny may be the same? Not sure since it's a 3500. Should I be ok. It has a great warranty but I'm a contractor and this thing is my lifeline to making money. Thanks for your videos.

  7. doing videos about cars and working on it proves you are legit. many just talk but dont know cars. I am a noob…

  8. There is a mechanic here in my town a lot like you. He is well known for honesty, realistic pricing and he always tells his customers what he thinks can be expected rather than keeping quiet and surprising his customers. I have never had a surprise pop up that i was not warned could be the case, almost, but this was not his fault. I had a dump truck worked on at another mechanics in town that i knew ripped me off. When i brought the truck to Greg (the good grease monkey) he called me three times telling me "Joe you have to come down here and see this because you're not going to believe it and until you see what W**d&^ds guys did you're going to be upset at my price. So i went to his barn and he showed me how the other mechanic used a hammer to drive the crank pulley onto the crank shaft peening the shaft and most likely damaging the main bearings. To get a good swing they cut the radiator strut and bent it out of the way then straightened it but did not repair it. I could see where the radiator was leaking from the hammer hits too. I had the other mechanics do a brake job and when Greg took the wheels off i got another call. Not one of the wheels had been worked on but the rears were adjusted so tight that the drums needed to be replaced and one was still leaking fluid from the differential. The third call was to show me a broken bolt head that he found in the oil pan. When i asked how that could have gotten in their he asked me not to ask him to speculate. Then he said we both know how. W&&d*&d is a good mechanic but he hired a few "affirmative action" hires and i suffered from that. The way we know Greg is closed is his barn door is closed too. There are a few of you good guys around and thank God for that.

  9. Scotty, I have a 2000 Passat VW, with 130,000 miles, well maintained. i Just had belts on it at the tune of $1100.00, and it's got a small leak, now. Give me some basic fixit info.

  10. I have a knock when my engine is cold on my GMC V8 gas engine in my 2013 pickup truck. The dealer tells me its piston slap or rock due to the new design on clearances. Sounds like crap to me. I dont remember the metrics but think its a 325 ci. Your thoughts

  11. My respects to you Scotty, i am also a member of the busted knuckle and do appreciate your videos, cheers.

  12. Nowhere in this video did he mention that his shop was closed, or why. So I'm left wondering, I hope he didn't sounds like from what he said about "staying up to date" that he didn't and wouldn't. However the title to the vid leaves it open for interpretation, I can't spend time thinking about this! So lets just watch another video, and hope for the best, lol.

  13. I had a heater core problem once in my van I just ran the heater hoses though an oil cooler in the van that you could hook up a radiator car van to worked very well in Jackson Hole wy in winter I used a 12 bus fan to keep windows clear

  14. Scotty, do you still take appointments?
    My sister lives in Houston and I saw your Audi video AFTER she got a used Audi suv. So too late to warn her but would like to send her your way for a car inspection and maybe get ahead of any apparent or known issues on her vehicle.

  15. Nissan made a 2ltr engine and ran it for 10 or 20 years, something rediculous like that, non-stop. They ran it on natural gas. They measured how much oil and water it used, when the spark plugs needed changed, things like that. These engines were then fitted to………. Air conditioner units, big ones. I know of 6 that are fitted in my city, because I had to purge an test the gas lines for them.

  16. I have a 07 GMC Acadia not exactly sure what's going on.
    But it randomly shuts off whime driving.

    And it shifts hard from park to R & D.

    A few times it didn't even shift out of 2nd gear. Pulled over turned it off and it didn't do that again.

    What do you suggest

  17. Hello Scotty I was wondering what does it mean when a 2005 Nissan Altima stalls when it comes to a stop and is this an easy and inexpensive fix or is it not worth repairing, it has about 150,000 miles

  18. I have a 2002 4Runner with a check engine light on. I’ve changed about every component in the emissions circuit and it still will not stay off. Any thoughts?

  19. The man does not wrench. He has millions of viewers. Go Scotty! Oh, I agree with 80 % of what you preach my man. Keep up the good work.

  20. Ford F150 heater cores are notorious. They sit inside the firewall. The easiest way to replace is open the glove box and cut a square at the back to reach it. Dumb stupid design.

  21. rev up your Toyota's,  junk your BMW, Mercedes's, Audi, and just about everything else except Honda's and some fords,

  22. This is a guy I'd enjoy a beer with. Or two, or three…. You get alot of of knowledge that isn't even car related, and he's a straight shooter, which in my opinion is something that is becoming more rare as the years go by.

  23. You're a real character Scotty. Talk ten to the dozen, keep it simple and uncomplicated for the average bear!!
    Just got Yourself another subscriber. So now you can take Mrs Scotty on a relaxing holiday…

    Cheers from the Southern Hemisphere

  24. Scotty/I am a retiring embalmer…you brought up Carpel Tunnel…They have come a long way fixing this..I got both hands done this year/wish I had done it years ago…Its the best/get the surgery. I am the same way–I stay fresh doing a few calls here and there…Thanks for your vids…I lived east ..>San Jacinto way—Loved Houston…..Stay cool…..

  25. Love ❤️ and trust your advice… THANKS 🙏🏻 for ALL you do… keep up the great work 👍

    NOTE: thanks for the heater core advice, 2000 F150 requires dash removal, the little heater rework is great, I had no idea 💡THANKS AGAIN

  26. I replaced my heater core on a 2003 Chevy Blazer. What a pain the you know what. I had to completely pull out the dash and it still took a little extra elbow grease to get the new core in.

  27. I had a Datsun 510 hatchback with a manual trans right before Nissan took them over, that was a tank of a car, it never broke down.

  28. Scotty I have a question for you. What brand of ratchets, sockets, wrench’s, hex sockets and Allen sockets are you’re favorites? Keep up the great vids👍🏼

  29. If I were to buy a 2006 or 2007 F-150 should I get the small or big V8. I do haul a trailer sometimes but not very often. Thanks!

  30. Wish you the best.Jesus bless. Please everyone read the Gospel 1Corint 15:1-4,Rom 3:25, 10:9-10, John 3:16 & Ephes 2:8-9.

  31. Scott I wish u had a garage here in PA love your videos lm looking for a very excelaiant mechanic as your self not having any luck tired of going to the dealership there very expensive

  32. Hey Scotty what's your take on a 2004 Pontiac Montanait has a hundred and Forty-Eight thousand miles and it doesn't get very good gas mileage can you recommend anything to make the gas mileage better

  33. I love your channel Scotty but the last couple of videos seem like clickbaitI don't remember hearing why you were shutting down your garageand the last video mentioned something like that but never explained

  34. Sounds like politicians and representatives who have hearings at the hill. They act like they know about people business. But don’t know nothing.

  35. Your exactly right about other ppl vids on here that have never worked on cars, I just flushed my cooling system and did it the way you did in your vids and then watched other ppls vids and half of them did it wrong and didn't even get all the coolant out of their motors! Ha! And I can tell mine had never been done since after I did it my car has way more pick up than it did before!

  36. Dear Scotty none of the business of anyone to ask u if u work in cars or not that is ur business !!! I love ya Scotty love from france

  37. Dear Scotty I am addicted to car Rep are and ur videos ?! I think we must have a small holiday before we all loose our minds 😂😂😂😂

  38. I love your videos man. I bought a 1981 ford f100 Custom with a 4.9 engine back in 2002 for 200 bucks. Body wise it was in a mess. Now I wouldn't trade it for nothing.

  39. My 91 Maxima hasn't been able to hold enough transmission fluid to reach the dip stick for 7 years that I know of, but it still drives. Occasionally it has a hesitant shift, but it still works as an everyday driver

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