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The Truth About Rental Cars

The Truth About Rental Cars

Rev up your engines,
today I’m going to talk about the secrets of how to rent cars correctly,
since I do a lot of traveling around the world to learn more about cars, and my wife’s retired
and she like traveling period, I do a lot of car rentals all over the place,
I’ve had good experiences, bad experiences, medium experiences,
but I’m going to show you how you can have the best experience possible and spend the
least amount of money doing it, and my first advice is, stay away from really
cheap rental places, because when I moved to Houston in 1979, I used to be a mechanic
working at this place called, rent a heap cheap, I’m not making this up, truth is stranger
than fiction, the guy had a fleet of really junky cars the average price he paid for these
cars was about $300 but he was the only guy in town that would rent you a car without
a credit card, he a $100 deposit that you had to give him
cash when you rented a car, so you can image, if the deposit on renting the car was $100,
those cars weren’t worth much, he was actually lucky he wasn’t being sued
all the time because he sent cars out they had bald tires and stuff,
and I was a mechanic there and we had to fix them with a tow truck, and if they broke down
and had a flat, he’s say now go over there but if it has a nail in the tire, that’s their
fault and they have to pay to fix the tire, so really you want to stay away from fly by
night places, use regular rental car places, and when you either go to one, or plan it
ahead of time, check prices in the area you’re going to,
because if you fly a lot like me, you’ll find that the airports generally rip you off,
here’s a perfect example, I recently went to Boston, Logan airport, they wanted $800
to rent a car for 5 days, of that $800, $200 were taxes and airport consignment fees, so
I got out my phone, checked around, turns out that the same company budget rental car,
would rent me the same car for half that, instead of $800 is was $400, it was in Cambridge
it wasn’t at the airport, so what did I do, I Ubered it, I found out that it costs me
$16 to go from the airport to Cambridge which was just across the bay in Boston and then
I rented the car for $400 instead of $800 and it only cost me $15 to get there,
always check the prices in the area you’re going to, you would be amazed, sometimes 5-8
miles away you’re going to pay a ton less, especially if you’re starting at an airport,
there’s plenty of guys that will Uber you to a car rental place,
then when you do rent the car, I use my Chase business card, because it covers the insurance,
you have to check with your own card, but I have a Chase Corporate card and it gives
you very good coverage, don’t even buy that crap the try selling you at the place for
$15-20 a day, you got a good credit card it covers insurance on the car,
and of course when it comes to gasoline, don’t buy the tank, one they say we charge $8 a
hour to refill it if you don’t, hey you can always fill it up on the way back and realize
if you buy the tank, hey you might bring it back half full, then you got what 10 gallons
that you paid for that you never get to use, just bring it back full it’s not that hard
to do, and if you’re modern and have a good phone,
use Google maps or any app that you like, don’t waste your money getting navigation
for the car, these things, half of them have better software
than what they got in the car, and speaking of phones, use your camera before
you take off, take a picture of the whole car, first the
back, then each side, then the front,
because generally they give you some piece of paper that says, oh the car is ok and doesn’t
have any dents on it, I’ve been screwed over by those sometimes in the past,
where they’d say, oh there’s a crack in your windshield now and there didn’t used to be
one and it wasn’t on their list, you take a picture with your phone with the
date and the place, and then they can’t argue, especially with
a good phone like this it’s got a lot of clarity, you can zoom in on the picture and show look,
the windshield already had that crack, the bumper already had paint off of it, you want
proof and with proof, there’s nothing they can do about it,
so a picture is worth a 1000 words, or a 1000 contacts or pieces of paper that that thing
is written on, but it’s not good if you don’t have the picture, so do that before you take
off in that rental car, now all these pain in the butt things aside,
you can have fun with rental cars, personally what do I do, I rent cars that
I normally won’t use, like I’ll rent a Crysler or I’ll rent a Fiat, I’ll rent something that
I would never buy just to see how their doing these days,
I mean their all pretty new cars so they shouldn’t break and strand you somewhere you know,
and I get to give more people information that way to if I say, oh here’s this new Fiat
what’s it like, and I get it and I drive it around and I say, wow that transmission is
horrible, slippin and sliding and you feel every bump on the road,
then you know, hey I certainly never want to buy one of these cars,
a lot of places now rent European luxury cars, I certainly would never buy one their endless
money pits as they age, but they are fun to drive so, if you want to drive one around
for a weekend that the heck why not, now the last thing I’m going to talk about
for rental cars are the keys, normally these days their going to give you
two sets of keys and I’ve had it where I’ve lost one set because I’m always losing keys,
so if they do give you two sets of keys and it’s one of those modern cars that has the
keyless ignition system, they might charge you $350-400 if you lose one key,
so do like I do, give one of the keys to your wife to put in her purse that’s she’s never
going to lose, and then you got to drive around with yours, so you have to find it to get
around places, because if you got two and you lose one, it
might cost you, $350-400 because you lost it, so make sure that second key is in a secure
location and if it is one of those keyless ignition system, hey don’t throw it in the
glove box, because then when you walk away the car will still be able to start and someone
could be able to come in, push the start button and drive away, so put that in a secure place
away from the car, so now hopefully you learned a little bit
from my experience with rental cars, so the next time you rent one you can have a fun
experience and not waste too much of your money,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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100 thoughts on “The Truth About Rental Cars

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  2. Funny you put Hertz in a picture. Probably the worst company to rent from! Being a former Hertz Agent I can tell you how terrible they are. During the season in south Florida Hertz will pull the shop tags from all the cars needing repairs (tagged for no turn signals, bad brakes, burned out tail lights etc. stuff unsafe but which don’t actually disable the car) then rent them out rather than turn away customers with reservations. This is SOP with Hertz.

  3. Take pics after return if you park away from personel checking it in . Philly 30th st station is very tight and crowded, desks are in terminal not at return parking

  4. In low season Spain last year, I was able to hire a car for 9 euros…for the week! Sourced my own insurance for 19 euros. Incredible. Took multiple photos and filled out the record of damage before driving away (which was BLANK!). I believe that saved me from paying a huge repair bill when I returned the car – the staff were then suddenly much more interested in its condition..!

  5. I've had problems with low tire pressure in rental cars when I rent in cold weather. Recently I rented one, and the tire pressures were in the 46-48 range, recommended is 33.

  6. Everyone says that airports rip you off but they consistently had the lowest prices the areas I have looked at, fees and everything included. Especially when you factor into needing to take public transit around with all your crap until you get to the rental place.

  7. I've noticed that airport rentals usually cost hundreds of you book weeks ahead of time. If you book the week before you can get a super cheap deal since they wanna move all of their inventory out. Rental cars don't make money in the lot…

    If you're like me and under 25, use Hertz and a AAA CDP. I've never had a counter agent check. You can also get the free heertz membership and basically drive any car off the lot that's in the member area.

  8. Rent-A-Wreck was a franchise operation.
    Airports are the most expensive places to rent a car because (1) convenience (2) high space rents (3) airport "fees" for the cars leaving and entering the airport. (4) probably something else, too.

  9. I just bought a new genuine Honda key from the Honda dealerd for $135 cut and coded which is cheaper than a locksmith, who would sell you an aftermarket key for $150-$200 at his shop plus probably another $100-$150 plus excess mileage over probably 20 miles.
    Always buy an extra key or two BEFORE you are stuck somewhere locked out and have lost the key – pickpocketed, purse snatched, whatever.
    Also don't leave a transponder key or fob (remote) in the car especially if it has keyless starting.
    If you can get one have a plain non-transponder key made that will open the door but won't start the engine. If you forget and leave your key in the car and lock yourself out the non-transponder key will get you in but if it's lost or stolen it won't start the car.

  10. He Ubered? Could you imagine being an Uber Driver and Scotty Kilmer gets in your car!? I hope he got in and said "rev up your engine"

  11. Damn $800 a week in Boston? I'd never! Definitely take video and stills and don't forget tire treads! I always use the app or create a email price war between those online car rental aggregation websites. The best price I got was $8 a day. This was a rental from the airport and it was a 2018 Corolla!

  12. If you rent a truck from U-Haul get the coverage. Most credit cards won't cover larger vehicles. Do you research save your money if you can at the same time.

  13. The next time you come to Boston give me a shout out I'm a insurance agent and I can get you great deals on Rental cars I don't know about Texas but in Massachusetts if you have full coverage on your auto policy it will cover the rental car In the event of an accident I tell my clients all the time if you're renting a car take multiple pictures of the car before you get in it

  14. We have a shady place like that in Cleveland Ohio! It's called "RustyCarRental!" Hahaha! ..half dead cars, but really cheap to rent! $16 No credit card required! lol

  15. I actually had a Buick LaCrosse rental car breakdown on me. It was in the middle of nowhere. The car only had 7,000 miles on it.

  16. Your old boss didn't get sued a lot because he was dealing with people that couldn't get credit cards.

  17. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Rental Cars on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/rental-cars-review/ Thanks, Rodolphe.

  18. I rented a Nissan Fronteir after my chevy took a dump. I didnt like it and it only had 5k miles still had new car smell. The clerk didnt even check the truck after i returned it lol. I took good care of it tough.

  19. Prague Czech Rep. You can rent a car at the lowest price in Europe. Generallt $15 to $25 a day and that was a nice 6-speed Skoda turbo I raced through the Czech/German mountains. Loads of fun!!

  20. All airport rental car places have a huge 'airport fee' included. The rental agents also have a lot of leeway to tell you a higher price than what the average is that day. Always make your reservation online to avoid this. A lot of credit cards do cover rental cars but always check what it does and does not cover. Former rental car agent

  21. I have known about the “don’t rent a car at the airport” so I was surprised when 2 yrs ago, after checking rates, it was cheaper to rent at the Denver airport than anywhere else in the city.

  22. I kid you not and I was shocked to see my friend rent cars in Mexico for $17 THE WHOLE WEEK not per day suckers. Others paid $800 but he knows the Mexican laws and it back up consumers if you read them. He also backs himself upwith credit cards that will cover the entire car insurance and the Mexican Laws protect the renter. He recorded them while they're trying to push him to buy the insurances . It doesn't back down always wins cuz he knows the laws and Mexico. We got a Volkswagen 4-door brand new car . We put tons of miles on it driving from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara and everywhere else. Just got back last week. Hold your ground! Do your research! He even does it in Dominican Republic and Cancun too.

  23. Scotty, how do you separate the 2 keys on those rental cars if they're strung in a cable wire crimped together at both ends?

  24. I ran over a small dead deer at 80 mph and it cracked the rear bumper when it popped out the back. Rental place never noticed.

  25. Comes to find out I got into an accident my credit card and my personal insurance didn’t even cover me completely it was a massive headache for about 6 months of both the rental car company and the insurance company harassing me with bills and phone calls this guy needs to stop giving out false information about rental car companies. I wish I had purchased the coverage for the car. You don’t get the coverage they will have you by the balls. And I did have to pay 735$ out of pocket for “loss of use” on the vehicle to be fixed when it was out of commission.

  26. I was a pit crewman at Sebring race one year. A Ford GT-40 team blew an engine. They went over to Hertz in Miami and rented a Shelby mustang , drove it back to Sebring, pulled the engine and used it to run the race(12 Hour) and then put it back in the Hertz car and returned it. You talk about not knowing where the rental car has been treated…-lol

  27. Hi could you please explain the tank part. I'm confused. So buy it not filled completely and then before returning it fill it up all the way?

  28. The plus to using say hertz car insurance (I used to work for them) is that if you crash the car, and are using your cards rental insurance yes it will pay to fix it. The unseen cost is you will still be paying the daily rate till the car is back in service. How they do it is you crash the car it comes back to the location you rented from. Sits for a month, goes in for repair, then sits for a week or more not in service. They bill your card for all thouse days. Now if you use ther insurance as long as you have the police report from the accident you walk away from car owing nothing else.

    Lord forbid you total the car because you just bought it using your card.

    Hertz is good about dings and scratches. Usually the look at it as normal ware and tear, and no charge ya. A dent though they will charge ya.

    Stay away from budget. They inspect the car in the garage. You won't see many scraches, so you return it you mit get billed for someone else's damage. They bill for that damage many times over and over.

    Just so ya know !!!

  29. I purchased a 2016 Malibu LTZ from Hertz rent a car for 10K cash with 22,000 miles on it. Car was well maintained. It was rented to a corporate client. 1 driver the entire time. Had it a year and it is flawless

  30. I had two rentals last week when my car had new brakes and rotors installed. Plus the TPMS light was on so they ordered the part. Noticed the ride was ruff on two brand new rental cars. Checked the tire pressure and it was higher than 40psi! Thats the pressure to seat the beads of the tire but needs to be lowered to operating temps. So FYI when they buy the car in winter and now it’s summer. They never check the tire pressure from one season to the next. So check the tire pressure before you drive off.

  31. I always rent one model up from the cheapest econobox at 4PM, every time I've done so I've gotten a free upgrade due to them not having the selected type available. My last 2 free upgrades were a Mazda 5 and a Ford F150 for the price of a compact rental.

  32. Totally agree with taking pic of rental car, saved my wallet 4 years ago. When getting car said scratch was to short to note, then at end tries to charge me. Getting called names is better than spending money

  33. Who in the Hell would give Scotty a Thumbs down when the man is trying to Help All his Listeners–some people just Hate Life….

  34. I think the insurance these days is about 40 or 50 dollars a day. I could be wrong. Also, your car insurance probably covers it for free if you have full coverage. I always tell my car insurance, and they say I'm covered if anything happens. If I don't have full coverage, my insurance company will put on for as long as I rent the car, then I tell them when I return the car that I don't need the insurance anymore, and they tell me most insurance companies will do this. Just ask for temporary full coverage insurance, and see what they say.

  35. Uber diver:

    Scotty: nice car but it's nothing like my 94 celica I should know I've been a mechanic for 51 years

  36. Cant trust the regular companies either, AVIS got me for over 2K for a small rip on the roof that they did after I returned the vehicle. It went something like this:
    Labor $650
    Materials $350
    9 days loss of use $1125
    Without the proof they got me by the balls. Live and learn, TAKE PICTURES even of the inside of the vehicle after you return it. This heartless sobs will get you if youre not careful enough…

  37. I hate when rental companies cable the two keys together. You can't get them apart (without bolt/cable cutters), and they are huge in your pocket. What good are two keys if they cannot be separated??

  38. Turo can be a great place to rent cars if you don't want to rent boring cars like the Nissan Altima. A lot of those cars are owned by private owners though.

  39. always rented with their insurance :)not mine yeah its more money ,
    but in this case you can give them 2 wheels back and 1 door instead of 4
    wheels and 4 doors and couldn't care less

  40. By the way, get the facts straight , Chase insurance on rental cars only kicks in after your regular car insurance , its never meant as replacement 🙂 So Beware!!!!

  41. Renting a car for a day $35.
    Listening to Scotty giving sage advice?
    For everything else, there’s MasterCard. 🤣

  42. Get the cheapest possible deal from one of the big rental companies (I use this for road trips). 
    Look online in advance, many times when you are already there it costs more than if you rented online or on the phone.
    Then once you got the cheapest, really hope something minor goes wrong with the car :))) For example a lightbulb. Or a check engine light.
    Rental places (different city, same company) will change the car for you in that case and in many instances you get a nicer car. And the price stays the same.

  43. Actually most double keys are cable wired so you can’t get them apart without wire cutters. TSA doesn’t like wire cutters. Worst is two fat remotes. Can’t put them in your pocket!

  44. I usually agree with Scotty…but my 2012 Dodge Caravan with 90k miles best vehicle I bought..former rent a car…..I put 60k miles on it issues at all except brake pads and rotors….rental cars usually highway miles only and highly maintained..

  45. Scotty has a Chase Platinum business card.
    That garage is just a prop set. His actual home is a mansion in Beverly Hills.

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