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The Truth About Flipping Cars for Money

The Truth About Flipping Cars for Money

rev up your engines
Valdez says scotty is it worth the flipping cars, well here’s the thing how
are you gonna do it and what kind of a mindset you have, because car flippers
they’re buying a car at one price and then selling it at a higher price, selling
used cars is a dirty business, to begin with and if you’re gonna do that for a living,
unfortunately I know a lot of guys that have done it and they started out with a
good idea, oh I want to get good used cars for people a lotta Lotta,
but what happens is then greed takes over and they start buying junkier cars
at auctions and then sell them for as high as they can and hope that they last, and
there are so many people out there trying to flip cars there’s always
somebody that’ll do it cheaper than you so you won’t make that much profit, so
then in order to make profit you’ll do some sleazy deals like buy a car that
you knew was wrecked or flooded and don’t tell anybody about it and try to
sell it, it’s not a business I advise any honorable people to get into because
it’s not good karma you know unless you were the type of guy that did it on the
side for a little bit of fun new cars and you’d buy a car from somebody say
that retired or from an estate sale and polished it all up and sold it for a
little profit okay, but most of it turns into a dirty business, top tune so Scotty
what are your thoughts on the 2017 Dodge Journey Pentastar v-6 all-wheel drive
with an automatic transmission, not much I certainly would not buy when I work on
enough dodges to know that since Fiat took over their quality has been going
down further and further and further now those engines are
better than they used to be they had a lot of problems with the early ones, but
still I would not buy a Dodge that is either an automatic transmission and
all-wheel drive, I see too many of those things break and cost a fortune to
repair as they age if you really want to get something like that my advice is
leasing one, that way when it’s off lease that’s the end of it, you don’t have to
worry about repairs, you don’t have to worry about it breaking down on you, and
you’ll pay whatever the lease is you know exactly what you’re gonna lose,
because if you actually buy one and then want to get rid of it when it’s two
three years old you’ll lose a lot more money than you paid, Lisa says how much should
I pay for head gasket work on the 2000
Cavalier 2.2, I mean I wouldn’t pay anything I’d junk the car, I wouldn’t
bother fixing it, here is the problem with engine work, that’s a 2.2 engine known
for having problems, you don’t know if the heads warped, the block is cracked
the piston rods are bent, you don’t know until that engines all torn apart
and hardly anybody does good engine work anymore, somebody could give you a quote
for just a head gasket job, they don’t know what’s wrong with it until they take it
all apart and then they can start adding and adding, and in order to do a really
good job you got to strip the head, send it to a machine shop, they have to
machine it, then you got to readjust the valves all kinds of stuff needs to be
done and it’s thousands and thousands of dollars and in a 2000 cavalier it’s worth
basically nothing, I personally wouldn’t I mean if you got to keep the car, I’d
rather go to a junkyard and get a low mileage used engine, put an engine and
then try to fix that thing, casalblancas Scotty how do you tell the
difference between a head gasket that’s bad or a piston cracked, my 02 accord
burns oil, there’s lots of tests that can be done for a blown head gasket, but the
best test is a leak block test, I’ve got a video how to tell if your
head gasket is blown, you buy one of these little test tubes put this blue fluid in
if it turns yellow it means there’s exhaust gas in the radiator which means
that gaskets blown, those kits cost about 35 bucks or so on Amazon you can do them
that’s the best test if a piston is cracked, if it’s cracked all the way through to
the top you can take out a spark plug and then you can get a borescope and you
can look inside to see if it’s cracked and you can also some of them have a
reverse mirror you can stick in to look up to see if perhaps the valves are
cracked, you can check those by looking at them, Randolph Palmer says I bought a
ten-year-old chevy cruze which has been in a minor flood and wreck, is it a good idea
to take a cross-country on family road trip through the desert mountains, only
if you want to end up in one of those horror movies where you’re either in the
mountains or the desert and your car breaks down and there’s zombies living
in radioactive caves, you know the Cruz is one of the worst vehicles ever made
and that thing’s been a minor flooding wreck, no I would not trust it, if you
really want to go cross country get a rental car, you know they don’t charge you for
mileage anymore so rent a car put the mileage on a brand new car that’s
dependable, I would never do it with that car, Julio
says scotty my wife was told her three year old Toyota rav4 needs a belt
she went to get an oil change, think she’s getting ripped off, kind of
sounds like, I’ve seen those belts go well over a hundred thousand miles, she
doesn’t have that kind of mileage on it, all you got to do is get a flashlight
shining on the belt look at the grooves, they got all those grooves on
serpentine belts if they’re not cracked and it doesn’t make any noise it’s
perfectly fine, they start squealing yeah then they’re stretched and you got to
buy another one, they’re cracked they’re worn you need to replace them, but if not
like I said I’ve seen those things go a hundred thousand miles and they’re still
working fine, york and he asks hey Scotty my old Ford
Ranger is getting a small evap leak error, I changed the gas cap once that fixed
it for a while but it’s happening again any suggestions, did you use an OEM gas
cap, cuz if you want any discount auto parts are about the cheapest one a lot
of times they just aren’t any good, so I’d say just go buy a gas cap from the
dealer first and see if that fixes it, if it
doesn’t those small leaks can be real stinkers to find, I as a mechanic have a
smoke machine it cost a thousand smackers with the gauge on it where I
inject smoke and a scan tool that does bi-directional testing so I can test
valves are working right, but a lot of times if you want a wild guess when they
do a small leak like that and it’s not the gas cap, a lot of times it’s EVAP
canister vent valve, you might just buy one and try that, that often fixes it,
Lucas says Scotty how much is too much to pay for a first car depends, on how much
money you got what you want to do I mean the first car I ever bought was an Opel
I paid five hundred fifty bucks for it cuz a kid with a Jeep ran into it on the
used car lot and my father knew the guy he wanted to get rid of it, so I got it
for 550 and fixed the fender myself and I drove that thing for like eight years
it served me good five hundred fifty bucks and I sold it for five hundred
so it only cost me 50 bucks for all those years, if you can find something to like
say a nice Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic used a little bit older depends on just
what you want to spend, cuz it’s a hard deal finding a good Toyota or Civic for
you know one or two grand but if you got five grand to spend you can usually find
a good used one so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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100 thoughts on “The Truth About Flipping Cars for Money

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  2. I worked at a Ford dealer and we sold lot of used cars, I hated it, I loved the cars but hated the job.. and most of the people on here asking about whether they should fix their old Chrysler are the reason why it was virtually impossible to protect the fools from themselves

  3. Just heard that Fiat/Chrysler is in talks with Renault about a merger.
    As Han Solo used to say "I've got a bad feeling about this".

  4. Never buy that generation cavalier. They aren't worth fixing and very dangerous, they scored "poor" in a crash test and my best friend died when she got in an accident in one. Even the colbalts are bad that replaced the cavalier, another friend of mine died in one of those too.

  5. Yep, I've seen what your talking about and if I think they are asking too much for a car I want I wait for them to come down or pass on it

  6. Hey scotty i have a 96 ford ranger, i put new drums, shoes, hardware, and wheel cylinders and my self adjusting arm is not contacting my self adjusting screw. There is about a half inch gap. Any advice?

  7. So what are you saying we should do Scotty ? It sounds like you're saying we should junk our car when it breaks instead of fixing it . Maybe we should all buy a Mack truck ? Speaking of car salesman you change the subject and talk just as fast as a car salesman lol

  8. With lots of the modern belts they wont crack anymore you check them with a depth tool so see how worn they are. But yeah 80,000km atleast from a belt.

  9. I used to flip cars generally I bought them at auction and just drove them home detailed them and sold them at a 15%ish percent markup

  10. Ford Ranger evap leak…if you're in the rust belt.. take a look at the filler tube they can corrode thru. Duct tape any likely spots to test.

  11. I agree on not flipping cars. The business has changed at lot in the past 30 years. At one time there use to well over 25,000 new car dealers, which meant a steady flow of good quality trade-ins.

    I use to be a sales manager at a stealership. Maybe I was oblivious to what was clearly in front of my eyes, but, I never saw the need to be dishonest like people are now.

    Back in the late 1980s (before Al Gore invented the internet) I asked one sales manager (who worked for a friend) why he was selling a car for so much money to his neice. I honestly thought he made a mistake! Because I knew how much he took it in for on trade.

    Russ told me, "Relatives never check on price.". Let that sink in.

    He was eventually fired after I related that story to the owner. Because he said if he can do that to his own family, what is he doing to me … Oh, yeah, he was an equal opportunity shafter!

    Don't be a Russ!

  12. Scotty I’m in Australia my dad is retiring & wants a good car to last ten years, he’s thinking Toyota Kluger or Prado what do you think on the later model’s ?

  13. A blown head gasket, put a can of Blue Devil in it, run it for an hour at idle, turn it off to cool down and later that day drive it, if the gasket isn't blown that bad it should hold, you'll get a couple more years of local driving out of it. Hey $35.00 try, or junk it, you'll be lucky to get $150 from a salvage yard with the way scrap metal prices are today.

  14. The opening of this video is nonsense. When buying any used item, it is the BUYERS responsibility to do the research or pay someone to check the item over. That includes cars! The seller can only be the bad guy if they directly lie about something but NO ONE should expect a seller to spoon feed any purchaser information about what they are about to buy. There isn't a dealership on this planet that knows the full history of any used vehicle they sell (including flippers). It's impossible! Thats why buyers have to take responsibility for what they spend their $$$$$ on just like gambling. Don't blame the dealer when you loose, you blame yourself because they didn't force you to buy anything or double down on those poker cards. That's called accountability and purchasers gotta stop playing victim.

  15. So the problem is not in flipping cars it's the quality of character of those doing it. That's why honest mechanics always have more than enough work.

  16. Scotty buys a car for $500, drives it 8years… This is how to become independently wealthy kids✔️😁

  17. My first car was a ‘79 Pontiac Grand Prix I paid $100 for. Car was dented, rusted and covered in Bondo. Good times!

  18. Whats wrong with a wrecked or flooded car? You buy a car, fix it, then sell it. It's not that hard of a concept. Contrary to popular belief, there's nothing wrong with it and it makes people who can't afford these shitty new plastic pieces of junk happy because they get a car for 800 bucks.

  19. "They started out with a good idea… Then Greed took over… La da da da da". Scotty, you're condemning the capitalistic system of buying cheap and selling high… If someone politically left of center said that, they'd be condemned as being a Communist.

  20. 209000 miles on my 2002 cavalier with a OHV engine, still going strong. Took your advice and just took good care of it.

  21. Maybe in the slums of Houston. I never buy vehicles from auction. There's a reason they are there. Buy from little old ladies. Anyone can look up the history of a vehicle now. For free. You don't need CARFAX or Autochek or any of that crap. Do your own research.

  22. I disagree with this video because I'm 18 years old and already have multiple vehicles that I can sell and make profit on. Just wait for the good deals on cars and when you see one don't be scared to look into it some more and if you don't have the money for the vehicle at the moment it's not that hard to find a brother mother sister father cousin that you can borrow some money from as an investment as long as you believe in your ability to fix up a junker

  23. Those Rangers are notorious for the filler hose (from gas cap/tube to tank) going bad. Used to be impossible to find and/or over $300 for it from the dealers, but now you can get 'em on eBay for under $100 (forgot the price I paid now, but not bad), put it in and fixed the problem. Second problem is the special hose with bends and two different hose sizes on the ends that goes from the evap canister to the valve (I think it was the valve, forgot exactly now). Hose is ridiculously expensive but it's just hose, so you can cobble up something from two hoses with correct ends and an adapter to connect them together.

    RichE San Diego, CA

  24. My first car was a 86 k10, then I sold that for 2500 and bought a 1994 caprice wagon. I loved that thing. And now I have a 1998 mercury mountaineer awd 5.0. I got for 500 bucks cause it needed a starter. Granted the starter needs replaced again, the alternater bearings are going out, it's the original alternater lol. It's got 188,000 miles and I just took it on a 3 hour round trip drive and it did fine. Sure it has a rear main seal leak, but it's a good suv.

  25. Flipping cars can be a good thing, if you fix it. But my neighbor just sold a 2007 that fixed the body work, 2 weeks later the guy who bought it wanted his money back because the transmission dropped 😫

  26. Hello Mr. Kilmer I'm a young student looking for a 1st car that's reliable and practical what do you think of a 2008 Honda Fit sport with 116,000 for $3450 could you give me some advice?

  27. I don't believe they put ethanol in the gas to boost octane because seen Gas Stations with ethanol-free gasoline that has 100 octane but of course it's like $8 a gallon.

  28. Watching some Copart car flipper / rebuilder videos you quickly realize the quality of work they do. Cheap, quick and dirty. A repo Mustang with an engine full of water instead of oil. How do they fix it? Quick oil change, 25 year old radiator from a car in a wrecking yard with 220,000 miles on it. Then it's off to their buddies shed to paint it and then sand the moths and bugs out of the fresh paint. Top quality work I tell yah. 🙄🙄🙄

  29. To do it honestly you have to be able to fix the problems.
    DON'T BUY RESTY CARS TO REFURBISH. Clean connections. Start with the biggest with the most pins. Tighten loose bolts. Clean the burshes and sliprings in alternators. Couple drops of alkahol and a Q-tip will shut off battery light very often. Change brushes. Change diodes. Change voltage regulators. Clean grounds. Clean or change fuses-they get corroded too. Change transmission oil and filter and retorque all the bolts on the valve body. Change brake and power steering oil. Coolent. Learn to solder. Like most electrical problems being caused by a bad connection at board level most boards fail due to poor solder connections. You don't need a schematic just resolder everything.
    Make sure the the brake lines are solid and the brakes work.

  30. You can do it even if not in the car business, however instead of a dealer who can have a big selection of fresh new car dealer trades, the public auto auctions tend to be a dumping ground typically for trade-ins that need too much in the shop, have motor, or trans problems, and sold as-is, your stuck with it, get to know a dealer at a public sale, I was in the business for 20 years sales and management, knowing an honest dealer at a public auction is priceless. Assuming your state has a safety inspection look for vehicles with sticker (s) good for 6 months/better, peace of mind to the person your selling from, and you don't get saddled with a big inspection bill right out of the gate. Anything with say an inspection sticker good through the month, or couple months budget repair costs into how much you bid, or pay the classified seller. Also if you can do your own auto recon, a vehicle with a dull finish, that you can use a heavy grit compound, and glaze, clean up the entire car can make a world of difference. However, the flip side in my experience is the filthier the car, the more dirty they are a lot of times they typically need the most repairs.

  31. Cavalier 2.2 engines DONT HAVE ADJUSTABLE VALVES. His ENTIRE breakdown of that repair is WRONG. The 2.2L is fairly robust. Unless it was driven till it stopped, a leaky head gasket repair should run you about $1500. You are asking a BIASED person about repairs. Ask this mook about a head gasket repair on a Toyota and you will hear a COMPLETELY different story.

  32. Hey Scotty. My son wants to get into automotive repair when he finishes high school. Any advice you can give him since you've been doing this a while?

  33. My Dad had a car lot 35yrs same location.We learned all the scams from our customers.But we preferred doing business the honest way.Did I mention 35yrs same location !

  34. What's everybody's first car?
    Mine was a 2005 Toyota Highlander, which was given to me when I got my license at 17. Dad got himself a fancy Mercedes.😂 But thankfully he leases them. I've told him never to buy from them!

  35. Sleazy deals like hire me to clip two cars into one. Ill do whatever a customer will pay me for and I dont care what they do with them. I do a good job, or I should say I do as good of a job they pay me to do. Most of those guys are cheep bastages.

  36. My first car was a 1953 Chevy Belair. I bought it for $25 Spent around $150 on it and drove it for a couple years and sold it for $300

  37. If you do it in a good, integrity way and be honest there is nothing wrong doing it for extra money. Recently bought a 12 Yaris with 107k for $3300 and sold for $4800. They were happy and so was I. Win/Win

  38. I bought a 2013 Jeep Patriot, it’s hell to work on, I took the tranny out to replace a bearing, anything you take off the engine, except the air box is a chore man. Changed the thermostat and found out there are 2 thermostats, and you have to take the front bumper and grill off to drain the antifreeze. Can’t pull the calipers off the back wheels, the top bolt is impossible so have to flip it up to change the rotor and pad. Just no job is easy on it. If you need to change the catalytic converter you have to unbolt the engine from the frame and slide it forward. Never buy one if you fix things yourself.

  39. I've had two Cavaliers, a 1994 and a 2004, both with 2.2L engines. Very reliable. Both cars had 150,000 miles when traded in and were running very well. The rest of the car was falling apart, but the engine is very good.

  40. I bought a stock 89 240 from a guy i used to do yard work for for 900$ it had 310k miles on it but i flipped it for 3k. Honestly wanted to keep it longer to get more value out of it but i needed the money at the time. But u only get that lucky once…. That 240 still haunts me.

  41. I know someone that has been flipping cars for a couple decades, but it is just a sideline. He has a regular job. So, I agree with Scotty on this.

  42. when I first saw the headline for this video I thought you would give good tips for people to buy used vehicles, (inspection and research wise) I was going to use it on my own site to advise my buyers but it seems like you are biased and hateful towards used car, smh waste of time

  43. Hats off Scotty! I’m a Gm, Toyota, BMW guy. Regardless a great gear head. Our uniqueness and originality makes us what we are. Few years ago I was into flipping in S.Fla. Overwhelmed with used crap I backed out. Buyers beware! Temp. plates on every hwy. Understand budget and economy. Pay for a pre-purchase inspection! Pennies on the dollar,.

  44. Yesterday I saw two guys making out

    up until then I thought i had seen the gayest thing in my life until i saw that celica

  45. I personally hate car flipping channels like Samrac where they fix cars which in my country would already be considered as a total lost & not road worthy, doing half assed job fixing the chassis especially by cutting off large chunk of it & welding different metal piece together.

  46. Scotty I like you yer going to get killed. I'm an old gunman. All my friends are basically professional killers and my roommate is a board certified psychiatrist. Really I'm serious. And I know if someone hands me your picture with 100k in the man's hand well I'll make sure you go fast because I like you. If car max is a $17B company they are losing 1-3% maybe up to ten because as WC Fields always said. Never wise up a chump or whayever revealing secrets is a rare thing. I rebuilt Rainbow vacuum since 1985. I know this it's the only vacuum that gets all the dirt cuz when you have a clean water pan ….you gotta clean carpet . Now lately one model has reverted to an exposed core dynamic with a little round 8" four barrel racing little air filter between the electricity and the water. Of the dozen models since the 30s the longest most engineering correct was the air flowing through the core if you tip it over for a second no problem if you grab it immediately the centrifugal force will hold of flooding the electric motor core. In fact the best design for cooling and long efficient running as the water filters the dirt how much dust can you get from a mud puddle ? OK so I challenged everyone I knew with the simple information it would take to run me out if business. I eagerly told hundreds of sales personnel how to amp sales I was so good Kirby had me go down the west coast and visit all the distributors just to get them excited. It worked . Only one person took me up on the business. My girlfriend was recovering from a lawyer husband and a psychologist. She went with me for two years and really wondered how I really made all this money. Well I was in a nursing home 90 to try this doctors idea of helping me and I was going broke so I said Rose go get a vacuum out of the van here's an address be there at 3pm. It took me an hour to convince her to do it. Just plug it in and collect the money. Hour later she was back C notes filling her hand and she said can I do another so I gave her another. Two the first day I had a van full of machines and she saved the day. She became teacher of the year at the college on 7st and Camelback and became the track manager northwest train controller. It's a computer job. She started doing magic tricks on the sunset Ltd. So being a poker widow wasn't in her curriculum but as far as vacuum business this woman learned to strip em to the bearings ordering parts and then warranty work and delivery and demonstration. Now we been 25 years at it and she went around me like a Ferrari ! All those hundreds of people dozens of my trainees are living in fat big mansions on the hills around me and I did my part for civilization

  47. My dad was in on big three production and pulled down six figures when that meant something. But he still liked to mechanic for Andreotti and pour his engines and he liked to flip used cars. Gramps always had two three dozen vehicles people never paid or died and so dad flipped a corvette SS396 ….in his suburban. He would weld railroad steel together and weld a suspension on it and took a 4 cylinder 63 nova engine cuz it was tiny as it could barely seat two with a pickup bench from a 53 Chevy truck and he was milking the thing and a turbo charger and I don't know how it ended up. But I know how it was born. If he could put a Ford tranny on a Chevy engine cuz it was smaller he would make a converter. Our compressor was bigger than your garage. Still have two of Andreottis 289 chrome moly special pours by my dad . Ya wanna play around ? They're sitting in cosmoline from his fifties dirt sprinters….

  48. ive been flipping cars for about a year and a half ( side income ) mostly hondas and toyotas . ALWAYS clean title and I always do my utmost to remain honest and sell with integrity.. I dont think theres anyuthing wrong with flipping cars if you do it right.. i agree though- greed can absolutely take over if you dont stay humble and honest about it

  49. i watched this video to hear a strong argument as to why flipping cars is a bad business to get into and got nothing. what a waste.

  50. The #1 most important thing in flipping cars is putting in 80%+ of all your effort into finding the best possible car to buy and be able to sell as the cheapest and best car in that price range. You make your money when you buy

    2006 Honda accord 140k miles – Buy for $3000 and try to sell for $4500? takes forever

    Instead buy for $2000 and sell for $3500, takes more effort but makes the selling part 1000x easier, no effort to sell that car for 3500 at all

  51. If you are a dishonest (greedy) person, you'll turn ANY business (flipping cars or whatever) in to a dirty business.

  52. Question, previous owner had cigarette burns in the seats and I dint even know if it's worth even replacing them to keep some profit when i flip it could i just clean them and put seat covers in them?

  53. I only buy cars that need work, usually really cheap (under 500). I can make close to 1k every time and i learn a lot about working on different types of cars. My last flip was a zr2 blazer i bought for $150 running and driving, put around 400 into it and sold it for 2k.

  54. Man, you are a good mechanic but about flipping cars you don't know what you are talking about. By the way every business that sells something, from car manufacturers to Walmart to airlines, etc., that's exactly what they do. Find a product, improve it and sell it for a profit.

  55. You are a very negative type of person. Always seeing the bad side of everything except your old Toyotas, that already crap and unsafe to begin with.

  56. Love it when he said go to the junk yard and the Chevy dealer popped up.

    I hate to disagree Scotty I’ve been flipping cars for 15 years and I’ve never dumped a turd on someone. I ensure the car is in proper working order and ready to go. I had a lady who purchased a 1998 Ford Explorer off of be back in 2007 come up and complement me on the amazing work I do as she is still driving the car today. She saw it when I was doing the timing chain and water pump on it she purchased it after I was done and said she’s only had to change the battery and brake pads in the 11 years she’s owned it. Fast forward to today I just sold a guy a good little 2004 Hyundai Elantra. He took it to a shop before buying it and they complemented me for being so honest. They pointed out that I had changed the entire front suspension and brakes n the front. I make good money doing it. I paid $150 for the little Hyundai with a busted cv joint that also bent the fender when the ball joint let loose at the same time. Put a new fender on and replaced everything. Cost me about $300 in parts sold the car for $2000. You don’t have to rip people off to sell used cars.

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