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The Truth About Fiat Leaving the United States

The Truth About Fiat Leaving the United States

rev up your engines, mirco del Carpio
says what is the worst car sold in america, I’d have to say the Fiats ,you
know Fiat bought Chrysler and then they started selling their Fiats with the
Chrysler’s and their sales are now so crappy that they’re even considering
pulling the Fiats out of the United States and just putting fiat engines and
stuff into Chrysler’s and calling them Chrysler’s, but not even trying to sell
the Fiats anymore because there’s junky cars and they have such a bad reputation
in the United States from the past anyways everybody calls them, fix it again
Tony cuz they’re always breaking, and I had a few customers that did buy
the Fiats in the last three years and they were all piles of junk and the people
got rid of them and said I’ll never buy another Fiat the rest of my life, Anthony
says Scotty what’s your opinion on a Volvo 242 1982, those
things were tanks, back in the day I had quite a few customers they had those 242s
they could run forever if you took care of them, they were solid reliable
cars and they had a lot of power even though they didn’t have a gigantic
engine and they rode quite well of course being a Volvo they were extremely
safe inside too, now of course if you’re talking about buying one now,
you’re talking about buying what a 37 year old car and you’re taking your life
in your hands driving around a 37 year old car, you never know what’s gonna break
their that old, the rubber, the brakes, everything’s gonna to be going at any
second, but they were really solid with built cars back in the day,
Kelly blender says Scotty what’s your opinion I’m trading my 97 Jeep Cherokee
XJ for a toyota 4runner well if you can trade it and get it
even trade go right at cuz that 4runner will out last that Jeep, it’ll last so
much longer than a jeep there’s so much better made than the jeeps are, odds
are you have to pay more money so it just depends on how much money you want
to pay, or if you can find some fool that wants a Jeep and give you a 4runner
take advantage and take the 4runner give them the Jeep,
Steve Lee says Scotty I have a squeaky noise from the wheels it stops when I brake,
wheel bearings or brake pads, that’s normally brake pads, because the brake
pads have what are called squealers on them, prongs that stick out just a little bit
above when you’re down metal and metal on the pads, so when
you’re just driving they drag and squeak but as soon as you step on the brakes
they push so hard that the noise stops cuz it pushes them out of the way, just
pull off the wheels look at the brake pads and if they’re you know thin as a dime
then you know it’s time to replace them, now occasionally wheel bearings can make
noises, but generally wheel bearings won’t squeak, when they wear they roar
and the faster you go, the louder roar you’re going 30 they go roo, and then
you’re going fifty they get louder, they don’t generally squeak, Romero
hey Scotty opinions on a 96 Ford Ranger, those old pickups could
last a long time, there a smaller pickup they’re not like a big f150 for hauling
tons of stuff around but they can last a long time, especially if they’re standard
transmissions, they can be pretty bulletproof with a standard transmission
their weakest point is the automatic transmission, hey if it’s a 96 and it’s
still driving down the road and running that’ll tell you something, you’re talking
about what you know twenty three year
old vehicle that’s still run strong, yeah it’s pretty solid built a lot of them,
David Holloman says, I got an 06 Cadillac DTS v8 Northstar 130,000 miles
for $2,700, okay well that’s not much money, but it’s a Northstar engine and
it’s a 13-year old Cadillac, if you’re planning on driving 20,000 miles a year
or so, don’t buy it’ll bankrupt you, but if you want it as kind of a toy
weekend car, go ahead that’s hardly any money and if it runs good now, but before
you put any money down, you have a mechanic check the head gasket, I’ve got
a video that shows how to tell if your head gaskets blown you can watch that
the kit cost 35 bucks on Amazon and it’ll tell you if the head gasket is blowning
if the head gasket is blowing you walk, because do a head gasket job on that thing it’s
like a five to seven thousand dollar job and you wouldn’t want to buy it then, you
want to check that first, Christian Ivanoff says Scotty my 1990 Mazda Miata
aluminum oil pan is stripped, should I try to re-thread it and put a
larger bolt on, why yes because aluminum is soft is pretty easy to rethread them
they have kits just for those aluminum things, the first thing I do is, get
yourself an oversized drain plug that’s self threading
I fixed one I don’t know about three months ago on one and it worked great, I
went to Autozone I said, hey can you get me these
oversize self-threading oil drain plugs for this Mazda, they said sure they
had one in the back, they got it to me and I put it in and I screwed it in and
then I screwed it out, and then any threads would come out and then I
screwed it back in again and filled up and away you went, aluminum pushes out to
the side unlike steel and so a lot of times you won’t even get any particles
coming out, but even if you get a few particles when you take it out they’ll all
drain out when you put a quart of oil in it, it’ll come out of the bottom and
then you can put it back in again, I’ve done lots of them that way, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that

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100 thoughts on “The Truth About Fiat Leaving the United States

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  2. Scotty, I have a 2001 Toyota Camry LE 2.2 4cyl with 158k on it. It has an exhaust leak coming from the manifold which I was just going to replace the manifold and gasket but I’ve also noticed it has a “tick” to it when you accelerate. Any ideas on how to correct this tick?

  3. Haha I had an english professor back in college say "history tends to repeat itself". Seems to be happening with FIAT today. If they put out a crap product back then and it didn't do well then pulled out of the US. Then today they put out a crap product with another known US company that's known for shoddy workmenship and expects it all to go better. If it didn't work back then it's most likely not going to work now unless things are improved.

  4. I freak out when a car comes in with a rubber plug stuck in the drain plug hole. to much of a liability issue if I take it out and drain the oil and then later even a month later it pops out and all the new oil comes out and the people will demand I pay for a new motor, but yet they don't want to pay to have the drain plug fixed right or buy the metal self tapping plug. they demand to reuse the old rubber plug,

  5. What do you think of a 2018 nissan sentra s manual? I recently bought one brand new, and.i was curious how long it might last me if I take excellent care if it?

  6. Our family have had various Fiats over the years, they got better, especially the Grand Punto UK version. I'm no fan of Fiat but must give them credit for making affordable fuel efficient cars.

  7. Hi Scotty, I know you get a lot of question but I would really like your opinion about buying a Transit type van with a Diesel engine which one is the best, Ford, Mercedes or Dodge? How about towing with one too.

  8. I love toyotas and own a toyota but the 4.0 Inline 6 jeep engine was one of the best engines ever made. That is not just my opinion, it is a fact. That 4.0 jeep Cherokee will outlast any 4runner any day!! extremely easy to work on too.
    Scotty should know this … smh

  9. Yep, he's right. I bought a Fiat 500 a couple years ago. 5000 miles and it used a ton of oil, engine knocked very loud and the transmission was garbage..
    Sold It and got a Civic.

  10. Scotty, I agree with you 100% on the ford ranger pickups. I had a 1991 with an auto trans. I had to hve the trans replaced 3 times In 13 months 1 month over the lemon law allowable time. Thank goodness it was all covered under the power train warrantee.
    I traded it in with only 19K miles for a 1993 Toyota t100. I have not owned a ford since.

  11. Fiat was or still is a sorta of monopoly in a lot of markets… such as South America, India, South Europe and every ex-USSR country in East Europe, and there they normally are a really relaiable cars, I think that in USA they selling the worst veichles they made …
    "Macello, we have another faulty engine"
    "Send it to USA market"

  12. Fiats are always breaking in America because everything needs to be a v8 and you don't know how to drive a car with a small engine

  13. She's gonna get more for that Jeep, if it has 4.0 than any old Toybota, look at the market, can't keep an XJ Cherokee they're very sought after. Toyota parts are way too expensive. Yeah hate on the FCA but you can't beat the older American Cherokee.

  14. Scotty, can you do a video on winter tires? I find Continental Winter tires to be the best traction per dollar spent. I live in the snow belt and many tires are OK in snow, but when we get wet, icy roads, many winter tires fail to meet the standard needed to stop safely. I have had the best luck with Continental tires.

  15. Scotty, I like your videos but lately you avoid getting your hands dirty.We know about your fancy scan tools .How about shown us for instance how one to replace a timing belt ,or water pump

  16. A friend had a fiat from new! The window wouldn't go all the way down. Turned out there was a bottle of wine jamming the window regulator. 😂

  17. Lol mine is at 30,000 not one problem and I drive it hard, my Corolla took a dump at 30,000. Fiat is here to stay, the 500 isnt going anywhere, it's a profit car. Check out the 1.3 Firefly. You'll be impressed

  18. Picture at 1:17 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Very tired! But hanging in there:) looks like it belongs to a mature surfer from LA or Hawaii.

  19. Hey Scotty I have a 2010 F150 with a 4.6 3v that has 280k miles, what’re your opinions on the motor and is there anything maintenance related I should do right away? It’s a 4×4 truck as well.

  20. Two closest friends are mechanics and constantly disagree on cars and manufacturers. I don’t think Scotty’s opinions are as on-point as he thinks they are. People talk a lot of crap, even “experts”.

  21. I own a 1983 Volvo 242: it's been a car I've constantly had to work on and wish I never would have bought. Old 240 series Volvos are notorious for having lousy wiring, they rust like crazy in the right conditions, and they have virtually no power at all unless you get one with a turbo. 240's also have Chrysler ignitions systems in them that really suck, their engines can't be scanned with a standard OBDII scanner, and they look ugly as sin unless you seriously lower them and change tire sizes (which seems to help make them look not quite so ugly).

  22. Here is the truth about Fiat leaving the US market. No one buys a compact car in the US like a Fiat 500 or the Scion IQ

    Jeep, is cheaper to fix than the Toymotor 4 Runner

  23. Owned Toyotas all my life until my last one was a big poorly built lemon. Bought a Fiat 500 sport. 7 years and 160, 000 miles later, it has been the most reliable car ever. Parts last longer. Parts are half the price of my Toyotas of the past. Cars nowadays are all pretty reliable. The only reason I would never buy another FiAT is the poor resale. Public perception is more valuable than facts. My Dad who is now in his older years, and a former mechanic, would never touch another Toyota again. He would put up with their blandness because they were reliable. Now that they are just like any other unreliable brand, He decided to buy what he likes. As should anyone buying a car. Car are built to be very disposable now. They are trouble free for 8 years and 100,000 miles. After that, they will nickel and dime you, even Toyotas.

  24. My dad has 2 Fiat Fiorino delivery cars, with the 1.2 FIRE engine, thing is falling apart in the interior but both engines have around 150k miles and both go full of cargo 5 days a week, drivetrain and chasis is not bad but the interior is so cheaply made, it's not a pleasant car to be in
    Those Fiorinos are likely the most popular Fiat on the road in latin america

  25. Consumer Reports gave the Fiat a grand total of 30 in their over all scoring system. It's the worst car in the whole magazine! The Toyota Rav4 for example got an 80-81.

  26. That 97 jeep cherokee had one of the greatest american motors of all time the 4.0l straight 6 hooked up to an aisin warner transmssion made by toyota. They will go 300k easily. He has no idea what hes talking about

  27. I'm a big fan of Consumer Reports. They agree with Scotty, they say the Fiat is one of the most unreliable cars sold in the U.S. They also say Minis are unreliable, but could anything be as bad as the Yugo they used to sell here?

  28. Scotty, I have a MB c240 year 2002 with 161000milege, I want to trade it in for a ML 350. What se re your recommendations?

  29. For the guy who asked about a Cadillac with a Northstar engine. Stay far away from those piles of junks. I had a 03 Seville sts, bought it used and let me tell you i had it for 2 years and drove approx 10k miles. Car leaked oil like crazy, electrical gremlins everywhere, all power window motors broke and replaced them all myself. So many more problems occured I was scared to drive the damn thing so I ended up getting rid of it. Nice car but there's a reason they are so cheap. Parts and repairs are expensive too.

  30. I think Fiat has already left the US, I went by my dealer and it used to say “Santa Maria Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat” on the sign, but now it says “Santa Maria Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram”, and before 2001 I bet it was “Iverson Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Plymouth”, yep it was originally founded by the Iverson Viking family in 1959, and they had the slogan “home of the hiking viking”, and then around 2009-2010, they filed for bankruptcy and eventually sold the dealer to a new owner, and that new owner gave it the name “Santa Maria Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram”, and it’s had multiple different owners since then that have kept that same name

  31. Rev up your goodbye to Fiat and maybe Chrysler. Also, the Northstar's aren't that reliable because typically older people baby the engine and that's no good. That causes carbon to build up in these Northstar's and result in failing head gaskets.

  32. FIAT has a image problem in the USA, but they do have some serious reliability issues (Consumer Reports reports problems called in by owners). Their sales volume is too low to sustain a deaLER NETWORK FOR PARTS AND SERVICE. so I think that unless they get a bump (and Alfa Romeo takes off), they will soon vanish from the USA.

  33. I wish I could delete your stupid video!!! Fiat is one of the best in the world stop shaming the brand that I stand for…. Fiat is the ultimate in pure luxury

  34. For your information Last mounth FCA sells in America + 17%. More than GM, Ford, Toyota. In one year FCA has encreased sells of 30.000 cars. With this trend FCA will be the first automakers in America in some years.

  35. If Fiat stop selling cars, like French cars, such as Peugeot and Renault in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Chrysler Corporation will go down the tubes, and there will be Big 2 Automakers left. Either Ford Motor Company or General Motors Corporation will buy out Dodge SUV, Challenger, and pick up trucks if that happen in the near future. On The Price is Right game show, every time they put Fiat car on the show, almost every contestant does win a Fiat car on selected pricing games, such as Gas Money, Line Them Up, That's Too Much, One Number Away, Cover Up, Ten Chances, and Any Number.

  36. Scotty, I have owned 2 modern Fiat 500s in the last ~10 years … no problems with them at all. I am surprised as you are, because I expected problems. But they are good cars if you take care of them and don't drive more than 12,000 miles per year … 🙂

  37. I had a 1989 Ford Ranger and the weakest part was the clutch. Every year the slave which was around the input shaft would blow out or the master would fail.

  38. Fiat is a crappy car for American drivers. Also heard that Chrysler will demise its brand by the year 2024, after barely 100 years of make. French car, Renault recently turned down by Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles last Friday. Ditto with Alfa Romeo automobiles. Pretty soon it will change its name to Dodge-Jeep-Ram Trucks Vehicles. DeSoto phased out in 1961, Plymouth dropped out in 2001, and Imperial from 1955-1975 as separate make (as well as Chrysler Imperial from 1981-early 1983 and again in 1990-1993).

  39. I own a 2015 Fiat 500L and I love it. Great for the city and for the highway. It's fun to drive and very reliable.

  40. Scotty I would have too disagree, fiats are great cars in my opinion and believe it or not very reliable cars from what I have seen and heard, but you just have to take care of them correctly

  41. I've talked to many 500 owners over the years and all but one claimed they'd had no problems and seemed to love the cars. The one who did have a problem had a bad clutch, fixed under warranty.

  42. Damnit Scotty, just look at these Fiat 500 sales number. It's about to explode I tell you. EXPLODE!
    2018 5,370

    2017 12,685

    2016 15,587

    2015 25,084

    2014 33,708

    2013 36,375

    2012 43,772

    2011 19,769

  43. As an American, I don't know too much about Fiat, let alone understand the car culture in Italy. But, I do know Fiat needs to get their act together. If Fiat wants to be taken seriously(or if I ran Fiat in Europe and North America), here's what I would do to the lineup to a make it a major player in FCA's portfolio. It would go like this:

    I would drastically and painstakingly increase its reliability, considering that the company prioritizes charm than actual quality. Fiat's biggest mistake is when selling themselves in North America when they sold the then-5-year-old 500 in the United States with a proper update or refresh. But here's what I would do to the lineup in general:

    The Centoventi (a.k.a the new Panda) will continue to be an A-segment vehicle albeit all-electric.

    However, this means the new all-electric 500 (not to be confused with the 500e) will be 5-door B-segment, replacing the recently discontinued Punto. There will be a sportier Abarth variant so it won't completely waste the nameplate.

    The Tipo, 500L, and Qubo will be replaced by different three vehicles—one being a B-segment crossover also replacing the 500X, another that is going to be a C-class vehicle competing with the Mini Clubman, and the final one being a people carrier also replacing both the 500L Living/MPW variant (a.k.a the 500XL) and the long discontinued Freemont.

    The B-SUV (replacing the Tipo, 500L, Qubo, Punto, and 500X) will still be called 500X. Everything will be the still be the same. However, there will be a sportier Abarth version as well to compete with sportier version(s) of the Nissan Juke (e.g. Nissan Juke Nismo).

    The 500 Giardiniera (replacing the Tipo (in class), 500L, Punto, and Qubo) will be C-class compact bridging the gap between hatchback and estate wagon. This will compete with the Mini Clubman.

    A new seven-seater commercial van (replacing the 500L MPW/Living, Qubo, Freemont, Fiorino, and Doblò) will be presented in its lineup replacing the previous Fiorino, as well as the Qubo and Doblò, and this will be the NEW Fiorino. Everything will be same like the vehicles; however, the Trekking variant will be more a lot more off-road-oriented. In fact, the Talento will have the same treatment—almost like the Mitsubishi Delica sold in Japan. Moreover, the Doblò Maxi/Doblò XL will be replaced by the Talento as well. Of course, this means the new Fiorino will also be replace by the commercial versions of the Doblò and the old Fiorino.

    The 500C and Miata-based 124 Spider will both replace by a single all-electric roadster/two-seater coupe in co-production with Alfa Romeo called 500 Spider/Berlinetta. There will be an Abarth version.

    The new generation Fiat Toro will be introduced to Europe and North America from Latin America replacing the Strada and the Mitsubishi-based Fullback. Once again, there will be an Abarth variation.

    The Ducato will be the same until a generation is in the works. This would probably be based on a Renault Master or remade from scratch.

    So in summary, we should have a new all-electric Panda, a 5-door all-electric 500, a new 500X, a 500 Giardiniera estate, a new and different Fiorino and Talento, a newer Toro, and Ducato waiting for a new refresh. Some will electric-only, while others will be both electric and ICE. And only a handful of models will have Abarth trim levels.

    And Fiat should sell their vehicles strictly with the cities or other metropolitan areas (there's a reason why they call them city cars!).

    … And that's my suggestion on what would I do if I ran Fiat. What did you guys think?

  44. the trouble with Youtube – any uneducated, idiotic, opinionated viewpoint can be posted. I wonder how many Jeep Renegade drivers know what they’re driving…

  45. Just remember, until 1997 all diesels were slow smokey and noisy.
    Then FIAT revolutionised diesel technology forever when they invented the first common rail diesel technology, making diesel fast, powerful, clean and econonical. They sold the rights to everyone else for big money, had they not done that, no one would have come close to FIAT diesel technology.
    In Europe they were the first to use electric power steering on the mark 2 FIAT Punto in the year 2000, and now everyone is doing it. These are just 2 examples, there is more.
    Take a look at FIAT Multiair Technology, it's impressive.
    I've had many FIATS and Alfas over the years, all have been RELIABLE , interesting to own, unique, stylish and with more personality than the average car.
    FIAT is one of the oldest car makers in the world, they also make Planes, Trains, Trucks under the name IVECO, even jet skis.
    I've heard it said that FIAT owns half of Italy.

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