The Truth About Buying a Used Electric Car

The Truth About Buying a Used Electric Car

rev up your engines,
berry mo Gary, what do you think about electric cars, what do you think by
buying a used electric car, okay well that’s a good question because one,
electric cars are simpler, realize their motor is an electric motor, they don’t need
a transmission, so they’re much simpler vehicles, of course realize there’s not
that many places you can recharge them when you’re traveling, so you gotta take
that into consideration, but then you say what do you think about
buying a used electric car, okay that in itself may not be a bad idea, for one
main reason is, they lose the values pretty fast, and so if somebody buys an
electric car for say 35 grand and it’s used, you might be able to get it from 15
or so, because they’re not all that popular so if you’re gonna buy an electric car, like I say they are simpler cars there’s less things to break, buying a
used one like that might be a really good idea, I don’t advise buying used
hybrid cars, because they’re too complicated they got a gas engine, they got an
electric engine, they switch back and forth, but an electric car that’s full
electric, buying one uses probably the smartest idea if you want an electric
car, Night Rider says, Scotty I have an 2005 Civic, when I’m driving
and give it gas, it feels it revs up but it doesn’t take off, okay
let’s pray you have a standard transmission, because if you have a
standard transmission Civic and it revs up but it doesn’t take off, it means your
clutch is worn out and it’s time for a new clutch, but on the other hand if you
have an automatic transmission Civic and it revs up and it doesn’t take off, you
need a transmission overhaul and on the Hondas, you’re gonna spend anywhere from
three thousand dollars up, to have a full overhaul done on a Honda automatic
transmission they’re weak transmissions and they’re very complicated and they’re
very expensive to work on, because they’re not like other cars, other
automatic transmissions have an oil pan on the bottom, you can drop the oil pan
get to a lot of parts, Honda’s don’t you got to take them apart like a motorcycle
transmission, take them off the car and then split the cases, it’s a very expensive
endeavor to do something like that, Joseph Proyas says, Scotty I have a 2001
Grand Marquis with one hundred nine thousand miles on it, it runs great the
frame is great, but it needs a front-end rebuild do you think it’s worth it and
how much are parts and labor if it runs great and it’s in good shape
and it’s only got one hundred nine thousand miles, yes go ahead and fix it,
now of course I can’t give you a quote without seeing the car, it depends on what
needs to be rebuilt, but they made an awful lot of those things, there’s a big
aftermarket, you don’t have to go to Ford and buy an expensive a-frame, you can get
aftermarket ones that work perfectly fine, and go that route and if you want
to do it yourself watch my videos on front end work, or if you’re going to a
mechanic ask them what parts he’s gonna use, how
much labor he’s gonna charge and see what the prices are in your area, Steve morse
says, Scotty I have twenty thousand dollars to spend on a used car, quality and
serviceability are key with decent gas mileage, what make model year do you
recommend, okay twenty thousand, hey get a nice used Cmary if you want a nice car,
now if you can find a Lexus for the same price, what the heck I mean I bought my
wife’s Lexus for four grand from a customer with sixty thousand miles, but I
got lucky, so you know a nice Camry or if you want a smaller car, get a Corolla
those things can last a really long time and there’s plenty of them out there, my
advice though is try to get it from a private individual, because if you go to
these car Lots they always ask really high dollar, because generally they’re
financing it and they’re gonna charge you more since they’re financing, and if
you got 20 grand to plunk down cash get a private deal you’re gonna get a better price that way, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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