69 thoughts on “The timelessness of some of Prince’s music

  1. R.I.P. Prince Lost Another Beautiful Musician Way To Soon 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻✌🏻️❤️🌎🤘🏻🎸 Doesn't Even Feel Real My Condolences Go Out To His Whole Family #R.I.P.PRINCE

  2. He never liked elevators very much, ironically "I'm not gonna let the elevator break us down", and he dies in an elevator.

  3. They just compare Beyonce to Prince? Is nonsense, she is a performing singer, great voice but no even close to Prince he is a "Musician" what the word really means

  4. this commentator is a moron. you can't compare beyonce to Prince. He was a musical genius. Name one instrument Beyonce uses other than her voice? No comparison……. AT ALL>

  5. He said Beyonce……HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAH!!!! Show me somebody that bought a Beyonce song. People need to realize those early albums were written by Neo, Kerry Hilson, and others who will no longer give her any songs. thus why her music sucks even worst. Beyonce is a drag queen, or at least sounds like one. Beyonce is a yeller, not a singer. And nobdy wants to see her none acting ass in any movies. She can't even do voice overs with that man voice. Ugh!

  6. Is this guy serious? Beyonce? When Beyonce dies, she's not leaving any music legacy. Her music is trash as most of the music these days. The fact is, I think Prince is the last true musical artist.

  7. Come on now, let's be serious, I like Beyoncé as much as anyone but in what universe can she be compared to Prince ?!
    He was an innovator, a pioneer in his craft, a genius guitar player. He produced, wrote all of his songs and played so many instruments. He was a true musician in every sense of the word and larger than life while Beyoncé is merely a good entertainer.
    He will also live his mark in pop culture and history, Beyoncé will not.
    There just isn't anybody in this/my generation that can be compared to Prince, sadly for us, but at least we've been fortunate enough to experience Prince's greatness and I'm forever grateful for that.

  8. OMG !!! He is compering Prince with Beyonce ?!!! One can like or not his music. But he was musician, instrumentalist, for God sake !!! Everything that she's never gonna be. I guess that's why he is FORMER editorial director of Billboard magazine. But I'm wondering about CNN. Don't they have enough money to call somebody else ? At least somebody who can make a difference between C-major and G-minor ?

  9. To compare Prince to Beyonce in this interview was a complete disgrace to Prince.. he's much more than what she could ever HOPE to become in talent.

  10. Why Doesn't Prince own Purple rain and he wrote the Fucken song. that is his work now he's dead and he still doesn't own it. Now the questionnis, who owns his Masters.and all the music he ever wrote? everything he wrote in my opinion was a hit! Purple Rain was the best Movie ever! Contracts are not to be trusted. Damn you WB!

  11. Wrong!!! 1999 and Thriller released the same year! Within the time span of Thriller to BaD (five years)… Prince released 1999, Purple Rain (and the movie), Around the world in a Day, Parade (and another movie, UNder the cherry Moon), and Sign o the Times. Neither was better than the other. I dig the both same. But personally I don't see a rival. I see two different worlds. I'm not even going to talk Beyonce'… #joke

  12. Beyonce is the closest thing to Prince ? nothing against her but come on, this is just a silly comment. As far as I'm aware she doesn't even play an instrument ? (i could be wrong on that though) and has a team of people around her when writing who she collaborates with, nothing like Prince whatsoever and likely never will be, she's very much stage managed and molded by other people, Prince did it all himself.

    again, nothing against her but there's no comparison.

  13. I feel in love with your music, unfortunately now that you've gone home to Jahovah, I have learned we are similar in our love for people & giving…which is what gave me closure…I shall keep you alive in my heart and in my pursuit of creating my own none profit organization, I shall see you again one day in heaven..

  14. This clown compares Beyonce to Prince? A booty shaker?
    Prince, pound for pound, was more artist than anyone from the MTV generation onward that immediately comes to mind.
    Someone else tell me who wrote, sang and played like he did. Please.

  15. I love Beyonce,but don't compare her to Prince. She's not on his level. Heck don't compare El DeBarge to Prince either. Its just wrong.

  16. Did he just compare PRINCE's accolades to Beyonce??? Are you out of your mind? You should have given that man the questions beforehand so he could really concentrate and prepared to answer all the questions sensibly.. Really??
    I never wish to hear that ever again, even 20 years from now!

  17. why I have no video. just a concert picture shot but I Never seen this one. But maybe I just didn't see this one

  18. I swear, watching Prince making out with Apollonia was one of the seminal events of my teenage years.

  19. With all of Princes teachings he has made an awesome impact in our world. I have always loved Prince and always well

  20. Beyoncé??  Really.  Prince could walk on a stage with a guitar, in a t-shirt and jeans and own a stadium.  The commentator is so out of touch.

  21. Hell no that ugly devil worshipping b** canvas prints even on his bad days he has more Talent than her and her husband Kanye West Justin Bieber Taylor Swift and all them people put together in his pinky toenail not any of them will ever measure up to anything that Prince has ever done and they never ever will to even put her on his page as an insult Prince was the best thing that was happening to music when he first came out with his first album all the way to his last album Now truly granted he has so much music I haven't even listened to it all that's not the point I'm making the point I'm making is he stood up to a record company that nobody has ever went against publicly and they talk about him because he's feminine looking and little what have you but that guy had more balls than a lot of men out here that's for damn sure and I know that he was doing the transitioning because he knew that some of his work and some of the stuff that he was doing perhaps was wrong by moral standards and he started changing his look you can begin wearing suits and wearing his hair Tastefully and then them Wicked people of Warner Brothers used his kids Master copies of his music that is any good parent is going to go after his kids and that's how they entrapped him he was changing on a spiritual level and they're saying that there wasn't really no other way to get him but through them kids and they're going to they're going to pay for their evildoings and how dare you put them too on the same page the only thing that she got going for her is her Youth and she's got a decent body other than that I'm sure she doesn't have no damn hair and makeup does wonders and Jay-Z you just butt ugly plain plain and simple that's Beauty and the Beast couple right
    Jay-Z calls himself Jehovah and says that he's reincarnated modeern Frank Sinatra he's modern-day ship anybody that calls themselves God himself has no respect from me that's for damn sure. Not even and Beyonce lifetime or Jay-Z's lifetime could ever ever compared to Prince and his a accomplishments in their lifetime and then their kids his lifetime and is there to this lifetime and in their kids his kids his lifetime and any of their lifetime you got to be ashamed of yourself even put her on the same page uggghhh

  22. CNN your awful. Get some people who really know what they are talking about please. Ha Beyonce is talented but not even close to Prince's realm.

  23. Beyonce wrote what for who? she doesnt write her own stuff let alone for someone else, come on! she is a good performer but come on Prince and Beyonce? not the same, Prince said he is no mad at her work but he wishes she would learn an instrument

  24. PRINCE did a wide array of music. PRINCE sang some beautiful ballads and love songs.  From 2000 to present he did his best work (that's my opinion). He was very socially conscience and very caring to others. He is very generous with his talent. PRINCE kindly let  Beyoncé  perform with him 2003 Grammys. He didn't need her, she needed him.

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