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The Time Zack Morris Orchestrated A Car Accident That Almost Killed His Girlfriend

The Time Zack Morris Orchestrated A Car Accident That Almost Killed His Girlfriend

– Zack is feeling great. Drivers’ Ed starts today,
which is the first step in his plan to drive girls far away, park, and demand a hand job for a ride home. Zack begins his campaign
for parked car hostage sex by giving Kelly a ring. She says they just started dating and she’s not ready to be his girlfriend. Zack has no respect for
her well-defined boundaries and says, “Relax. “It’s a friendship ring.” Kelly asks if there’s anything
she can do for her friend. Zack suggests sexual favors. Mr. Tuttle says a car is a responsibility and a privilege, two concepts
Zack has no time for. Mr. Tuttle pop quizzes on the
correct driving hand position. Zack says, “One hand
on the wheel, the other “groping your passenger.” Slater answers correctly. “Hands at 10 and two, so you
have control of your car.” Zack makes fun of his
ability to drive safely without assaulting anyone. Kelly says Zack needs to
take Drivers’ Ed seriously. He ignores her and displays
the cheap ring he bought so every guy can see he owns her. Zack wants to know why
his friends are sad, mistaking homework for depression. They say they don’t have money for cars. Zack says he’ll be
driving his dad’s Porsche when he turns 16, a very sad thing to lie about. Slater says he just bought a car. Zack says if he didn’t buy that ring, he could have bought a car. Another bummer of a lie. Slater shows the gang his car and says, “It needs a little work.” Zack jumps for joy because
work and misfortune are synonymous to him, then says, “Even the doctors who
worked on Michael Jackson” “couldn’t fix this car,” a bad joke that makes no sense for a variety of reasons. The gang minus Zack chips
in, and the car looks great. Zack, who sees the world like an infant, says he won’t be 16 for
months, so who cares because nobody can drive until then. Slater says he turns 16 next week. Zack decides to be the
only teenager in history to actively prevent a friend with a car from getting their license. Zack says he’s ready to
take class seriously, unlike some people, *cough* *cough* Slater. Tuttle says Slater’s his best student, and Zack says, “That’s the thing.” “He’s so good he’s been telling people” “he should teach the class.” Now Zack has a paranoid teacher squashing a student’s passion to
learn, with the goal of depriving his friends and himself of happiness. Mr. Tuttle gives Slater a
challenge and he nails it, and Zack envisions a nightmare
well Kelly and Slater are happily dating, but
they’re still discussing Zack because this child can’t picture a reality where he’s not the center of attention and six feet away at all times. Zack offers Slater 20
bucks for a private lesson, then tells Screech to
impersonate Mr. Tuttle and request Belding get the keys he left in the Drivers’ Ed car, after Screech stalls for exactly five minutes. Zack goes to steal a car,
and leaves his friend alone on a bathroom floor to
commit countdown timer identity theft. Zack spastically pulls
the stolen car around. Slater says they could get in big trouble driving in the halls. Zack says his $20
deserves a hallway lesson, and he could learn better
if Slater was driving and he was outside the car entirely, the best way to learn how to drive a car. Kelly’s on her way to practice. Slater graciously offers a ride. Zack commands his woman to get back. Zack, fearful Kelly will
get caught in this hot ride, thereby delaying his parked car tugger, screams at the top of his lungs. Slater, distracted by
Zack’s shrill outburst, crashes the car into lockers. Zack ignores Kelly’s head
wound and berates Slater, then, hearing Belding coming
on cue, flees the scene of the accident he orchestrated. Mr. Belding announces,
“Whoever’s responsible” “has until tomorrow to fess up.” Kelly blames herself
because she accepted a ride knowing Zack’s a jealous bitch, and Zack got jealous like a bitch, then cried like a bitch, and that’s why they crashed. Zack is ready to apologize, but Kelly, who just suffered head trauma,
says it wasn’t his fault. That’s all Zack needs to hear
to feel he’s off the hook. Zack tells Slater he’s fully to blame because he was driving. Zack says if he was at fault, he’d be man enough to turn himself in, because the saddest lies are the ones we tell ourselves. Slater wonders how
Belding was right there. Screech blabs he was on the phone because Zack was keeping him on the phone after planting info that
the Drivers’ Ed keys were left unattended. They decide to teach Zack
a lesson before he attempts more vehicular manslaughter. Zack wants to know where his woman is. They say Kelly went home
because her head hurt. Zack, not a doctor, says she’s fine. Kelly pretends like she
doesn’t remember Zack and finally gets to
remove that tacky ring. But when Kelly says she remembers
Slater is her boyfriend, that’s too far, and Zack confesses, unwilling to give up a brain-damaged human he understands to be his property. Mr. Belding comes to
class for a confession. Zack says it’s fine
because Belding will say if nobody confessed, he’s disappointed but can’t get anyone in trouble. Only that doesn’t happen because that’s not how trouble works. Belding says everyone is now flunking, and they’ll have to repeat
Drivers’ Ed next year. Kelly, angel that she is, says it isn’t fair for everyone to suffer,
and she’ll take the heat. Slater, a gentleman, says he drove the car, so he’ll take the wrap. And with Belding almost out the door, Zack says it was his
fault, and he set Slater up to get caught in the stolen car, but only comes clean
because it was his last shot of maybe, eventually, securing that parked car handy. Let’s review. Zack Morris used jewelry
to pressure a girl into a relationship she didn’t want, ignored vital lessons
about driving safely, and when the first person
in his group of friends was about to get their license, planted seeds of mistrust with his instructor,
then used pay-offs, lies, and identity theft to
manipulate him into driving stolen school property with
the intent to get him busted, then distracted him while he
was operating a moving vehicle, causing an accident that
resulted in a head injury, and only confessed after
his wounded girlfriend pretended to have the kind of brain damage that would negate their spurious union, then let two victims take
the blame for their accident he caused and only accepted
defeat as a last-ditch effort to get the theoretical car
sex he felt entitled to. Zack Morris is trash.

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100 thoughts on “The Time Zack Morris Orchestrated A Car Accident That Almost Killed His Girlfriend

  1. Don't miss last week's episode where Zack forced a teacher's strike just so he could go skiing.

  2. this is out of date you might not want your hands at 10 and 2 as that would snap your wrist if the airbag goes off BUT drive with your hand in the way that feels good for you. lol that be 10 and 2 for most people

  3. The longer I marathon these, the more I feel like people look to this character as a positive rolemodel, instead of a negative one as intended.

  4. I always got confused Bc Slater and Jessie were a couple on and off. But Slater also has a huge crush on Kelly while single? No way

  5. One of the few times a new character doesn't mysteriously kill themselves and are never seen again.

  6. Wow, I never noticed it as a kid. Being really poor, I wanted so much to have Zachs life. Turns out, that character was a real scum bag

  7. The reference to Micheal Jackson may be in reference to the incident when his hair caught on fire and he likely even got second degree burns on his forehead, so his appearance afterwards without noticable burn marks and his full head of hair would suggest that the people operating on him did a great job.

  8. My god he's a psychopath! Coool I want to be just like him.

    I have got to stop smoking marijuana! Drugs are bad and evil.

  9. Idk why but first season i lmfao @ all 10 episodes..these r just as fucked up and sort of as diabolical but wtf bro im not lookin like 😆😂🤣….

  10. I just binge watched da fuck outta your videos. I never realized how much of an asshole Zack was. Commentary borderline genius/hilarious

  11. When I was young Zac was awesome and Slater always seemed to be the bad guy. Now I'm older I can understand they Slater is nothing less than a model human being and Zac Morris is Trash.

  12. Don't even think Zack Morris character would be allowed to take martial arts classes as he would likely continue to pick fights and lose

  13. Zack Morriss sacred place is still the dump – not because he's hoping to find lost treasure it's because he liked the smells

  14. How many times are they going to decide to teach Zack a lesson before they learn that Zack cannot be a semblance of good.

  15. It's alright, cause Zack Morris is,
    It's alright, cause Zack Morris IS,
    It's alright, cause Morris is trrrraaaash. 90s guitar solo

  16. This is hilarious. But zack and slater weren’t friends. They were rivals. Which kinda negates everything you said. But still hilarious. I’m binging all of these.

  17. Zack spends most of the times with his hands in his pocket because no sane person would allow him to touch them

  18. Zack Morris is a emotional and mental abuser to all his friends, family, or just about everyone around him. He is trash

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