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The ‘That’s So Raven’ When They Battled Racism At The Mall

The ‘That’s So Raven’ When They Battled Racism At The Mall

(slow music) – [Narrator] Corey wants pizza, but papa’s cooking soul food
for black history month. Corey says this month can pound pavement, he has to write a boring report about it. Raven and Chelsea are hitting the mall to apply for a job at Saseez, a store for teen girls, that
sounds like hell on earth. Chelsea has no experience, no skills, and no idea why she wants this job. Raven advises her to try a
little harder on the application. Raven listed she designs clothes. – Can whistle through nose. – [Narrator] God fucking damnit Chelsea. Chloe, the manager, tests the gals on their folding aptitude. Raven crushed it, she folded and organized like
an infomercial for Adderall, Chelsea on the other hand, God damnit Chelsea. Now they have to help a customer build an outfit from this tacky dungeon. Raven’s handling the
tall order like a pro, Chelsea is about as useless
as fake tits on a zebra. Chloe will be in touch. Meanwhile, Corey is
slacking on his report. Victor says he better put some
respect on this damn month, or he’ll be history. Raven tells Eddie she aced the interview, and Chelsea? participation trophy. Chelsea’s on the phone with Chloe, she starts at Saseez today. When does Raven start? Uh huh, yeaaaaaaaaaah, wellllll? Raven didn’t get the job. But she was so good, and Chelsea was so very very bad, why? It’s vision time. – The truth is, I don’t hire black people. – [Narrator] That’s so racist, Raven is shocked. But Eddie notes, you only see
white employees at Saseez, he keeps journals on it,
everyone needs a hobby. Chelsea, a white, didn’t know this racism
stuff was still around. Eddie emotionally recalls
losing a childhood best friend because of a bigoted father. Wow, that’s a heavy story. – Well I’m off to work. – [Narrator] Fuckin’ excuse me Chelsea? Chelsea’s just going in to quit, she’s an ally, although working there full time would certainly be the
best way to hurt Saseez. Meanwhile, Corey fell asleep, and Frederick fuckin’ Douglas
crawls out of his computer to introduce him to a veritable parade of dead African American trailblazers. Best black history month ever. Raven is bummed she lost a job to racism. A fact she only knows because she’s a magical black person on a show created by two
white people, but whatever. Victor wants to shut Saseez down. Mama notes that psychic premonitions don’t hold up well in court. Raven’s just one person,
she can’t change the world. Victor compares her to Rosa
Parks and Martin Luther King, which is a bit of a stretch for a part time position
at Saseez, but whatever. Time to expose that hateful bitch. The gang links up with a news reporter to catch Chloe with a
hidden camera in a hat, a crazy ugly hat. Raven is in position. Go team go. – Chelsea Daniels reporting
for her first day at work. – [Narrator] Fuckin’
hell Chelsea, not now. Enter this inconspicuous character. Chloe says keep an eye on that guy. – Certain kinds of people
need a little more attention. – [Narrator] Yeah,
white women named Chloe. Raven explains to Chelsea’s simple mind that she’s in disguise, a detail they could have
reviewed beforehand, and wildly unnecessary subterfuge as her father could have
easily played this part. Chloe steps in to, “may I help you?” Raven flashes credentials
that she’s Marvin Sweetback, the new international Saseez manager. Marvin wants to know why there’s no signs for a black history month sale. Is Chloe aware it’s black history month? – You do hire people of color, don’t you? – [Narrator] Laying it
on a little thick Marvin. Chloe saw a great black
applicant yesterday named Raven, she’ll call her. Raven’s phone is going
to give her away, see ya. Eddie comes back with her phone, great plan all around guys. And says he’s here to apply for a job. Is that a problem Chloe? – No, of course not. – [Narrator] Chloe’s tolerance is really throwing a wrench in things. Raven tells Chelsea to
get the goods on tape now. Chloe explains she’s only
pretending to hire Eddie, and plans to trash his application. Why would you ever do that Chloe? – Chelsea, can I trust you? – Aye aye boss. – The truth is I don’t hire black people. – [Narrator] Chelsea, I swear
to God with your nonsense. But Klu Klux Chloe says it
again, right into the hat, what a dummy. Master race my ass. Chloe is exposed, Chloe’s fired, racism is over. So what did we learn today? – I did not know black
history was so delicious. – [Narrator] Shut the fuck up Chelsea. There are despicable racist people hiding in plain sight. They’re named Chloe,
they work at the mall, and one person can make a difference. But you need hidden
cameras, prosthetic makeup, and the help of your local media. And you don’t need super powers to know a place named Saseez
is a fucking nightmare. See you next time on a
very special episode.

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100 thoughts on “The ‘That’s So Raven’ When They Battled Racism At The Mall

  1. This was my first exposure (or the first I remember) to current day racism. I remember being so surprised by this episode because I was a blissfully ignorant child that thought racism ended "loooong ago" with slavery.

  2. So she does not hire blacks because they are sneaky liars .so Raven and her friends prove it by sneaking around and lying

  3. Tbh this episode really showed me what racism was and why it’s bad as a little girl which was something I needed to learn as a white little girl.

  4. So, she didn't hire Raven because she was black, okay.
    Did she only hire Chelsea because she was white, even though she was terrible at the job?

  5. Please do a review of an episode of Kids WB's "Static Shock" about Richie's dad being racist towards black people.

  6. Far more realistic if store hired blacks and watched them via hidden cameras and captured all the theft and bullshit on the clock and giving merch away to their cousins and big mamas til the store is bankrupt

  7. Many people- who are all colors, still forget that Disney has had their own history of racism in television so this changes nothing about the same company who in the 30s to the 60s made racist-like cartoons and never felt wrong about it. now they got black actors and its all good…nah b

  8. So black history is so separate from white history that it gets its own special month. Remember class, we're not the same and that segregation of any kind is probably the way to go…bs

  9. So what did we learn today?

    Chelsea: "I did not know black history was so delicious."
    Narrator: Shut the fuck up, Chelsea."
    Jokes aside, Anneliese Van Der Pol is such a loving and joyful human being.

  10. I remember this episode confused the hell out of me as a kid. I didn't understand why an Chloe would not hire Raven when she obviously knew what she was doing, and I was even more confused when Chloe said "I don't hire black people." In fact, I didn't even know what it meant to be "black." I just saw everyone as the person they were. I didn't even know what race was until someone told me. Whoever said the quote, "The best way to end racism is to stop talking about it" was completely right.

  11. This narrator is such a hypocrite lol. He sits there shaming racism towards black people but spits all over white people and makes underlying racial remarks about them! It goes both ways ya know. Plus I've only seen videos on YouTube of a handful of racist whites, but I experience racism directed toward me and others on a weekly basis. Not to mention the trillions of racist remarks directed towards whites in comment sections. It's a two way street bro.

  12. I vividly remember watching this episode and the store manager stares straight at the camera and is like "I didn't hire her because she's BLACK"

    Edit: I was close

  13. Disney has had the nerve to give this show another life by the name of Raven's Home, and Chelsea still has her nonsense, I swear I'll commit a crime, AAAAAAAA ..

  14. “ a fact she only knows because she is a magical black person on a show written by 2 white people.. but w.e” killed me 😂😂😂😂

  15. If it were Sassy's policy to recognize Black History Month, it wouldn't take an "international manager" to personally inform a manager of a local store.

  16. 1. Ive literally never seen a black history month sale.
    2. Thats so raven also had an episode about a black exchange student from Africa that had so many stereotypes it was kinda gross

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