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The Scooters – South Park

The Scooters – South Park

♪ Knickety, knackety,
noo noo noo ♪ ♪ Hey, willy-wallacky,
hey, John Dougal ♪ ♪ A lane quo rooshety
roo roo roo ♪ [ Song plays on radio ] [ Scooter whirs ] [ Scooter whirs ] [ Tires screech ] Whoa, shit! M’kay! Hey, you had
a goddamn red light! Scooter guy: Sorry. [ Sighs ] Jesus Christ. Hey! Sorry. What the hell? Look at my car!
Who’s gonna pay for — Sorry, dude!
God damn it! Get off the God damn streets
with those things! [ Tires squeal ] [ Tires screeching ] [ Thudding ] Scooter guy:
Sorry, bro! [ Thud ] Oh, fuck me!

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100 thoughts on “The Scooters – South Park

  1. Remember 10 or so years ago when Razor scooters was the hottest thing? Everywhere I go, plazas, malls, parks, schools ( K-12 & college) corporate campuses, just everywhere. Then about a year or 2 later, that trend died. That's when I thought it all finally ended. Fast forward to 2019, boy was I wrong. The scooters are back for blood.

  2. Share scooters are often left on the sidewalk and in the way. Dont be afraid to move them to the curb, put them in a dumpster, throw them in a river, kick them onto a garden, push them into a park, move them to a handicapped parking space, urinate on them, tie you dogs poo bag to the handlebars, run them over with your SUV, spraypaint them orange, stack rubbish on them, squirt ketchup on the handlebars, chain them to a lamppost, call the police about the hazard they pose, leve raw fish guts on the foot pad, leave photos of people who died riding them on the handlebars, deflate the tyres, hit it with a hammer, kick it over or jump on it and have a ride until your run over by a Mack truck. In any case, they are a pain in the ass.

  3. The scooter thing is such BS, if we tried riding these on the streets when I was a kid a cop would show up outta nowhere like poof and lecture us about how he could arrest us for not staying on the sidewalk blah blah blah . But now all of a sudden it's ok and there's no rules and regulations on it. Fuk that.

  4. In Australia, I get thumbs up from drivers. Mind you, I'm not going around smashing into cars, I follow the road rules just like everyone else.

  5. Where I’m at in bali it’s not these, but the full size motorized scooters, “mopeds”. They clog up the roads with literally over a million of them and they all drive like absolute fucking idiots.

  6. It was inevitable that when all the kids that used these 'scooters' grew up, they'd want to ride them around everywhere as 'adults', as they never learned how to ride a bicycle. They look slightly less stupid than Segway riders. Only slightly…

  7. South Park being paid by the oil industry and car industry. The end for those is near, lots of people will have to learn to adapt to the new reality. You have to be very very stupid to prefer cars in warm weather instead of light electric vehicles. The pollution, the space cars take in the city! Space that could be filled with trees and grass and flowers!

  8. All things that they say "ecologic" are dirt. The best and more clean energy is nuclear, but they insist it is the energy by wind and solar. Lies and lies.

  9. Fuck me, did it spread TOTALLY aronud the world already?! Like a fucking cancer, I thought it's just a local desease, I can't believe it when I read the comments…

  10. This is the start to the evolutionary change to bipedal homo sapiens not to mention changes to the brain. Lost are quite walks in the park or along the beach, instead there will be augmented reality to try and stimulate the brain dead.

  11. This isn't the majority, but this does happen more than it should. Seriously, have these people ever ridden a bike? And stop carrying them across the street, it's easy just to push.

  12. One of those scooter hipsters managed to get on the highway here in germany. Almost got himself killed. Police had to get him off the highway.

  13. Bro, this became popular in my city for about 3 months. Thank God they got banned. Dudes were driving that shit in the highway and kids were getting hurt

  14. Combine the stupidity of pedestrian right if way with a motorized vehicle and you get super dumb. They should require the scooter companies to have liability and medical insurance charges.

    People are just too dumb for this device.

  15. I lived in Denver when these were getting popular. Some guy or guys stole 50 or so of them and lit them on fire LOL

  16. These fucking electric scooters has showing up lately here, esp now when its winter its dark and snowy and can barely see shit when driving. And suddenly you got a scooter passing by from nowhere just swooshing by. They also leave these fuckers in the middle of the roads and in intersections. Fucking godammit

  17. I rimmed a scooter price on my bicycle the other week in Dublin city centre. Everyone flocked to help, and make a fuss, and then ask what my problem was, it's a pedestrian crossing. I said, "it's a green light, and I'm a road user, perhaps he shouldn't have been on his phone."
    A pair of Gardaí were walking by (there usualy isn't one too far when you're in town on a week day) cald him down, took his details, shooed away the fuss party, and then suggested he not try to take any legal action against me. As he as A) using an electric scooter on pedestrian paths, B) on his phone, and C) just crossing the road expecting the cyclist to stop for him.

    In the end, nothing happened to my bike, I wasn't injured, he trashed his phone, wrecked his hands and jeans.
    So I have the same set of words, I have for any fellow cyclists who never learned what, green,amber, and red mean on the road.
    F*** 'im! He deserved it!

  18. i don't understand how these things work… aren't you supposed to wear a helmet on one of those thing to be legal ? they are motorized after all

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