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The safest way to buy a car right now.

The safest way to buy a car right now.

Hi folks, David Surguine with McLarty Nissan. Let me tell you first, How much we appreciate you. We value our customers, And we just really appreciate your business. I want to share with you a little bit about what we are doing in these times, To help keep our colleagues safe, To keep our customers safe, We are spending an enormous amount of time disinfecting all of our work stations, all of our phones, our computers, our desktops, We want to make sure that we disinfect and keep everybody safe, Not only are we keeping everybody safe in the showrooms, In the service drive when our customers come in, We wipe down their cars before we send them back to the shop, When they come back from the shop, We wipe them down, disinfect them before we give it back to you. With these times that we are going through right now, The manufacturers have increased incentives to a point to where it really makes sense, If you are in the market for a car. To take advantage of it, As a matter of fact, we’ve got 0% financing up to 72 months, on 12 new Nissan models. That’s nearly everything in stock. We also have deferred payments up to 90 days. There is a good deal out there right now, If you are in the market for a car. But don’t forget, is a very safe way to go find a vehicle that you are looking for. And we can do everything online, or over the telephone. And if it makes more sense to you, We will be glad to bring the vehicle to your house, And do the paperwork there that’s necessary. But we are going to work together with you and with the community, To keep everybody safe, And let me say again, We value you as a customer, We appreciate you very much, And we hope to see you soon.

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