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The ‘Punky Brewster’ When The Challenger Space Shuttle Exploded

The ‘Punky Brewster’ When The Challenger Space Shuttle Exploded

(gentle music) – [Narrator] Brandon’s unwinding with a little National Puppy Radio while Punky’s bed blogging. A couple weeks back some shit went down. All the way down. Henry suggested she blog
about it to feel better. – What made me so sad was that the space shuttle blew up. – [Narrator] This better be
one hell of a blog, folks. It all started with some
extremely cute dog magic. Punky loves magic, she
made her parents disappear. Her next trick? Slobbery slight of hand to ease
viewers into this hellscape. Punky says tomorrow’s career day. It’s gonna be fuckin’ sick, bruh. Henry says this is a
perfect time for a present he’s been waiting to give her orphan ass. It’s a camera. A really old camera. – It’s the first camera I ever used. – It looks like the first
camera anybody ever used. (audience laughs) – [Narrator] Ah, the
joys of adopting a child just so she can roast you. Punky’s not interested
in prehistoric Instagram. And Henry can put that nice camera all the way inside his butt because she already knows what she wants to be when she grows up. But first more dog magic. Brandon wants to show Henry his new trick. Henry reluctantly agrees
to see a dog attempt magic. I mean obviously this ain’t gonna happen. (audience laughing) – That’s amazing! Good boy. – [Narrator] Yo, that is not
the appropriate response level when a motherfucking dog does motherfucking magic, like not even close. Career day’s popping off. Ballerinas and clowns and doctors, oh my! Freddy wants to be Batman
before he got a real costume. Allan brought a gun to school, when he grows up he
wants to be the future. Margeaux wants to be the
prize lady on a game show. But does she have what it takes? (kids laugh) – Peasants! – [Narrator] A star is born. And Punky wants to go to
Coachella with her dog. But since they don’t let
dogs in to Coachella, she’ll settle for being an astronaut. She wants to discover new planets where she also has no parents. And Brandon wants to be the first hound to chew his ass on Mars. Now all the kids wanna be astronauts. Because they’re dumb and Job Halloween is a giant waste of time. Mike says this is the best
week to get stoked on space. The Challenger shuttle’s
launching with a teacher on board. – I’m gonna bring my television and we can all watch the launch together, would you like that? – [Kids] Yeah! – [Narrator] I’ve got a
great feeling about this. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. – We were watching the
space shuttle take off and– – Yes? (somber music) – It exploded. – [Narrator] Henry wonders
if perhaps an antique camera might dry those tears. – The shuttle exploded? Are you sure? – [Narrator] The fuck kind
of question is that Henry? He tries to see for himself,
but Punky says please, no. She hates re-runs. Punky says the class counted
down to launch and cheered. Then stopped cheering 73 seconds later. – All of a sudden, there was a big flash, and smoke went in all directions. – Yes? – [Narrator] For a
professional photographer, Henry sure is taking a
while to get the picture. Punky says Mike turned it off
and everyone started to cry. Then they said a prayer for the astronauts and also the TV writers who will be asked to tackle this tomorrow. Punky demands answers. Why? Henry says sometimes bad
things happen to good people. So those astronauts must’ve been some really, really good people. Mike’s reviewing for their
tragedy midterm on the floor, because lately it seems
like the further you get from the ground the more
likely it is you’ll explode. – I kept hoping they’d go to a commercial, when they came back, the
astronauts would be saved by Mr. T. – [Narrator] I pity the
fool who has to raise Allan. Punky thinks they were brave. Mike agrees and tells the class they should all be proud of
these courageous explorers. Allan’s dad says this is
gonna be the end of NASA. Mike tells Allan his dad’s an alcoholic. Margeaux bets the next
time they ask a teacher to go to space, they’ll say no. Mike says he’d do it in a second because she wildly overestimates
the quality of life for a public educator in America. These traumatized youths no
longer want to be astronauts. Then they gang up on Punky for
still wanting to go to space. Because it’s not bad enough
she watched her heroes burn to death in the
sky on live television, now she’s getting clowned
on for having dreams. Meanwhile a palate-cleansing B-story about Henry helping Betty with a dress. One small who cares for man, one giant oh my god who cares for mankind. Knock knock, Houston, we have a cameo. – Betty Johnson, meet Buzz Aldrin. – [Narrator] Betty is
thrilled to meet Buzz. And wants to know if those
YouTube documentaries about aliens and shit are for real, right after she grabs Punky. Mike says Buzz was in town for a lecture and he told him all about Punky. And Buzz dropped everything
to cheer up this emo orphan. Buzz said he heard Punky
wants to be an astronaut but now her friends think she’s cray cray. Growing up, a lot of kids
called Buzz cray cray, too, but he showed all those stupid assholes. Buzz says astronauts are explorers. And explorers are often labeled loony. Like Columbus when people
thought the earth was flat. Or the visionary who first
milked a cow and drank it. You know that guy caught
some heat out of the gate. Buzz gives Punky a Young Astronaut shirt. She can wear it to let bullies know she loves math and science to streamline their locker
shoving selection process. Brandon wants to be a
young astronaut, too. Because he’s not giving up on his dreams of zero gravity lipstick licks. Punky concludes her blog saying, meeting Buzz Aldrin was all kinds of tits. And a little shuttle moping will not stand in the way of her plan to
blast off on all her haters. So what did we learn today? Be careful what you wish for. Because if you wish to
one day be an astronaut, you might see a spaceship explode before the next commercial break. And the world is a scary
place where sometimes, good people explode for
no discernible reason. But you can’t let that or a room full of indecisive peers
stop you from your goals. And if you’re doing an episode
about horrific tragedy, lead with dog magic, throw some costume kids in the middle, and close with an old guy wearing a dress. And there’s nothing, and I mean nothing, that can’t be fixed with a free t-shirt. See you next time on
A very special episode. (whirs and creaks)

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100 thoughts on “The ‘Punky Brewster’ When The Challenger Space Shuttle Exploded

  1. Previously on A Very Special Episode: The 'Diff'rent Strokes' with the Bicycle Man child molester

  2. I was in preschool when the Challenger tragedy occurred, and those days kind of blur together. I do remember where I was when I heard about the shuttle Columbia's disintegration on reentry in February of '03. I'd missed the news in the morning, but later that day I was at a restaurant on my lunch break, watching TV at the bar. I was already two beers in, so I had a third in their honor

  3. Punky so happens to be my nickname that my mom had given me because my dad used to dress me up in colorful clothing and that’s how I earned my nickname of “Punky”

  4. I remember it disrupting a the 2nd part of a GI Joe 2 part episodes. I was so pissed. Snakeyes was to fight Skeletons in a castle, but I would never find out

  5. Is this the same girl who plays Screech’s gold digging “girlfriend” in the sbtb episode where they make spaghetti sauce?

  6. The picture shown in Punky's presentation is of Sally Ride, not Christa McAuliffe, the teacher who died in the Challenger accident.

  7. My dad found out the Challenger disaster when he called my mom during his lunch break. She was naturally in tears. My dad claims he was devastated (I'm sure he was) but admits to thinking "how can I steer this sad conversation into a reminder to tape Miami Vice tonight?"

  8. Holy shit! Do they put Buzz Aldrin on ice when he isn't making public appearances!? The guy looks just a few years older 30+ years later.

  9. "Ah the joys of adopting a child so they can roast you!!" Im adopted and that was fucking hilarious!!!! Lol

  10. so this is the punkle brewsty? i dun heard mad smack bout this lil elf but never stepped to til literally today right now. my tv game just stepped up to a whole new level. where have i been the last 20 years? … oh yea…. getting high on that felony criminal possession, damn dawg i gotta straighten out whatever i got left in my life or ima be that fool mackin at dunkin real talk

  11. Is this the episode where he gets a blowjob from a bubble gum chewing hooker under the podium while Mahoney stands there winking at him and staring him in the eye while he gets his bell-end chewed on?

  12. Henry played the commandant in police academy the guy who got blown by the hooker standing at the podium funniest scene in that movie.

  13. For real though, what lunatic thought that drinking the liquid that squirts out of a cows tits was a good idea?

  14. wondering if she was still a child in the early 2000s would she suddenly get a desire to watch the twin towers on September for no particular reason.

  15. “Watched her heroes burn to death in the sky on live tv” is the most hilarious and grim thing I’ve ever heard

  16. Man, there are so many great jokes in here that are coming so fast I can barely keep up. This is great humor. Oh Punky, oh Punky, you have a dog named Brandon

  17. My mom actually had a similar experience. Her whole middle school were all gathered around a TV set up in the gym when it happened.

  18. I recently read an article that said, based on the way the shuttle broke up, most of the astronauts in the shuttle were probably still alive and conscious after the explosion and likely could see that they were falling and going to crash.

  19. " The Shuttle exploded ? Are you sure ? "
    Well if it didn't that sure was the craziest ass fireworks I ever saw

  20. The line "because lately it seems like the further you get from the ground the more likely it is you'll explode" made me lose it! LOL

  21. What's crazy is I actually have clearer memories of watching this episode of Punky Brewster the first time it aired then the actual Challenger explosion. I'm pretty sure I saw that live, but I hated watching any kind of news and I was like 4 so I probably wasn't actually paying attention.

  22. Margo?…you mean Amy Schumer!
    Brandon wants to know why em USSR A-Holes orbited Laika!

  23. my mom saw the challenger explode. she was watching it on TV at school when it happened. that seems so
    t r a u m a t i c

  24. The fucked up thing is challenger was a major hoax. Nobody was on that rocket. And they used television programming to pull at the heart stings by using lil kids

  25. They knew the Earth was round when Columbus sailed, he thought it was pear shaped and much smaller than it was…

  26. Not gonna lie- the way she explained what happened, watching it at school, boom, tv off, prayer for the astronauts- that's how it went down for me. It was seriously fucked up- and schools didn't show live launches again after that…

  27. Am I the only person freaked out about the brainwashery of sit com reaction episodes of this event? I mean … And I don't recall but did they do sit com episodes about the twin towers? Maybe…. They did do commercial ads. Anyway just seems off to make us time in to see how our TV famillys set the tone for us.

  28. I was watching this with my friend and she said of course she wants to be an astronaut she's asian i started laughing and crying but not because of the same reason

  29. @4:18 This is true, I work for NASA and we had to edit out the footage of Buzz on the Moon when he first sets foot on the lunar surface, he turns to the camera and yells: "Fuck you Robert Smith!! In 3rd grade, you said I was a fool for wanting to be a pilot and go into space. Well, now I'm on the Moon, MOTHER FUCKER, and you're an alcoholic whose wife is sleeping with the mailman!" He then turns to Armstrong and says: "Beautiful view."

  30. I was her age when that happened too. I remember my teacher taking the whole class outside to watch the blast off. So because we live in Florida and where we live in Florida we could see the shuttles taking off. I remember seeing the shuttle blow up in the sky. It was tramatizing.

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