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The Least Reliable Car to Buy for a Daily Driver

The Least Reliable Car to Buy for a Daily Driver

rev up your engines, scotty I’m planning to
buy a 1993 Toyota Crown Royal saloon is it good for
daily driving, those were great vehicles back in 1993
now you’re talking about 27 year old car I don’t advise anybody to buy a 27 year
old car for daily driving too many things can go wrong, it’s a Toyota yes
but it’s old the rubber stuff can start to rot and something as dumb as the
rear main seal on the engine for the engine oil it’s gonna be worn and if
it goes off and it starts pouring oil on the ground you’re gonna have to pull the
transmission off to change a ten-dollar part that’s gonna cost you probably a
thousand bucks to take the transmission apart and get to the engine and put it
in and then put it all back together again, you have to understand you got
cars that are 27 years old they’re not made for
daily driving anymore, even guys I know that have classic cars they don’t drive
them every day even if they’ve been fully done over and they got a hundred
grand in them you know, if they drive every day they’re gonna wear stuff out
just cause it’s so old, Robert says I just watched your video and why not to
buy an Optima battery and I don’t care what they say about you Scotty you know
what you’re talking about, the reliability of these Optima batteries is
completely gone to poop, keep these videos coming more people need your
experience, well that’s what I’m here for years and years ago I told people buy
these Optima batteries they were excellent batters but their quality is
one they move their factory to Mexico fired all the Americans the most evil
thing of all, they go down to Mexico so they can make them cheaper, but now the
prices today are more than twice what they were 15 years ago,
so they doubled their prices and the quality has gone downhill and when I see
stuff like that I love telling people about it because I used to be so mad I
saw all these problems things that were made wrong and I tell the custumer
that’s one person I can tell millions of people, so when you have problems make
sure you tell me about it and I can talk about them too, so maybe you
won’t buy it or eventually these companies will have to build them better
gonna go out of business cuz ultimately if you don’t buy
corporation’s products, they will go out of business they’re just there to sell
things and if they don’t sell them they go out of business, Cuban school says
scotty’s wrong here when he says Dodge quality went down since Fiat stepped in
I think it’s the other way around, well I don’t know about that because I don’t
know that Fiat quality could go any lower and yeah the Dodge quality wasn’t
that great either I mean that’s sort of like which came first the chicken in the
egg you know you got a point there cuz Chrysler quality has always been and
Fiat qualities is low, so it’s like a downhill merger of two bad companies
see how low can they go a lower and lower, Fiat Chrysler boy they’re making
the bar go lower and lower I’ll say that, hey scotty do those ultrasonic devices that
run off the battery work, yeah I even made a
video on that, they do actually work but you gotta buy the good ones that are two
frequencies because originally they were one frequency it’s ultra sonic sound
that we can’t hear but the rodents can, I even kind of wondered do these
things really do anything, I got a marksman which is an ultrasonic
listening kit for listening to wheel bearings and stuff, and it picks up an
ultrasonic sound so when I got that I put it on, I put it next to one of these
things and yeah it would go and you’d hear the sound so the rats hear that
and don’t like it, but from what I’ve researched the rats get used to it
and they just ignore it right, but the good ones are dual signals make all
kinds of noise and they can’t get used to the vacillating pitch and it drives
them nuts, I actually have them inside the walls of our house this old
beam house we used to get rats in the winter and we hear them behind our bed
post inside the wall scratching away when they had babies you hear a little
squeaking and everything, we’d pound on the walls in the middle night they’d shut up
for a while, but then they’d come back, I stuck the noise ones, the ones that go weee
in and put the plaster over and painted it, guess what they all ran away and never
came back, we don’t get that noise anymore it really does work so you can
get one of those, gus says hey Scotty are you the back to future professor cuz
you’re freaking knowledgable love your videos, well no I am NOT but I actually
was once a professor at the University of Illinois, I was writing my PhD there
my wife always laughs and said gee I thought you were gonna be a doctor now
you just a mechanic fixing things well it’s kind of funny people always said uh
grease monkey what does a stupid mechanic know,
my grandfather was a mechanic too, now he wasn’t educated he was a country boy, he
grew up in a country but he was very smart, now he was a very good contract
bridge player the card game and he had no training on that, he just picked it up
so don’t think that mechanics are stupid people, and these days, now a lot of
them are like we don’t want to be known as mechanics we’re
technicians, well I want to be known as a mechanic it’s a cooler name anyways
technician that’s too nerdy, I like the idea mechanic, but universal mechanic
I like that, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos
remember to ring that Bell

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100 thoughts on “The Least Reliable Car to Buy for a Daily Driver

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  2. Dear Scotty, please make a video of what tools should I carry in my car for emergency repairs besides spare wheel change tools?

  3. I recently finished working for Chrysler. They are made of plastic for most of their safety components. The wiring is still junk. Exterior engine components are plastic any more and crap out every other year. The transmission's and PTO 's fail on a regular basis and most fiat parts are expensive junk. The 3.0 diesel engines fail all the time and fiat now have 150,000 mile warranties to replace the engines. The 1.4 fiat engines are complete junk.

  4. My guess is that all Toyota's on the road have at least one part in them where the supplier was never paid for it.

  5. I have an early 90s Accord which I drive often. But I have repaired it for years, do all the maintenance. I do have a backup car in case I have to replace something like a fuel pump, etc. I also use Haynes, Chilton, and Honda repair manuals. I am glad I can fix a lot of things (and still learning), otherwise the repair costs would be huge!
    So you can daily drive a 30 year old car, as long as you maintain it and inspect it regularly for needed repairs. Most people probably won't do this, so for them daily driving it could be costly and very troublesome if maintenance (regular) is not done.

  6. Those Accords in the thumnail are one of the most reliable in the world. Many still get used as a daily driver with no problems and 300.000 on the clock. The thing is cars that old have usually had every worn out part replaced by now so they are good for another 300.000! I have owned 5 of them.

  7. Scotty can you talk about the problem with Honda/Toyota and their spy based insulation on the wiring. I have had squirrels nest in my Tacoma e gone bay and chew the wiring. Now Honda does make Special electrical tape that is spicy like hot peppers as a deterrent to rodent attacks. Thanks Mike

  8. We used to have rats in the house….wtf?? You made way to many YouTube videos to live in a rat infested house . Jesus

  9. I had a 1999 Dodge Intrepid. Engine blew up in 51,000 miles. Had many friends who owned Dodge hemi and magnum trucks. They all rattled apart or dash buttons fell off within 2 years. I purchased a Ford F-250 FX in 2003 just recently sold it with 300,000 miles . There is a reason why most heavy high construction companies use ford as company trucks.

  10. I feel Chrysler and Mitsubishi should do something together again. It was mutually beneficial back in the day and neither one could get any worse…

  11. Just bought a 93 Mercury Villager for 900 to commute 20 miles for 5 days a week….. Only had a power steering hose leak and needs a slight alignment. I guess I should be worried?

  12. I bought one of those ultra sonic noise maker to keep crickets away. I went down to the basement and found a cricket next to that thing. It was having a chirp match to see who could make the most noise.

  13. What came first? The chicken or the egg. Of course the egg came first, dinosaurs layed eggs then dinosaurs turned into chickens

  14. Scotty has a point… last year I bought a ‘92 Accord for a spare/fun car but it does get used as a daily driver. This one had 164k miles when I got it and it’s a manual transmission, those are two things that sold me on the car plus I’d heard good things about the early 90s Accords. But Scotty is right, many of the rubber bushings and boots underneath were rotten/torn, and although I’m mechanically inclined and replaced the stuff myself it still has cost hundreds of dollars to buy the parts. I knew this car would need some TLC when I got it – I got it as a mechanic hobby car too. But would it have been worth it to pay someone else to perform these repairs? Heck no! It’s been a fun car but listen to Scotty and just know what you’re getting into 🙂

  15. Hiya Scotty.
    When you say something kinda-like… ‘what came first, the hen or the egg?’ It makes me contemplate.
    Just sayin’

    Anyways Scotty, just between you and me… I 🤔 if the rooster came first? Exspecially, if it was a young cock 🐓

  16. I'm going to have to disagree on this one, Scotty. I know plenty of people who daily drive even older cars (from the 80s). If perishable parts are replaced accordingly there is no problem.

  17. 😂"technician"…Yeah..If I walk into a place and see one of those guys with the fancy shirt and clipboard I turn right around and walk out…A good honest mechanic is hard to find these days but I had a saab and the accessory belt went…It was facing the fender and the repair manual said it was a 5 hr job…I wanted it done asap so I brought it to a mechanic recommended by a co worker…He said he'd get started on it the next morning..He calls me at around 9am and says "its all done"??? 60$ or so in labor…He said I got tired of taking everything apart on these things so I made my own tool just for these things…lol..Lot of saabs up here in nepa…

  18. My youngest daughter is driving her late dad's 1999 Toyota Rav 4 it's as old as her and still running strong. I just recently bought my 2010 Toyota Sienna and I love it…

  19. Totally agree on Dodge Fiat quality, crap squared. Why are you showing a 90's honda accord in the thumbnail? Aside from 100k timing belts they seem indestructable.

  20. My 21 year old Acura TL runs fine and is a great daily driver. I even did deliveries with the thing. Lol

  21. Scotty made in México is well made, and because its cheaper to make. But the US corporations are put the final price in the US.

  22. Got a 1991 S-10, Man, 2.8L, 202,000 mi, a 1992 Buick Century Custom, Auto, 3.3L, 144,000 mi, a 1999 VW Cabrio GLS, Auto, 2.2L, 104,000 mi, a 2015 Toyota Tacoma, Auto, 2.7L w/header, 40,000 mi, all maintained and running and driving perfectly. I'm keeping my faith in the Car Gods.

  23. Fiat cannot be lower in quality. Theres a reason why mechanics call them 'Fix It Again Tomorrow'.
    Probably one of the better manufacturers is probably skoda. Some of the ugliest cars I've ever looked at but no denying they make the VW engine more powerful and efficient and everything is put together very well.
    VW probably regretting it a bit.

  24. Instead of a Toyota Crown, you're better off with a 20+ year old Lexus LS400 as it was sold in the U.S. and meets all roadworthy requirements.

  25. The Honda Accord in the thumbnail I daily drove mine for 2 days without a problem but this was back in 2015 my 97 Accord EX is now 23 years old I haven't drove her in a while 370,000 kilometers on the body

  26. What if it's fun pulling engines/trans, huh??
    I joke, but in all seriousness I will always drive 90's vehicles.

  27. I can see why old cars aren't great daily drivers.. Although my 29 year old car has been decent to me, no repair that i needed has ever left me stranded and thats what matters most.

  28. Scotty what do you think of a 1997 toyota camry with 192k kilometers and it is the xle 3.0 194hp and 209tq and still runs great with no rust what so ever because of rustproofing

  29. I agree that Dodge quality has gone down since fiat bought Chrysler; but their quality isnt as bad as you lead on, especially their trucks.

  30. people dont need dumb advice.. most people cant afford to buy new cars every year. i have a 20 year old toyota and its running great … =D

  31. Regarding the use of sound to annoy rats I used a similar technique over a decade ago when I sent my son home to my ex-wife with an electric guitar and a very powerful amplifier. It worked like a charm…

  32. That's the purchase of my 27 year old Toyota completed, time to have a sip of coffee and see what Scotty's latest video is about…

  33. When people stop buying a corporation's products, they won't go out of business, they will ask for a government bailout

  34. nothing wrong with "mechanic". It used to be used for the finest workers. Disston's top level saws had the phrase "For Mechanics, not Botchers" on them.

  35. 02 Civic Si 275,000miles runs great 👌
    Like anything with high mileage you're going to have to replace stuff .

  36. At what mileage or age it would be best to sell you car? I had two Honda Civic '92 and '06. The first got 320,000 with no problems. The second got $340,000. Both were running very well when I sold them. I am just curious, what is the normal age for a vehicle to get rid of it?

  37. I daily drive my car and its 29 years old and with one million miles and it never breaks down except for the brake system

  38. See that´s why In German it is now "Auto Mechatroniker" (mechatronic) which is a combination of mechanic and electronics technician. 😀

  39. Bought my 24 year old ford ranger 4 banger for $1,000 and it’s only needed a battery after the original was 4 years old and been daily driving for two years haven’t even replaced the brakes yet😅

  40. As a 16y/o I'm looking at buying a 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva S w 61k miles looks solid. it started right up but wont idle due to bad gas(i think) it sat for 8years in flat florida land(the guy has better cars) $800. Think its worth it?

  41. I daily drove an 89 civic with 240 thousand miles and put 30000 miles but i did a crap load of work thru out but drove 100 plus miles a day and bought it for 800 dollars at 194000 miles

  42. The Italians can't make cars for crap. it could be $1 million car or a FIAT they are all crap, unreliable, expensive to fix and over priced. The Brits and French not any better either LOL.

  43. Hi Mr.Scotty, I'm planning to buy Haval H1(China car) , what's your opinion? Haval H1 from China is that good car and worth to buy? your answer will help me much

  44. We had a fleet of 200 Dodge Stratus (Strati) and the quality was so bad the company determined the downtime was still costing the company although the cars were leased on very favorable terms. The company went to a Chevrolet Impala as an option resulting in significantly less downtime and the Impala was nothing to cheer about which will tell you how bad the Stratus was in terms of reliability. We used to say that the Dodge Stratus had only one redeeming feature and that was since they were leased "we did not own them".

  45. The problem is you're biased and everything that fails is confirmation of what you believe. It's very easy to be a critic and be right.

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