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The Last Person You Want to Get Rear-Ended By – Key & Peele

The Last Person You Want to Get Rear-Ended By – Key & Peele

Wow! You really came
out of nowhere. What?
No. No, I was stopped
at that stop sign. Yeah. Listen, let’s just
exchange information and have our insurance
companies take care of it. Right. Yeah. I’m gonna get my info. Yes, please. Hey, no, what–
what are you doing? What are you doing?
– Huh? Why did you start the engine? What engine? The engine of your car. Did I? Yes. I was just trying to get
the information for you from the glove box. Do you need to start your car
to open your glove compartment? Uh…yeah? Okay, you know what,
how about I just– I get your insurance
information now. – Right?
– Sure. Hey, dude, no.
Hey–hey, hey–stop! Stop, stop, stop! Where the hell are you going? Uh…nowhere? Give me the information
right now! – Okay.
– Right now. Do you understand?
– Okay, okay. All right, sorry.
I–I misunderstood. I don’t see how. All right, here it is. No, no, I–no. Your–your insurance
information. – I just did.
– This is a Walgreens receipt. Ohhh. Ohhh? Here it is. – “License to fart.”
– [laughs] Here it is. What is that? Now you’re just miming. You know what, give me
your insurance information right now, or I’m
calling the cops! – Okay, all right.
– Okay? Okay, dude, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. That’s just–
that’s my personality. I was messing with you. I apologize. I thought you were
gonna take off and– and flee the scene. Yeah, no, I’m not,
well. Then how am I gonna
get my car fixed? I–we just had an accident. It’s obviously not the time
or the place, so I’m–I’m sorry. Here you go.
Here it is. I mean, can you imagine,
though? Yeah, that you were gonna
take off? – Yeah.
– Yeah, I can imagine that. And it’s giving me chills
up my fucking spine. Anyway.
Here’s the real insurance card, and, uh…let me know
what you think. “Official laminated license
to fart.” What the fuck–hey! Hey!
No, hey! (Keegan-Michael)
God damn it! Son of a bitch! I am a sociopath!

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100 thoughts on “The Last Person You Want to Get Rear-Ended By – Key & Peele

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  2. nah. I love these 2 entirely but no, this is just somethin anyone can do. Come on guys, we love your whole symbiosis. Do better than this plz.

  3. That's why I take a picture of the license plate and let the police handle the rest. I dont even greet them first anymore I just start taking pictures becouse I've had people take off like that before.

  4. Sometimes you gotta take your phone out and start recording immediately. It’s also sad that everyone should have a dash cam as well for evidence

  5. A drunk guy hit me from behind while I was at a red light and took off after he Pretended get his insurance. But I was high on meth so I couldn’t call the cops 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. as soon as he started that engine he should've been dragged out that car and beaten like a runaway slave…

  7. Some are sociopaths, the others are just assholes, it's funny how people usually confuse pampered spoiled persons with real sociopaths and psicos, the difference is very simple, just kick their asses the sociopaths doesn't even care, the pampered spoiled ones, start to complain and behave just like a regular person and call you what they wanted to be, CRAZY.

  8. I would have just taken a picture of it and then recorded it and then when he pulled away pretend to get hit by the car and fall to the ground with the camera rolling in just the right angle. 😀 For science.

  9. Wow, Keegun does a really good job of portraying an average 9-5 office worker who’s stressed out and a little on edge…

    Like, a really good job…

  10. Too unrealistic. Gun fire would have been initiated by one or both parties in most parts of the U.S. even before the Walgreen's receipt exchanged hands. lol
    P.S. How many of you are googling how to get your hands on an official, laminated, license to fart?

  11. I know there is someone like this in this comment thread. Tell me..

    WHAT DO YALL DO WHEN YA LEAVE??? Just dump your car and get a new one? Like what is going on in your head?!

    – Sincerely a Good Samaritan trying to understand y’all

  12. Hold on. Pay attention to where he pointed and the background lol. Jordan might had been in the right. Lol but unfortunately although he might have stopped again after the sign he still wrong legally.

  13. If you’ve ever been in an accident with any of the 1 in 8 drivers who are uninsured, you’ve been in EXACTLY this situation.

  14. Sad thing is that I would rather crash into dude who drove away. He would save me the trouble so I wouldn't have to

  15. Naw, it's getting hit by an illegal immigrant with no insurance when you only have liability. You better make sure you have or add uninsured motorists on your car insurance. Not a fun predicament to be in. Good thing I listened to my insurance agent and got it.

  16. A guy rear ended me once doing about 30 mph then just ran away on foot and reported the car stolen.
    The cops said there was nothing they could do.
    Pretty good move, I guess.

  17. The sad part is he didn't use his probably very expensive phone to take a simple few pictures. Fuck the insurance exchange until after you snap their info.

  18. Why’d he have to be portraying a douche driving a car similar to the one I own? Not all camaro owners are like this b t dubs lmao

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