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The Highway Where Cars are Banned

The Highway Where Cars are Banned

This video was made possible by Hover. Get 10% off your custom domain by going to A great man once said, “highways normally
have cars on them.” That great man was me, just now, at the beginning
of this video, but while it’s true that highways are traditionally used by cars, it’s
also important to remember that life is a highway, and that life is unpredictable—which
means that by the transitive property, highways are unpredictable, which may explain how we
ended up with the strange, confusing, charmingly bizarre Michigan road that is M-185: the only
highway in America where cars are completely banned. Now, you may be wondering, “why would a
highway ban cars? Aren’t cars the whole reason highways exist—for
cars to drive on them? Seriously HAI dude, I don’t get it, I need
answers; are you gonna explain what’s going on here!” To that I would say, “yeah, obviously I’m
going to explain; that’s the whole point of this channel. There’s no need to get so aggressive, imaginary
viewer who I created.” Anyways, in order to calm that hypothetical
person down, let’s get to explaining. While most highways go to scary places, like
hell or the danger zone, M-185 goes around beautiful Mackinac Island, a 4.4 square mile,
or 11.3 square kilometer island in Lake Huron that looks like the kind of charming, picturesque
small town community that would be rocked to its core by a grisly murder in a Stephen
King novel. Mackinac Island has many attractions for tourists
of all kinds: if you’re into sports, you can check out their famed golf course, if
you like culture, you can visit their renowned art exhibits, and if you’re afraid of the
inevitable takeover of mankind by machines, you can enjoy the island’s total ban on
cars, which has been in place for over 100 years. You see, back in 1898, the good people of
Mackinac became terrified of a strange new-fangled invention called the automobile—so scared,
in fact, that they passed a city ordinance declaring, “ that the running of horseless
carriages be prohibited within the limits of the village of Mackinac.” It’s the kind of law that’s funny because
it was clearly written in a different, less enlightened era, like the laws that prohibit
buying booze on Sundays, or the Second Amendmn——oh I should not have said that, I should not
have said that. Anyways, after Mackinac Village outlawed those
dastardly horseless carriages, they probably thought that would be that—but then in 1900,
a law-defying rapscallion named Earl C Anthony brought his Locomobile onto the island, and
while driving in Mackinac State Park, he ended up scaring several horses, which was particularly
a problem because those horses were attached to carriages, and those carriages had people
in them, and people in carriages don’t like crashing into things, which is what tends
to happen when the horses they’re attached to get scared. So, in 1901, the Mackinac Islands State Park
Commission passed a separate law, which banned all cars from Mackinac Park—which takes
up over 80% of the island. Seeing as the other 20% is taken up by the
village, which had banned automobiles three years prior, that meant that… let me do
the math here… eighty plus twenty, carry the one, add five, subtract five, divide by
three, multiply by six, divide by two…that meant 100% of the island had banned cars. Yet, despite this ban, from 1900 to 1910,
the state of Michigan began building a road on the island, with the intention of helping
people get around using other modes of transportation that were popular at the time—carriage,
horseback, foot, even those stupid giant bicycles. In fact, the road was intentionally built
more narrow than traditional highways, because the state didn’t intend for cars to drive
on it, but you didn’t click on this video to hear why there’s a road without cars;
you clicked on it to learn why there’s a highway without cars. Well, that or you fell asleep an hour ago
and your computer is autoplaying videos—which is fine by me; I get ad revenue either way. The point you’re probably wondering is,
“why is this road a highway, instead of just a regular old road?” Well, simply put, it’s a highway because
the state of Michigan says so. Highways don’t actually have to meet any
sort of technical requirements in order to be highways; they just have to be designated
as such by the state government, and in 1933, the state of Michigan designated that road
as a state highway, which means that it is. Despite the ban, though, there have been a
few instances of cars on the island. In 1979, Mackinac Island was the filming location
for a movie called Somewhere in Time, in which Christopher Reeves—the first actor to portray
Superman—plays a man who falls in love with a woman based solely on an old photograph
of her—so basically, it was a movie about Tinder. In the film, Reeves travels back in time to
court the woman, and at one point his character drives an old-timey car, and so a car was
allowed on the island for him to drive it, because you know, it’s hard to say no to
Superman. Just ask Batman. The next automobile allowed on the island
came in 1998, when a car was allowed onto Mackinac in order to commemorate the 100 year
anniversary of the automobile ban—which, you have to admit, is a bit ironic. That’s like commemorating the anniversary
of the drug war by planting weed in the Rose Garden. Most recently, in 2019, Vice President Mike
Pence brought a motorcade onto the island for security reasons, and finally, emergency
vehicles have always been allowed on the island—in fact, they were the source of the only ever
car crash in the history of Mackinac Island, which came when the fire truck nicked the
door of the ambulance when they were both responding to an injured ferryboat passenger. Don’t worry, though—when the crash happened,
everyone was alright; there just so happened to be an ambulance right there. If you hate all the cars that are around your
town and want to start a campaign to get rid of them, like Mackinac Island did, you might
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  1. Welcome to the channel where good jokes are banned. Good topics, though: we're all about those. If you have a good topic, we want it–so much that we'll reward you with an exclusive, ultra-cool HAI t-shirt if we use your topic suggestion. Submit your ideas for the next HAI video here:

  2. 2nd amendment is their because the first is so important… even allows YouTube creators to speak ill of it.. you can’t have your voice without it being backed up.

    Source: all of history.

  3. Reminds me of Highway F35 wich connects Vroomshoop via Vriezenveen, Almelo, Borne and Hengelo with Enschede, a distance of 40 kilometers.

  4. In europe there are many highways without cars here a few of them: westbahn, südbahn, nordbahn. They are highways for trains

  5. I love mackinac island! I live in Michigan and it's a must see site. I went in the 7th grade on a field trip and I'll never forget the experience

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  7. HAI: The M-185
    Me, a michigander: I knew it!

    Fyi, though car crashes doesn't happen often on M-185. Bike crashes occurs frequently. Trust me I was involved in one.

  8. Im all in regarding political jokes about political figures that's fun. But not about the consitution foock that one

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  10. I think the most interesting thing about Mackinac Island is that it is shut off from the outside during the winter. You cant get on or off the island without a helicopter/plane(they have a small municipal airport), and the price of a lot of normal things is super expensive. It is like a tinier version of Barrow, Alaska.

  11. So is no one going to talk about the fact that there's a freaking airport on the island? I've never understood this, car are banned, but aircraft aren't?

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    Edit – I love it when I'm right.

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    You should shut up before someone does it for you, I'd prefer if my favorite YouTuber didn't say something that would warrent…….undesireable things.

    'Tis a joke don't get yer panties in a twist.

  18. In the east of the Netherlands (Enschede), we have a bicycle highway ("Fietssnelweg F35"). A very interesting concept as well…

  19. You are absolutely correct. You should NOT have said that. If you don't post a convincing video DEFENDING the 2nd Amendment within a week, I will know where you stand and you can count me unsubscribed. Wendover Productions too. It's that important.

  20. I took a field trip to Mackinac Island in 5th grade (I live in Michigan). It’s a really cool place and really takes you back to the late 1800s

  21. was going to buy the domain and set it up to redirect to Mackinac island tourist website…until I found out it’s worth $2.5k !!

  22. Washington Highway 339 is like that. It runs from the Seattle Waterfront to Vashon Island. It was a legal justification for the Vashon Foot Ferry while it was operated by Washington State Ferries.

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