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The Get Away Car

The Get Away Car

My goodness, don’t you remember When you went First to school You went to kindergarden And Kindergarden, the idea was to push along so that you could get into first grade And then push along so that you could get into second grade- third grade, and so on going up and up Then you went to highschool and this was a great transition in life And all that pressure is being put on You must get ahead You must go up the grades and finally be good enough to get to college And then when you get to college You’re still going step by step, step by step- up to the great moment in which you are ready to go out into the world And then when you get out into this famous world, comes The struggle for success and profession of business And then Suddenly When you’re about fourty or fourtyfive years old in the middle of life We wake up one day, and say Huh? I’ve arrived And while it is of tremendous use for us To be able to look ahead and to plan There is no use planning for a future Which when you get to it and it becomes the present you wont be there You’ll be living in some other future which hasn’t yet arrived And so in this way One is never able actually to inherit and enjoy The fruits of one actions You cant live it all Unless you can live fully Now

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100 thoughts on “The Get Away Car

  1. Great commercial with a very inspirational message but I would have used it for one of the new SUV's coming from Volvo like the XC60 or XC40. With it really exploring the world in the snow and in the desert maybe delivery supplies to villages and saving the world one person at a time.

  2. Its a bit like a Rapha commercial. You realy want to be part of it and buy it.. OMG those marketing boys sure know how to kittle my skittle…

  3. I don't believe this is what Alan Watts had in mind when he spoke these words or wrote about this topic. In fact aluding to the idea of buying a volvo (which for many will be a tall order) as being part of 'being in the now' seems to be more in contrast to what he intended to say.

  4. I'm starting a business because of this add it's the first time I ever heard of Alan watts it's truly inspirational!

  5. The Volvo V90 CrossCountry is absolutely gorgeous! Better looking than the standard V90 in my opinion.

  6. Humbled by this. One of my favourite speeches, translated artistically into this beautiful piece. Touched. Well done.

  7. Vancouver… it. But the only problem is that BC has front licence plates….wrecks a beautiful car.

  8. Volvo have not twisted anything. To me, this ad is trying to tell you that when you buy a Volvo, you do not think about what car you are buying next .

  9. Wow. Fuck you, Volvo. Leave it to capitalism to rip off one of the centuries greatest philosophers and twist his anti-materialist lecture into a shitty car commercial. You should be ashamed of yourself, Volvo.

  10. I am sorry to say that Alan Watts doesn't belong in any commercial:-(.. Its saddens me that he has..
    I only hope someone `YouTube's' Alan Watts and truly is going to listen to his lectures

  11. While the camera work on these is phenomenal, and the overall feel of the commercial reminds me of the famous Paul Harvey 'God made a farmer' RAM Trucks commercial, I feel as if whoever is doing these often misses the mark when Mark Watts reaches a crescendo in his reading. It's like Volvo's commercials are ALMOST THERE… almost.

  12. Alan Watts would probably turn around in his grave.. Using his lectures to promote materialism.

    Well atleast you mention his name. that I'll give you

  13. I keep coming back to this commercial. Superbly shot and with a message that strikes just the right chord. Well done Volvo. You've made me want to own a Volvo.

  14. I have seen zero on the road here in Winnipeg MB Canada. Too expensive at 70000$. My XC70 was 54000$ new in 2010. Is the new V90 XC better by 16000$? I dont think so! I have to admit, its beautiful!

  15. This is insanely stupid, although inspiring , thanks Volvo I will stop the rat race by buying a cheaper car and then going on holiday

  16. As a student of Alan Watts, I can tell you he was not anti-materialism. In fact, he warned against the spiritual trap trying to get rid of desire; because then you desire not to desire. You can't get one up on the universe and you are the material world. You need not negate yourself

  17. I have one problem with the V90, i cant fit a dog cage in the back for my 4 dogs.. Got a Volvo XC70, and it fits perfectly in the back.

  18. Using the works of some of humanities' greatest men to pervert their words into the shilling of material goods when the message couldn't be more juxtaposed. It is disgusting. Almost every major car manufacturer is guilty of this. Propaganda at it's finest and most revolting. If you're not familiar look into the dark tactics of mass manipulation and subversion spearheaded by companies like this. It goes much further than you would imagine and no the irony is not lost on them. It's intentional.

  19. Volvo being a company that sells a product, doesn't automatically make them materialistic.
    Those of you saying that are cynical, and likely materialistic yourselves.

  20. That "My goodness, don't you remember" had me thinking, damn Anthony Hopkins recorded for a Volvo ad?

  21. Can someone tell me in which Volvo TV commercial that had a song "This could be good, this could be great…" Thanks a lot! 🙂

  22. Does anyone know the name of the theme music? I shazammed it and it knows nothing… I like it a lot

  23. Does anyone know the music? I Shazzamed it and got nothin… I like that music. I like the car, and I would have loved for Alan Watts to have been my Dad… excellent all around

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