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The Future of Toyota

The Future of Toyota

rev up your engines
Kusumer says NASA shuttle is that a good commuter, I guess it was if you want
to go into outer space you know who knows Tesla sent his car into outer
space but I can imagine how much money that cost, that was just a PR advertising
stunt anyways you know, hey if people really were
commuting to the moon or outer space I’m sure that you know Toyota would probably
take over and make the best safest once, thirteen bay says, I’m looking at a 2010
es350 Lexus, it’s got 50,000 miles $12K, but it’s got a theft report flag, don’t
ever buy it, it doesn’t matter once it’s been stolen real serious damage was done
sometimes it doesn’t show up for years, don’t even think about it, you don’t know
if it was stuck in water then and it ruin the electronics, which you can go
out a year or two three years later after the corrosion builds up, or if
the guy revved it up real high the bearings are worn now, and even a mechanic
if the bearings are still working and sounding okay even a mechanic can’t tell until
it’s too late and they get so worn that the rod start knocking and then you’re
stuck with it, so when you get a thing like that flag, don’t buy it, don’t even think
about buying it, it’s not worth the chances that you’re taking, Tony win says Scotty
should I trade in my Ford f-150 for a tundra, hey I’d just keep driving it
basically I Drive something like that until the wheels fall off, I’ve had customers
have remanufactured ford transmissions put in ones that they had when it had
like 250,000 and drive them another 250,000, the Tundra’s are well built trucks but
they’re super expensive, the F150’s are comparable, I would never
get rid of a truck that still ran good myself, until it fell apart and then I’d
get something else, then I’d have to decide, how much I’m gonna pay, what am I gonna
do with it, am I gonna tow stuff, the Tundra’s are fine driving around doing
stuff, but they’re not that great for towing, the f-150’s are better for towing
so it just depends on you know what shape it’s in and what do you want to do
and how much money you want to spend too, their
not giving any of them away these days if you talking about buying a new one,
either way PI guy says Scotty has Jaguar ever made a
good car, yes decades and decades and decades ago they made cutting edge sports
cars like in the 1940s and 50s people love them, people imported into the United
States, a fancy car that zipped around, Steve McQueen had a
beautiful roadster in a 60s that he rode all over California, I mean they used to
make really good sports cars and they were cutting edge technology, but of
course as technology got fancier and fancier and they didn’t follow up with a
stuff, they just became endless money pits when they went to a smaller
producer of sports cars to make it more and more, what did I see the other day, I
saw a Jaguar SUV, and I was just laughing my rear end off, Steve McQueen’s probably
rolling over in his grave that they’ve made that four-door Jaguar SUV, boxing Jay
Scotty can any mechanic shop changes the ECM on a
mercedes glk350, i was told by mercedes you need special equipment not any
mechanic can do it, well not any mechanic can do any kind of computer these days,
you have to have a special reprogrammer but anybody that does it can do it, you
have to buy the special programming tool and then you have to pay for the
software from the manufacturer in that case is Mercedes, if it was Toyota it was
Toyota, if it was Chevy it was Chevy, it’s all online and
anybody that wants to do that stuff can’t do it, guys got to know what he’s
doing cuz if they do it wrong, and with that Mercedes a lot of the German
cars, they only allow the thing to be reprogrammed once or twice, and then it
locks up and you got to buy another computer, so if they mess it up, huh you
gotta buy another computer, so with one of those you’re better going to a guy
that works on nothing but Mercedes who knows the ins and outs of it, on the
library computer Scotty what’s the secret to a tolerable marriage, yeah I
want more than a tolerable marriage, I’ve married 40 years and the secret is you
have to be compatible and you have to think the same, I’ve been married for 40
years, we don’t have to talk after time, we’re thinking the same thing and
sometimes we’ll just be sitting there, and I’ll say oh you know do you feel like
having thai good and she said, I was just thinking about getting some Thai food, you
have to be mentally compatible, I was lucky
that I found a really good-looking woman who was compatible and was just as smart
as me, which was really hard, now I went through a lot of bad ones first, both of
us got lucky you know it does seemed to work out for a lot of people
these days, but and there’s always give and take,
there’s things that you have to take there’s always gonna be something that’s
funky going on men are messy, yeah we’re messy that’s
the way we are, women always want to put things away, so there’s always that
kind of battle going on, but you have to have the same basic brainwave pattern
going on, because if you don’t and both me and my wife
we’re both cheap, we don’t like wasting the money, so that works out well too,
having a guy who’s cheap and a wife is a gold digger, that’s not gonna work out
too well, so you really want to be mentally compatible, of course physical is
the whole thing and when that goes away hey if there’s nothing left it’s not gonna
work, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Ford stands for FOUND ON ROAD DEAD, and always has. Ford has always sucked and on top of that they support gay parades. Basically they support pedophilia. No thanks to FORD

  3. Thanks for making these programs., It seems as though I've just visited a very sociable and experienced friend .

  4. Imagine this,
    ‘Scotty my car was stolen, I got it back but I don’t know what they’ve done to it’
    Scotty Answer: ‘Sell it, god knows what happened to it.’

    Next question:
    ‘Scotty I’m looking at this car but it’s got a theft report on it.’
    Scotty Answer: ‘Don’t buy it.’ 😂

  5. Always good to hear you wax lyrical on Toyota Scotty! Shame about the Jags – they were a great brand at one time

  6. God bless your wife. Lol She found a good one. How many miles before she needs a fluid change. Lol

  7. I'm told Toyota is a great vehicle for parts and to work on and good on price for parts. What are your thoughts on FJ Toyota and will they last a long time and worth the money ? Thank you sir.

  8. The future of Toyota is they will no longer make Vans or cars, instead, they will just stick their badge on a Citroen or anther poor quality manufacturer's. Oh wait !! they already have.

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