100 thoughts on “The First Tesla Pickup (Cybertruck) is Insane! Will it Help or Hurt Tesla Stock?

  1. No one else would dare make something this wild! I'm not sure truck buyers will be convinced though. What do you guys think?

  2. Great review. Great points both ways. Appreciate your insight. I was hoping for a great looking truck and would have put money down but after seeing this………….no way. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ford sold almost a million F-series pickups last year in North America. I think Tesla can beat that easily with this pickup.

  4. People! People! In 5 years trucks will be a thing of the past. This will change truck industry completely. Those big expensive truck will be worth less in comparison.

  5. The design is the reason it's so cheap!!! Why do people think that they made it look like this just for the hell of it. No, it's the result of the massive cost savings from the "Exoskeleton" design. You want an electric truck that looks like a Tacoma or Silverado? Be ready to pay another $20,000+

  6. ben for starters 146k orders says its going to sell but i want to you look at the tweet about the solar panels on the rear roller shutter and try and get battery size by the solar specs

  7. I don't like trucks.
    And now I really don't like trucks.
    This thing looks like a dumpster.

    You're right, nobody else would do this cuz nobody is as stupid as elon…….well, except those named trump.

  8. Didn't go well: Is it not obvious that the shattered glasses were intentionally staged ?? Just look at Franz's reaction !!! He cheered instantaneously the moment the ball landed on that glass, and (for crying out loud) the ball didn't even accelerate from a 10-ft drop. The whole demo was designed as an eye-catching marketing stunt. The shatters were not meant for taking literally; although, the 10-ft ball drops already proved the point. The stunt should harken back to the first Macintosh commercial – shattering conventional expectation.

  9. I truly believe that when it's all said and done. This truck is going to mark the turning point of a new vehicle design renaissance. Sure, we old people (…and if you're over 25 years old, you might as well be) may think it is ugly, but then again, that's what the 30 somethings said of the Delorean when it came out. My prediction: In about 10-15 years, standard vehicle designs are going to feel as old-looking and dated as a 1950's Chrysler. Mark my words.

  10. This will likely sell well, but I'm finding it hard to find their intended target market. This is not what I would I would consider to be a good work vehicle. The unibody construction which Elon harped on about is the limiting factor here, as it prevents modularity and stops the fitment of steel trays, tippers, and toolbox configurations like many trucks are fitted with. It also looks like it may be unable to have a fifth-wheel trailer attatcher.

    The cybertruck does look like it will be capable off-road, indeed the 16 inch ground clearance is overkill, but that is a niche market, so I doubt Tesla would want to target them with such a standout product. Also, there isn't many superchargers out in the wild, so an EV can be a hinderance out there.

    That leaves people who will just use it as a daily around the city, who have no need for a massive chunk of steel, particularly one which appears to only come with offroad tyres (at least, thats all that has been shown so far). I would expect this to be much less economical than it's fellow EVs, thanks to it's large size and thick steel construction, so it won't be quite the economical powerhouse that the others have been. For anyone requiring a fast daily driver, the model 3 is still the better option.

  11. So somebody tell Elon that he needs to put out the dual motor version with the longer range. I don't need a truck that doe 0-60 in 2.5, but I want 500 mile range on my 4×4.

  12. 4:26 50th time? If so, Elon should have boldly said "*finally* breaks after umpteen tries"; he tweeted successful pre-demo practice video days later. (:-( Some speculate sledgehammer lowered windows, making them more vulnerable to failure. Anyway, if they're so damn smart, why not practice on driver's side – away from cameras?

  13. Sorry to say it still looks like shit! I love Tesla but this is awful. Yes it’s a great price at the base spec but no thanks!

  14. I already ordered dual motor, love it. This is a car for a lifetime. My brother is an metallurgist and he says that this structure should last ~70-80 years without any corrosion… everything else you can fix or replace. Huge battery with outlet, you can plug anything you want and have huge powerbank, even for a house especially with PV system… compressor is just extra ;).

  15. Lets get real, remember the $35,000 Model 3 (: The low end unit will not be available for years after launch, if ever. E Ford will put this unit in the ground

  16. Elon said what he was going to do and he did it. I'm not sure why people are so surprised. have you not watched bladerunner? I love this car, it's perfect. It's even better in the mock ups of different colours, especially when there is 2 or more colours. Can't really fault it.
    He also said it was not a car to appeal to everyone, he made this for himself cause he liked it. He said that many times actually. So yeah, why are you surprised there is loads of people who don't like it? Honestly, I think it makes the Rivian look like a toy car. There is nothing sexy about that thing.

  17. There is a difference between the glass that is normally used in the side windows of cars. That type of glass is made to shatter so that a person can get out of the car in case of an accident. The glass used in windshields is different. That glass is laminated glass. I think all Tesla has done is used the same glass on the sides of the truck as is normally used on the windshield. This could be a bad thing. I also think this truck is butt ugly will go down as the biggest failure of all times.

  18. Come on look at the plastic wheel arch they look totally shit and if the steel is thick enough it won't dent will it, Tesla fan boys.

  19. Tesla point exactly… all other truck looks the same and kinda boring …When i look more at cyber truck… it becomes more desirable?

  20. Premise: the specs are roughly comparable between Rivian & Mars Rover. 11:18
    Your conclusion Ben: Tesla's benefit is the price….however, you were comparing specs on the $69,900 version.
    Correct conclusions: 1. Tesla's high end unit has roughly the same specs as Rivian.
    2. Tesla also offers two less expensive Mars Rover versions that concomitantly have lesser specs.
    3. Rivian presents itself as a pickup truck, not a Mars Rover.

  21. One of the biggest aspects of the event IMO was Elon's comment that… 'it will charge at a rate of at least 275 kWh….more on that later.' What I heard when he said that was that the upcoming battery event may have a technology-breakthrough announcement, which could account for the long ramp up time for the truck.

  22. The design is above. Angles are SUPERIOR. Plus is the front corners blending in with the front rake combining aerodynamics. Oh my nice surprise there. If they don't get it they will,, if they are evolvable sapiens. The tank turn feature of Rivian is a gamechanger for some I am sure…nothing uncool there! But weighing the practicality of it for some it may or may not be used often and have to see the spinoffs, ie, what does the design of Tesla offer in trade off.

  23. There is a reason the deposit on this truck is $100 and not $1000. It’s a joke down payment for a joke truck. Anyone who put $100 down on this joke is 100% a diehard musk fan. These people will be rewarded with the real truck.

  24. Safety seems like an issue here – How do you escape in deep water if you can't break the windows? What about crumple zones in metal that won't bend? Will fire fighters be able to cut people free with "jaws of life" machines?

  25. Who will buy the Tesla truck? Every boat towing, off roading, rock crawling, street racing, coal rolling pickup truck owner on the road today. Why? Because Tesla wins in every case and ICE can't compete. The Tesla will win every street race, climb every stream bed and out tow any coal roller. It's done. It's over. It's hard to keep boasting and sneering and blowing black smoke clouds when every day, in every way your truck is left behind. Left behind at the stop lights. Left behind towing your boat up to the mountain lakes. Left behind in rocky muddy gully. Left behind in the shop again and again and again because it needs maintenance, repairs or body and paint work. Sorry Ford. Sorry Dodge. Sorry GM. You suck and Tesla Wins.

  26. Ben, By now you know that there have been near 150,000 pre-orders booked for the CyberTruck. Plus, you and everyone already know that the production vehicles from Tesla are better than the introduction vehicles. Plus, consider that no-one has ever released a 'bullet-proof' production vehicle of any type before, and no-one has ever released a 3 mm stainless steel clad body, utility vehicle before. Plus, consider that this is coming from one of the most inventive and engineering capable production vehicle companies in the world.
    What amazes me is that all you can say is: "I don't know — we will have to wait and see what is going to happen"? We are talking about a product offering by the team leader (Elon Musk) who has assembled SpaceX, Tesla (motors, roofing, boring company, and his promoted the hyper loop transit project as well as the first worldwide satellite based internet network system, and who knows what else he may be working on that he will shake out of his sleeves in the near and distant future)!

    My suggestion is that you take a few days off and review the data so that you can free your mind.

  27. The low price is almost certainly based, at least partly, on their projected batter cost by the time this vehicle goes into production. Another factor is the design, with all flat surfaces, greatly reduces the cost of manufacturing.

  28. It is funny to see non-car people trying to describe the experience, even after Elon gave them the primary cues to focus on; no-one has discussed them. Very entertaining.

  29. Look at the preorder numbers… Rivean 33k, Porsche Tycan 30k, Tesla Cybertruck is now well over 200k.

    I’ll say no more…

  30. It is about time Tesla made a vehicle with not only a futuristic drive train but also body. Almost nobody knows my model S is an electric car, it looks like everything else pretty much. As long as form follows function the truck looks great and I bet the rest of the auto industry will follow the styling cues. The prototype looks amazing, and it obviously is a prototype, and I hope that a production one will not be tamed down.

  31. It's the cheapest way to get a tesla and it has extra storage/transporting ability. Cheap (for Tesla) family sized man car?

  32. The whole thing about the design and the forms has actually to do with limitations due to the material used. Complete new stuff where the external is actually the structure of the car, this apparently has been around as an idea for some 30 years but no one had the balls to take a step forward in that direction. And the point is that production cost is way below compared to the current process in place in the industry. So huge connection between shape limitations, toughness and production cost, that's where I think this video missed that is relevant. These things will last forever with these million mile range batteries. That is crazy. Unfortunatelly where I am these won't get in the next maybe 20 years.

  33. Why do you think this is so well priced, Ben? No paint needed, no frame needed. They are obviously predicting that this will be faster and easier to produce than a body on frame that has to be painted. So the weird design, is the reason for the price. Physics precedes economics.

  34. Me During Reveal: “I’m gonna laugh my ass off at anyone I see driving this monstrosity! It’s ugly as sin!”

    Me Days Later: “Yep… Still ugly as Sin!”

  35. Who is this guy? Such a hater and a perpetrator of mis information. In example the glass and charging volts. If you want to blog about someone else's product get your facts straight. Stop riding the coat tales of others, get a real job. I am pretty sure that Tesla has a better marketing plan than this guy.
    I prefer to hear it from the horses mouth. Why am I watching this?

  36. What a joke, are you suggesting that Tesla share holders will give a toss about Elon Musk bringing out a revolutionary new vehicle, This is the same Elon Musk who's last car is Orbiting freakin Mars !

  37. Capacitors are exactly what these cars need as they take a whole lot of heat load off the battery from repetitive acceleration and regen braking which heats the battery but not so much the capacitors . Well maybe more in this case of carrying a heavy load up and down hills.
    Last thing anyone wants to see is thermal limp mode like current Tesla's.

  38. It’s good to know that Elon watched the movie “The Wraith”, consumed hours of redneck yacht club trucks gone wild vids, and had a dream about John DeLorean all in the same night.

  39. I love the truck but where is the glove box for the car paper work where are the USB ports or cigarette lighter ports for phone charging. Where are the rear view mirrors or windshield wipers. I love the outside of this truck but the inside is missing so much that is just necessary.

  40. Love your show, and your wife is awesome. Ben, a truck which is bullet proof and cannot be stolen, who cares about the pussy front dash board ( fake paper marble ) which can be changed with little effort. Specs, Ben. 500 miles over Rivian R1T 400 miles range is huge difference. Think about many EV cars made in China only go 100 miles. Having an extra 100 miles range makes this truck far more useful as a utility vehicle, from powering tools at a job site, or a remote camp site, with a refrigerator. Combine this with a StarLink satellite link, and you have a complete mobile survey truck. The possibilities are endless for a mobile tough vehicle which saves the environment.

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