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The End of Tesla Cars

The End of Tesla Cars

rev up your engines, Mark Twain says
scotty what do you think about Elon Musk firing 7% of Tesla’s workforce, I said
something about electric cars before and I’ll say it again, you know it may be the
future, but I just read an article in a Mechanics magazine that talks about all
kinds of mechanical and also social issues with cars, and they claim that
their source said 7% of the cars the United States will be electric vehicles
or hybrid vehicles by the year 2030, okay so we’re talking a long time from now
and it’s still only gonna be 7% as people found out with his model 3, it had
a lot of problems making them and starting to
mass produce stuff, poor quality and he claimed it was going to be a $35,000 car
well they were really 45,000 up, and now he wants to make them for $35k, well I think
that firing 7% of your workforce, what’s that gonna do to quality and making
more of them, just because he wants to get the price down, it doesn’t look like a
good thing to me you know, because he’s got to think of one main thing and
that’s these electric vehicles, the Chinese are starting to make them, hey
they’re gonna undercut his price, there’s no if, ands, or buts about that, and
the thing about the Chinese factories are their modern just like his, so a lot of
other cars are all made by robots and they can have good quality electric cars
coming from China, and he’s gonna be competing with those guys so you know
he’s trying to cut his workforce in order to make them cheaper, I don’t think
that’s such a smart idea myself, wish and he says Scotty what do you
think about consumer putting audi, Mercedes and BMW above Toyota and
Honda in terms of reliability and quality, somebody must be getting paid
off, it wouldn’t surprised me, I mean I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but
to give you an idea, I go all over the place
meeting all kinds of people, and I’ve met people that work for these magazines and
Internet stuff that supposedly rate things, well you know they don’t get paid
very much money for what they’re doing, I met a guy who
worked for one of those consumer magazines, and I said what did you get paid
and he said I get $1,000 an article, I said so if you do one a month that’s $12,000
a year, that’s not very much money, he said no there’s not much money in this
so I really wouldn’t believe half of the stuff that those people do, they spent so
much money marketing things, who’s to say what money goes where, I have no idea
where it actually goes, or what technicalities, like if they say
reliability, what do they do a test of the first five seconds of ownership or
something, I mean who knows you could slant anything you want, I wouldn’t
believe any that nonsense, listen to people like me you know to talk about
on cars, or your neighbors who owned a Toyota or Honda, versus ones that have a
Mercedes and it’s always gone in the shop, so be real about that stuff don’t
believe a lot of stuff you see on the internet or read these days
I’ll tell you, it’s getting to be kind of ridiculous, fresh 55 and he says is a
2001 Jaguar x-type a good reliable car 148 thousand miles
no, those things are endless money pits, they’re cool-looking cars yeah, there’s
absolutely nothing wrong with the way they look they’re beautiful cars, and when
their running they ride great, but they’re
also endless money pits, before it was Jaguar, then Ford bought them, Ford
was losing so much money they sold them and
now Tata that Indian company that makes those you know whatever they are, they
own them now, they’re not good cars I mean they look nice and everything
they’re not reliable and their money pits, they’ll just eat up your wallet as you
drive down the road, that’s why take a look at the price of a new jag, then look
at one when it’s six or eight years old, oh I mean if somebody pays 65 grand for
a new one, when their five to six years old they
generally go for less than 20, when their 10
years old you pick them up all day long for you know three, four, five thousand
dollars, nobody wants them because they cost too much money to maintain, Wynn says
Scotty I’m in the market for a used Toyota Tacoma pickup, but they’re very
expensive, the frontiers seem a lot cheaper, are they good alternatives if so
what years, pre 2000 when Renault took over from Nissan
those frontiers are decent pickup trucks, their
okay pickup trucks now, especially if they have a standard transmission, but if
they have an automatic transmission and their post 2000 I
wouldn’t buy a frontier, their little bitty pickup trucks,
Toyota’s hold the value too long, really if you can’t find a good Tacoma, look at
the Ford Rangers, they’re a four-cylinder ones are pretty decent vehicles, nothing
wrong with them, you could get a Ford Ranger especially if it was a standard
transmission used pickup, they’re decent use pickup truck I got a lot of
customers with them and they’re totally happy with them, I’d take that instead, I’d
do that before I get a Nissan, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that

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95 thoughts on “The End of Tesla Cars

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  2. Come on mate! Time to move on ,the dinosaur (combustion engines) are dead ,with in ten years they will be gone and if the Japanese car makers don't pic up there game the Chinese will kick there arse …

  3. You are still terribly ill informed on Tesla. Have you ever liked back to see how wrong you are on that topic? You are great on all other cast companies though.

  4. I hope that 7% was in his pre-owned dept
    Their pre-own sales process is a nightmare

    I actually like teslas if you open them up they are remarkably simple machine.

  5. Way to go rooting for the American company….
    i hope you make a video 1 year from now and revisit your comments about Tesla.

  6. Cars with electric motors, awesome. Batteries – not so much, On-board power generation is going to be where it is at. It's possible in the near future, just not yet.

  7. A possible piece of nostalgia to watch you refer to the ford pickup transmission as standard. I just came back to the future and the standard transmissions are mostly automatics. I remember when..

  8. I like a good laugh and this was it. When someone on utube knows very little. When you hire 30,000 and weed out the poor workers 🤔

  9. I was working in an apartment building and asked a young student how he liked his BMW…"It's a money pit" he replied and drove off , for now. True story..

  10. Teslas will continue to be bought by people with too much money and will be worthless when the batteries die. They will litter the wrecking yards like dog turds in the dining room when the family is away from their new puppy for a day.

  11. Tesla shills in the comment section are even more unbearable than Apple fans…Look guys, the Prius Prime gets like 2L/100km why would anyone with half a brain ever consider buying an unreliable Tesla???

  12. You can tell half the losers shilling for Tesla in here have never even owned one or could ever afford one lol

  13. I think Scotty is on to something but the conclusion is wrong. I don't see Tesla going down, perhaps their car sales will take a hit when they have a bunch of complaints on unreliability + high maintenance costs but overall people are willing to spend money on a product that makes them feel good about their amazing contribution to saving the planet from evil evil fossil fuels while also looking stylish and impressive to friends and family.

  14. Whatever type of transportation that most benefits from solar power will replace the internal combustion engine. That will be electricity. We just have to workout the battery and charging infrastructure so that charging or swapping out batteries is no more difficult and expensive as pumping gas. Perhaps in the future, there will be really big wireless charging pads you just park on and it fast charges your battery in 10 minutes, each pad taking up about as much space as a car at a pump and you pay for a charge right there at the pad, just like a pump. OK, enough fantasy future yip yap.

  15. I love you Scotty but you're always saying things like it's an endless money pit if it's not a Toyota. Which is just silly. I've owned to e90 BMW 3 series cars and one f30. Olive garden to 150 k (accept the f30) with regular maintenance and no catastrophic failures or breakdowns. and they're not expensive to maintain because I turn my own wrenches. You can get all the parts for cheap online and they work out just fine. what you should be saying is that any used car is a money pit if you don't know how to turn your own wrenches. Because a brake change your suspension changed even on a Civic is going to be very expensive for a mechanic to do vs doing it yourself.

  16. what does scotty think of the new supra PLEASE. people are completely polarized on it, some hating it for the BMW involvement, some praising it. what do you think?

  17. Wake me up when we have flying cars. Technology is moving way too slow. Back to my cryogenic chamber I go. *yawns..

  18. Consumer Reports gets their reliability data from Survey's they collect from Owners of the vehicles (and we're talking new to 5 year old cars). The luxury brands are probably the most reliable for the first 30,000 miles of ownership. When us common folk talk about reliability we're looking at 10-20 year old vehicles that go 300K miles. No BMW is going to 300K without MAJOR repairs that would be cost prohibitive, while a Civic might have some issues any mechanic worth a damn is going to be able to keep it on the road pretty much infinitely as long as you don't suffer catastrophic corrosion.

  19. My dad had a very nice jag then he hit a armadillo and it costs all kinds of money to fix it and after all that it wasnt ever fixed like it used to drive. Car wasnever right after that and was fixed by jag dealer only

  20. The Chinese can make things cheaper because they can pay peanuts to workers because the workers have no bargaining power. Western nations know that and get all their crap made there and sell them at the same price as if they were made at home and triple their profits and give their shareholders higher returns. Greed has screwed the world. Globalisation has made millionaires and billionaires globally but also created millions of poor exploited workers.The rich are getting richer and wealth is being concentrated among a small circle of people. Petrol producing Arab nations are getting obscenely rich and millions of asylum seekers are moving out of economically ruined countries to Western countries because manufacturing industries are concentrated in China and India where Labor is cheap. This is like a pressure cooker and it will explode one day soon.

  21. Tesla is not equal to electric cars. Tesla is a luxury brand that sells expensive fast vehicles that rich people in California and Norway can afford. Tesla is a competitor for BMW, Audi, Aston Martin and Porche.
    Tesla will not change the world, lol. It will be just one more luxury brand. And in the grand scheme of things it does not matter that Elon wants to make the world carbon-free, lol. Be realistic people.

  22. I could picture diesel-electric or gas-electric cars first. As in an engine turns a generator which powers electric drive motors. Would be more practical than a purely electric car I think.

  23. I don't think Tesla is going away. They have a dedicated following and a strong niche. The question is how they can keep up when the major car companies get fully in the game. I am good with electric cars, I just want a better infrastructure developed before going that way.

  24. Won't be only 7% by 2030. Almost every car maker is going either full EV or hybrid by 2025. Will filert through fast enough..

  25. I've read a Tesla caught fire several times after an accident, hours later.
    I think the problem is, you could have an internal short circuit in the battery, heating the battery up.

  26. This guy is so out of date. He just wants your attention. And using Tesla to get your attention. Your a poor excuse for an American.

  27. I can believe that a small percentage of cars on the road by 2030 will be electric. But I believe that by that point, electrics will dominate new car sales. We must remember that electric cars were a stagnant technology for nearly a century. Once we get past the hiccups of this new tech, there will be very little reason to buy a vehicle with a combustion engine.
    By 2030, combustion engines will be for the military and for sports cars: for cars that are purpose made to thrill.

  28. I love it when I see videos like this where some backwards thinking bigmouth will soon be eating crow. Hahahahaha! Enjoy your crappy Ford ICE while it lasts.

  29. Elon is like a modern day Tesla, he doesn't want to hog all the patents and just make money off them, instead he wants the whole world to have them and flourish from them

  30. I suspect Scotty hopes Tesla goes away because part of their program is to eliminate independent mechanics.
    Good on him for wanting to take care of his own. As a libertarian, I agree.
    But, tbh, unless battery technology improves 1000-fold, it's a dead horse starting at the gate.

  31. Good video Scotty, Elon Musk took 41 billion dollars from US government. What a scam. We all paid for him to make millions off shiny crappy 6 hour charged up crap cars and God knows what else…his high priced solar shingles. What a boondagle!!

  32. Thanks Scotty. Always on point and funny as ever. Drive a 4cyl Camry 2005 with 190kmiles on it and Still runs till date with good mileage..I agree with u that Toyat makes d best cars😂

  33. Car actually was 35,000 dissue was the initial 100k of the cars had to come with the extended battery and material upgrade for with better seats(and other items) …… Now if you waited for the base model after initial release you can get it for 35k on top of the government incentive which also lowers the cost of the car additionally. So that statement of the car. Eing $45,000 and up is a bit misleading.

  34. Still no tesla semi trucks, still no tesla pickup trucks, still no tesla roadsters. They can barely get range they claim to have.

  35. I think it sucks that people are so into electice cars..and 4 cylinder rather have a NA V6 or if youre gonna give me a turbo..put it on a V6..and make it a lexus..i guess nobody is gonna drive V6 and 8's no more..there gonna have these lame 4 cylinders and quiet electric cars..theyre jsut not cool man..i hope the put the new twin turbo v6 in the IS or just leave the old NA V6..i pass on electrics and 4 cylinders all day..

  36. One of the bad things about Consumer Reports car reviews is that they only review cars until they're five years old. I be a lot happier if they changed that to 10 years.

  37. That was a seasonal layoff for the end of the year deliveries after already hiring ~30% within the last year

    So as of 5 months ago he has levelled off at ~23% expanded

    Nothing will happen to quality scotty

  38. hahaha Scotty, firing 7% of the employees have nothing to do with quality. If the machines are producing the cars and you fire 7% of your employees and keep the best employees, those that can really improve the machines = there you have, better quality!!!! Isn't it so simple to understand?

  39. so right…brother purchased Audi A7 2018…finally got his money back…lemon law…trans, electrical, etc…barely see them on the road lately

  40. Small warm countries like electric cars. Big cold countries don’t. Most people need a loan to buy a new car. Many people want cars in the $15k to $25k range.The economy, job security and interest rate determines how many are sold. Big batteries need big mining and big mining needs big oil so there is a limited to batteries. They make sense in the city or as a second vehicle but they have major drawbacks in cold climates. Tesla was rated 27 out of 29 in reliability in cars tested by costumer reports. Not great but they are young. Elon has deep pockets. The biggest threat is all the competition, batteries production costs and the strength of the economy. Tesla has had ten year virtual unopposed and they have made profit 2 quarters out of 40. Lots of hype . We shall see in the next 10 months.

  41. How much fossil fuel consumption will go into charging all these EVs if the majority of Americans are driving them? AND dont tell me renewable energy lmfao.

  42. Hey Scotty this is big devil I have a Chevy S10 91 model put a 4.3 L V6 find speed are they good trucks it does not have the vortec

  43. I see more and more of these Teslas on the road. Nissan Leaf as well. BYD is selling electric cars in China for 13 to 17000 bucks. Fossil fuels are going away…very slowly. The big shame? Natural gas is being flared on in massive amounts. Just wasted…horrible…ng can run cars…too.

  44. I got a 2003 Ranger never put money into it..Now I drove it over 180,000..Now I fixed the brakes and lines to the back. Had a brake line leak..It just popped a hole and leaked like a sob…The front new rotors and pads..Now I have to put ball joints..I'm letting a shop do that.I'm 61 to old to do it myself now…I oil change it about every 6,000 miles ( do it myself )..I don't drive ;long distances..Unless I am traveling far LOL of course…I like it..Will buy another in a couple years..Now if some body hits me..I don't fix the dents just put the money in my pocket..40 liter.. No problems..Just put a new coil packet..with a tune up..

  45. Tesla are a joke as far as I see it,, In ten years the computer system in 2019 cars with be obsolete..Plus by the end of 2020 Elon with stop making cars.. His future is in Starlink.. That's already having problems with 5% of the 60 satellites. Space. X has put up there..

  46. Electric cars are trash
    Lithium batteries will eventually die and need replacing just like my remote control buggy
    Not too mention incredibly heavy and without a soul

  47. Sure Telsa is a great car to drive but the real test is long term every day use in extreme weather from low temp -40C to high 30C. Let's see long term effect of calcium used in winter. What about cost of parts, insurance…and low profile tires hitting a pothole. My friend bought one last week in Montreal I'll keep an eye on it .They need a lower price, moving to China with Trump's tax won't help. He has good suport from investors but if long term situation get worse I hope China don't grab it, maybe one of the big 3 and bring back jobs for american workers!

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