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The End of Jaguar and Land Rover, What Went Wrong

The End of Jaguar and Land Rover, What Went Wrong

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about the end of Jaguar Land Rover now it gets really complicated the company’s
not called Jaguar Land Rover and Tata the Indian company bought at the Chinese
state-owned company Chery they own 50% of it in China gets really complicated
so here’s a little history Jaguar was started a long time ago by this English
dude who made side cars for motorcycles then he decided to make cars and he
ended up making cutting-edge sports cars that all over the world were known as
fast reliable cars and Land Rover started in the 1940s after World War two
it was the British attempt to make a Jeep they saw the American
willys-overland jeeps from the war and they thought heck will make a
vehicle like that it’ll be really good in England then all their colonies, they made
great little jeep vehicle they called Land Rovers 4-cylinder engines hey some of those
early ones are still going around they were solid built little jeepy things but as
time went on both companies kind of got away from their roots nice things are
going downhill for both companies and even further downhill thing happened in
1968 both of them came together the first time under British Leyland and if
you know anything about cars British Leyland was a gigantic disaster
kind of the American equivalent of AMC motors it’s kind of a similar story there
neither of them lasted all that long and what’s British Leyland fell apart Land Rover
was taken over by BMW and Jaguar was taken over by Ford Motor Company then in
2000 Ford acquired Land Rover from BMW they didn’t want them anymore and then in
2008 the Indian company Tata the one that makes that really cheap car and
India and tata merged them and they’re now called Jaguar Land Rover limited now
Tata put billions into trying to rejuvenate Jaguar and Land Rover and it
worked for a short while but then of course the things started to hit the fan
quality still wasn’t that great let’s face it Jaguar Land rover in the last few
decades they’ve been known as some of the poorest made vehicles on the planet
and of course the worldwide recession didn’t help them any you got high-end
jaguars and high and sports utility vehicles so all their sales went down
and then cherry they dumped another two point seven eight billion
dollars into them there’s a joint venture in China that’s 50% Tata 50%
chery the Chinese they’re building them in China now, now a bunch of sage people
saw that okay land rovers their SUVs Americans loved SUVs a lot of people
like SUVs why don’t they just dump Jaguar and only make the Land Rover’s
cuz Jaguar was dragging them down people aren’t that into luxury cars that fall
apart all the time but the Land Rover is even though they can be hardly built
vehicles people are nuts about them for some reason
there are rumors they’re gonna stop Jaguar to another company but so far the
rumors have proven false now you got a really weird situation in China they’re
making Jaguar SUVs compact SUVs they’re still listing they started like thirty
six thousand dollars a piece but strangely enough if you watched any of
my earlier videos mg Moore’s garages that made little sports cars ages ago they
got bought by one Chinese company then they got bought by another Chinese
company they completely stopped making sports cars and they make compact SUVs
that people like but just starting to sell them in Europe at the end of 2019
and these mg SUVs hilarious enough the Jaguar SUVs in the mg SUVs they’re
both based from companies that originally made sports cars but now
we’re making SUVs the mG version starts at $18,000 Jaguar SUV starts at $36,000
so hey they’re both made in China which one would you buy me what’s in a name
these days if they start selling the mg SUVs and a Jaguar SUVs in the United
States they haven’t yet but if they do buy the mg one take off the mg stuff put
Jaguar on instead they look pretty much the same to
because in the world today whether the internet people learn things really fast
why would they pay twice as much for an SUV made in China for Jaguar when they
can get an mg SUV made in China for half the price not sure they’re all jumping
on the bandwagon to sell these SUVs and as you notice they’re making them small
or two these are compact SUVs the ones that they rate in China they’re still
making the big giant monsters in England I mean for how long who knows but
they’re our main focuses on smaller ones and if you got a company that’s
notorious for having weak products that fall apart and have horrendous resale
value like Jaguar why would you pay twice as much of one of their little
SUVs as you could for an MG that was made in China these days is only so far
than a name can go when it comes to sales if you ask me people around the
world they’re wise and up quite a bit the Chinese make really good ones they
can sell them to the Chinese they have a huge market there and if they saw them
in Europe and people will buy them but from my experience with the European
that money’s tight with those people and if they had a choice of getting a Jaguar
SUV or an mg they both have English names anyways and the mg cost half as
much guess what when they’re gonna buy so as far their regular gasoline and
diesel powered vehicles I don’t predict much for them I don’t think they have
much of a future they did come out with a notice starting in the year 2020
Jaguar and Land Rover are only gonna produce all electric or hybrid vehicles
so there’s a new ball game going out there to kind of playing both sides to
the middle especially with the Land Rovers because Americans love the big
giant SUVs right the rest of the world is talking about let’s go electric
hybrid make smaller cars like the smaller Jaguar SUVs United States people
are we still be buying the big ones I warn people not to buy them because
they’re endless money pits but I’ve had many customers they had lots of money
rich people they go out maybe buy one of those stupid things it’s a status thing I
even had an older customer he had a girlfriend it was less than half his age
he bought her a used one I checked that out and found like 60 things wrong I
told them though it’s just minor electrical stuff they all do that but
you want to save a little bit money he’s one go ahead I told her not to buy
one but he did anyways because she wanted one but any overall scheme of
things if they are only gonna make electric and hybrid vehicles who knows
they might be successful at that but as for their normal cars 2018 to 2019
Jaguar Land Rover lost over 4 billion dollars it’s not a moneymaker anymore
it was for Tata in the very beginning when they took over and put money in and
modernized stuff it’s very short term they got in a situation where hey the
economy’s booming people are buying this stuff but now things are getting tighter
people start thinking look at the money that they’re losing with that I can see
why Tata signed a 50/50 deal with the Chinese becoming two point seven six
billion dollars or money to get things rolling again and of course they still
make bunch of Jaguars and Land Rovers in England and they’re all worried about
this Brexit thing because a lot of the parts come from Europe to England to be
built who knows it could be like a lot of English stuff they like just stop
Megan in England end up doing the whole thing in China and forgetting trying to
build them in England in the first place just like Tata the Indian company buying
Jaguar and Land Rover it could be kind of a colonial revenge they used to be
the colonies of England now they took over their fancy cars hey it’s probably
the back of their mind somewhere tonight a little bit more about Jaguar Land
Rover full of a lot of ups and downs seems to be going down now but who knows
maybe electrification if it occurs fast enough quick enough will save them, so if
you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell

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100 thoughts on “The End of Jaguar and Land Rover, What Went Wrong

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  2. Land Rover Series 1, 2, 2A, 3 and Defeder; certainly the most iconic brand ever destroyed by persons incapable of understanding the sole of the vehicle and its customers.
    Proof that technical and academic institutions can never teach a value system.

  3. Old Land Rovers and for the same token old Jeeps are the salt of the Earth. newer ones are just crap.

  4. The problem is British build quality.
    The British design and ideas can be brilliant … the execution is better left to Germans or Japanese.

  5. I bought a 2007 Range Rover brand new zero miles and still driving it every day since 2007 with over 260000 miles put on it and No Problems at all with regular maintenance and oil change!

  6. Hey get your facts right, JLR built manufacturing facilities in China because its its largest developing market, Jaguar still make cars and sports cars , ok I can buy an American Jeep with a Fiat engine lol , Dodge van is a license built Fiat, ditto the sprinter, I’m car lover , I like engines, but wake up and smell the coffee, by 2040 there will be no internal combustion engine cars built in Europe (including the uk) like it or not my friend this is the future, we are taxed on emissions already in the uk and Europe, we are taxed on fuel like you would not believe, we pay £1.28-£1.30 per litre do the maths, uk imperial gallon is roughly 4.5 litres, so £5.20 per uk gallon and the average say 10 year old petrol car say 2.0 engine, over £200 road tax (your registration fee) per year, car insurance is also mandatory here, expect to pay about £400 per year, so yes drive your V8 while you still can

  7. Jumping, how many times will he repeat the exact same thing…puts a broken record to shame…maybe spend more time cleaning that messy garage than repeating himself over and over and over….

  8. Don't call Tata as an Indian company who make cheap cars. They have complete range from huge trucks to small passenger cars. Also FYI all the TATA cars are good crash safty. Tata is a huge business group you can find video how big is TATA on YouTube.

  9. My family got a LR4 back in 2012 with a 3.0L twin turbo V6 Diesel engine, we took a lot of long trips in it and surprisingly it never had any problems in the past 7 years! We must have gotten lucky lol

  10. I feel like a just watched someone's autistic uncle ramble on about JLR after someone dosed him with ecstasy.

  11. So many of these owners have no clue where their cars are made. Many believe they’re made in the U.S.. people pay twice as much, because they want that badge.

  12. Terrible clueless opinion, these have been and will always be among the very best rides available, yes,
    I do own 1 Range, and 2 Jaguars.

  13. It would be such a waste to see such iconic companies with rich history go down the drain. I just hope these guys figure things out become great again.

  14. I had an 86 XJS, the electrical system and 1940's engine were big issues, the V12 was fun, but always leaked a little or from the Rear rope bearing. Windshield wipers didn't auto cancel on shuttoff, and power window switches died every year,
    The Valve seats fell into the engine at about 90k miles, so I moved on.

  15. Here come the Chinese! Chinese leadership in many manufacturing areas has been predicted. I'm betting right now that Chinese auto manufacturers have their sights on . . . . . . ( wait for it) . . . . . . Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Hyundai & Kia. The Chinese vision is to raise quality standards that can stand up to the Japanese & Koreans.
    The Chinese maybe communist but first and foremost from a cultural standpoint Chinese have capitalism in their souls. Who'd a thunk capitalism can thrive under a communist umbrella?

  16. Rented the new “Land Rover Range Rover Evoque” [sic] and it drove like a bear. Just gutless. I was surprised at how much the thing rolled at high speed for such a low slung car. Gas mileage was awful too. Inside was quiet and relatively comfortable but wasn’t anything special. Can’t substantiate the negative reliability ratings but I believe them as I’ve heard that from a lot of the owners of these cars.

  17. I didn't like one of the comments some guy with a Honda accord laughing at some one with a BMW SUV that caught fire dam that could happen to Honda accord one my friend's had an Accord that caught fire on the High way it was not a laughing matter🐺

  18. Scotty you give us so much info in such a hilarious way, you should definitely be on telly (TV). All the best from UK, love ya.

  19. @ :52 Actually Land Rover was a product of the Rover Company that was started in 1885 in the bicycle business. Land Rover was just their first SUV and obviously the only surviving product of Rover.

  20. I stopped liking Jaguars when they got rid of the signature circle head lights and started looking like and other bmw.

  21. I own a 2005 Landrover LR3 I purchased used at 60,000 miles, I have put 250,000 miles so yes that's over 300000 miles. The only major thing that has need replacement is the air suspension which I recently converted to a coil spring. Everything else works like new without major repairs or maintenance required.

  22. Scotty, one of the biggest news-breakers of late about Jaguar that you failed to mention is (1) they have announced that they will no longer build a sedan (i.e. XJ model) and (2) their long-time director of design has "retired" (was fired?). btw, why do you keep changing location with each sentence – it makes me dizzy trying to watch you. 😀

  23. "Chery"? hmmmmm … Maybe those clever Chinese are hoping that the name, being similar to good 'ole American "Chevy" will cause some confusion (attraction?)? 😀

  24. 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. JLR sales for the first half of 2019 exceeded those in 2018 by about 8%.

    Jaguar are investing millions of pounds building there own EV Battery Build Facilities in the UK.

    The entire Jaguar range of cars is switching the EV. The I-Pace is only the first. The all electric XJ will be out probably next year, again with millions of pounds of investment.

    The Replacement for the original Land Rover Defender will be our soon, another multi million pound investment by JLR.

    The Range Rover arm are launching Plug In EV versions, with full electric versions also in the pipeline, more multi million pound investment.

    With sales up even in the current climate, JLR is not not going away.

  26. When you see that a Mercedes-Benz C 43 outperforms a Jag XJ in every aspect except space, and even has better fit and finish, you know Jag is doomed. The XJ is a competitor to the S-Class, but quite frankly, it's not even a match for a C or an E-Class. Even a CLA has better multimedia.
    A Discovery is no match for a Q7, X5, GLE or Touareq. People are tired of Range Rovers. They rather buy a Cayenne or the new G-Wagon. They're way more refined and most of all… reliable.

  27. I had a 2008 Land Rover from new for 10 years and 330,000 kms. It was a fantastic car. The new ones are being built in Slovakia aren't they?

  28. The end of Jagwar and Land Rover? When did that happen, I must of missed that…. Bugger. Thankfully we have our Scotty who knows everything about Land Rover and Jagwar. Mock the rest of the world but ignore the cars of your own country at your own peril…..

  29. In Australia , probably one of the best places on earth to test the capability , reliability & durability of any 4wd / suv vehicle , due to massive geological diversity / terrain , what I have seen & witnessed in the bush is the dominance over decades passed of 2 vehicles in particular , the Nissan patrol & the toyota landcruiser with smaller numbers of Mitsubishi Pajeros , these vehicles are proven off-road and are king of off-road in Australia . I am a Ford man & when I questioned a lot of mechanics about buying a USED 4wd or suv most all said DO NOT BUY a Jeep , Range or Landrover , older Ford f series or territory , buy a Landcruiser they said . Of course this does not include the current crop of newer dual cab utes & smaller SUV’s as they were too expensive , far more complicated turbo diesels & haven’t been around long enough to have proven themselves in this great land. So I bought a 100 series cruiser with petrol/lpg & apart from normal servicing & replacing suspension bushes I have not had a problem , with 270000 Kim on it , they are solid built vehicles .

  30. You are right. Jaguar land Rover will move to Chech Republic after Brexit. I have a 2003 Land Rover Freelander with 2L BMW diesel engine and automatic transmission and it still runs perfect after 150000 miles

  31. Er, Jags don't fall apart anymore? They haven't for decades? And, er, the new Jag SUVs have broken several sales records (making them important for Tata)? The Chinese made models are particularly reliable. The MG SUV has half the features and is aimed at more of an entry level market (that's why they are different prices). Land Rover vehicles are consistently proven to be the best off-road SUVs in the world and that's why demand has been high for decades. Just about everything you have said is based upon some alternative universe of facts? The one thing that Tata has failed on is its infamous misreading of the future diesel engine market/sales and have bizarrely overproduced them; yet this is something you don't mention? This is how they lost money (largely because in Europe the market has been confused by omissions debates and large city tariffs for older diesels being planned, and the market demand has quickly changed). As a result the company is now investing extraordinary amounts of research into electric vehicles so that they emerge as world leaders in about 2 to 3 years. Your film could not be more wrong, but still, if it makes you happy?

  32. Jaguars and Land Rovers are actually more reliable today than they were in the 70s to 90s. They're also still made in the UK. I don't agree that British consumers would choose an MG over a Jaguar.

  33. Scotty, get back to grass roots videos you use to do a long time ago, YOU ARE JUST BLAH BLAH these days. just not interested in watching some loud mouth Yank anymore. sorry

  34. Some of the Jags are made in India and China for the North American and Asian markets and some are made in UK and Austria for European and North American markets.

  35. Scotty, you missed BMW ownership of Land Rover for 7 yrs…they then sold to Ford Jaguar then it got sold to Tata……

  36. In the UK these perform well but they are extremely unreliable. Nearly every survey has fault rate over 50 percent on these for cars UNDER 3 YEARS OLD!

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