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The Cumberland Connection: A Family Bond

The Cumberland Connection: A Family Bond

Hi, my name is Rock. I’m getting ready to venture out on a bike ride with my daughter Raegan from Pittsburgh to D.C. She is at nursing school, so her time is very limited. I’ll take every moment that I can get with her. The trip that Rock and Raegan are taking is the whole trip from Pittsburgh all the way to D.C., with Cumberland right in the middle. It’s a 335-mile trail. They’ve gone on a lot of cycling trips. They go on a couple cycling trips every year. I’m looking forward to being together with my dad. Oh, a father-daughter trip? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Welcome to Cumberland. So who brought who? Who pulled who down this trail? Ah, I’d say I pulled her down. She rode with me quite a bit, probably until she turned fifteen, sixteen, and then it changed a little bit. We had our moments, we had some disagreements. We get along a lot better than we used to. You know, as a father of three children and two daughters, it’s really nice to have this transition time together, develop a close relationship. I was very excited to take this trip, because as she grows into a woman, she is busy. Dad, you’re gonna lose your daughter soon. I don’t know how to tell you this, but she’s leaving, and she’ll be back, but she’s different. She’s no longer a child, and she’s becoming an adult. I think what separates this trail from the other trails is the people along it. The people that are here connect with the people that are coming through. Rock and Raegan, as a parent and a child, connect with each other. And that’s what’s made Cumberland what it is, because it’s a connection through the mountains.

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