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the cheapest iceland road trip | budget supermarket & car hire prices | vlog 1

the cheapest iceland road trip | budget supermarket & car hire prices | vlog 1

there are two things that people always
say when talking about Iceland one it’s beautiful and two it’s expensive yeah that’s a lot that’s expensive like the amount I came up on the till was a lot I think it’s like I’m 120
quid woah oh no well I really like beautiful things and the latter sounds a bit like a
challenge to me so should we do it James? we’ve just wondered in Iceland and we’re
gonna try and do six nights for £600 including flights, accommodation, car hire and that’s a 4×4 petrol, food, drink, activities, everything. so far everyone’s
kind of laughed at me when I’ve said this so honest at this so I think it’s definitely doable well, it better not be crap where we’re staying I’m not camping We’re not camping but don’t rule out a hostel James That’s all I’m saying I’m not staying in a hostel You are staying in a hostel But before we get cracking make
sure you hit subscribe because we will be vlogging the entire trip but first, let’s talk costs the flight And because we’re here during the winter we have had to get a bag full of jumpers and a few things that are definitely gonna save us a lot of money next we are going to the supermarket but to get there what do we need James? A car We do need a car This is the most efficient place in the world It’s been like four minutes now since we got off the plane the most efficient experience ever I want to tell you a little bit about the car hire actually and how much it costs
however we’ve got 30 minutes before the supermarket closes so let’s get a bloody wiggle on Do they drive on the left or the right? The right. We went the wrong way but The car hire place was down there and keep going straight James Look! There’s the supermarket. This weather You’ve bought me here on holiday? Le supermarche. Right, we’ve got half an hour are you ready to get some cheap food, well as cheap as we
possibly can Let’s go We’re in Netto Netto is one of the three cheaper
supermarkets in Iceland it’s not the cheapest, Bonus is however, it’s got really crap opening hours Netto is still open and there’s a bigger selection So, I’ve got a list That is not on my list put it down James £1.28 It’s not that bad Maybe this isn’t going to be so bad after all? This stuff? Cheese is very expensive apparently Oh so that’s like £3 Ooh that’s a lot Let’s get some strawberries And they’ve got chili ones fantastic yessss See how much it is on Monzo when we get in the car It was a blur I think time constraint we got very excited and we could have literally blown so much money just then
James Like the amount that came up in on the till was a lot it was a lot I have no idea I could have spent 40p or £800 right James it’s time to see what the damage was all I know is that I had a lot of
digits what do you think it was? I thought it was really okay priced
individually and then I saw that number and I shat my pants I think it’s like a
hundred and twenty quid Woah Oh no We spent two hundred- fifty seven pounds Really? Fifty seven spiff I think that’s okay don’t get me wrong we didn’t
get loads but we got a decent amount there great, great, great Iceland, yes! We’ve got a two hour drive now We have, we have – oh! But before we drive can we just have a quick moment about the car Let me pop you here whilst I talk car hire Back in the UK I’ve always used Skyscanner however I quickly realized that it was
coming out with all the big names Hertz, Sixt – but it wasn’t coming out with any
local companies so I did some googling I found northbound which is an Icelandic
broker and they just consistently came up with cheaper prices What you need to know is that if you’re travelling in the winter like we are you’re probably going
to need a 4×4 this is not the time to scrimp on a Fiat 500 James would have
bloody killed me yes as well There are roads known as f roads Which you actually physically cannot go on if you are not in a certain type of car northbound lets you tick a box to make sure that you’re searching those all the cars on that website are fitted with winter tyres during the winter months which is great news for us because the weather doesn’t look too hot this week to say in the least The cheapest 4×4 I found was this much which I thought was a really good deal for six whole days of travel we absolutely lucked out because northbound upgraded us to a how do you say is it Dacia? Dacia? I think it’s Dacia Duster Oh Dacia A Dacia Duster So that’s my top tip Definitely take a look at local hire car companies Don’t just rely on the ones that you used to using in the UK Right we’ve got our food let’s get on the road we’re about a two-hour journey from where we’re staying tonight We are a budget so… It better be decent So let’s wait to see what it’s like Onwards! I will explain more about how I got this incredible place and how it’s totally within budget in the next video but for now we’re both a bit knackered so we’re gonna go to bed thank you for watching please do like, subscribe, comment and yeah I will see
you for the next video about Iceland where I show you the house and we go
around the Golden Circle Good night! Shall we see what that view looks like? Should tell everybody how they can stay here really, really cheap? She’s so bloody happy Mate you’ve missed it If you haven’t taken it by now you’ve missed it idiot

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22 thoughts on “the cheapest iceland road trip | budget supermarket & car hire prices | vlog 1

  1. At last, iv been looking forward to this one as always wanted to go but no idea how to do it cheaply. How much are the kebab shops? Are there plenty near the night clubs? Asking for a friend!

  2. Can’t wait to see the next vlog. Can you secretly get rid of that jacket James is wearing it horrible. Lol 😂 Chris was right it is not good.

  3. I had a similar panic to your supermarket checkout experience when filling up with fuel… Stood looking at the number thinking “oh that’s only £80 that’s not to bad, oh wait it’s £800, no don’t be sill it can’t be etc”

  4. Yesssss you're back and a great video, look forward to the rest of the Iceland vlog! A brilliant place!

    Cologne/Berlin for me next month, then Belgrade, Serbia in June and finally a secret holiday in October, my friend has booked it and I have no idea where we're going.

  5. Yoghurt. 🤷😂
    Great video guys! Super curious to see how it pans out with the budget but it seems like you got off to an awesomely cheap start! I also have no idea how you got such an awesome place within your budget but it looks AWESOME! Looking forward to the next video!

  6. Never thought I would be interested in seeing Iceland on my bucket list but you brought warmth and a sweet lightness to a cold country. Good job guys, carry on and keep those warm and earnest smiles shining through.

  7. Great tease to the next vlog! And the place looks…fantastic, too!

    Share your secrets; you did great in Paris with that free 2-week cat sit house. That was a deal of a lifetime.

  8. may i know about the car hire…is it required for the main driver to own a credit card?…coz i only have debit card..thanks

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