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The Carbonaro Effect – Removable Moonroof | truTV

The Carbonaro Effect – Removable Moonroof | truTV

Keep coming,
keep coming, and stop. Great. Hey, how are you? How’s it going? Doing great.
You can leave it running. Okay.
That’s awesome. How did everything
work out for you? They’re fine. I barely drove it
at all, but it was nice. Oh, great.
Oh, brilliant. Great. And… Right, we have — Oh, moonroof.
Oh, that’s weird. I didn’t think
this had a moonroof. There might have been
a couple of them. Oh, yeah? Let me see.
Do you know if it works? Just want to make sure
that’s functional because sometimes they
check it. I don’t want you to get
in trouble for that. Alright, good.
Alright, yeah. We just want to make sure
that’s functioning all the way. Okay, we got — Oh, dude, you know what? This was not listed
as having a moonroof, so, you know what, I can get
some money back on that. Is that cool? I mean… Did you use it while you
were driving, the moon roof? No, no. No, okay, good.
Okay, good. I figure it’s too cold. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We always feel bad
charging people for — Oh, I see. Okay. It’s like why charge
somebody for a moonroof if obviously they’re not
gonna be using it. I got you. I’m gonna
take that off. Is that okay? Totally. Alright, cool.
Here we go. Just — I don’t think the next
person’s gonna have it, either. Okay. There we go. Okay,
get that right off. Alright.
That ought to do it. Yeah,
I think that worked. Okay, yeah. Alright, yeah,
that worked out good. No, it’s not damaged
or dinged or anything, so… Did it seal up okay
from underneath? Yeah. Just make sure
the upholstery sealed back up. Yeah, there’s no hole
on the inside? Uh-uh. Okay, good.
Yeah, that’s great. I’ve never seen
anything like that. Is that incredible
or what?
Yeah. I was like, what — I don’t know how
they make that happen. Huh.
These cars,
they’re working with NASA, so they have the same
openings on a spaceship. Oh, wow.
Yeah. You know, a spaceship
has to have a door, but they use that
same thing on the roof. One second. I’m just
gonna get your receipt. One second. ♪♪ ♪♪

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100 thoughts on “The Carbonaro Effect – Removable Moonroof | truTV

  1. First time im gonna say this but if anyone thinks the guy isn't an actor because they would of had to swap cars over. This was the worst trick for you to do

  2. I only watch this show when waiting for Impractical Jokers. Well, until Michael annoys me with his really dumb "explanations" for what caused the trick, followed by "OH it must be the Carbonaro Effect… you know my last name? Oh wait you don't know who I am? Oh…"

  3. These shows on TruTv are like the tooth fairy… You really still want to believe, but in reality you know it's total BS

  4. I know how the trick is done. If any of you have ever seen the stage illusion where the magician goes through a mirror, or puts his hand into it, it's the same principle. I won't reveal the secret, but trust me, they don't need to move the car like some of the commenters are saying.

  5. . I can do the same thing with my Android video camera. Pause and hit record ;). Its traditional for the actor to always inspect the situation when Carbonaro walks away. Then again magic is for those that believe magic is real. ;). I guess any of us can do a magic show on t.v.

  6. Most of these are possible to do with just magic (and some cuts to hide the method the victim can't see but the viewer can). This is just impossible to do in the way we're seeing it, so either they used an actor or cut multiple minutes of distraction (for example taking him into the office for paperwork) to replace the car.

  7. God is everything in this country fake? Fake food, fake ass youtube pranks, fake tv shows… Jesus Christ is anything real anymore? Can we get some lawyers to sue these mother fuckers for deceiving viewers? Especially on YouTube these fake pranksters are deceiving viewers and making a profit. This is a modern day ponzi scheme somebody sue all these motherfuckers and put an end to fake entertainment

  8. Last night I commented on another video that I stated my opinion that it's basically acting. Although this show is funny if I don't think about this fact. Today I need one of you guys that knows how to edit videos, you can use scratches if you not allowed to use the actual video, to prove that in this video one of two things happened here; The car was replaced or the video camera's location were changed. Watch for example the location of the car before and after. Look at the yellow lines as references or the backgrounds. Anyway I personally think most are great acting.

  9. All they did was take the customer away and switch the car. You can make out shapes of the letters in the license plate even though its blurred and the replacement car had a different plate. Also, the 2nd car is not parked in the same exact spot, its about 10 inches further forward. And you can see a jump cut at 0:47 that does not match the action of the customer (strange head jerk) so that is where they picked up from when they brought the customer back out to the car. You can also see Michael's chin movement does not match what he is supposed to be saying in that cut even though we see him from behind and the customer's eye line is off when we see Michael now in front of the driver side door even though he had just previously stepped out behind it.

  10. Go back and forth between 18 seconds in and 1:53 in. The car is visibly in a different spot. Soooo, only conclusion is the guy is in on it. Fake t.v. show 😉

  11. What's funny is that when someone doesn't know how the trick is done they call it staged. But when they can figure it out, they call Michael untalented. …. learn some magic and you'll appreciate the show so much more.

  12. Yall retarded its a magic tv show that means they trick the people and viewers. Of course its not the same car and yes im sure they did edits so we can be as mindfucked as that dude

  13. Comments crack me up! Its fake it's fake lmao… No sh*t.. Nooooo he actually just removed a moon roof..

  14. It is amazing how they were able to change the car position although they didnt have to. They also change the camera angles to make viewers think this is a legit trick while in fact it is demonic

  15. Yep, if you compare 0:18 and 1:53 you can clearly see they swapped cars. Lots of editing in this show but hey, the wedding cake toppers is the best EVER!

  16. This is not a single continuous shot in my opinion (same for most episodes). This episode is totally bogus, not worth viewing and I love watching this show. If the producers or Carbonaro insist this is real than please come take the moon roof off my leaking Ford Lariat F150 Super Crew 4×4 to prove it.

  17. Some people in the comments say this is not a real magic trick and always is calling fake this magician, he do magic tricks in interviews too. Why people not say chriss angel is fake too, some people feel envy of this magician because he look so awesome doing magic with this incredible concept of trying to pretend is not magic and just something like a new tecnonolgy or something like that.

  18. I think Michael Carbonaro is also a hypnotist. That's the only way he would've been able to swap cars without this dude knowing

  19. if u look carefully at many of the skits – the pranked person often cant help but momentarily glance at the camera before quickly looking away.

  20. MIND = BLOWN.
    Poor guy. Just smart enough that it really worries him! (What if they let someone walk away without telling them?)

  21. so nobody has been observant enough to realize that it’s a different car, clearly evident by the different rims before and after the moonroof removal. First they’re silver alloy then black!

  22. Of course the car has been changed. But nobody think that magic is real – we just love to see how you and me would react to that kind of situation 🙂 Great show.

  23. its a simple trick, you'll be more amazed by the imbecilic rage in the comment section. mad that a magician presents a magic trick as…a magic trick.

  24. Different car/different position: right tyre on yellow line at 0:05 and past the line at 1:08
    Plus wheel rims seem darker

  25. The top ten sing reflexion on the cars roof is in the cieling of the car. At 43 sec of vid the at 156 its on the back window signs dat they switched cars he that's probably the reason why he told him to keep the car on and I'm guessing he took the man to go do paperwork and left door open exactly how he left it still tricking him to thinking it was the same car when they came back from doing paperwork

  26. How is anyone stupid enough to believe that guy isn't an actor?

    That is the only explanation, unless they took the guy out of the garage and they went back to do the "magic" trick.
    If that is the case, the guy is a moron and the show is just as much of a scam.

  27. The real trick is.. every body in the videos are telling you,,,,have you heard about the carbonaro effect…yeah

  28. these clips are staged, i hope they make a real video with people who are not actors. this carbenaro effect videos are staged and its obvious, they are not even good….

  29. child asks mom:mom,is he god?
    mom whispers:its too late for an abortion but its never late to murder…
    its fake you idiots,dont you notice from the edit+cat shorts?

  30. This one is bad,just a prank of swaping cars.This is why i lost interest in show.Mostly they just cutout everything and film the reaction.

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