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The Candyman

The Candyman

My name is William McKenzie. I work for Enterprise Rent A Car… as a shuttle bus driver… at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Everyone refers to me as Candyman. It’s a name that everyone remembers. I hand out candy to the customers… and also try and give the customers a ride that they never experience before. Playing the music that they can identify with… cuz I love it… and I have fun doing it. Every ride is not the same… I get people from across the country… from around the world… that’s what drives me to be the Candyman. (Let the celebration begin…wooo!) If I can play music that can touch people’s hearts… relate to them, and have them dance and sing… Turn their day around… It’s just worth coming back tomorrow… and doing it all over again. (Hello folks, how we doing today?) If you ask me how I feel about doing this job? It feels good. (laugh)

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5 thoughts on “The Candyman

  1. I am flying into Detroit and I hope he is my shuttle driver i will be renting with enterprise

  2. Flying back to Cali from Detroit and just got a ride with the Candyman. Best shuttle ride ever. Good Music. Stay Cool Candyman.

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