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The Blippi Lamborghini Race Car Video | Learn About Vehicles for Kids

The Blippi Lamborghini Race Car Video | Learn About Vehicles for Kids

Blippi , Blippi Toys, Lamborghini race car video. Learn about vehicles and today we’re gonna learn about star oh hey okay
now let’s learn the interior parts of the blue sports car okay first things
first first we have to put on our single Wow just like in a normal car you have
to put on your seat belt in a sports car all right we have to shut the door wow what an interesting door whoo look
at this car the inside of this car is the color black Oh what’s this in my
hand oh this is a steering wheel and can you think of any other vehicles with
steering wheels a tractor has a steering wheel a monster truck has a steering
Oh even a go-kart has this funny boom look at this this is a
navigation so then you know where you’re going when you’re dry okay now let’s learn the exterior parts
of the blue sports car look at this Wow a big wheel and tire it
is so big look at it it’s like that big Wow do you see the blue brake I heard
these cars go so fast a really big brake to slow down the car it’s such a pretty
blue color look at it ha I love the color blue just like my shirt and my
shoe whoa ooh look up here oh how the car gets all of its power is the engine
let me pop the hood oh look at that
the door just opened up vertically that is so crazy
okay let me pop the hood alright now for the engine huh
wait a second there’s nothing in here oh that’s funny
oh I know the engine on the sports car is in the back whoa that is a massive engine this has a
v12 that is really powerful okay look at this whoa this is the exhaust
there’s one big exhaust right here this is where the exhaust goes out from the
engine do you see this this is where you put
the gas inside this and down here that’s where air goes in to cool down the car
that is so cool oh hey look there’s a baby seat in there that’s silly
whoo and last but not least whoo headlights Wow
it looks like there’s two headlights one two the drivers are now coming around the
corner that connect race and it looks like
let me have taken believe I’ve got a small two-seater two-door automobile and
it drives so fast it’ll give you a thrill I love trying my sports cars they come in all kinds of colors like
cool black a shiny red that driver with the tongue
Russian by your sports cars go sports car soon why see engine go vroom vroom can you hear that
engine go I’ll try
my sports car suit my sports car in my sports car that was awesome learning about sports
cars with you I want to give a special shout out to spend thank you so much
spent for making this video possible he is so cool but since we’re at the beach
I’m gonna go swimming hey parents if you’re youngster loves my
videos be sure to click that big red subscribe button so you can be notified
when I have a brand new video all right buh-bye

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