100 thoughts on “The Best Zipcar Alternative: Maven Car Sharing

  1. I honestly didn't know about any ride sharing programs besides car 2 go until now, thanks Michael! – definitely gonna look into this when I move into the city.

  2. Wake up in the morning to a Mr Mobile video. Perfect timing Michael, good way to start off the day ^^

    Also, what Huawei was that at 1:00 ? Mate 9 perhaps?

  3. Oh man you so lucky we here in Saudi Arabia still old school .
    And the pricing for high class car so expensive you have to pay fortune to rent one.

  4. Now if all the cars in the fleet were fitted out with Knightrider scanners & light-up break pedals, I'd fly over to give them a go. 😀

  5. Mr Michael Fisher Mr Mobile keep up with the Awesome job you're doing 💯👏😀👌👍👍 how is the Huawei Mate 9 treating you so far 👌👍👍

  6. I don't even care about cars at all. I just love your videos man, that was enough motivation to watch this one. Wasn't disappointed!

  7. Mr. Mobile, are you even capable of making a bad video?!?🤔🤔 I mean the consistency and awesomeness is like the oxygen I'm sucking in my gynormus nostrils!! Keep em coming, I'll keep watching 👌👍👍

  8. Untill more technology gets to germany in whatever department, I will be 80 years old and should probably not dirve a car anymore… but its great to see the evolution at least in great america 😀

  9. great video Michael I did not know there were cars that you could rent by the hour from companies like maven and zip car this is very useful information I really like all of your videos I am subscribed now to your you tube channel so I wont miss any of your future videos keep the videos coming they are great and you do a fantastic job

  10. I had no idea you were based out of Boston. Nice to have New England represented in the Youtube tech world (I live in neighboring Rhode Island). Great video as always!

  11. I don't understand why Michael doesn't have much more subs. He should have a million already. The script and quality are so good.

  12. question is, what happens if you have an accident what kind of insurance does it have or where is it, also is there an age restriction, like higher rent for younger age?

  13. I thought Zipcar also have their luxury cars, I did try BMW long time ago, and I remember Zipcar always pick a very nice cars that ppl love to drive. I even bought one after I drove one.

  14. Hey MrMobile. I recently noticed that the Alexa voice assistant now supposedly lets you call it by the wake phrase Computer, just like in Star Trek (correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not too much into the show myself) That said, could we hope for a google home/amazon Echo review comparison, and another chance for your inner Trekkie to shine through?

  15. I am wondering though how you managed to get that 16.6 mpg on an ATS!!!?? They advertise 25 mpg combined on those. Nice Mate 9 by the way, hopefully we see a full review soon.

  16. These type of services, combined with the Uber/Lyft/Sidecar/etc rideshare services, are one of the many reasons why capitalism works! If the taxi and car rental companies think this is a serious issue, they need to band together and get big government to reduce and streamline regulations on said taxi and car rental companies. They will be able to innovate and compete when that happens, not let government answer just about everything in people's lives.

    But enough of my objective ranting! Thanks for sharing this Maven. It's a nice Yiddish loan word too. 🙂

  17. maven app will not run on my note 4. But thanks for the video.

    maybe zip car will work.


    have you reviewed zip car on your channel yet?

  18. Hey folks! Some additional info from Maven that should help answer a few questions:

    On the no-connectivity-no-unlock issue:
    "We’re updating our app regularly to address customer concerns, and expect to have the fix you mentioned completed as soon as next month."

    On expansion plans for 2017:
    "Maven currently offers public car sharing in 12 different cities in the U.S. and Canada. We plan to expand to a few more cities in 2017, however our primary goal this year is to grow our presence in the current markets we’re in. This will include analyzing customer trends and needs in order to effectively expand lot locations, vehicle choices and grow our member base. This will likely include expanding to more college campuses, airports and other areas where car sharing can address a need."

    On One-Way service: 
    "We are currently beta-testing our One-Way service in Detroit and Ann Arbor. Based on the feedback we receive, we will consider adding One-Way to more markets in 2017, but we have nothing to announce at this time."

  19. 8 dollars an hour and you get unlimited gas. the ware on the car and damage when nobody takes care of it cause it's a rental, how do they make profit on this..

  20. My city has car2go. The problem with Car2go? Well, Google it. You'll see that they are derpy-looking cars which I am told feel like deathtraps.

  21. You see this is why I love Mr mobile! He covers some of the things that are very unusual yet make them interesting to watch!
    Many tech YouTubers don't do this and it gets kinda boring to me watching only phone reviews….
    Overall a big thumbs up from me! 😎👍

  22. This video is why I continue to subscribe to your channel – information that I would have never considered, all presented in a pleasant, humorous format. Now a suggestion: at one time, the word "cheap" meant "of poor quality and/or workmanship". Paper plates are "cheap". I agree the word cheaper has evolved to mean "less expensive", and that the use of the word is contextual. However, I tend to find people are less confused about what I'm conveying when I use the phrase "less expensive" then when I say "it's cheaper." ( I don't approve of the behavior of self appointed grammar/spelling experts. However, I do prefer to minimize miscommunication. See George Carlin.)

  23. you should really hit up some electric skateboards Mr mobile, they're essentially portable EVs that ware much cooler and more fun than a segway.

  24. Is Maven planning to rent cars in KSA Kingdom of Saudi Arabia anytime soon?
    I like the idea of it. I'd love to see it here someday.

  25. I don't understand this car sharing idea. Why not buy a cheap second hand car for a one off payment that has cheap insurance and have it right outside your door ready to go whenever? How is this better than having your own that that's yours for ever and ever that you can do what you like with and travel as far as you want with? Sure you can drive a nice car around but it's like renting a nice suit for an event then having to give it back. Why not use a bus? I cant wrap my head around any real reason to do this instead of owning your own car.

  26. Think this is what Salomondrin was talking about, I am in the UK so it might be a little while before I get to try this, and more car reviews please lol.

  27. damn, love your videos. you should up there with or above mkbhd. all in time which he has had. love that music in the background too.

  28. i tried maven they had to refund me my money cause i got locked out the account for no reason after the charged me im in the la area

  29. how they gona call this video the best zipcar alternative when zipcar daily rates are better. they just came to new york i saw the daily rates and its not giving me an incentive to rent from them. The daily rate for a chevy mailibu is 140 a day i could get a mini van with zipcar for 101 a day. and maven charges 99 for a chevy cruz hathback i could get a mini van with enterprise carshare for the same price

  30. I want my rental car to show up at my door, and when I'm done with it, be taken back to its stable. That will only happen when GM makes its cars autonomous. It's coming, folks.

  31. hmm I don't I think it might be my favorite I don't know but it can do alot of experience lik3 dropping through law or cuchao so yeah nice vehicle.

  32. Maven customer service is horrible. If you ever have any issues contacting member services… Good luck. Been waiting one month for a response

  33. omg people just use enterprise , so much better, no hassle, can drive out of country and you don't need to pay all upfront!!!

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