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The Best Used Luxury Cars to Buy

The Best Used Luxury Cars to Buy

rev up your engines, today by popular
demand I’m gonna talk about three luxury cars that you should buy used, and yeah normally
I talk about five vehicles but hey I could only think of
three good luxury ones to buy, because most luxury cars hey as they get old
they have problems and their very expensive to maintain now true luxury cars if they
follow their actual name they’re expensive to buy cuz they’re luxury cars,
so if you can get a good used one you can save a ton of money, for example my
wife’s lexus ES 300 it was thirty two thousand dollars when brand-new, but
Scotty’s cheap and smart I only paid $3,000 for it when it was used, yeah it
was twelve years old but it only had sixty thousand miles on it, and with that
low mileage and the many years I’ve owned it, the only things I put on are brake
pads and changed the engine oil filter and the air filter a few times, but
there’s many used luxury cars out there that if you would have bought you would
have paid three four times that in three or four years just repairing the
stupid thing now the first used luxury sedan that I
suggest buying is the 2016 Acura, either the RLX or the TLX they’re both
excellent vehicles, not as usual I’m never a fan of all wheel drive vehicles,
they add complexity in the acura line the ones that have the all-wheel drive
automatic transmissions have had histories of problems with those
transmissions when they’re hooked up to an all-wheel drive system, so I say stick
to the two-wheel drive systems myself let’s take the RLX, it’s a true luxury
car it’s got 310 horsepower a really smooth ride, responsive steering and
comfortable seating for five, it gets about average fuel economy but it’s a
luxury sedan you don’t buy a luxury sedan for fantastic gas mileage, that’s just
not part of the package in any real luxury sedan, and of course if you’re into
technology for a luxury car it’s got all the things you, want a navigation
system moonroof, push-button start, all kinds of
electronic controls you can mess around with to your heart’s content, and being a
Honda product come on now acuras are just fancy Honda’s, its reliable so you get a
lot of fancy stuff on it but it tends to work for a long time before it breaks
down if it ever does break down, now years ago Cadillacs are seen as a big
luxury sedan in the fifties and sixties my grandfather’s a mechanic then and he
loved them, but the modern Cadillacs to compare them to the Acura, Hey
the electronics on those things are breaking down all the time, I’ve seen the
dash modules go out on them, they’re nowhere near as reliable as these Acuras
are, yeah the Cadillac is a lot cheaper to buy use than the Acura but there’s a
lot of reasons for that, because the cadillac is made a lot cheaper and there’s
a lot more problems, say you can’t find an RLX but you can find a 2016 or so TLX
those a good cars too, they’re not quite as luxurious, they got a little bit
less horsepower but their still excellent luxury vehicles, the regular
model has 280 horsepower and if you got a sport-tuned s model it’s got
305 horsepower that’s a lot of horsepower, and the TLs they’re
reliable vehicles, the only recall ever seen in those things is that Takata
airbag recall that all these people that use millions of them Takata airbags
those are recalled, hey you get that done it doesn’t cost you anything they gotta
replace it for free anyway, now my next used car that you might want to buy as a
luxury sedan might surprise people, I’m talking about the 2003 to 2011 Lincoln
Town Car, now people might poopoo this but for an old man car hey it’s comfy
and they’re relatively reliable vehicles those Ford v8 engines you change
the oil and don’t overheat them they can run forever, and for a vehicle of that
size they get decent gas mileage just like the Acura Hey but on a highway they
get decent gas mileage, and a lot of people poopoo them because they say, oh
they have a soft suspension, well it’s an old man car a lot of the old men want
soft suspensions, you know you can ride around
those things on the highway all day long you’re not gonna
get a worn out, on a highway I’ve seen customers get 24 miles a gallon in
those things so you know they’re not that bad for driving around cross
country, the lincoln town cars have one big advantage they made a bunch of them and
you can often get them relatively cheap, you’re never gonna find a relatively
cheap Acura you’re always going to pay pretty top dollar for that unless it’s
really old or has 250,000 miles on it, but there’s tons of these town cars
around and you can usually get a pretty good deal if you look around, now as I
said in previous videos, you can use Mercedes real cheap too but those things
they will bankrupt you even if you don’t drive that many miles, where the Town Car
no they’re not that bad to fix they’re just Fords, and of course there’s a lot
of guys around and know how to fix them, the repairs on those are generally much
cheaper than imported luxury cars, and really the main thing in spending money
on a luxury car is the engine and the transmission, and the Lincoln Town Cars
have an excellent reliability rating for the engines and the transmissions the
major parts, now the third luxury sedan that I advise people to buy is the Lexus
ES or GS which might surprise some people because I’m not a fan of their v8
engines, they’re extremely complex hard to fix and they do have a tendency to
break down as they get really high mileage with the v8 engines,
and guess what even today all the Lexus luxury sedans
they’re still made in Japan they’re not making them any place else, so you’re
getting true Japanese quality, your not getting something like a Mercedes Benz but
you know it’s made somewhere else not Germany and not made by Germans, you’re
getting the real thing with a Lexus, now the v6 engines and these Lexus’s
they Run For Ever, I’ve had customers be
driving them with 500,000 miles, original engine original tranny, and you get in
them and they still run like a dream, they have a combination of really good
handling and a really nice ride, I mean a lot of people say, oh well some of these
cars they handle a lot better than other ones, yeah
but when you compare how they handle and how they ride, you’re not gonna find a
better comparison for something that’s in that price range, some of them now do
have a v8 engine in them, but like I say I am
NOT a fan of the v8 if you want power go ahead it’s still you know really well
built vehicle, but as they age the v8 are probably five times more expensive to
repair than the six cylinder Lexuses are, so if you’re gonna buy used one my
advice go six-cylinder, because yes I had customers that didn’t listen to me and
said, oh I like the body style of the v8 better and bought them, ha it bit
them in the rear end later on when they found out, oh they had to replace
two catalytic converters all three of them and that was gonna cost them three
grand, and then when the starter went out you had to pull the intake manifold off
the v8 engine to change the starter, stick to the sixes they got plenty enough
power to get you around, they ride like a dream and they get
quite a bit better gas mileage than the eights do, I mean the best gas mileage
I’ve ever got is like 25-26 miles a gallon going 65 miles on a highway
these Lexus are luxurious inside, and yes they do hold up over time, look at
the inside of my wife’s car, this car is a 17 year old car now, look at the wood
still shining, the leather seats are immaculate, now I do have aftermarket
mats I have to say I like them better, but there’s tons of room front and back
yeah and it even has air conditioning and heating vents going into the backseat
it’s a true luxury car, the Lexus ES sedan has been their biggest seller, now
this is an old 2002 ES 300, the ES 350 the newer version, hey at last just as
well very luxurious car, of course it is a lot more electronic stuff than the old
one had in it, but that’s a great used luxury car to buy, so now you know if
you’re going to a luxury sedan, there’s three choices
three relatively different choices, but three good choices that you can buy used
and still drive for quite some time before they start having serious
problems, like most other luxury cars will, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Scootty I want to buy a used luxury car between 2008-2012 which one you recomend me based on gas mileage, maintenance and how often they need more on repairs
    I like Audi A4, Lexus IS 250, bmw 328 or a Mercedes Benz c300

  3. ( moving my hands all around ) I say, great video Scotty! I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us to help us save money. ( 👉👍✌👋👆👏👈). Thank you, John

  4. When I think of luxury, I think of vehicles I dont see 100 times on my commute to work. Not this crap, scotty! What gives

  5. I have to slightly disagree. The Lincoln, Crown Vic and Gran Marquis are all American made and if treated decent, they will run upwards of 400,000 miles and more on the 8 and they are virtually the same car

  6. I mean a 2016 or 17 TLX that was 45 to 50k new you can get with 20 to 30k miles for 20 to 25k….. not knocking Acura at all but there resale is awful. Which is better for someone buying one used! They look amazing though

  7. I've owned an Infiniti M35x for the past 10 years and it's been great. Very powerful and handles like a dream. Except for changing the oil, brake pads/rotors, etc. it's been maintenance free.

  8. Guys saving money is great and all but yous have to live a little you only live once and you're not taking you money with you when you die so enjoy it now

  9. Bought a 5 series BMW 12 months ago. Beautiful car with heaps of power. Luckily the dealer included 3 years optimum 3rd party warranty or else I would have had to fork out the $10k in repairs. Been in the shop 4 times already in the first year. Hope to get it back this week. Oil pump died this time. Prior to that was the timing chain.

  10. My Mercedes is way more reliable than any Toyota product I’ve ever owned. Replacement parts don’t cost a lot for the m112/113 engines either

  11. Good Evening Scotty! My name is Ali. I am living in Perth, Australia. I am a long time subscriber of your Youtube Channel and Learned alot about cars and DIY stuff. Scotty I am planning to upgrade my car. I have my eyes on a 2004 BMW 530i with 167,000Km on clock and the dealer says its in perfect condition and he has good reviews from from previous buyers. What are your views on this car and what are your tips on inspecting this car before I call in my mechanic for final inspection. Please advise.

    Thanks! 🙂

  12. Lmao why not just buy a cheap foreign sports car if it starts to go down hill sell it or trade it in and get another sport car. Hopefully you get a yr or 2 out of it because by then you’re already starting to get bored with it so you’ll be happy to get rid of it and get a different sport car 🤷🏾‍♀️😂

  13. I imagine more modern Mercedes are money pits. But the late 70s and early 80s Mercedes W123, and the mid 80s to early 90s W124 are great cars. They're not exactly S class, but they were pretty top of the line back in their days.

  14. I thought about this and ended up buying an Acura tsx 2008, which I thought would be great. Serpentine belt broke, tensor broke, shut off on me in the middle of the road one time, knock sensor changed twice, VSA sensor on, starter changed after one month, and last but worse, motor gave up on me and started kocking like crazy one day, would barely even run, idk exactly what it was but I just went and traded it in for a toyota corrolla.

  15. Scotty Kilmer sounds like the ice-king from adventure time.. let alone he kinda looks like him too 😂😂

  16. For work or if you’re numb for driving you SHOULD buy a Toyota, but its incredibly boring to a real car enthusiast to own one. Driving toyota you can fall asleep at the wheel.
    BMW, any Dodge SRT, even Mercedes is love/hate relationship

  17. I'm mechanical engineer and few things give me more pleasure than my bmw e46 330ci and repairing it. It's a bit shame that I leave in Germany and very often I watch YouTube videos from USA about how to repair my car… No other car has that many aftermarket parts and repairing information than a good old bmw. And by the way, it's a madness to drive with 155mph on the derestricted German Autobahn in a Toyota which is not Supra. You need those stupid things like performance brakes, sport suspension and 50-50 weight distribution… but for a country with 75 mph limit on the highway, I guess 1994 Celica and Lexus are the best option, definitely better than unreliable sports car

  18. Ive pretty much owned all makes. The best bits have been bmw engines, hondas, toyotas (so thats Acura and Lexus included) but all abit cramped in my opinion, Volvos if you get one looked after, Kias and Hyundais (old and new) also take some abuse and cheap to repair, Old nissans (no longer, RIP), Mitsubishis also durable if maintained, Subaru also good but expensive to maintain. Worst – Alfa romeo, great to drive, hit the RAC fair usage policy £3k car, £4k repairs! Renaults, things just dropped off everywhere, Vauxhalls were GM (poor) now Renaults so, well, terrible, Mercs Rust (i know!) but have good engine and best autoboxes, Fords weak points are engines (perfromance ones have design flaws, older ones have gremlins you never diagnose) – ALL Diesels are pretty unreliable except bmw and volvo. Dont buy into the german reliability its a myth from days when ALL cars were bad and they lasted a bit longer – not so anymore, thats all you see broken by the roadside! Peugeots USED to be good, but went by the wayside, Citroens seem to be the best of french imho, Renaults the worst, Italians all bad, VW group all massed produced and share parts, so take your chances, that goes for audi etc. too. I wouldnt have one post 2007

  19. If you like the Town Car but don’t want to pay for the Lincoln badge? I promise you a 2000s Merc Grand Marquis LS (I owned a fully loaded 2001 Marquis LS) is about 95% as nice as any Lincoln from the same year. For hundreds or $1000 less.

  20. How about Toyota Avalon. I think it's a Lexus in disguise. You get all the comfort of a Lexus without paying all the extra cost associated with luxury brand. Also, it's good if you want to keep a low profile. People will look the Toyota badge and think oh it's just a Toyota and move on. I've never seen your video about Toyota Avalon. How about if you make one.

  21. Hey scotty, i wish i knew you earlier. im about to buy a used 2010 honda accord with 55,000 miles. whats your take on the car??

  22. Hey scotty, just heads up. One of the Lexus ES models ( I don't remember which) I'd made in Kentucky at the Toyota plant, however from what I've seen and heard it has the same quality as the ones made in Japan

  23. I have a ‘10 Cadillac CTS. It’s at 175k and has only needed oil, wiper fluid and tires. Not all of them are bad

  24. Fun fact: Most Lexus GS cars have the same 3.5L V6 engine that powers the ES350, RX350, and IS350. The only GS models that are powered by the V8 engine are the GS F models.

  25. BMW's are good on GAS, always were, always will be…
    Diesel engines…everything before 2007, after that just garbage…
    the best BMW's diesel engines are the ones with 3000cc and 3500cc,
    the worst BMW's engines, all that takes 2000cc or less…
    not a fan
    u want a good German engine, buy a Mercedes-Benz from C-class (got this C220 avantgarde sport edition) 200 000 kms… 0 problems on a AT! 😀
    BMW = Big Money Waste

  26. Scotty is great with a tremendous amount of knowledge…but I think the Lexus LS 400-430-460 are among the greatest cars of all time

  27. Buy Infiniti! My 2012 G37x most reliable car i ever had. Only maintenance brakes n oil changes. Plus it has more power than most other luxury vehicles 327 hp very fast and responsive. Excellent handling.

  28. 부모의 이혼과 자신의 인종 정체성에 대한 혼란 등으로 고등학생 시
    절 마약을 하기도 했었고 이것이 후의 정계 진출 이후에 발목을 잡았
    지만 오히려 이를 숨기지 않아 정직한 정치인으로 인정을 받는 요소
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    고 볼 수 있다. 게다가 미국 흑인 중 다수를 차지하는 서아프리카 출신
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    주장하는 사람들도 있는데 미국에선 혼혈인은 자기 정체성에 따라 민
    족이 정해진다.

    1980년대엔 리사 잭이라는 사진작가의 포트폴리오에 참여하기도 했
    다. 관련글

  29. repairing bmw and mercedes in US is very expensive but not in Europe….repairing US cars in Europe is expensive too…parts have to be shipped and mechanics are rare ….. so it s not about reliability it s more about… availibility


  31. Yes Scotty ES and GS V6's are practically bulletproof my Lexus's V6 is 20 years old I replaced the original alternator last year that's it

  32. Rocking a 2007 6 Speed TL Type S. Its reliable, comfortable, fast and sporty. Cant go wrong with an Acura. (Unless you buy an old auto with the glass transmission)

  33. I bought a NEW Acura TSX in 2009 or so and it was the worst piece of crap lemon I’ve ever had. The A pillar body moldings were glued on! The kept popping off in the summer heat. The whole gauge cluster went out…… this all in the first few months of ownership. Garbage……..

  34. Scotty, of course you're a very smart man. I want to know more about how you managed to get your used lexus with 60k miles for $3000?

  35. You are so right about the Mercedes cars! They break down all the time!! My parents bought one of those and it was junk! Things breaking left and right!

  36. Gona stick with my merk a class buying one for my 25 bday thats what 33 a hr will get u with no debt a bran new car and a clean driving Record helps save extra

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