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The Best People to Buy a Used Car From

The Best People to Buy a Used Car From

rev up your engines, Horaldo says Scotty
I’m thinking about buying the 1980-90 Toyota Corolla what do you think, well
there were great cars but you’re going anywhere from what a 39 year old car to
a 29 year old car they’re old you never know, I mean find a customer
once and it was an old lady and she said you know they told me I should buy
another car, she had one and it was 30 years old, it had 26,000 miles on it, I said no let me fix it for ya you don’t need to buy another car, these things are
indestructible and yes it’s 30 years old but you only got 20 something thousand miles
and I’ve seen them with 500,000 miles so I said the thing really is worn that much and I
fixed it for a few hundred bucks and she went on her way and was happy, if you
could find a gem like that from a little old lady or old man that maybe was an estate sale or they lost their license couldn’t drive, go right ahead, when a car
is 30 years old there can be a lot of stuff just flat worn-out, you’d want
somebody to check it out before you buy it or if it’s a deal where they’re
selling it for three four five hundred bucks and you drive it and it seems to
run okay, what the heck buy it, el gato says if I don’t drive five thousand
miles in a year should I still change my oil once a year, what do you think about
mobile once a year versus other synthetic oils, if you don’t drive 5,000
miles a year you still want to change your oil once a year because water
vapor gets in it, the additives degrade and so change once a year, the only time
I break that is, if I have a toy like a motorcycle and I Drive it 500 miles a
year, okay I admit I might only change it once every four five years, cuz really
it’s not gonna have any harm that tiny amount, but if you drive normally less
than five change it once a day, you know as for the mobile one,
all synthetics oils are pretty good mobile oil is a decent synthetic oil, it cost
awful lot of money but don’t listen that one they said you can change your oil
every 20,000 miles, you can only do that if you drive on the highway and because
highway mileage going 60 is equivalent to 10 percent of city, so 20,000 miles on
highway in a year would be equivalent to 2,000 miles stop and go in city,
you still got to change it once a year so you know
I wouldn’t buy it super expensive unless you were driving on highway all the time or
were gonna to drive it for 20,000 and I wouldn’t do that anyways, I’d still change
it every 10, pH says Scotty what do you think of BMW motorcycles, I know a
lot about them, those were originally, they had the boxer engines with one cylinder on each
side, they were in destructible, they didn’t have that much power, the Nazis used them
in World War two in the desert some of those things are still running,
excellent strong engines, not that much horsepower but they kept beefing them up,
now they make a four cylinder in-line just like the Japanese engines, it wins a
lot of the races I saw it kept winning the Isle of Man
race in England, that was the biggest fastest over 200 miles an hour and
running on streets, they make excellent speed motorcycles, now their speed
motorcycles do burn a little oil because of the design, a lot of people buy them
they get kind of peed that they bought a BMW super expensive four-cylinder engine
and now it burn some oil, but oil is cheap and those engines are really well made, if
you don’t mind paying the price today they are a very expensive engines
and machines to buy, they’re not giving them away, but they’re well-built
motorcycle if you like a bigger heavier a motorcycle and the touring motorcycle,
they’re probably one of the best touring motorcycles in the world, I’m into
motorcycles but I’m not a tourer I’d be bored out of my mind sitting for
10 hours. I’m the type of guy that likes to get on and go spin real fast and have
some fun and come back and do something else,
just like sailing, I tried sailing and I thought it would be great, then I get on a
sailboat and we got on one once that was going from Houston to Galveston and
back and there was a big Canadian northern storm coming in and we got
going the guy said like 10 knots, it’s like what 11 miles an hour and he said we’re
really screaming, oh my god this is gonna take us six hours to get down to
Galveston, it takes me 40 minutes in a car you know I said this is too slow for me
and I never did that again, Armando says Scotty I got a Dodge
Avenger 2012, it won’t go over 40, the horn honks on its own and sometimes
it dies right after starting up it doesn’t have gas, if the horn is honking on
its own, a lot of times you have some kind of an anti-theft system, so find a
guy like me a professional mechanic knows what he’s talking about,
have him hook up a scan tool and run a test on that first, now if that’s okay it won’t
go over forty there’s really only two major things
that do that, either your fuel filter is clogged or the fuel pump is going bad, you can
have that pressure tested, that’s a simple test that can tell you whether that’s
working or not, and if that isn’t, the catalytic converter can clog up and there’s
also simple test for that, all we mechanics do is, you take off the
oxygen sensor that’s in front of the catalytic converter and put a tester
meter on and then we see if the back pressure is too high, then the cat is clogged and you need to replace the catalytic converter have those tested, cuz that’s
the most common thing, but that would have nothing to do with the horn honking,
so I’d checked the alarm system first, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Oh hey Scotty, I see that this is an old post but I still have a question. What do you think about the Volkswagen VR6 and G60 engines on the VW Colorado.

  3. I once bought a used rotary Mazda. The nice old man sold it to me for $250. "Needs a battery." I towed it home. Two days later I revisited the sellers, in the RX2, just to say hello. Old lady in her flower garden, looked shocked. I told her I bought a $20 dollar battery. She said: "Maybe we should have sold it for more!" Her old husband had stealthily, deceitfully offset the ignition plug assembly on the key switch so that start contactors weren't hot.
    1 hour diagnosis and fix, by me.Well it still was a 1972 rotary with 60,000 miles and the Apex seals were shot. And it did indeed start and run when temperatures were above 75 degrres. Old folks can be shady too.

  4. I have an 02 Avalon with 110,000 miles. It has always used conventional oil and I am happy with it. Would it really be worth it to change to a synthetic blend at this point? Anything I should know or do to do that?

  5. I inherited my grandparents “92” Buick LeSabre after they passed and that car was a tank had only 88,000 miles was kept in the garage and they had it since 1996. I had it from 2008-2013 was a great car only reason I sold it was lost my job and it needed more work than I could afford to fix. They are quite indestructible cars though.

  6. Bought a 07 ford five hundred from an old Serbian lady with 203k miles for 2 grand, the damn thing runs like a champ. Always maintained. Can’t go wrong with buying cars from old people.

  7. Trouble with old lady cars is they never got driven properly to break in the engine. Now you start running down the interstate at 75 and it begins burning oil.

  8. 05 Lincoln with only 25,000 on it for $500 Cash…… Need New Heads….
    2013 Nissan Maxima 20,000 on it $1000 Cash….. Sounds Too Good to be true… Probably needs a Engine.
    ( Almost ) Every Car I see on FB or CL for $2000 or less…. Needs New Head Gaskets, Needs Tranny, Needs Heads, Needs Fuel Pumps, Needs Ignition Switch because they ripped it out after loosing the keys, Needs….. Needs…… Needs….. No Title, Must be Towed, Runs but Stalls and Dies if you break, Over Heats, Stuck in Reverse…. Engine Knocks
    96 Lumina 65,000 on it for $350 Needs Head Gaskets and Fuel Pump… For $350… Deal or Not?

  9. Watching him talk about the problems with someone's 2012 Avenger makes me grateful to the salesman that had me test drive the shitty base model that I hated and didn't buy.

  10. Scottie. It's all great info, but, BIG BUTT! Indexing just where the answers are in a video needs doing if I am ever to find a particular answer to a problem! Is it available? All of your gems are there hiding in the videos!

  11. The problem with buying a used car is the owner before you most likely treated that car like it was a race car. And it's just a regular car so when you get it you're going to have all kinds of problems I would just buy one brand new car and take care of it and keep it for like 20 years and it will come with a warranty. Always had bad luck with buying use cars and if you think of it people don't care about you they will sell you a lemon

  12. Re: the lady that only had 26,000 miles on her car after 30 years. Great, but that means she likely only drove it to the supermarket and church. Scotty says that puts 10x as much wear on the engine, transmission and cat converter as highway driving. So that 26,000 miles is likely to be equivalent to 260,000 highway miles. That's still going to be significant.

  13. Spot on comments, bike for a quick thrill, car to keep you dry and sailing, don't do a week holiday on one, just sail it for a day.
    Never been so excited that we could get that thing accelerating from 5.2 to 6.3 kts. You don't need a clock, you need a calendar.

  14. 26000 miles 😱😱😱she basically drove it 2.5 miles every day and 866 miles a year for 30 years god damn

  15. With the gentleman who had the car that wouldn't do over 40, If he swapped keys he may have the valet key which limits the car's abilities. That wouldn't' cause the horn problem or shutting down (that I know of) unless there is some scenario where repeated attempts to exceed the valet key's speed limit result in immobilizing.

  16. Some jack off talked my grandmother into selling her 1990 lesabre, only had 50k in 2012. $500. I was ready to go find the guy & slap him.
    Now she has a 2012 accord with nothing but problems from day one.

  17. It's a big fallacy that 'lots of things will be worn out' on a 30-year old car, because almost everything will have been replaced by then. 30-year old cars no longer have the original 30-year old components, most have had almost everything replaced. What will be worn is the seats.

  18. I'm voting you for president thanks for the videos..!!! I wish we had real mechanics around here Atlantic City New Jersey..!!!

  19. Scotty, I had a beautiful, red, 1991 Prelude Si and I loved it. But, it burned oil pretty rapidly, like a quart every two weeks? Yeah, my tailpipe was BLACK and sooty inside. What was wrong with it? Was it the catalytic converter, maybe?

  20. Love your videos, but hey, little old lady car with low miles?? All of those miles are on cold engine – 5 mile journeys to the anusol shop, riding the clutch at lights, never out of 2nd gear etc etc. No way jose!

  21. I bought a 94 Camry back in 2016 with only 97,000 miles on it. For a car that old it wasn’t bad the interior was in great condition

  22. I got a Hyundai PONY with only 45,000 KM on it kept in a garage and ten years old at the time for only 2500 bucks, best deal ever it was like new had the 5 speed and highest trim level and lasted me awhile until it got written off because I got rear ended by a Cherokee LOL

  23. Hi Scotty my daughter has a 2001 Saturn 4 door . what she is having trouble with is when she go to start the car sometimes the dash lights start flashing it start's ok but won't let her put it in gear. She has taken it to her garage but they couldn't fix it. would you know why it's doing this or could you help her please she a hard working kid with not a lot of money. I hate to see her spending her hard earned money and get nothing for it. I love your video's Thank you very much,

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  25. Your comments about you experience in sailing, Scotty, reminds me of my experience at the Indianapolis 500. I had attended the Grand National drag races in Indy, and I loved that, but not the Indy 500. I was ready to leave after four or five laps, but stayed to the end our of respect for the people I was with. You really can't see much of the race on a 2.5 mile oval, and I'm not a person who is thrilled at the sight of a wreck. Seeing the race on TV is a much better option, and even that is slow. I strong recommend wearing ear plugs if you're attending the event live, especially at drag races.

  26. Scotty,
    I’m now seriously looking into buying Toyota Tacoma. As you know their price don’t go down much used so it might be better off buying new since I’m thinking of keeping it as long as it runs. Here’s my question: what do you think of buying Tacoma that’s only a few thousand miles on it, less than a year old, that you come across once in a while. Would you suspect something might be wrong with those or it’s just like someone got it but can’t keep up with payment or military personnel deployed unexpectedly or what not?

  27. I keep telling people, when you want to buy a used car, check the obits. Look for an old person who died. Call the spouse.

  28. I once bought a car from a big old lady who they said only drove it to go to church on Sunday It turns out, she never went to church! Lol!

  29. Actually Toyota do make motorcycles, they're just called Kawasaki. If I'm correct the cartel which includes Toyota includes Kawasaki Heavy Industries, so Toyota stays out of bikes. I'm pretty sure it isn't the Suzuki group because Suzy make cars; and it sure as hell ain't Honda because Toyota is a direct rival of Honda.

  30. I bought my grandmas 2008 Toyota Camry with 22,000 for $250 which was scrap value from my uncle that hates Toyota’s and Honda’s the car is super nice ice cold ac hot heat no rust or body damage clean interior with no stains

  31. Scotty I love your videos but these days trying to find a good deal on a used cars is getting harder and harder. Every used car I see either has 150,000+ miles on it, or it is priced as high or higher than some dealers want. I have been searching Craig's list, etc, if the vehicle has moderate to low miles they want a ton for it, if it is priced good it has a ton of miles on it, or it is an R title. A lot of private sellers are marking their vehicles up to 3 to 4 thousand over what most sites like KBB, Blackbook suggest a private seller should be selling their cars for. With these prices, I am just going to buy new.

  32. I like all your videos Scotty. But I think your giving away too many secrets to everyone. You gone too far now!!! Lol

  33. My favorite ww2 guy died . He's got like an 83 Datsun. And they haven't driven it 20 years. Tires are up. Probably start up. That's the way the old guys are. Me too

  34. The best people to buy cars from are old and or retired because they buy a brand new car barely use it for a few years than later on have to use for it and sell for cheap

  35. I got a 95 jeep grand Cherokee from an old lady. It had 60k miles lmao. I've got 100k on it now and it runs like a clock.

  36. Got a 01’ Silverado from a elderly gentleman, 96,000 miles. I’m sure he put conventional oil in it, I ended up putting in the Napa synthetic/conventional blend. Good move or no?

  37. Bought a used car off an old lady when I was 16, literally put 80k miles on it literally only changed the oil and put gas in it. she took the best care of it for me lol.

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