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The Best Cars You Can Buy for Under $10,000! | WheelHouse

The Best Cars You Can Buy for Under $10,000! | WheelHouse

(car engine roaring) – If you’re like me, you love cars. But, you don’t have a lot
of money to spend on them. Well, fret not, because today we’re looking at 10 cars under 10 thousand dollars. (upbeat music) So let’s lay the ground rules. First, the car can’t cost
more than 10 thousand dollars. Duh. I only say this because there are cases
where you’ll see cars that normally go for more
than 10 thousand dollars at less than 10 thousand dollars. But these aren’t typical and it’s not really fair for
me to put them in this video. Second, I’m going to show you some cars available for a lot less than 10k. So, you can use the leftover money to mod your ride and make
something really special. For pricing research, I use Craigslist in four different cities around the U.S. L.A. Denver, Nashville. And New Jersey. And keep in mind that you’ll probably be able to find at least one of these cars at any price point under
10 thousand dollars but the price will reflect the condition. These are just some basic guidelines for what you should expect
to pay for a decent example. We’ll go in ascending order
from cheapest to most expensive. For under a thousand dollars,
all you’re going to find are cars that need a lot of work but that doesn’t mean you
can’t find something fun. Case in point, this 2000 Plymouth Neon I found for five hundred bucks. Hear me out. It might be a neon but
these things are low key fun as hell. (car engine roaring) – Woo. Wee. Wow. That guy’s going so fast. – And this one is a manual. Apparently, if you’re going to get a neon you got to go with a manual because the automatic transmissions are really, really bad. And I can’t stress enough
how difficult it is to find good cars for
under a thousand bucks. Moving on. Things don’t get much better
at two thousand dollars. But there is one car that
immediately comes to mind if you want to have cheap fun. The Ford Crown Victoria. (upbeat music) You get a V8, rear wheel drive. Comfy seats, they’ll last forever and you can mod the
hell out of these things with Mustang parts to make
them round turns real good. My friend, Austin did it
and it’s pretty sweet. You can find Crown Vics
for under two grand all day on Craigslist. The only problem is they
get pretty bad mileage. And if you buy a Vic, you have to hang out with Vic people and they’re kind of weird. – Hi, I’m weird. – Okay, the big three grand. I think if you’re in
high school or college, this is a realistic
amount of money to save up with a full-time job. Case in point, this two
thousand one BMW 325i with a five speed for 25 hundred bucks. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, it’s also a German
car with 192,000 miles. So, buyer beware. For three thousand dollars,
I think I have a better idea. (upbeat music) The Civic, two to three thousand dollars is the land of the Honda Civic. At this price, the cars
you’re going to find are going to have pretty high mileage. But it’s not hard to find some that have been really well maintained. Another good option in this price range is the Acura Integra. Very similar but looks a
little cooler, in my opinion. But, you got to be careful
because Civics get stolen. (metal clanking) Hey, Nolan here, this Civic was actually stolen about 12 hours
after we shot this episode. We got it back though, so it’s okay. If something does break, OEM parts are super affordable and working on Hondas is really easy. Sure, your friends might call you a ricer but you’ll have the last laugh when they ask you for a ride after drifting their 240SX into a wall for the third time this year. (car tires screeching) Okay, so, four thousand dollars is when things really
start getting serious for fun, cheap cars. You can find Miatas all day between three and four thousand dollars. (upbeat music) Let me confess something to you. I used to be a Miata hater. I used to say that funny hair dresser joke and buy into every other tired cliche. But that was until I drove one. There’s a reason people love the Miata. That’s cause it’s freaking great. At this price range, you’re looking at late ’90s, early ought’s, NA and NB Miatas. There’s going to have a lot of mileage but like the Civic, the Miata’s pretty bullet proof. Five thousand dollars, we’re half way there. Hopefully, you’re getting some ideas. For five thousand, there’s
some really fun stuff if you’re willing to dig for it. The one car that stands out
to me in this price range, is the first and second gen Mini Cooper S. Like the Miata, the Mini
Cooper is another car I think, has an unfair stigma. (whistles) People think it’s a chick car. It’s cute. It’s slow. And practical. But, I think the public is wrong because I don’t believe in chick cars. I believe in cool cars. The Cooper S is cool. And I’ll tell you why. Two words, it’s supercharged. That’s right. From 2002 to 2006, the Mini Cooper S came with a 1.6 liter supercharged engine with a six speed manual as standard. It’s awesome. I don’t need to say anything else. Something to keep in mind, these things aren’t super reliable and since they’re basically BMWs, the maintenance might be a little pricey. And apparently, they’re a
pain in the ass to work on. But on the other hand, supercharger. You can get one of these
for under five grand, no proplem. I’m thinking about saving up and doing it. At six thousand dollars, it’s kind of a weird mesh
mash of nicer examples of car we’ve already talked about. And less nice more expensive stuff, we’ll talk about later. But one thing that is a
consistent is an American classic. The Jeep TJ and YJ Wrangler. This is probably my biggest
odd ball pick so far. And I stand by it. Other cars on my list are
fun little sports cars for zipping around town. But what if you don’t care about that? Wranglers aren’t the
fastest or the classiest. But I promised, if you
test drive one of these with the top off, you’ll understand. Jeeps offer a different kind of fun. At this price point, you’re going to find a
super cherry Wrangler. But, come on, it’s a Jeep. It doesn’t need to be
pretty, just needs to run. You know, the more cars I
talk about on this list, I want every one. (upbeat music) – For seven grand, I think there’s a lot to
love in the Infinity G35, and Nissan 350Z. They are basically the same thing. Obviously, this is not a
seven thousand dollar car. But with that extra three thousands, you can make yours your own. The Infinity looks all grown up – Mm, I can’t wait to
start my mutual fund. – While the Z looks like
it just drove off the set of Tokyo drift. Personally, I think the
Infinity looks a tad better but it really comes down
to personal preference. You can fight me in the comments. The differences don’t end there though, inside the G35 has a backseat while the Z only has two seats. Apparently, the trunk is
bigger on the G35, too. But you’re not buying one
of these to haul stuff. You’re buying one of these to haul ass. (crickets sounding) It’s a joke. The Z has the G35 slightly
beaten handling department as it is lighter. But the disparity between the
two isn’t super noticeable. Also, quick side note, the
G35 also came in a sedan with the six speed and that’s awesome. Now, I want one of these, too. Now that you’re in the
eight thousand dollar range. I think it’s pretty safe to start looking at Subarus. Yes, it’s time! At this price point,
you can expect the WRX to have around 140,000 miles. Now, I’m not a Subi expert by any means but I think that’s when the
head gasket starts to go. Regardless, seven to eight
is a really nice price point for these cars. That’s probably not what they are worth. But, the Subi tax is a universal
things across the country. You got to make some money back on all those vapes you bought, I guess. So, if you really want to
scratch that rally itch and make all your bros jealous. I think, you should realistically, expect to pay that much. They won’t be the nicest examples and your probably not
going to find any STI’s on that price point, but they won’t be total piles either. If you have nine grand burning
a whole in your pocket, and you want something fun I say, get an AMG. Imagine, how sick you’ll
look rolling up to work in this AMG C32. Sure, it doesn’t have
a V8 like a real AMG. I’m only half kidding. But people can’t tell the difference and that’s all that matters. How about this S55? It’s black, it’s cool. I don’t care if these things
are ticking time bombs that cost more than a year of rent. It says AMG on the back and
that’s all that matters. Nine thousand dollar AMGs are out there, beware that they’re
going to probably break. So, what is the most fun you can buy for 10 thousand dollars? Easy! Honda S2000. (upbeat music) Yes, I’m going to end
my list of another Honda but I don’t care. Sure, a 10 thousand dollar S2K is going to have a lot of miles on it and it’s not going to
be in perfect condition. But, that doesn’t matter. In my time, I’ve driven a lot of cars. I’ve ridden even more and the S2000 is one of my absolute favorites. There really is nothing
like being in one of those things revving to nine thousand RPM. So, obviously, that’s not every car in the zero to 10 thousand dollar range. I have some honorable mentions which I will now do in one take in no particular order. Lexus sc300, sc400, is300, old Taurus SHO, Porsche Boxster, Toyota MR2, and MR2 Spyder, Fiat 500 Abarth, Volkswagen GTI, Volvo 240, BMW Z3, Corvette, Ford Focus SVT, and MazdaSpeed 3. If I forgot to mention a car that you can get for
under 10 thousand dollars that’ll be a good investment. I obviously did. Let me know in the comments. Hopefully, this list has
given you some good ideas. Now, get out there and spend some money. Good for the economy. Hey guys, thanks for watching the list. I hope you liked it. Now hey, have you ever thought
about making your own videos? Have you ever heard of Skillshare? They sponsored this episode. Skillshare is an online learning community for creative people like you with more than 25 thousand
classes in design, film making. Let me look at this list here. Business and more stuff, okay? Check out this class on
low budget film making by Matty Brown. I think he kind of nails it. The first 500 people to sign up with the link below get two months free. It’s super affordable. At less than $10 a month
for premium membership. Making videos is definitely
something you learn by doing. And Skillshare can help you get doing. Follow me on Instagram @nolanjsykes. Follow Donut @donutmedia, we post some cool behind the scenes stuff. I talk about BMX now, that’s my thing. I’m an interesting guy. Comment which car you hate on this list. I know you’re out there. Give us a like, please. Please? That’s pathetic. Be nice. I’ll see you next time.

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100 thoughts on “The Best Cars You Can Buy for Under $10,000! | WheelHouse

  1. $3000-4000
    1997-2001 prelude SI in manual with an H22
    2006-2010 SRT8 300/charger/magnum 420hp 6.1 hemi V8 brembos etc

  2. Bought a jeep as my first car for $5k. Little rough, but nothing crazy, and I've done any work (that could be performed with standard tools) in my driveway. Been 8 years and time to move on tho

  3. 2015 Chevy Malibu 2.5L, even 2014, this engine is a beast….new ones are turbo charged, older ones have N/A engines in their lineup which in my opinion are better work horses for daily driving. I have one with 104,000 going strong….

  4. For the love of god do not get a mini cooper they are some of the top worst cars when it comes to reliability just like the mazda r-8 u wanna step into a world of hell and waste your money than be my guest but you have been warned

  5. I'm getting depressed thinking that by the time I'm old enough to have a driving license and enough money electric cars will have taken over the market and petrol driven vehicles will most likely be outlawed and I won't get to experience all the fun and thrill people mention when talking about fun cars.

  6. You forgot the panther platform fords

    Specifically the Clown Victoria Police Impersonator

    Its got a OHC V8 and will jump railroad tracks at 50mph without so much as upsetting the alignment

    Not that i would ever own one but would be fun as hell to beat the shit out of one

  7. Honda Prelude!!! They can be a sketchy one though, parts are expensive and not a whole lot of aftermarket support, but right about 5k or lower, super fun, great mpg, easy to fix… but can be a little pricey

  8. My first car was damn near a g35 sedan that these people were selling for 5,000 and that bitch was fast and zippy and fun. I was so excited about and we got as far as agreeing to buy only for the family to back out because they realized they could get more for it. I was so bummed but I ended up with a newer car but I still have the itch to buy a g35

  9. My 02 acura rl runs like a beast. Got it for about 3000. Pro it's fast, comfortable, and reliable. Cons mileage and premium fuel, repairs are expensive for no reason.

  10. You could fine a 240sx or a LS400 for about 7k and if you save up even more my cousin got his Subaru sti for 15k😅

  11. Honestly screw ya'll for disrespecting new edge's like that. Gonna say get a crown vic that has less compression and is much heavier than a new edge. "BuY a CrOwN vIc AnD cUsToMiZe It WiTh MuStAnG pArTs." WHY NOT JUST BUY THE MORE CUSTOMIZABLE MUSTANG –_

  12. Also for 10k, you can get coyote mustangs that rev to 8500 and make SIGNIFICANTLY more horsepower than an s2000. For $10k you could find a pullout coyote, drop it in a light ass newedge, throw 4:10's in it, cai, and that bitch is making 450+ hp right at 3k lbs. s2000's are right at 2,800 lbs and 250 hp. 3k and 450 hp or 2.8k and 250 hp…. Lol nooooooot really much of a contest.

  13. Where are the 98-01 Camaro z28 an SS? I’m incredibly disappointed with this honda fan video smh you recommend a neon… you are officially a bum an should loose your job

  14. Anyone that wants a good budget muscle car a good honorable mention is the 3rd generation chevy camaro. Easily get one for 4 thousand in decent condition.

  15. Some cars you should have included:
    Dodge neon srt4
    4th gen camaro
    Mitsubishi eclipse
    Volkswagen phaeton
    S197 mustang gt

  16. Mazdaspeed 6 ???
    6.5k-10k price range
    All-wheel drive 2.3L 4 banger turbocharged with a 6 speed
    It’s like a poor mans sti/evo with good weight distribution that shits and gets
    Always overshadowed by the hatch back big bro speed 3

  17. Find a Miata or a civic under 4k in France , just impossible, or maybe one in bad shape. And i hope i will be wrong one day

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