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The Best Car Jump Starter in the World and Why

The Best Car Jump Starter in the World and Why

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
show you the future jump-starting where you can actually use your old bad battery to
jumpstart itself, and yeah it sounds like an insane idea, but with the use of super
capacitors or super caps, that’s now possible, now to understand super
capacitors, you need a little history lesson, 1957 GE pioneered the first
low-voltage super capacitor, now super capacitors are fascinating, because they
can store up to a hundred times more energy than a regular battery can,
they can recharge super fast, in the case of this one, sometimes it only takes two
to three minutes to fully charge the unit, and modern super capacitors, hey
they can charge and recharge do that cycle hundreds of thousands of times,
before they wear out, but presently super caps have one big drawback, they can’t
store the electricity for a very long period of time, so today super caps are
used in a lot of industrial applications like regenerative electricity, so they
can regenerate the power and then use it up a short period of time later, because
it’s not being stored for very long Cadillacs using it in one of their
late-model cars, for that stop-start system, when it stops the energy goes
into a super cap, and then it can start back up when it’s time to go again when
the light turns green, now you might think, oh let’s have super cap batteries
for cars, well in this case here’s one that’s used in commercial engines, one it
costs a thousand forty nine dollars and as you see it’s called a start module
battery, so they can be great for boosting sound in your car, only in our
case here we’re going to use it to boost start your car when your old battery
won’t start it, now my car won’t start because I deliberately put an old bad
battery in it, which we’re going to test, as you can see we’re running the test here,
here it goes it’s doing a test, and the test says replace battery, that it’s just
wearing out, it’s got very little health left,
but with this worn out battery, we’re going to use the super cap, and believe
it or not, this battery is going to jumpstart itself, watch,
we just get the super cap unit and we hook it up to the car’s battery, and the
light shows green it’s hooked up right then we just push on, flashing red means
that it’s charging the super cap, and you see on the super cap the voltage is
going up, and in less than a minute it’s gone from red to yellow, when it gets
green it will actually jumpstart the car the power that’s left in the battery can
easily charge the super cap to give enough voltage to crank the engine over
and start it, now the super cap itself the small one, it can’t crank the engine for
real long periods of time, but this fast charge that it got, can put all its power
out really quick, let the engine crank and start up and run, let’s try it out, well
in this case it took less than three minutes to get both lights green, so
let’s go inside and see what happens let’s see if it’ll make a liar out of me
or not, turn the key, you want the idiot lights to come on, wait a second where
everything charges up, then turn it, well it starts right up, it’s amazing what
modern technology can do, I only have one bad thing to say about the product though, the
chart that they gave here was good if the voltage in your old battery was
greater than 10 volts, one to one and a half minutes to charge it, greater than
six it takes three minutes and greater than four takes ten minutes to recharge
a battery, now I tried that out and that was all true, I used different batteries
that I drained out further, but they said that you could use it on diesel engines
and they’re pushing it a little bit too far saying you can use it on diesel
engines, because I found with diesel engines, if you got a cold diesel engine,
you got to turn the engine on, then those global plugs have to glow red-hot, that
takes a lot of electricity and unfortunately that tended to drain too
much electricity from the super cap then it couldn’t crank the engine, and of
course diesel engines have higher compression, so not only do they have to
heat up the glow plugs, but then they have to turn an engine that’s harder to
turn, so I would really only advise this for gasoline engines, diesel engines
you’re going to need an actual giant battery to boost them, but for gasoline
engines this thing amazed me, and the cool thing is, there’s no batteries in
this, this is all solid state, so this thing could sit in your trunk, you don’t
have to worry about it like a regular booster pack where
if you don’t recharge it every so often then when you go to start your car it
doesn’t have enough power, this thing has no power in it now, it’s using residual
power and your bad battery to charge it up and then away you go, so it works
great with weak batteries and gasoline engine cars, but let’s say you really
made a mistake and left the headlights on and you get up in the morning and it’s got
no power at all well, this unit has a cigarette
lighter adapter, so all you need is another car, somebody let you borrow a
car for a second, and you can recharge the unit with a cigarette lighter, I
tried this in numerous different cars and it averaged anywhere between a
minute and three minutes for it to recharge the unit, so you’re not talking
much time, and a lot of people are going to say, if you want to jumpstart from their
car, they say I don’t want you jumpstart with my car, it can ruin modern
electronics, which it can do, they’re not going to care if you’re just going to plug the
unit into their cigarette lighter and charge it up for a minute and a half or
three minutes, and the unit itself it’s pretty much foolproof, I’ve seen so many
people in the past hook the battery cables up backwards and fry a car, if you do it
on this thing, the light just doesn’t go green it’s red and then you know, oh jeez I
put it on backwards, then you put it the other way, the light turns green and
then you can use it to start the car, you’re not going to damage anything using
this and since it’s a super cap and it can cycle for hundreds of thousands of
times of dead to full, dead to full, I don’t think you’re going to have to
jumpstart your car hundreds of thousands of times,
Hey this thing could last you a lifetime or even more, and since this is mechanic
Monday, I’m giving away one of these Auto super cap charging systems, just
post a clean non offensive comment on the youtube comments below, and a
computer will randomly pick the winner, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. The old lady said the soldier hasn't been standing firm for his salute. So i listened to Scotty and shaved my balls and hooked this super capacitor to my boys the twins…I've been running around with King Kong's Ding Dong ever since

  3. So guys, basically the car battery has enough power to start the car, it just can’t deliver the power as fast as it needs. That is measured in volts. The battery may very well have 500 amps in it but if the voltage is too low then it can’t deliver those 500 amps very quick. Here’s an analogy, water flowing in a pipe, amperage is how big the pipe is and voltage is how fast that water is flowing. A dead car battery has enough water but it isn’t flowing very fast. A super capacitor collects all that water and delivers what’s left of it super quick over a short period of time which is enough to start the car. An almost dead battery has enough electricity to start it but it doesn’t go fast enough and drains slowly. A super capacitor takes the same amount of electricity and delivers it quickly and drains fast.

  4. This would be a nice option to have installed under the hood… and be able to just activate it with a switch in the cabin…..

  5. Technology, most of it is a pian in the nether regions, BUT some of it is really amazing and very useful. Even for the nontechnical people out there. COOL!!! Even if my comment is a bit late, "Thank you and have a good day"…

  6. I would get one of those if I hadn't already purchased a Lithium-Ion jump starter. Keep up the good work keeping us informed.

  7. Thanks Scotty. I got one of these super capacitor jump starters because of this video. I like in Lubbock and we have freezing winters and hot summers. The winter can make morning starts a gamble but I dont have to worry anymore with this jumper. Best part is it can tolerate just sitting in the Jeep all year till I or someone else needs it.

  8. Lithium ion jump starters cost less than supercaps, keep their charge for months, and will start up a 2.8 litre diesel no problem at all. I know cos I've done it several times.
    Supercaps, yes they are great for regenerative storage in hybrid or electric vehicles but an expensive and inconvenient option as a jump starter, Scotty.

  9. That's pretty amazing Scotty thanks for sharing that. I know that a company called Eestor is working on the capacitors with longer charge times. Perhaps this will be used to power the electric vehicles in the future. I would be happy with one of these devices that can holda large amount of electricity for a while just to power my cell phone recharging or anyting else you need to recharge your Bluetooth devices.

  10. Tesla recently purchased maxwell technologies, a supercap company. If they are going to make ice cars hard to fix yourself, they mayaswell be electric

  11. I have a couple of jump packs about the half the size of yours in two of my cars. now you charge it on house current and it will start diesels and gas cars I have probably started 10 vehicles before I recharge it which I do about every six months and it isn't even down hardly half way, best jump pack I have ever seen, it also has all the different connectors to use with the usb outlet on it. It ill run anything you can plug into it by usb even cell phones plus has a nice bright flashlight. Mine is about 5 years old so I am sure the new ones are much better, you can't beat it for around $100.00. It is made by Powerall if I see a diesel truck broke down I will stop and ask what the problem is and if they tell me their battery is dead I get the pack out and they laugh at me saying that will never start my truck. I tell they just get in your truck and start it when I say. I tell they to start the truck and it starts right up and they can't believe it and say they are going to get one. I don't think it would start a really large diesel truck but for diesel pickups and gas cars and trucks you can't beat it. Never had a vehicle it wouldn't start.

  12. Hi Scotty, ProjectFarm did a video recently of portable jump starters, and he tested this super capacitor. While it did spin the engine fast, it only lasted for 2-3 seconds. Not a long time if you are working on an older vehicle that might need to crank longer. There was other portable chargers that performed great for a similar price.

  13. The old battery usually is depleted when it is very cold outside and it is very difficult to turn the starter. This jump starter will not be able to do the job at -20 degrees Celcius!

  14. Well it’s a year and a half since Adam giveaway Monday am I still OU all this is clean very clean clean clean remember location location location doodles

  15. I never understood the idea of destroying a car's electronics from jump starting with cables. All you're doing is using one batter to provide power to another battery. If there was any way a car's electronics could be destroyed from jump starting with normal cables, manufacturers would have designed the system so you wouldn't be able to. If you hooked cables up backwards, then you can cause some serious problems, but just regular jump starting a car and ruining it is a myth that people with no automotive experience tell each other just so they don't have to help people.

  16. Thanks Scotty you tell it like it is, love your YouTube channel that super capacitor is much safer than a LIPO battery jumper as it discharges by its self and is safer than a fully charged jump starter.

  17. OK Scotty, I didn't buy your schtick the first time I saw one of your videos cuz you're a little goofy. BUT… I know how capacitors work and those disbelievers who call the super cap "witchcraft" don't understand the physics behind a capacitor. This video is right on…especially concerning diesels and glow plugs. Capacitors will last indefinitely, can sit unused for years, can be revived easily, and will store huge amounts of juice for a short time after a quick charge. The super cap is an ingenious idea. ps- I am a retired auto technician.

  18. These things seldomly work that's why they are not sold In tores. It wouldnt start my 1997 Tahoe without taking a charge from another car.

  19. useless if one is with a zero voltage super extra dead battery up in the middle of nowhere with no other cars around…. what to do?

  20. Not as good as you might think. Powerbank jumpers, as commonly referred to, can allow you to drive your car a few miles or to safety if your battery and alternator have failed at the same time.

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