The Best Car in the World by carsales – The Smiley Face

You won’t see the driving wheel the one that helps you turn ‘cos the car drives itself. My name is Ethan, I’m turning ten this year and my car will be called Smiley Face. So it’s, like, gonna be, it’s like a house It has two parts, so there’s the upper layer then the down layer. It’s going to be a flying car. If the car is falling down the wings will help a safe landing. When I get stuck in traffic my car will fly over all the other cars. It flies at 150 kilometres per hour, but it wastes your fuel a bit more faster. It’s going to have a weird … a nose on the front to make it look a bit more funny. So then the lights are like eyes and you know the lines that you see in vents, yeah? That’s going to be the teeth. On the inside it will have a food dropper that it can read your mind and then a plate just slides under it and then whatever you want it will just drop out. The first car in the world that can make rice and chicken. When’s lunch? Smiley Face is for sale on

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