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The Best and Worst First Cars to Buy

The Best and Worst First Cars to Buy

rev up your engines, now buying a first
car can be a scary situation, there’s all kinds of different cars out there,
there’s all kinds of people selling them so I’m going to give you some advice on how
to do it the smart way, now I know a lot of young people think, oh I want to get
a sports car for my first car, well a lot of times that’s not such a smart thing
to do, especially if you got a little amount of money, buying a used sports car
can be a big mistake, as guys tend to beat them, you get a used one, they
often have a lot of problems and it’s going to cost you a fortune to fix, now if you
have money and you’re talking about buying a brand-new sports car, I’ve
had plenty of customers buy Ford Mustangs brand-new and take care of them
and be happy with them, but buying a used sports car, that’s often a big gamble, if
you’re going to do it, pay a guy like me to check it out first, he’ll tell you
whether it’s a decent deal or not over the years I’ve had guys say, hey I
can get this used BMW for a really good price I think I’ll buy it is my first
car those things are endless money pits,
they’re cheap because they have all kinds of problems that cost a fortune to fix,
you want to stay away from cars like that, instead you might think of sporty
cars, okay this is my old Toyota Celica not really a sports car, it’s a sporty
car, the thing is based on a Toyota Corolla platform, and yeah that’s a
really old car now, but the scions that Toyota made for years, hey there were
sporty cars too and there’s plenty of them out there that can last you a long
time, and here’s a big tip, when you’re buying a first car, don’t just go out and
get one that’s got all the bells and whistles, because all that stuff
generally is going to break down especially buying a used vehicle, things like
four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive those cars get older those things break,
they can cost a fortune to fix, so my advice for the first car is, go simpler,
just get a front-wheel drive car or a rear-wheel drive car, don’t go and buy
all this fancy stuff that can break down and end up that you regret your decision,
so the first thing you have to think about when you want to buy a first car
is, how are you going to drive it, how many miles you’re going to put on it,
what’s it going to be used for, now if you’re going to buy a first car, I don’t
advise going to the big car dealerships because they generally charge way too
much for the cars, but you can use them to your advantage, because if you’re not
sure what type of car you want to drive you can test them all out there,
I told customers, hey you might not like this car they’ll ride that well even
though you think you like the way it looks, go to a used car lot, try them out
see if you like the way they ride, you might say, oh that thing really rides horrible,
I’m not going to buy it or you might like it, and
here’s a tip for people who just say they have to have an SUV as a first car,
realize that SUVs specially in the United States, are very popular so their prices
are sky high even used, you can get a much better deal say on a Toyota Camry
sedan, then you’re going to get on any Toyota or Lexus SUV, do a little bit of
research, it’s your first car you never had one,
check out the resale value and repair histories online, if you find that a car
has a really horrible resale value there’s generally a very good reason,
sometimes it’s better to buy an older reliable car, than it is a newer one
that’s a known problem I mean if you find a Toyota Corolla
that was 15 years old and had 140,000 miles, it might way outlast any Chrysler
product, even if it’s only ten years old and has sixty or seventy thousand miles, and
here’s my last tip, never ever buy the first model of anything for your first
car, if you’re buying a new car buy one model that’s been out for a
while, don’t get one that has this brand new type of engine or brand new type of
transmission, because many times they make mistakes on them, I’ve had customers buy
these Mazdas with the SKYACTIV technology, only to find that the
variable valve systems were breaking down in them and cost thousands and
thousands of dollars to fix, because there’s a great deal of difference
between buying the latest greatest phone technology for maybe seven or eight
hundred bucks, and forking out a ton of money for a car that’s got new unproven
technology, and if you’re thinking about getting a hybrid as a first car, realize
that buying those things used is a real gamble, unless you’re buying a brand new one and you’ve got money to burn, they can last for
quite some time before they have problems, I got many customers with them
that they got well over a hundred thousand miles out of them before
anything serious went wrong, just realize that they cost a lot more and really you
never recoup the money difference in gas mileage versus what you paid for the car,
versus the depreciation of the car believe me, and say you’re just looking
for a regular car, I know people are going to think I’m crazy because they hear me say how
I can’t stand Volkswagens, but in Europe lots of people drive Volkswagens, I
talked to a guy in Romania and he said Scotty we can’t get parts for Toyota’s
here, but there’s parts for Volkswagens all over the place and lots of people buy
Volkswagens and drive them, so if you’re in Romania, hey your first car might
be a good deal to buy a Volkswagen, so now you’ve learned a bit about buying your
first car, and just remember it’s your first car, it’s not the only car you’re
going to have, you just want to make sure that your first car isn’t a very bad
decision, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Hey scotty whats your opinion on the nissan kicks 2019 for my first car im 6"1 and im a highschooler looking for a good car that has good milage and i can fit it

  3. I wish I woulda watched this video before I got my first car. I chose an 07 Audi S6 V10. Might as well just hand your wallet to your mechanic

  4. My first car is a 2015 Camaro. I'm trading it in for a 2018 Audi s5. Cant wait. I will also be getting a 2018 Toyota xse

  5. My first car was a 5.0 4 speed 1979 Mustang Indy Pace Car. The first owner had raced it in the SCCA Showroom Stock series class A. The 2nd owner was young and probably beat it. I was young and best it, street raced it and got several tickets in it. I didn’t replace a cracked fuel hose going into the carburetor and it caught on fire. Worthless insurance company told the shop to fix it enough just so it runs. I’ll never go back to Am Fam insurance company again.

  6. Scotty, I’m a really new driver and I need a car to work on for my mechanics class, do you have any good suggestions for easy to work on cars for under ten grand?

  7. my cars first to last
    lada niva, passat, hellcat red eye/ram 1500.
    quite odd list imo, but everything worked.

    btw that was quite old Romanian flag

  8. Bought a brand new Mazda3 in 2015 with skyactiv. No issues mechanically. A guy on the Mazda3 revolutions forum has a 2014, he hit 120,000 miles in January of last year. No mechanical issues or problems, just regular maintenance. I’m planning on keeping my 3 until the wheels fall off.

  9. I’m 21 and planning on buying my first act this month. I’be always loved mustangs and been looking at a 2018 Mustang ecoboost. Yes it’s used but it’s hardly used. It only has 2.1k miles on it and it costs $19,900.

    The only thing I’m worried about is why is it so cheap. A brand new 2018 Ecoboost mustang coats $26k while this one is practically brand new and only costs $19.9k

  10. Scotty Kilmer: Sports cars aren't the best, especially if you have a little amount of money
    Mazda Miata: Hold my beer…

  11. My first car was a 92 Honda prelude standard transmission. It didn’t have functioning a/c, gas level, or speedometer. But I learned basic car maintenance and how to drive stick shift. The girlfriend I took on dates at the time is now my wife. So many good memories with my ‘lude.

  12. If you live in the UK Ford is your best bet for first car ,they have like every part ready for you on the go 24/7

  13. Hey Scotty, what do you think about me buying a 2013 Ford Fiesta SE manual as my first car? With 57,058 miles on it? For 5,300 dollars?

  14. How about a 2007 completely stock, v6 Mustang coupe? With under 52,000 miles on it? And a clean looking engine with a new air filter, fresh oil change, and dealer inspected?

  15. My first car was a Toyota and my last car (I mean until I died) was a Toyota as well. Toyota is the only car that you can put in your will.

  16. I recently got my first car: a used Acura TL 2005 with 67k miles and I’m absolutely loving it! Just wish it had better gas mileage, but I’m not complaining! Love my vehicle ❤️

  17. So i say that good carto buy as a first car is miata.
    Yes please Miata Is Always The Answer
    (For car guys)

  18. You Americans are sooo Lucky here in the UK insurance prices are absolutely crazy, we cant afford anything more than about 100bhp 🤑

  19. I bought a used BMW 3series as my first car a few weeks ago. Already it's having issues. At least I'm doing the work myself mostly.

  20. Got a 2006 mustang gt as my first car recently barley 100,000 bought it from a family friend for $4900 checked it out with a mechanic and looks good has a few performance mods and new tires got hell of a deal I think hopefully does good down the road happy so far parts are pretty cheap and easy work on and the 4.6 v8 isn’t that bad on gas in City seen cars do way worse

  21. First car was a 2011 Hyundai Genesis 4.6 with 40,000 miles on it. Had to work for awhile to afford it but it’s a real great car. It’s a luxury sedan with 385hp. What more could someone ask for. Highly recommend.

  22. Scotty I was gonna get a Jeep Wrangler used but got a new Honda CR-V touring Awd what do you think I live in Michigan

  23. I get your point. But if you live in the northeast like me where their is a lot of snow in more snow in the winter, and not so good weather in the spring. Yeah AWD or 4WD is recommended.

  24. The GT86,BRZ,FRS’s are absolutely bullet proof! There’s an Instagram clip of one of them completely smashed into a ball but it still drove and turned along with the headlights still working! Definitely seems like a fantastic celica successor
    I bet it gets good gas mileage too. Then it must be an awesome first car

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