The Auto Weekly Magazine – SMS Text Message Used Car Sales Testimonial

The Auto Weekly Magazine is the fastest way advertise and sell your used car, truck, or vehicle, in Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, Kernersville, Durham, Raleigh, Burlington, Ashboro, Lexington, Piedmont Triad, NC. Advertising to help you advertise your Franchise or Independent Automobile Dealership and used cars now. Visit us at for more details or call us at (888) 378-8802 to advertise now. Hey this is JP with Vann York Toyota, speaking on behalf of The Auto Weekly Magazine. I’ve been using The Auto Weekly now for about 4 years – 4 and a half years. It’s a great advertising publication and a great source to sell used cars. We get hundreds of phone call leads per month. I use these guys regularly, It’s a big part of our business in the used car market. We’ve recently come on with text messaging and over the last 3 or 4 months we average sales of 6 to 8 cars strictly off the use of sms text messaging. When the text comes in it comes directly to my cell phone. We have a five day follow up system. We put them into our contact management system (CRM) and we direct customers, if the want to fill out a credit application, to our website. …But as soon as they text we text them back immediately – I tell them the car is available and strike up a chat conversation no matter when the text comes in… Even if its 10 o’clock at night I try to text them back. It seems to be successful to sale used cars. We are the first response so we are the first sale. It’s worked out for us and I’m sure it will for you. Contact the Auto Weekly Magazine to learn how to advertise your used car dealership and generate more phone leads, internet leads, and used cars sales. Please call us today at 888-378-8802 or visit us at

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