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The 5 Most Important Cars From The 2020 Singapore Motorshow –

The 5 Most Important Cars From The 2020 Singapore Motorshow –

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pardtx566tx1133tx1700tx2267tx2834tx3401tx3968tx4535tx5102tx5669tx6236tx6803pardirnaturalpartightenfactor0 f0fs28 cf0 Hi guys I’92m Derryn Wong from at the Singapore motorshow 2020
there are more brands this year, there are two levels, level 4 and level 6, if you’92re
at suntec and have no idea what to look at, watch this video we show you our top 5 cars
of the singapore motorshow right here
number one in the list of the most important cars of the Singapore Motorshow 2020 is the
new 12th gen corolla altis, obviously the corolla doesn’92t need an introduction one
of the most popular cars in the world. the big news is that this is the new model based
on the new TNGA Toyota Nw Generation Architecture, that underpins the Prius and the New Camry
as well. You can see the new styling on the front, sharper styling, very sleek LED headlights,
very big air intake not so much of a grille this time around.
There are three versions the Standard, Elegance,
and also, surprisingly, the Hybrid. Take a look around the back here, some very elegant
lines and looks very Lexus like, almost like a Lexus ES there.
We’92re gonna bring you over to the Hybrid version here, in blue, the usual Toyota hybrid
blue, blue badge as well, take a look around the front, obviously there are bigger wheels,
another interesting addition to the Corolla this time is the active safety system they
call Toyota Safety Sense, we’92re gonna take a look on the inside
Alright the interior of the Toyota Corolla
Altis Hybrid. It goes high tech at last, this is a hybrid so there is EV mode here, we can
drive with the engine off for a short distance. The new infotainment system, still in Chinese,
just came out of the factory maybe, some kind of app-link and you can even plug in your
USB stick as well. Take a look at the steering wheel with the controls, so this is the high-spec
one, the Hybrid, the most expensive version of the Altis. Look at the active instrument
display right there, so we can see the battery charge state, trip meter, so what is also
very interesting about the new Corolla is that the Elegance and Hybrid models both come
with TSS Toyota Safety System you have lane departure assist, keeps you in the lane, pre-collision
system, autonomous braking, in case you know, playing with your phone and try to run into
someone it brakes automatically, there’92s also a blind spot monitor.
So you can see really how the Altis has come
of age, advanced safety, proper infotainment, and a hybrid version at last.
Alright one of the more important upscale
cars here at the 2020 Motorshow is the 2 Series Gran Coupe which is the four-door coupe that
goes up against the Mercedes-Benz CLA, of course the CLA has had the entire segment
to itself since its launch up until now, but this BMW’92s answer to it.
You can tell it’92s a ’91coupe’92 by the big ass upside down kidney grilles, reminiscent
of the 8 Series, it doesn’92t have two doors of course, but four. Pretty elegant, you know,
those flat taillight looks just like the X4’92s. So 2 Series Gran Coupe, this is the 218i with
a three-cylinder 1.5-litre engine 140hp so no Cat A for this baby here in Singapore.
Expected to launch in the end of the Q1 2020.
Let’92s take a look inside, alright so rear
legroom looks not too bad not super, but i can fit in, just now i had a sit in it pretty
comfortably. Alright now this being a new small car from BMW it has the OS 7.0 interior,
so that’92s an active display there, instrument panel, a touch-enabled iDrive system. Blah
blah blah’85yep and we have the rotary controller still there. Hey BMW! Oh it’92s got Hey BM..bluh’85the..Intelligent
Personal Assistant. IPA which we first saw on the BMW 3 Series very upscale interior,
it has everything a big BMW has as well. How much is it gonna cost? Probably priced close
to the CLA (S$170k or more) there’92s also the 2.0-litre 306hp M235i version which is
a lot faster and we have the whole news report on this at Check that out
to find out more about the 2 Series Gran Coupe.
Alright in front of us we have the Mazda CX-30
and the deal with this car is that it’92s Mazda’92s rival to the Honda HR-V and Nissan
Qashqai. But as usual it being a Mazda, it’92s a little bit more classy, more up-spec. Take
a look at the design, it fits in between the CX-3 and CX-5 in terms of size so you see
a very coupe like rear, usual Mazda styling with elegant curves you can’92t quite find
anywhere else. We’92re gonna take a look on the inside.
Yeah so what we said about the car being more
upscale, all the things we saw in the new Mazda 3 are here as well, very nice buttons,
nice elegant steering wheel active display there, these are normal dials as well, we
have a infotainment display which is no longer a touchscreen but has a rotary controller
only. one of our faovurite infotainment systems of them all. As you can see, the minimalist
dashboard here upwards brown, here soft touch plastic, everything in one elegant line as
well. CX-30 the cool thing about it is although it’92s more upscale than the usual Japanese
guys, it’92s only S$115k at launch with COE, even with the 2.0-litre Cat B COE engine,
the retail price is about S$a hundrer twenty something with COE, but if you come down to
the Motorshow and buy it it’92s on promo for S$115k with COE.
Alright this is the Volkswagen T-Cross a new
compact SUV from VW, be on sale here later in the year, this is a preview a left hand
drive car obviously. The T-Cross is a compact SUV, about the same size as a Kia Stonic about
4.1 metres long, but as you can see it’92s big on styling, has a shrunken-Touareg look
almost a very big grille, based on the VW Polo the MQB A0 platform, round the bakc it
looks like a shrunken Tiguan. So what is interesting about this car is that it’92ll be a compact
and probably cost less than S$130k with COE here, and it also be Cat A eligible, we’92re
gonna take a look on the inside.
Interior of the VW T-Cross, you can see active info display here, the infotainment screen,
a touchscreen, similar to the one seen on the current Golf facelift, this is n R-Line
model, R-Line badge, a storage tray here, USB ports, seven-speed DSG, probably will
have a 1.0-litre three-cylinder TSI engine, either 115hp or 95hp, notably both of those
engines will be Cat A eligible and although this is a compact SUV you can see it has quite
a lot of room, flip this around, you can see I have quite a lot of headroom, in the back
is a second row of seats which are adjustable, you can shift it forward or back like a lot
of other SUVs to get more passenger room or cargo room depending on your priorities. VW
Alright guys this is another important car at the Singapore Motorshow 2020, this is the
Skoda Scala, if you’92ve never heard of that before it’92s the replacement for the Skoda
Rapide hatchback. What’92s the deal here? The Scala is actually based on the VW Polo
platform, the MQB A0 platform, just like the T-Cross, but as you can see it’92s really
really quite big. Look at the styling on the front, classic Skoda cues right there, NOT
FOR SALE it’92s a left hand drive car, it’92s being previewed only going on sale here later
in the year. Take a look at the Octavia sedan next to it, and then look at the Scala and
you can see really how big this car is. So the claim here is that it’92s a hatchback
that has more room than a VW Golf but should probably cost less than S$100k and contain
a whole lot of tech and stuff, in typical Skoda fashion.
A quick look at the interior of the Scala
here, you have an active info display, a very large 10.2 inch infotianment system the latest
version from Skoda which is obviously very similar to the ones found on VWs as well.
This car is likely to have a 1.0-litre engine just like the T-Cross, a 95 or 115hp, again
that makes it Cat A eligible, you can see this car has the panoramic sunroof, quite
cool, looks really spacious in the back as well. so Skoda Scala, one car to look out
for in 2020. Lots of space n style for less than S$100k with COE.


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