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The $5 Million Learjet Limo | RIDICULOUS RIDES

The $5 Million Learjet Limo | RIDICULOUS RIDES

FRANK DeANGELO: The Limo jet is a Learjet fuselage that has been retrofitted into a vehicle and street-legal and one of the only ones on the planet. So I tell people all the time I was either smart enough or dumb enough to kind of jump headfirst into the project. FRANK DeANGELO: My name is Frank DeAngelo. I’m one of the owners of Jetsetter Inc. and behind me, I have the limo jet. FRANK DeANGELO: I’ve always had a passion for cars. It really started when I was in the limousine business. I owned a company called Exotic Coach and we would custom and create some of the craziest limos on the planet. And then when I was approached with this idea, it made logical sense. It’s 42 feet long and it’s 11 feet 6 inches high. It’s about 8-feet wide and it’s about 12,000 pounds. So we’ll start on this side. One of the most popular things that people look at right away are the wheels and tyres so we have a set of Diablo rims and tyres, 28 inch with the custom fenders that were fabricated from fibreglass made for the jet. So there’s a little bit of a lot of different vehicles, not just engine-wise but suspension-wise. A lot of the parts that we made were custom. So you know, the springs were custom made. A lot of the suspension came from the one ton pick up truck that we had. And some of the lighting came from Jeep and other lights came from, you know, we’ve custom made so it’s probably three or four different types of vehicles that have been married into this one and we spent well over one million dollars to get it to where it’s at. FRANK DeANGELO: You would start it like a regular car so you put in a key, start it, crank it up and you drive it like a regular car. You got your gas, you got your brake. These four panels here is the video system that we have. So we have cameras on the fenders front left. We have fenders in the back on the engine so you can actually see everything that’s going on in the back. And then we have all the toggle switches to give it a little bit of an aircraft feel. So all the light, disco lighting, disco floor, all the exterior lighting, everything is controlled from here, just like you would a regular aircraft. The interior was a lot more difficult, so we manufacture limousines, it is what we did for a living. We knew it was going to be a little tricky because this was unique and everything is curved so we couldn’t use any templates, so we couldn’t go up anything. We had to hand make everything. We start with a disco ceiling up here. We did it this way so that when people are riding it, you can see that you’re really in a jet fuselage. So we put some custom Plexiglas pieces, we lit it up with some LED lightings. People really get a kick out of that, and it keeps the feel of the limo jet. We have the big screen TV in the back with the sound system. We have the infinity floor, which was a nice touch, people love it. Right so, if you look down inside of it, you can come and step inside and it looks like your old school married with new school. Eight passengers is the capacity in the back plus the driver so we kind of, say nine passengers. People can drive in it but we’re using it more for promotional. I’m going to go ahead and raise these flaps over here on this side with you over here so if you take a look in the back, we’re going to show you some of the sound. We have two separate sound systems, so we have an interior and we have an exterior and it booms pretty good. You have your 12-inch subwoofer in here; inside this is basically just a giant speaker box at the end of the day. We integrated these flaps over here to open up. You have speakers, subwoofer, speakers, speakers, subwoofer, speaker. So we wanted a little bit of afterburner look in here without putting the real fire inside of it so that it can either blink to look like a real afterburner or you just keep them on straight with nothing on over here. Regular gasoline right, so we got a gasoline engine, goes in right there. We have a regular tank from our donor vehicle that goes right into the back, same thing around this side and our engine fits right under there. So my guess, we haven’t hit top speed, maybe we’ll do that today, Top speed is probably a little bit over a 100. I mean, you know, any, any V8 engine is going to hit 140, 150 but this weighs over 12,000 pounds so, you know. My goal probably is not to reach top speed to be honest with you, but it can go pretty fast. DIMA KASHEVATSKY: It’s like driving something I’ve never drove before. I mean, it’s like driving the coolest semi-truck ever built. DIMA KASHEVATSKY: All right get ready for take off. DIMA KASHEVATSKY: Can’t go too far on this runway but you get the point. FRANK DeANGELO: It is, you know, everything is for sale, I mean our whole, ultimate goal with this one, this is our prototype. So for me to reproduce more, it’s all based upon this one, right. Our goal is to make more of them, we’d love to manufacture more on a custom so somebody wanted one, we’re pretty sure they’re going to want it done their way. You know, if they wanted this one, all the research and development that went into this, somebody would have to offer me over five million. FRANK DeANGELO: You know, our ultimate goal is to build more and we like to make them you know, a unique type of experience right. There won’t be many of them because it takes so long to produce but it’s definitely something that, that we’re targeting for and I don’t have any regrets even though it took a long time, I’m happy that we’re here now.

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  2. What a wast of time. I wish I had that kid of money to waste. Still least he's got a nice place to sleep when the wife kicks him out lol

  3. A plane that does not fly, and that only fits 8 people ? This dude can't be that stupid.!. U can't drive it in the city because it is too big. A waste of money

  4. So you can buy a Cessna Citation for anywhere from 500k + and actually have a REAL private jet… I see no purpose of this limo, and for a self valuation of 5 million is incredibly ignorant.

  5. Nice for children's Parties, may make some of your investment back. But grown-ups want to fly for real, especially at that sort of price but definitely a child's dream come true!!

  6. on your next multi million dollar waste of spending build something that does this and then flies and i will be impressed.

  7. Com on give this guy some credit and stop those useless jabbing comments ..whiles u cant even invent anything ur whole life..

  8. nice look outside, shitty look inside, make it like a real limo, luxury, not led and video screens

  9. If you were gonna do an aircraft limo wouldn't you stick to the theme and give it a private jet feel not a nightclub corridor feel

  10. What is you ROI on this investment? What kind of disturbed person would want to be driven on the street in an airplane? Ridiculous.


    -Brent Pella

  12. When he said he was gonna raise the flaps I was wondering how that was possible cuz there are no wings. Lol

  13. Watch my lips
    If I had it, I'd buy it, then my babies would never leave me! Hehehe. A work of Art that would have to pay rent!

  14. This man is so happy with this big sht!!! You have speaker's subwoofer speaker's!!! This is also controllers of disco light's😂😂😂😂after paying 5million dollars,is big sht ready for Kinder disco 👶🏻🧒👦enjoy

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